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A jury has been selected and opening statements will begin today in Hunter Biden’s trial for allegedly violating federal firearms laws.

The jury of six men, six women and four alternates was selected by late afternoon on the first day of jury selection. Much of the questioning of potential jurors revolved around whether they had friends or family members who had struggled with addiction. After selection, jurors were ordered by U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika not to talk or read about the case as the trial moves forward.

Both the prosecution and the defense struck several potential jurists from the initial jury pool, including individuals who volunteered for Hillary Clinton, who read the Guardian and watch CNN, and one who had met John “Jack” Owens, Joe Biden’s brother-in-law, when she was a bartender, according to a report at

In 2018, Hunter Biden, now 54, purchased a firearm from a licensed dealer, and, while filling in Form 4473, responded “no” to the question of whether he was “an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance.” However, per Hunter’s own account of his addiction—as chronicled in his 2021 book, Beautiful Things—it is almost certain that he was an addict at the time he purchased the gun.

Under the terms of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993—a law that then-Sen. Joe Biden shepherded through the U.S. Senate—lying on Form 4473 is a felony punishable by up to 10 years in federal prison.

Interestingly, Biden’s defense team is expected to utilize a tactic used earlier in a federal court proceeding, where his attorneys argued that the charges of lying on a federal background check form and possessing a firearm while addicted to unlawful substances were “unprecedented” and “unconstitutional.”

At odds is whether the law barring lying on the background check form and another law forbidding drug addicts from possessing firearms is constitutional under the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen. By the new standard, for the law to be constitutional prosecutors must show that there exists a “historical precedent from before, during and even after the founding [that] evidences a comparable tradition of regulation?”

The irony is, of course, that President Biden continues to call for “enhanced” and even “universal” background checks for firearm sales, even as his son’s attorneys are expected to argue that the existing background check law is unconstitutional.

The trial is expected to last one to two weeks. It comes a year after a sweetheart plea deal between Hunter Biden and prosecutors fell apart under Judge Noreika’s scrutiny.

The total charges in this case Biden is facing carry a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison and a fine of $250,000, though as a first-time offender, he is unlikely to receive the maximum sentence. In fact, it is unlikely he would see any jail time.

The younger Biden also faces a number of tax charges, including tax evasion, filing false tax returns and failing to file his taxes on time. That trial is set to begin in Los Angeles this September.

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    • If you did what hunter did your home would be raided by the atf at the crack of dawn, your electricity cut off, your security camera taped, your front door bashed in and you would be shot dead trying to protect your home and family from a cowardly conducted Home Invasion. That’s reality for Gun Owners and the Second Amendment under Jim Crow Gun Control democRat joe.

      TRUMP 2024.

    • “I would already be in prison“

      Relax, you would only be prosecuted if your name was Biden.

      Crime and Justice News
      Jun 9, 2022
      Few Prosecutions For Lying On ATF Gun-Purchase Form

      “The odds of being charged for lying on the form are virtually nonexistent. In the 2019 fiscal year, when Hunter Biden purchased his gun, federal prosecutors received 478 referrals for lying on Form 4473 — and filed just 298 cases. The numbers were roughly similar for fiscal 2020.“

      • minor49iq…hunter’s dad/enabler helped write the Gun Control laws about lying on a 4473. Little did Gun Control democRat joe forsee the day the laws he helped write would backfire. So you relax and explain to the class how everything you democRats touch turns to demoCrap? Perhaps you should write a book titled, “A Drug Addict’s Guide For Leaving Firearms In Dumpsters And Laptops For Repair.”

        TRUMP 2024.

      • minor49iq…I responded to your reply and it sits in moderation. So while we wait just sit still and continue looking stupid.

      • Oh my, your God Bidens son fcked up and got caught.
        Go spin doctor, go spin doctor, go go go.
        But you know as well as everyone else does, ain’t nothing going to happen to your God Bidens son.
        4473 fail. Your Rights denied.
        Gee Miner49 your kinda screwed on this one ,huh?

        • Hunter Biden has never served in political office, he’s not a candidate for any office, so these charges will have a little impact on America.

          All the prosecutors have is their claim Hunter was allegedly using drugs. No record of positive drug tests, no drugs ever entered as evidence. No drug or addiction prosecutions or convictions, only hearsay and some photos on social media they claim show a ‘crack pipe’. Without a drug conviction, this case is DOA.

          He only had possession of a firearm for 2 weeks, just after completing an 11 day rehab. Any statements he may have made in his autobiography are hyperbole, designed to build drama and sell books.

          That’s what some folks call ‘reasonable doubt’.

          • But he has access, and through him so do wealthy foreign agents bribing the potus, to the big guy.

            You truly serve as a parody of a troll, miner.

            • “through him so do wealthy foreign agents bribing the potus“

              Pure speculation.
              If there was any evidence to support this fantasy, it would’ve been presented by the Republicans in the house oversight committee investigation.

              That’s why the Republicans are scared to have a impeachment vote, Rep. Nadler offered to bring it to the floor immediately and no Republican would take it up because they knew they did not have evidence to support their claims.

              None of the Republicans had the ‘nads…. Because they knew it was bullshit propaganda intended to continue the grift on their cult members.

              • Yes. hunter was an artist of such great talent his paintings were worth hundreds of thousands.

                Jeebus, miner. Talk about a cult member. You worship a pedo.

      • Much like how less than 0.1% of rejected firearms background checks result in a prosecution. And over 90% of rejections are false positives.

    • How sad, it seems the conservatives will be kicking Trey Gowdy out of the cult for telling the truth:

      “Fox host suggests Hunter Biden wouldn’t be facing gun charges if he weren’t a Biden
      Trey Gowdy: “I bet you there weren’t ten cases prosecuted nationwide of addicts or unlawful drug users who possessed firearms or lied on applications”

      PUBLISHED 06/04/24 12:14 PM EDT
      CitationFrom the June 4, 2024, edition of Fox News’ America’s Newsroom

      DANA PERINO (CO-ANCHOR): Your thoughts about the difference between Trump trying to get a fair trial in New York City and Biden’s trying to get a fair trial in Delaware?

      TREY GOWDY (FOX HOST): Well, you know Dana, I have this really bad habit, although I’m working on it. I try to be fair. I know there’s a very small constituency for that. I think if it had been Donald Jones or Donald Trump or Donald Thomas, we would not have been in New York for the past several weeks. I think if this were Hunter Jones or Hunter Smith, you and I would be talking about something else this morning. So we got to get beyond treating people differently based on their political status or what their last name is. I did gun prosecutions for six years. I went after convicted felons, I went after people who were fugitives from justice. I went after lots of different people who are prohibited from possessing a firearm. But, I bet you there weren’t ten cases prosecuted nationwide of addicts or unlawful drug users who possessed firearms or lied on applications. I bet there weren’t a dozen. Which makes you wonder, of all the cases you could be pursuing in Delaware, why are you pursuing this one?“

      Of course, many members of the conservative cult here on TTAG will deny the reality of these assessments, check out the Web link where you can watch the actual video of Trey Gowdy telling the truth:

      • minor49iq…It’s a democRat law brought to you by democRat joe biden et al. Therefore since the shoe fits hunter he should stfu and wear it…If you think because it’s about hunter everyone suddenly supports big brother’s 4473 BS you are as usual, wrong.

        • “If you think because it’s about hunter everyone suddenly supports big brother’s 4473 BS“

          If that’s not it, then tell us why everyone is suddenly supporting big brother’s 4473 BS.

          Why is it so important that everyone now support big brother’s 4473 BS?

          • Simple. You guys insisted on all these restrictions on our human and civil rights. Now one of your own gets caught and you’re doing damage control.

            • Miner, really – Why is it so important now that everyone support Big Brother 4473 BS?
              It’s called poetic justice when your old man “single-handedly” wrote every gun law currently on the books and would love to be the Action Moms Demand. And to tell the truth (Google it), we wouldn’t be seeing any of this if a judge hadn’t squashed his sweetheart plea deal – you know, the one where he said “yep, I’m GUILTY” to basically the same charges.
              Aaaah, poetic justice – like getting hit by a bus while looking up obscure shit on your phone to trollpost.

          • And yet here you are saying they are no good. If it was a republican, you would be all about them getting prosecuted, that’s why you support pretty much any gun control item they propose.

            Do you folks ever take any accountability for anything? It seems not, and your argument here is proof. As they say, if it weren’t for double standards, democrats would have none.

    • My all time favorite hypocrite quote is “pay your fair share” while his spawn dodge their taxes.

  1. I’m a 2A absolutist. No restrictions whatsoever. If society and through due process deems you unworthy of exercising your rights then you shouldn’t be amongst us in the first place. Once we travel the path of deciding who should and shouldn’t and what rights you get and what rights you don’t then they are no longer rights; they are privileges. Background checks serve no Constitutionally allowable interest and IMHO are illegal.

  2. Wow, 25 years.
    I bet Hunter just wishes he’d have been a cop that shot an innocent
    Air Forcemen instead of a coke sniffer. Maximum sentence, “Your Fired”
    . Hunter will be aquited while Matt Hoover waits for freedom.
    Isn’t the American Justice System wonderful.
    Lucifer for President

    • “Lucifer for President“

      We tried that a few years back, turns out he’s buddies with Putin, Un and Xe.

      • MajorLiar,

        SERIOUSLY??!?!?! You are claiming that TRUMP is a Xi/CCP ‘asset’, and supporting Senile Joe??? If we needed any more evidence (we don’t) that you were a partisan liar or a complete ignoranus, this would seal the deal. Xiao Bai-den has cuddled up to Xi and the CCP so shamelessly it is a joke. Ended or softened sanctions and tariffs that Trump introduced, REFUSES to acknowledge Taiwan as independent, and that’s just the beginning. He’s continuing his boss’ record of coddling and supporting (FINANCIALLY, with billions) the mad mullahs of Iran . . . and you want to accuse TRUMP of backing the CCP???

        As Invader Zim asked, “Have you the BRAINWORMS???”

        Why is it so difficult for you to acknowledge the absurdly obvious??? Xiao Bai-den is bought and paid for by corrupt CCP, Ukrainian, and various other kleptocrat fascist regimes around the world. And don’t start with me about “Russia, Russia, Russia”, Biden has LIGHTENED sanctions on Russia from those imposed by Trump (and I’m NOT a fan of either tariffs OR Trump).

        How about we just be HONEST about how awful ALL of our politicians are, and go back to debating actual POLICY, for a change? “Trump is evil!” OK, sure; he’s kind of a loudmouth toad, with an absurdly inflated ego, no particular principles to which he adheres, and mostly self-interested. Now, be honest, and evaluate your idiot, senile (p)Resident, eh? His lifelong record of racism, his unbroken history of being dead WRONG on every major policy issue he weighed in on since he started in the Senate, his OBVIOUS sad and declining daily mental state (and he was a moron when he was first elected to the Senate)?

        Is it impossible for you to objectively evaluate a politician, simply because they adhere to your agenda??? Why, YES!!! Yes it is.

        Everyone in the country can see that Senile Joe is a corrupt, senile moron . . . and you keep insisting that he’s not. Either you truly believe your own bullsh*t (a mistake only an idiot makes), or you are a partisan liar (but, embrace the healing power of “and”!).

        Just sod off, swampy.

    • Matt’s violations were much more serious:

      “Jacksonville, Florida – U.S. District Judge Marcia Morales Howard has sentenced Kristopher Justinboyer Ervin (43, Orange Park) to five years and eight months in federal prison and Matthew Raymond Hoover (39, Wisconsin) to five years in federal prison for conspiring to transfer and transferring unregistered machinegun conversion devices. Ervin additionally was sentenced for structuring cash withdrawals from his bank account consisting of proceeds of the sale of the devices. The court also ordered Ervin to forfeit $68,000, representing the amount of funds involved in the structuring offense. Ervin and Hoover were found guilty by a federal jury on April 21, 2023.“

      • I’ve got a spoon and and a loaf of bread I’ll give you, you’ll have no trouble supplying the shit I see.

      • Funny how the feds had to hire a gunsmith to try and get the parts they cut from the auto key card to function. Even funnier that said gunsmith had to make several of the parts from a CAD program to get the desired results. But you love kangaroo courts and witch hunts.

  3. The residents son, being tried in a state owned by the Biden’s for the last 50+ years. Yep, this will be fair.

    • Kinda a fcked up family if you think about.
      Daddies in the shower with sissy and I’m banging my dead brothers ole lady.

      • I wonder what Jill does for shts and grins.
        Seeing her in bed with Pelosi is a little revolting but it is what it is.
        Wheres the pudding,
        Cream Cheese anyone?

        • Do you know how you can tell that Nancy Pelossi is a Neanderthal?

          Her knuckles as well as her nipples drag on the ground when she walks.

      • Then there’s Hunter’s inappropriate relationship with his dead brother’s 14-year-old daughter.

        “Hyper-secksualized @ young age. What is this due to? Was I molested. I think so” –from Ashley Biden’s diary

        • I don’t know if you can believe ANYTHING that ANY Biden says as the truth, as the Pathological Liar Gene runs strong in this family, dating back at least to FJB’s truck-driving days. This might just be an entry in the “Me Too” movement, Junior Division

  4. The defense is arguing about the definition of the word addiction and did Hunter know he was addicted at the time. The prosecution is referring to Hunter’s book describing his addiction at the time.

    Arguing over what the meaning of the word “is” is (thanks to slick Willy for that defense strategy).

    • Bragged about snorting grated cheese from the carpet, how bad do you have to get to accept your addiction?

  5. Former Republican congressman and federal prosecutor Trey Gowdy on Hunter Biden’s prosecution:

    “I did gun prosecutions for six years. I went after convicted felons, I went after people who were fugitives from justice. I went after lots of different people who are prohibited from possessing a firearm. But, I bet you there weren’t ten cases prosecuted nationwide of addicts or unlawful drug users who possessed firearms or lied on applications. I bet there weren’t a dozen. Which makes you wonder, of all the cases you could be pursuing in Delaware, why are you pursuing this one?“

      • “Shameless troll whore“

        So posting a quote from a former Republican congressman and federal prosecutor makes me a troll?

        Or is it just you don’t like the inconvenient truth of his statement, that reveals the tribal politicized nature of Republican politics?

        • Well miners law is back in effect really just an Alinski derivative but he never was one for independent let alone original thoughts.

        • Actually, I think most everyone here is tired of your myrmadon sucking up to the extreme psudocommunist far left wing of the Democrat Socialist Party. I would call it keyboard diarrhea except you appear to copy and paste anything that comes close to any kind of reasoned argument.

        • Exactly what it makes you. Talk about politicized nature?

          stalin. mao. hitler. biden. All tyrants that have used show trials against their political enemies.

          • “show trials“

            New York State’s prosecution of Donald Trump was not a “show trial” and he may avail himself of a robust appeal process if he so desires.

            I think any rational person would take Trey Gowdy, a former federal prosecutor, word regarding the applicability of prosecution in the situation, as opposed to a couple foul-mouthed rando keyboard commandos.

        • @Miner49er

          “So posting a quote from a former Republican congressman and federal prosecutor makes me a troll?”

          Yes, it does.

          Doing what you always do – comments cherry picked out of context to introduce these little snippets of off-topic BS to take the comments further away from the topic to get people to react.

          That’s trolling too.

          You do this almost every article.

          Normal people read the article and go “OK, I have this opinion about the article or want to say this.” or post something separate but at least related to the overall theme of TTAG.

          But you, you cherry pick others comments out of context and/or partially and do “TRUMPPPPP BAD!” or ‘Yeh Biden the tyrant and liar’ or “RELIGION BAD!” or “REPUBLICANS BAD”.

          If the article was about it raining in Cleveland and someone commented “Yeah, its a bad storm.” – You would cherry pick out of context and quote only “Yeah, its bad” and replay with one of your favorites, for example, “Yeah, TRUMPPPPPP! Bad.”

          You are a troll, plain and simple.

          • “You are a troll“

            Are you daft?

            The article above is concerning the prosecution of Hunter Biden on gun charges.

            I posted a quote from former federal prosecutor and Republican Representative Trey Gowdy regarding Hunter Biden’s gun charges.

            I would say that’s not trolling, that’s pointing out the fact that it much more educated and experienced litigator than you doesn’t believe prosecuting Hunter Biden is appropriate.

            The actual legal term is ‘selective prosecution’.

            • You are anti human and civil rights constantly posting diatribes on a pro human and civil rights site.

              In what universe is that not trolling?

              • jwm,

                Cut MajorLiar some slack; he’s such a lying, partisan jackwagon that he can’t help himself. MajorLiar would defend Ted Bundy, if he thought Ted Bundy was a (D)imocrat.

            • You are all against firearms, yet here you are defending someone who broke the laws you wanted in place because of his political affiliation.

              I would certainly call that hypocrisy. Care to defend that?

      • Yeah, I have started to wonder about that very thing, do they think having a troll like that brings more eyeballs to their ads? I would have banned him long ago and mostly I don’t read his idiotic rants, especially the cut and pasted crap that normally spews from his keyboard.

        • “I would have banned him long ago“

          Another ‘patriot’ throws his support behind public censorship of his fellow citizens, bravo!

          Somehow, the central core of American’s belief in free speech has completely missed many on this list.

          They believe they have the right to freely speak about others, accuse them of crimes, use sexual and religious slurs to attack them personally and call for their shunning, injury or death.

          • The woke agenda of the fascist left has never advocated silencing anybody?

            Your faux outrage is called out by your desire to limit our 2a rights.

            Cherry picking again, ain’t ya.

          • MajorLiar,

            You have the absolute right to say any damn thing you want (really; look at SCOTUS jurisprudence on ‘prior restraint’ . . . to the extent you are capable of such). What you DON’T have a “right” to is (i) a platform (take your soapbox to the nearest street corner and have at it . . . unless, of course, you are praying to end unfettered abortions, in which case Merrick Garland and his merry band of jackbooted thugs will arrest you, especially if you’re a cripple 81 year old woman!), or (ii) for ANYONE else to listen to you or take you seriously.

            The REASON the Founding Fathers fought so passionately for the right of free speech is that they, unlike you, were intelligent enough to see that the “remedy” for stupid speech was . . . let the stupid keep talking.

            You have managed to convince, BY YOUR OWN “SPEECH”, everyone on this site that you are either completely stupid, or a lying propagandist, or both (I vote for both). NO ONE GIVES A CRAP WHAT YOUR IDIOT OPINION IS. You contribute nothing, literally NOTHING, to the discussions on this site, but you insist on coming back and constantly inflicting your idiot opinions on us.

            OK, cool. If the “moderators” (may they suffer eternally in the Ninth Circle of Hell) choose to allow you to keep coming back and posting your idiocy, I will continue to mock and belittle you. That’s called “free speech”. If the moderators intelligently decide that you are a useless, partisan troll (which you are), and ban you? WHY, exactly, do they owe you a platform? Why didn’t Twitter, back before Elon, “owe” Trump a platform?

            Like all Leftist/fascists, you are totally confused on the concept of human rights. I would recommend that you go study up on what our rights really mean, and from whence they derived, but I disbelieve you ability to do so.

            Don’t go away mad, MajorLiar, just GO AWAY.


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