Houston LEO Negligently Discharges AR-15 in Airport

Only law enforcement should have guns, right? Reported by Chron.com: An AR-15 rifle wielded by a Houston police officer mistakenly fired into the floor at the baggage area of Hobby Airport on Thursday night, according to authorities. The on-duty officer was patrolling the airport when the semi-automatic rifle went off around 8:15 p.m. at the […]

Will SIG Break GLOCK’s Law Enforcement Stranglehold?

GLOCKs may not win any beauty pageants, but they work. When they first came out, GLOCKs faced a lot of scrutiny and skepticism over the polymer frames’ durability and reliability (especially after the factory recalled the entire first run). In a few short years, GLOCK’s popularity skyrocketed. Today, almost two-thirds of US law enforcement agencies use […]

U.K. Police To Test Blinding Laser For Crowd Control

It may look like one, but this crude graphic (courtesy of the venerable Beeb) does not depict a scoped bullpup bipod-mounted can of ultra-pasteurized whipped cream.  It’s actually a very crude CGI illustration of an experimental riot-control weapon that uses a laser to temporarily blind its targets.  By ‘temporarily’, we hope they don’t mean “until […]

The Massad Ayoob Chronicles, Part I

Massad Ayoob is recognized around the world as an expert in personal defense. He’s been “on the job” with law enforcement since 1972, and has written countless articles, books and courses on self-defense. He’s also been called as an expert witness in hundreds of self-defense cases. I interviewed him by phone this week, on personal […]