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The above headline’s a direct crib from an email blast sent out by the gun rights guys at, “Home of the Georgia REAL Right-to-Carry Revolution.” Organizer Patrick Parson wrote it in response to a self-defense shooting by Ryan Moore, just one of several such Georgia shootings in recent days (as chronicled by Mr. Parson’s viewpoint is consistent with the growing movement known as “Constitutional Carry”—only more so . . .

Much has been made of Georgia gun owner Ryan Moore sending a criminal to an early retirement in the parking lot of an Ingles grocery store in Conyers, GA this past weekend. Mr. Moore’s trip to pick up some late-night orange juice turned hostile when Yuhanna Abdullah Williams approached him with a knife. The situation ended quickly when Mr. Moore downed the criminal with his .357 Magnum. Right on cue, the left-wing gun controllers slithered out of their holes to condemn Mr. Moore for use of so-called “excessive force” because the criminal attempted to rob him with a knife . . .

Of course, this could have easily been your mother. Or your sister. Or a close relative. The thug could have attacked your loved one in Macon or Valdosta or Rome. Perhaps you know someone who heard about Mr. Moore’s story and would like to carry openly or concealed themselves – tonight – on their trip to store.

Your answer has to be:

“You can’t do that. The State of Georgia requires that you apply for a Georgia Weapons Carry License with our county probate, submit to fingerprints, a background check, wait a number of weeks, and pay a fee before you are allowed to defend yourself.”

Don’t you see how far we’ve come? How far we’ve fallen from our founding? We’ve let the gun control lobby and the compromisers win. They say that you and I must ask our government for permission to defend ourselves. You and I must pay a tax. If you and I don’t have that laminated piece of government paper with our fingerprint on it, you and I could go to jail.

The good news is that this problem can be fixed. By restoring REAL Right-to-Carry in Georgia, Georgians who wish to defend themselves and their families will be able to without having to pay tribute to government.

Unfortunately, this problem that needs to be fixed is left up to our legislators. Our elected officials. They won’t fix it unless you and I make our voices heard. If you haven’t yet signed your petition to restore REAL Right-to-Carry in Georgia, please do so at once.

For liberty,

Patrick Parsons

Executive Director

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  1. I “2” (lmao) completely agree that this lowlife got what was due him, and that “No Force is to Excessive in Defense or Your Life Of Your Family”

  2. Thank the Lord you all have the right to bear arms…you never know when the British are going to attack again, and we’ll need to call up an armed militia.

    It really could reduce the military spending (and reduce the need for all those taxes), if the govt. could just send Joe the Plumber (with his personal .357 Magnum) to Afghanistan instead of spending all those tax dollars equipping full-time soldiers. It would be just like Jury Duty! You got a gun, you go!

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