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While the Minnesota state legislature recently adjourned with nearly every gun control measure failing, Gov. Tim Walz has signed a measure relating to triggers that make it easier to fire more rapidly.

HF 5247, the 1,494-page omnibus bill signed by Walz on May 24, includes changes on everything from financing state government to modifying pharmacy reporting requirements. But deep within the bill is vague language banning certain firearm triggers. While the intent of that portion of the measure was to ban binary triggers, it could potentially implicate many common factory installed triggers.

According to the bill’s language, a “trigger activator” includes: “a device that allows a firearm to shoot one shot on the pull of the trigger and a second shot on the release of the trigger without requiring a subsequent pull of the trigger.” While that outlaws binary triggers, which are designed to do just that, the measure also takes in more territory that could be interpreted to ban other triggers and devices, including bump stocks.

The definition of a banned trigger activator also includes, “a device that allows a semiautomatic firearm to shoot more than one shot with a single pull of the trigger or by harnessing the recoil of energy of the semiautomatic firearm to which it is affixed so that the trigger resets and continues firing without additional physical manipulation of the trigger.”

Despite Walz signing the trigger measure, it was still a pretty good legislative session for gun owners and gun-rights advocates in the North Star State as several other anti-gun measures failed to get the votes needed.

House measure that were defeated included a firearms storage requirement that would have impeded a gun owner’s ability to access firearms for self-defense purposes, a requirement to report lost or stolen firearms within 48 hours or face a stiff penalty and a measure that would have permitted local governments to prohibit or restrict a person from possessing a firearm within or on government-owned property, which would have been a direct violation of the state’s firearm preemption law.

Other House measures that failed this session included a measure that would have repealed the state’s preemption law, a ban on many common semi-automatic firearms dubbed “assault weapons” by anti-gun advocates, a ban on the use of lead ammunition for hunting and lead tackle for fishing in Minnesota, and a ban on so-called “high-capacity magazines,” which are actually standard-capacity mags that included with many popular firearms sold today.

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  1. And the 1,494 page bill was submitted for a floor vote with about 4 minutes left in the session. As the role was not finished before midnight, the bill SHOULD not have passed, but as we area dem trifecta led by a former schoolteacher guv that cant leave one thin dime left unspent, they illegally passed i anyway.
    The three best things coming out of Mn. these days are I-35, I-90, and I-94

    • … oh, and a dem. representative that is under felony burglary charges was allowed to cast a deciding vote on it, and then was asked by her own party to step down shortly afterwards, for “optics”

    • “As the role was not finished before midnight, the bill SHOULD not have passed, but as we area dem trifecta led by a former schoolteacher guv that cant leave one thin dime left unspent, they illegally passed i anyway.”

      – – BAU. Essentially the anti-American party plays “Catch me if you can”; laws stand until repealed, even if blatantly violating other laws, the Constitution, or US Supreme Court rulings.

  2. They played the long game – with the election laws they just passed the DFL (Democrats) will own the state permanently. See what happens to your gun laws then.

  3. Given how many rural counties and localities in MN actively declared themselves “2A sanctuaries” during the last session, I think the metro area democrats are going to have a hard time taking away the guns from the “rocks and cows” as Tim Jung Walz likes to call us.

    Part of me wants to leave, part of me says they can go pound sand and we’ll continue to do what we like.

      • “If Minnesota wasnt so cold I wouldn’t mind living there.”

        Would recommend spending a month there first; then decide. (Don’t let the summers fool ya’)

      • … lots of possums up here, in fact they call them ” Northern Oppossum “, denoted by their shorter tails due to them wrapping them around tree branches as is normal behavior – and then losing them to sub-zero freezing due to the lowered blood circulation that results from doing so. We like the fact that they eat a shit ton of ticks and don’t carry rabies, so welcome Marsupial one !! We can probably find you a down parka that fits, and I can guarantee that you wouldn’t be the strangest creature spotted around here – hell, the state is run by talking jackasses.

  4. The US Supreme Court will finish its 2023-2024 term in the next several weeks and these are the cases you need to know about and what Mark thinks will happen in them.

    • Yep, but Lutheran social services and the catholic charities get the contracts for administering their resettlement. Be careful what church you give your money to!


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