“Out of the 67,000 concealed handgun permits issued in Colorado between 2005 and 2009 just 55 percent have been entered in the Colorado Bureau of Investigation database that tracks them,” KRDO.com reports. “The CBI released an audit Tuesday showing 32,000, or 63 percent, of the 51,000 records on file in the concealed handgun database contained inaccurate or inconsistent information. This is a problem because it could mean someone who is a valid permit holder ends up in jail, or someone who is not permitted to have a concealed handgun ends up going free. “


  1. How does having inaccurate information in the database result in a valid permit holder going to jail? Has it ever happened? The KRDO piece doesn’t say.

  2. I can’t see how a holder of a valid CCW licensee could do time, but I can see one being detained and the firearm confiscated until the police could confirm the validity of the CCW. Something similar happened in Massachusetts a couple of years ago. A lawyer with a Class A Unrestricted Massachusetts carry permit was stopped at gunpoint by an overzealous LEO. The man presented his license, but at the time there was no system in place allowing the officer to confirm the license quickly. The gun was confiscated, but the man was allowed to retrieve his gun from the police several hours later after he was checked out. The permit holder subsequantly sued the police department, but got nothing for his trouble. Not even an apology.


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