George Floyd rioting
A man poses for photos in front of a fire at an AutoZone store, while protesters hold a rally for George Floyd in Minneapolis on Wednesday, May 27, 2020. Violent protests over the death of the black man in police custody broke out in Minneapolis for a second straight night Wednesday, with protesters in a standoff with officers outside a police precinct and looting of nearby stores. (Carlos Gonzalez/Star Tribune via AP)
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Rodney King, Michael Brown, and now George Floyd. Three very different police-involved incidents, all of which resulted in riots and looting. Last night, parts of the city of Minneapolis were on fire and one man, apparently a looter, was shot to death, possibly by a store owner defending his property. The details are still to be determined.

Minneapolis police mostly stayed back and let it all happen.

The four officers involved in the death of George Floyd have been summarily fired and will likely face criminal charges. Civil suits against the cops and the city are a sure thing. The FBI has opened their own investigation and no one can quite fathom why a knee on the neck of a prone, handcuffed man is ever justified.

Meanwhile our friends on the anti-gun left — those who clamor for ever more laws and declare that police and the military should have a monopoly on the use of deadly force in this country — are strangely quiet for some reason.

By Doug Glass, AP

Fires burned and looters struck Thursday after violent protests over the death of a black man in police custody rocked Minneapolis for a second straight night, with damage stretching for miles across the city.

George Floyd rioting
Protesters in Memphis, Tenn.. gather outside a police precinct Wednesday, May 27, 2020, to voice their anger of the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis. George Floyd died Monday after a white police officer kneeled against his neck for several minutes. (AP Photo/Adrian Sainz)

Amid the violence, a man was found fatally shot Wednesday night near a pawn shop. Asked to confirm reports that he had been shot by a store owner, police spokesman John Elder said that was “one of the theories.”

Pockets of looting continued Thursday at stores where windows and doors were smashed. KSTP-TV reported some fires at businesses continued to burn with no firefighters on scene. A liquor store employee displayed a gun as he stood among the debris of broken bottles and beer cans inside the business.

George Floyd rioting
A man holds up a pig’s head in the direction of Minneapolis police officers behind a barricade in the parking lot outside the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Precinct office in Minneapolis on Wednesday afternoon, May 27, 2020. The mayor of Minneapolis called Wednesday for criminal charges against the white police officer seen on video kneeling against the neck of Floyd George, a handcuffed black man who complained that he could not breathe and died in police custody. (Jeff Wheeler/Star Tribune via AP)

Protesters began gathering in the early afternoon Wednesday near the city’s 3rd Precinct station, in the southern part of the city where 46-year-old George Floyd died on Memorial Day after an officer knelt on his neck until he became unresponsive. Protesters skirmished with officers, who fired rubber bullets and tear gas in a repeat of Tuesday night’s confrontation.

On Thursday morning, smoke hung over Minneapolis and looters carried merchandise from a damaged Target store with no interference by police. Video of the store’s interior showed empty clothing racks and shelves and debris strewn about. Obscenities were spray painted on the exterior of the store.

George Floyd rioting
This aerial image provided by KABC-TV shows Black Lives Matter protesters blocking a freeway in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday, May 27, 2020. Hundreds of people protesting the death of a black man in Minneapolis police custody blocked the freeway and shattered the back window of a California Highway Patrol cruiser on Wednesday. (KABC-TV via AP)

Protests spread to other U.S. cities. In California, hundreds of people protesting Floyd’s death blocked a Los Angeles freeway and shattered windows of California Highway Patrol cruisers on Wednesday.

It was the second night of violent protest in Minneapolis since the death of Floyd, whom police were seeking to arrest outside a Minneapolis grocery store on a report of a counterfeit bill being passed. A bystander’s cellphone video showed an officer kneeling on Floyd ‘s neck for almost eight minutes as he eventually became unresponsive.

George Floyd rioting
Protesters damage properties at the Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct in Minneapolis on Wednesday, May 27, 2020. The mayor of Minneapolis called Wednesday for criminal charges against the white police officer seen on video kneeling against the neck of a handcuffed black man who complained that he could not breathe and died in police custody. (Carlos Gonzalez/Star Tribune via AP)

Mayor Jacob Frey tweeted for calm early Thursday. “Please, Minneapolis, we cannot let tragedy beget more tragedy,” he said on Twitter. He also asked for the public’s help in keeping the peace.

The officer and three others were fired Tuesday, and on Wednesday, Frey called for him to be criminally charged.

Frey asked Gov. Tim Walz to activate the National Guard, a spokesman confirmed Thursday. The governor’s office didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. Walz tweeted for calm Wednesday night, calling the violence “an extremely dangerous situation” and urging people to leave the scene.

George Floyd rioting
A water bottle thrown by a protester sail through the air near officers on the roof of Minneapolis Police 3rd Precinct, Wednesday, May 27, 2020, in Minneapolis. The mayor of Minneapolis called Wednesday for criminal charges to be filed against the white police officer seen on video kneeling against the neck of George Floyd, a handcuffed black man who complained that he could not breathe and died in police custody. (Carlos Gonzalez/Star Tribune via AP)

On Wednesday night, officers responding to a reported stabbing near the protests found a man lying on the sidewalk with what turned out to be a bullet wound, Elder said. The man was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Elder said a suspect was in custody but said the facts leading up to the shooting were “still being sorted out.”

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  1. The police already had George Floyd in custody and had no reason to kneel on his neck. Why didn’t they just cart him away? The police officer who murdered Floyd had previous incidents of abusive behavior. ALL of the police on the scene should be charged.
    The community is paying for this one, big time…

    • Where the hell is pwrserge? I want to know his take. Probably “dont pass fake checks and the cops wont have to murder you”

      • He is busy this morning cooking up his usual misinterpretations of laws and delusional narratives about how the four police officers are heroes and the dead man’s neck was a great threat to those officers.

      • Where the hell is pwrserge? I want to know his take. Probably “dont pass fake checks and the cops wont have to murder you”

        I agree with pwrserge about the Arbery defendants, and I also think the police murdered Floyd. This may confuse people who “reason” mainly by consulting their feels.

      • It wasn’t a bad check. Get the facts
        Ot was a temporary dollar bill that may not have been a fake bill but a NEW bill
        NO ONE SHOULD DIE BY COP even if they do commit a crime

        • They said it was a counterfeit 20 bill. Doesn’t mean he was a counterfeiter. He could have easily got it from the bank. They still should not have done him that way.

          No cops should die by civilians either but they do. Are you pretending there are no killers out there? You’re wrong.

    • For the forum’s resident bigots…”I Cannot Breath is like Tapping Out.” The dumbass cop who was assisted by other blind to what’s going on officers is obviously too chickensht to restrain a man already on the ground without putting his knee on the back of the man’s neck and too stupid to comply with, “I Cannot Breath” will cost his city millions to settle a slam dunk lawsuit.
      Bottom line for the use of excessive force…You break it you buy it.

        • Like Anarcyst said: “The community is paying for this one, big time”…. the cops aren’t paying for it. Neither is the mayor. The community is paying for it. Which stands to reason: the RIOTERS aren’t against the police; they are against the community.

    • still, does a police overreaction justify looting?…would seem some can’t resist the opportunity to exploit the situation….

      • I think that the black communities can’t wait for something like this to happen. I can see it now ” Finally, my pair of $200 Nikes that I got from the last looting are wearing thin! Hey mama you need a tebivision or something while I’m out?” They kill each other like I change socks. You white folks aren’t able to rap your head around this, are you?

    • Target and the other destroyed businesses will probably never reopen. The small businesses probably cannot. They lost everything for something they had nothing to do with. Then the looters will complain about how racist businesses won’t open in their neighborhoods, they live in a food desert, and have to take 5 buses to grocery shop if they want anything beyond fast food through metal bars on the service windows.

      • metal bars on the take window…Heck I know a jack-in-the-box in LA where they are behind 4 inches of bullet resistant plastic! your food comes out in an armored BOX like the banks do!

        • After the dumbasses burned the Wendys last night they might have to go across town for a fast food joint…..

  2. All 4 cops should be charged. To stand by and watch one of yours commit manslaughter when you have the authority to stop it makes you complicit.

    Even my cheap ass flip phone has a pretty decent camera in it. How does anybody in a uniform and involved in any sort of public altercation think there will be no video record of the event?

    As for a looter getting shot? It’s a dangerous occupation. Don’t complain when you reap the harvest. Looting is not a valid form of protest.

    • To me, this looks like murder, not manslaughter. As to why the cops feel free to do it, is because they have been getting away with abuse for decades. Part of the culture.

      • I’m too lazy to look up the proper charges in that jurisdiction. I started with manslaughter. If they are charged with 1st degree murder it would not offend me.

        I support cops. When they’re doing the right thing.

        • I think 2nd degree murder will be the call with a shitload of lesser charges to make sure something sticks then Feds will take a shot at “hate crime/civil rights violations” (both pretty easy sells from what I saw and heard)…

      • Probably not murder unless there was some premeditation. You don’t want to overcharge someone before an actual investigation.

        • Video showed 9 minutes, that is more than enough time to deduce the death was intentional, even without all the bystanders begging him to let the man up. And he had several minutes to premeditate it before the man died.

        • The fact that there was time for premeditation doesn’t mean it was premeditation. You think that someone is going to say to himself “I’m gonna murder this guy while two dozen people are pointing cameras at me”? Or is it more likely that he didn’t give a shit about the man’s health (still a major crime, but not murder 1)?

          If they overcharge and lose the case to placate the public that only knows terms like “murder” in their non-legal sense it will be a travesty. Charge appropriately. Putting a cop behind bars for manslaughter is better than getting the case thrown out by a judge.

        • Murder 2 does not require premeditation but willfully engaging in an act (other than self defense) that you should reasonably understand could result in death… If a cop of 19 years has NEVER been trained in the consequences of cutting off breathing passages and or blood supply to the brain for an extended period time (total blood flow interruption to the brain can result in unconsciousness within 15 to 30 seconds, death within minutes) then his superiors should also be tried for negligent homicide… However I get the feeling that cop knew exactly what he was doing, the video shows that he was balancing most of his weight on that mans neck even reaching for the vehicles bumper to steady himself instead of shifting his wright to the right leg… Fuck that cop, burn his ass and may he rot in hell not only for killing that man the way he did but for putting all cops and even white people in that same light as his dumb ass…. I just hope I am not put in a position where I must take a life to defend myself or my family because of some stupid “rioter” reacting to that dumbass cops actions…

        • Or he was trying to keep control of a suspect while having to keep an eye on an agitated crowd.
          I’ve had a few run ins with shit cops, but I’m not passing judgement on an incident that has already been put through the media spin cycle.

        • Yeah fuck that, all he had to do was put the guy in a cop car and take him to jail, there was three other cops to CONTROL the “agitated crowd”.. That’s pure bullshit, that cop was not looking nervously at an agitated crowd, his stupid smirking fucking grin was directed at George Floyd and he was giving him his full attention while the man pleaded for breath and his life, did you miss the part where he was handcuffed behind his back AND outnumbered 4 to 1 and how the fuck does holding a man on the ground with a knee on his neck help to calm your “agitated crowd”?… This will ultimately affect all of us white and black and if this piece of shit cop dos not go to prison then you have been witness to the first shot of a new war…

        • Or it’s really as simple as he was trying to keep control of a suspect while surrounded by an agitated crowd.
          But since you are obviously a mind reader, please tell us what everyone else was thinking..
          Hell, let’s make you the judge and you can divine whether or not mens rea was actually present.

        • I saw the cops cam video, there was no crowd “surrounding” him… look at any available video and tell me how many people you see behind him or between him and a cop vehicle, the few people who did gather were on the sidewalk behind the other cops one cop even joked “see kids, this why you don’t do drugs” those cops weren’t afraid of shit and why should they be? Four armed cops a couple of blocks from the police station could have had a dozen more there in minutes if they were in fear… A reasonable, intelligent person can spend the time to look at a situation from more than one angle and arrive at a reasonable conclusion… then there are those that no matter how weak or ridiculous they sound will lock on to a single narrative and hold on to the bitter end.. I’m obviously not going to change your mind and your incessant droning of the same shit over and over is sure as fuck not going to change mine… Just remember he held that guy down for nearly nine minutes and never called for backup where is the fear and when did he address the “crowd”? never… Get on one knee and hold all your weight on it for ONE minute, then imagine holding it for nine….

        • I’m not trying to change your mind. You don’t have enough intelligence to see past the crap the media spoon feeds you.
          You already know everything anyway, according to you.

        • Good answer, not surprisingly unwitty, I think I’ll share it with my local MENSA group the next time we get together….. They will get a giggle or two from it…. then some smart ass will start analyzing it, then analyzing you…. Ahh screw it, it would turn into a way more complicated thing than it’s worth….

      • Getting away with it? I work in EMS. There’s good and bad in all forms of service. All walks of life. It’s the price we pay for a ‘free’ society’. This incident should be treated as individual incident. My cop buddies all agree this was excessive force, they should be indicted. But that doesn’t mean every cop is bad. It’s just bad police work and a life unfortunately paid for that. The people that riot are just looking for an excuse to do so. IMO.

        • if a department has 1000 good cops and 10 bad cops, but the good cops don’t turn in the bad cops… that department has 1010 bad cops.

        • Phil Mueller. That is for the top supervisors to do. If police walk around “telling” on others they will be ostracized and not protected on the street so NO 10
          Bad cops is 10 Bad cops. You obviously hate all cops

        • “If police walk around ‘telling’ on others they will be ostracized and not protected on the street”
          ^This right here is the whole problem. Police officers should hold each other to a high standard, not ostracize anyone who calls out bad behavior. “Omerta” is what the mafia does, cops shouldn’t imitate that.

      • This does not qualify for 1st degree murder. It was not premeditated. 3rd degree and manslaughter are the appropriate charges. Hes facing a lot of years in jail. I know some think he should get life but thats not even realistic anymore. People convicted of 1st degree sometimes only get 25 years.

      • Probably not but what can be proven in regards to intent would be the major factor. Not sure on their state’s criminal code but an aggravated manslaughter should be a reasonable starting point.

        • Well, seeing as how things love to file complaints against the officers that arrest them, I’m not gonna say the complaints amount to a hill of beans.

        • Any pending charges? Not saying they aren’t something to consider later but charges usually can be upgraded as relevant and credible evidence is entered. Granted this is assuming the sociopolitical environment isn’t an emotional powderkeg that needs to skip past reason to do something. Dude was likely a shitbag but overcharging his ass and seeing him walk would be far worse.

  3. Watched the protests play out here in L.A. last night. Not really sure why the people thought smashing CHP cruiser windows here was appropriate, considering Floyd died in Minnesota 2000 miles away. The local news reported that nobody was arrested, despite shutting down a freeway and destroying LE property.

    • Because the race-baiters push for nationwide division. If one white guy did something, that means all white people are guilty. If one cop did something, that means all cops are not just guilty, they are waking up every morning thinking of ways to kill black men. They make the looters feel justified. It’s very intentional.

      • You make a valid argument for protests. I have yet to see any justification for looting, that is simple theft. And there were no racial problems I could see in the looting or the protesting either one, very biracial groups experiencing no apparent racial friction. The targets were the cops, not black or white. The fact the cops were fired before sundown tells me there was no widespread racial bias in the area, others plainly disagree. This was clearly not acceptable behavior.

      • some actually do wake up each day HOPING that this is the day they finally get to shoot someone white OR black matters not to them

      • why is it racism when it happens to a black man but police brutality when it happens to a white man when there is actually no difference in the crime. Why isn’t it racism when a black cop kills a white person?

        Truth is people are reacting without any thought .

    • I Haz a Question,

      I suspect that this event in Minnesota inspired the people in Los Angeles to protest against police abuse in California.

      Based on what I have seen, police in California are WAY out of control: the frequency and severity of their brutality far exceeds any other state in our nation.

      Here are some totally inexcusable and wildly egregious examples off the top of my head:
      1) Stockton bank robbery — police put something like 1,000 bullets into the getaway car with a hostage, killing the hostage, without any apparent attempt to otherwise stop the getaway car and save the hostage.
      2) Christopher Dorner debacle — police shoot two different pickup trucks (shooting one truck over 100 times and other truck several dozen times) that don’t come anywhere close to matching the description of the Dorner’s pickup truck, and whose occupants do not come anywhere close to matching Dorner’s description.
      3) Private investigator surveilling from his car — Los Angeles County Deputy almost immediately goes “hands on” and points his handgun at the private investigator who is simply sitting in his car — in other words without any justifiable reason whatsoever.
      4) Oakland BART officer fatally shot Oscar Grant in the back while police had Grant pinned to the ground. Grant was not resisting in any obvious way and did not present any obvious risk to life or limb that justified police shooting him in the back.

      I am sure that there are countless more examples. Might it be worse in other states? Perhaps. I can only tell you what I have seen. And California looks like it takes the cake.

      • More people and more cops in CA. Skews the numbers somewhat. I’ve had encounters with cops here that were absolute text book examples of how a decent cop does his job.

        When I lived in WV there were fewer cops and folks but nearly every cop I encountered there was an atrocity waiting to happen.

        • jwm,

          Could be since California’s population is something like six times the average state population in the United States.

          At the same time I cannot recall any such incidents in Texas which has almost as many people as California. (Texas population is about 30 million and California population is about 40 million.)

        • @uncommon,

          When you consider that CA has the nation’s largest population, it’s arguable that there have been north of 250 million citizens who have lived in the Golden State at some point over the past century. whether for a short time or throughout their entire lives. With such a large pool of possibilities to choose from, one can always find a list of horrific events that should never have occurred.

          Of the multiple encounters with LEOs I myself have experienced, only one was awkward, and even then the LEOs behaved professionally and the incident ended okay.

      • I heard that members of the LAPD will go back to the station after shift and tell stories to each other about how they messed with people that day.

        • That is only a few rogue stations/groups of officers who pull crap like that. Remember the Rampart scandal? Pretty bad juju. And it isn’t the only one, just the one that got the most press. The current chief of police was a member of a police “gang” and he has rehired officers fired for misconduct. Yes, both the LAPD and the LASO are corrupt to the core, but there are still a majority of good officers.

    • If this proves to be storeowner shoots looter scenario, legal response will be enlightening. So many dopes on both sides of guns continually tell us that we should just let the thieves take everything we own, no amount of *our* money is worth some lifelong criminal’s life. So, is the storeowner going to be charged?

  4. I am ok with protests, but using the protest for “community rage”, destruction, looting, and violence is just criminal behavior taking advantage of the situation and using it for cover. A black man is killed by police, should I get to raid target and help myself to as couple pairs of shoes, some shirts, maybe some video games? That isn’t how it works…

    Meanwhile, contrast the horrible, violent protests like Virginia gun owners, I mean they destroyed that city, looted, littered… Wait no they didn’t? Even Michigan where lawmakers didn’t like armed constituents protesting them, they protested the lawmakers, but didn’t attack the city, businesses, etc.

    • Justice for….Aw screw it! Free liquor and bed sheets!! Woohoo! Lucky day!

      Then they go home feeling righteous like they deserved it. That’s what having no morals looks like.

  5. “Hey! I got a great idea! Let’s shut down the entire economy as a result of this insignificant virus!”

    “Why is that such a great idea?? Sounds stupid to me!”

    “‘Never let a crisis go to waste!’ Isn’t that it? We can increase the government’s power, destroy small businesses in favor of large corps, and our political donations will go through the roof! Heck, we can even do massive fraud by making everyone vote by mail! People will lose their jobs, and they’ll just be hungry for some real leadership! We can give it to them!”

    “I don’t know about this. I think we’re playing with fire, here.”

    [Two months later]

    “Oh no! There’s rioting in Minneapolis and L.A.! People have been shot and buildings are burning! Armed protestors stormed the capitol in Michigan!”

    “What the fck did you think was going to happen?? All it took was a spark, and it was Floyd’s death at the hands of a few out-of-control cops.”

    • 100k insignificant deaths in 4 months with most in the last 2. Very insignificant. Well, it is just a bunch of old people anyway.

        • It will be over in a day or two. The people out there looting aren’t out of a job. Gang business is going on without interruption.

        • I think JB was referring to the Wuhan virus deaths. Wait until it spreads, if not already, to places where health care is substandard at best and populations are weakened from malnutrition and polluted water. Such as south-east Asia, Africa, and South and Central America. The Brazilian favelas are and ideal breeding ground for such a pandemic.

          Ironically places in Africa that have had Ebola outbreaks could be better prepared both physically and psychologically.

      • A 95% survival rate and less than 25% as infectious as the yearly flu bug. Pardon me all to hell for not running around with my hands in the air yelling the end is nigh.

        • well, is a nasty bug…whose most significant characteristic is how fast it can spread…almost like a bio-weapon…hmmm?….whatever it is, it appears we’re slowly learning to cope with it and gradually get back to normal……expect it to hang around for awhile..with some mini-outbreaks…but it looks like the worst is behind us…even though the left will continue their efforts to keep us in the panic mode….

    • Well, just waiting on those long overdue earthquakes here on the west coast to put the silver bullet in the wasted money and resources on trying to corral mother nature. If it happens there will be mass deaths due to the incompetence at our state government levels.

      There will always be someone, no matter what race, that dies or is maimed for life due to carelessness (or purposeful intent) when interacting with others especially the police. Cops have a hard time knowing if someone is trying to hurt them or escape because they have heard every possible combination of pleading by people they arrest.

      In the heat of making a decision and all the context around it I would like to wait until a real investigation is completed and not the one done for political community calming, also made in the heat of the moment.

      • I lived in Southern California for 17 years. I always had a backpack of water and food, and a pair of hiking boots in the car, just in case. I kept barrels of water and a full pantry in the house. When I left, I literally sighed in relief.

        I dodged a bullet.

        As a geologist, I knew that any preps the government mandated would be useless when the time came. The entire process of establishing building codes to resist “earthquakes” is nothing but a futile, and politically charged, endeavor. The only sensible alternative is to inform people of the risks, and let them make their own decisions with the freedom God gave them.

        It is exactly the same with this virus. Any attempt to mitigate this through policy is more political than scientific, despite what the proponents of the lockdown say.

        • I’ve lived in SoCal my entire life, and remember the ’94 Northridge Quake well because I was near the epicenter. Something I do not wish to repeat. I also keep all the same preps you mentioned (home, vehicles), and have water filtration and solar electrical backups (true portable solar, not that tied-to-the-utility-grid nonsense). When the Northridge Quake hit, fires broke out everywhere and took two days to put out. The community where I live was without power for a week, and without reliable water for almost a month due to all the pipe mains that were damaged.

          The Gov’t used to frown on “self reliance” because they considered it an indicator of an an anti-establishment attitude (remember that the Waco and Ruby Ridge events happened right before the quake, so the FBI was postured against independence at the time). After the quake, they began to recommend having one week’s worth of food and water on hand. Now it’s two weeks. I myself like to have three months’ minimum.

          Take whatever the Government says, toss it in the trash, and think for yourself if you want to survive.

        • “The only sensible alternative is to inform people of the risks, and let them make their own decisions with the freedom God gave them.”

          Yes, it’s called managing the risk. It’s what we do everyday. For some reason, that went out the window with the virus scare. We should have been managing the risk from day one instead of locking everyone down. The people in charge are stupid.

        • I live in California, but earthquakes are not among my concerns. The nearest major fault is 100 miles west. On the other hand, there is an “active” volcano 85 miles north and another 45 miles east. If those go, well, we will be in the soup. (But it will be quite the show until the rocks start falling out of the sky.)

        • HOT, nasty burning rocks to be followed by the crowd pleasing pyroclastic flow and for the grand finale survivors will be buried in feet of fine ash that will destroy your lungs… Sounds like a kick ass day, enjoy…

    • 100k souls is not insignificant. What the F is wrong with you. All that think this is a hoax should get off your ace and go to the hospitals and see the carnage.

      As far as those of us that live in VA, there was an evil seed at hand there, it was the white supremacy insurgents that screwed the that demonstration up. Not us legal gun rights people. If a black man killed a white person, it doesn’t get looked at. If a white person kills a black man, it’s a hate crime and they throw the book at them.

      Google the ratio of murders by color. The FBI has a lot of information on that topic. You don’t here that in the fake news. The tension is going to worsen and I am damm glad I have the ability to protect my family.

      • So when the deaths from despair and the rioting exceed the 100,000 caused by the virus, let me know what you think.

        There are going to be deaths either way.

        • Deaths from despair!!! Can you feel the feelz?!!! People who suffer from depression commit suicide. Most of those despairing dead would have committed suicide long before many of the people who died from C19 absent the disease.

        • ” Most of those despairing dead would have committed suicide long before many of the people who died from C19 absent the disease.”

          So you don’t think losing your small business you spent a lifetime building, working long hours day after day after day is reason to despair and perhaps commit suicide? Or being unable to feed your children is reason to despair and steal, kill, maim, or whatever you feel is necessary to obtain food for them?

          Come out of your damn bubble and look around! None of these have or likely will happen to me but I can sure as hell see how terribly this lock-down is affecting roughly 30 million Americans – so far. So yes, I can empathize with the “feelz”. It’s sad that you cannot.

        • I don’t live in a bubble. I live in the real world not on the internet like you. It’s meme by the same people who brought you how the Swedes did it right. Not only is Sweden a medical disaster their economy actually did worse than ours. Normal people don’t go and commit suicide because times get tough.

          You know why hard times make strong men? Hard times weed out the weak.

        • Wow, I didn’t realize I was dealing with someone so tough and strong! You must be just amazing! Please forgive me while I barf.

        • Whatever I am, you haven’t got the ability to think beyond the latest internet meme.

        • “Whatever I am, you haven’t got the ability to think beyond the latest internet meme.”

          Yeah, that’s another thing, how did you come up with this gem? I have taken no position on open or closed beyond stating that either way it will not affect me and that I have compassion for those that are suffering from the closing. So just exactly what “meme(s)” are you referring to?

        • Keep in mind the the bias of the AP. They would go out of their way to show the three of ten white vandals in a crowd of hundreds.

  6. I agree the officers involved should be held accountable for their actions directly leading to a man’s death who was restrained and under their control.

    That said…

    Nothing says social justice quite like ripping off Target and hundreds of small, struggling businesses (some of which I’m guessing are Black owned).

    Right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances – guaranteed under the First Amendment of the Constitution.

    Right to steal – not covered under the Constitution.

    Right to commit arson – not covered under the Constitution.

    • Maybe the right to steal or commit arson are hidden in that pesky 9th Amendment:
      The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

        • Just watching Minneapolis Mayor press conference… Dem Mayor tears up over love for city, not dead man followed by City Council Vice President (a transgender black “woman”) who actually called for end to destruction and looting… Police Chief says “I will not allow criminal acts to continue”… Says troublemakers most likely NOT Minneapolis residents (right)…. No mention of guy shot and killed during riots…

          Okay time to put this squarely where it belongs… This is ALL Trumps fault, if he had listened to the Liberals and left the country open Mr. Floyd would not have lost his job and would not have felt the need to pass a counterfeit $20.00 bill at a convenience store which led to the confrontation with the cops and ultimately to his murder… Get a rope… There, now the crybaby bullshit progressive liberals can have something else to bitch about….

  7. Sadly, to many young kids, black, white or whatever color, this is just an excuse to run wild. They do not do the people actually trying to bring justice a stronger voice. In fact they detract from it. Every last looter should be arrested and thankful if they don’t get shot by a pissed of store owner who had nothing to do with this. If you want social justice, this is not how you go about it. And on that note, I am sick and tired of cities, counties, states and all other manner of government hiring either poorly trained officer want-to-bes or out right thugs and calling them cops. I am loosing my faith in the what is becoming the THUG BLUE LINE.

  8. What is really sad is that later on down the road, these same people will have the balls to wonder why businesses do not come back to their community, move out altogether, or never bother starting up there in the first place.

    • They won’t wonder, they will know!! It’s because they RAYciss! Like the white man has ever had a problem taking a black man’s money.

  9. I’ve always tried to back the police, but buddy this is bad, this was real bad…. this will be the spark

    • These protests will blow over in a few days. People will be back on their couches watching the boob tube in no time.

      • I suspect the city will be near leveled by then, unless those cops are jailed. And if I were one of those cops, I would not be in the state right now, being jailed the least of my worries. I am surprised they have not been lynched, and that’s no joke.

        • Omar’s district is diverse. Most of the City’s Jewish population lives there. Maybe the Jews are behind it. /sarc.

        • “Omar’s district is diverse.”

          “Omar’s coming…” :

        • This has been my experience. I’ve encountered and interacted with a very diverse bunch, this being the bay area and all. Took a Sudanese on his first hunting trip. It’s a broad rule but the folks born in Africa don’t get along well with the ‘african americans’ from here.

          Also my own experience. But nobody is more racist than Asians. They don’t like anybody but their own brand of Asian.

        • JWM, that has been my experince when I was in the military in to 90’s and generally speaking the African immigrants were the hardest workers of all enlisted immigrants.
          As for Asians, about 10% I know and have meet are racist AF, those few think they are so smart. Even some light skined Asians are racist or feel superior to darker skined Asians of their same nationality. I’m a darker skined American Asian.

  10. I’d like to know what the EMT did after loading him into the ambulance. He felt for a pulse, didn’t find one. CPR anyone? He should be charged also if he didn’t try.

    • News reports have said that paramedics found no sign of life when they arrived. News did not go into what happened next but it would be very unusual for them not to attempt resuscitation. Generally speaking the training is to stabilize the patient enough to survive the trip to a higher level of care.

    • My guess is the EMT wanted to get away from the crowd ASAP and decided it was safest to get him loaded up first thing. Ok second thing after getting the cop off his neck.

  11. This is just another example of Democratic cities being mismanaged from all perspectives. The cops should not be abusive and the populace should not be allowed to destroy personal property as part of a protest.
    I am fortunate enough to live in a small conservative city where relationships between law enforcement and the populace is good. We also have the brains to not burn our own city when their are issues.
    We are now seeing a huge population growth from people living the coastal cities and all I can do is hope that they do not bring their failed ideas with them. I left the bay area 25 years ago for a reason.

  12. What is missing so far is video covering the most critical moments of them trying to place him in the patrol car.

    He was placed on the ground just for the fun of it.

    Way to many people jumping to conclusions with out all the facts

    • Why the knee on the neck for eight minutes? In those eight minutes he was not resisting anything, he was dying and begging for his life. Someone begging for his life is not fighting you, he’s been defeated, he has no power and he knows it and he’s completely at your mercy. Or your cruelty, as in this example.

      The store employee called the store owner during the murder. Distraught and crying telling her boss the police were killing the man.

      • Just spitballing here. The cop was a prick, and he wanted to let the guy on the ground know who was in charge. With that said, I seriously doubt he was trying to kill the guy, but he was responsible for it, so dude needs to go to jail.

        • do you really feel this cop had any sense of remorse?…

          The look on his face and the fact that he was exerting ALL of his weight on that left knee says NO… Not that is until he is perp walked(?) NAH that won’t happen… Maybe when he makes his first appearance in a DOC jumpsuit?… When reality sets in as he’s sitting in a courtroom (NO DEALS for this motherfucker) he will be one contrite son-of-a-bitch…. Rot in hell cocksucker and pray to God that I don’t have to take someone’s life defending myself or my family from some dumbshit out rioting because of the actions of this piece of shit cop..

    • There is nothing that could make it legal, what the cop did. If the other 3 cops at the scene were bleeding out from being stabbed and he sat on the guys neck he’d still be in deep shit.

    • there is video of what happened before. it shows the dude being pulled out from the driver’s side. with the ambulance being called I wonder if Floyd had been having a medical issue. nothing there to warrant being murdered. the cop leveraged his hand on his leg to apply maximum pressure to the man’s neck, for 8 minutes. when he lost bladder function he was passing away.

    • Have you not seen the video showing him HANDCUFFED? Four (4) cops cannot handle one man with his hands cuffed behind his back without killing him? Don’t be ridiculous.

    • That is the next shoe to drop, did the guy actually do anything? When the cops arrived he was in his car, they saw nothing to arrest him for, but he “fit the description”, although I have not even heard that anyone has the supposed counterfeit $20 bill he may have attempted to pass. If it turns out they attacked the wrong guy, or the $20 bill proves to be real, the shit will REALLY hit the fan, this is only practice.

  13. When will the general population of police officers figure this out? If you do not stop the bad dudes in your ranks, you are tarnished by them in the public eye.

    Of course all four should be charged in this murder. The tragic thing is that the next time some officers witness another going way out of control, will they remember their own responsibility to enforce the peace does not stop at the badge of another officer?

    As for the looting, the mayor was right to request the Governor send in the troops. Looting and arson should never be tolerated, but somehow in our country it always is.

  14. This is why no one takes these idiots seriously.
    Loot and burn down their neighborhoods, just like after the Mike Brown incident, which after everything was said and done, turned to to be nothing like it was portrayed by the MSM. Just like the Rodney King incident, and the Trayvon Martin incident, and a whole host of other media fabricated stories.
    So I’m gonna withhold judgement on the cops in this case..

    • What the cops did does not excuse what looters and arsonists have done in response. The reverse is also true, the actions of looters and arsonists does not reduce the wrong of what four police officers did.

      There is now video out of the minutes before the murder. The officers walking a calm, handcuffed man from his car to sit against the front of a store, on the sidewalk. Then the officers help him stand and walk him to the patrol car.

      He was not resisting. He was murdered by one of them and three others allowed it to happen.

      • I haven’t seen, nor will I watch, any video of the incident, as the authenticity of said video is suspect.
        I no longer trust video or audio from media sources after multiple cases of the media selectively editing video and audio to fit a created narrative.

        • So how do you plan to judge a specific incident if you refuse to watch possible evidence?

          I believe we get a manipulated or biased perspective, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still useful information to be had.

          There are a variety of videos on this now, should be able to discern some truth in all of it.

        • “I believe we get a manipulated or biased perspective”

          For sure which is why it’s good practice to look at the source documents yourself instead of relying on the media to relay that information to you. Most of the media hates this. They want to be the gatekeepers of information so they can push any narrative they want.

  15. Yet another reason not to live in large metro areas, police are not properly trained to deal with conflict and the main problem, POC cannot stop committing crimes. None of this would happen if POC would attempt to live within societies guidelines or have any moral or ethical behavior. There I said it. Prove me wrong. let the hate mail start.

  16. The video was extremely disturbing.
    The man is handcuffed and on the ground, not resisting.
    The cop is kneeling on his neck and he is complaining that he can’t breathe.
    He goes Unconscious and the bystanders are calling out to check his pulse.
    The cop just stays on the mans neck.
    It is pure murder, nothing elsewhere

    • Oh stfu…. WAS NOT MURDER….
      The perp should be charged posthumously for resisting arrest and causing so much grief over his own CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR

      • If you read the original events, the victim was someone who fit the description of someone committing forgery. So not even really a suspect.

        But modern approach is to cuff ’em all and put them through a session of “assisting with inquiries”. Keep making threats of long prison terms until the suspect admits guilt in exchange for a reduced sentence. And you thought the Japanese police were good at getting confessions?

  17. No one stood up for Floyd while he was being killed, they just filmed it. No heroes here, mostly just those using this as an opportunity to pose, break things, and or loot. There can be no justice for the dead. Only very very rarely if ever does anyone intervene when it is dangerous and heroic – just afterward when it is easy.

    • Some people in the video try to approach the officers during the incident and the officers immediately went for their pepper spray.

      If these people advanced on the officers they would have been met with lethal force.

      What do you suggest? Should unarmed folks simply take a bullet to show their solidarity and support of the victim? That’s just stupid.

      Had anyone fired on the officers, there would have been many more casualties than Mr. Floyd.

  18. Overheard in Minneapolis:
    “Bruh, did you see what them pigs did to George Floyd?”
    “Damn! I know right?”
    “You know what dat means right?”
    “Free big screen TVs?”
    “Damn straight!”

  19. Day to night… Wed afternoon saw MOSTLY responsible adults demanding swift action but ignoring the process (a few actually called for the people to be patient and allow the system to do it’s job), as the sun went down the increasing presence of Minneapolis gangs was obvious, the opportunist looting stopped and the serious business of destruction began.. What did burning an “Auto Zone” have to do with the murder of a black man by an ignorant white cop or the lack of action by three other cops that allowed that to happen? Yeah I said murder and anyone who has seen the full video with sound that shows George Floyd did not resist and could be heard pleading for his life, that fucking cop killed that man and should never draw another breath in freedom… He won’t be charged with murder one or premeditated circumstances, but he can’t be protected 24/7 in prison and the proper sentence will be carried out there.. This is a mess and opens the door to ALL the race baiters including the Floyd families lawyer talking shit about “GENOCIDE”(?), (yeah the same guy that represented the Browns and Trayvon Martins family) You would think the Floyds would seek a lawyer that has actually accomplished something…..

      • I’ve managed to ignore your ignorant fucking ass while I watched you run your stupid one liner “STFU” shit on everyone else but it’s time to help you progress a little bit above your moronic one trick pony crap… First of all be a man.. If you think someone needs to shut the fuck up then tell them to shut the fuck up, we’re mostly adults here with the exception of YOU and a couple of others and we can take it… or are you concerned that your mommy might catch you typing bad words when she brings you your Ritalin and kool aid… You are obviously an ignorant, basement dwelling, punk with no capacity for intelligent original thought that spends way too much time playing video games and hanging out on internet porn sites… You’ve most likely not seen a vagina up close and personal since you were pulled kicking and screaming from your mommas… You’ve got a shelf full of “participant” trophies and then you discovered that in the real world you are a loser so you think the anonymity of the internet will allow you to bully people who would scare the living fuck out of you face to face .. Good men who served honorably in wars you’ve only read about commit suicide daily yet a piece of shit coward like you continues to waste air that real men could be using… So take it to heart when I say PUNK… Go fuck your racist ass small minded self… and oh by the way Shut The Fuck Up, I know you won’t, no balls dickheads like you never do, but I don’t have anything else to say to you…….

  20. this is just stupid the cop for killing the man and the three ballless wonders that stood around and watched all of them got fired and should have been charged at the same time. Now for the nasty protesters, they should all be charged especially the ones doing the looting and destroying of property they should be charged with destruction of privet and public property and theft.

  21. Urban riots must now be recognized as durable social phenomena. They may be deplored, but they are there and should be understood. Urban riots are a special form of violence. They are not insurrections. The rioters are not seeking to seize territory or to attain control of institutions. They are mainly intended to shock the white community. They are a distorted form of social protest.

    The looting which is their principal feature serves many functions. It enables the most enraged and deprived Negro to take hold of consumer goods with the ease the white man does by using his purse. Often the Negro does not even want what he takes; he wants the experience of taking. But most of all, alienated from society and knowing that this society cherishes property above people, he is shocking it by abusing property rights.

    There are thus elements of emotional catharsis in the violent act. This may explain why most cities in which riots have occurred have not had a repetition, even though the causative conditions remain. It is also noteworthy that the amount of physical harm done to white people other than police is infinitesimal and in Detroit whites and Negroes looted in unity.

    A profound judgment of today’s riots was expressed by Victor Hugo a century ago. He said, ‘If a soul is left in the darkness, sins will be committed. The guilty one is not he who commits the sin, but he who causes the darkness.’

    The policymakers of the white society have caused the darkness; they create discrimination; they structured slums; and they perpetuate unemployment, ignorance and poverty. It is incontestable and deplorable that Negroes have committed crimes; but they are derivative crimes. They are born of the greater crimes of the white society. When we ask Negroes to abide by the law, let us also demand that the white man abide by law in the ghettos.

    Day-in and day-out he violates welfare laws to deprive the poor of their meager allotments; he flagrantly violates building codes and regulations; his police make a mockery of law; and he violates laws on equal employment and education and the provisions for civic services. The slums are the handiwork of a vicious system of the white society; Negroes live in them but do not make them any more than a prisoner makes a prison.

    Let us say boldly that if the violations of law by the white man in the slums over the years were calculated and compared with the law-breaking of a few days of riots, the hardened criminal would be the white man. These are often difficult things to say but I have come to see more and more that it is necessary to utter the truth in order to deal with the great problems that we face in our society.

    — Martin Luther King, Jr.

  22. this is the attitude of the nazi gestapo, we are the boss and you are the dog. WHEN THE POPULACE LOOSES RESPECT FOR THE LAW AND ORDER, PEOPLE WILL GET KILLED. the rampant dis-respect for law and order by a welfare recipient,of what ever color, will lead to rioting and looting KNOWING that with the disruption of order will leave time to steal someones property and set fires to cover the act. THE DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED POLICE DO NOT DARE INTERFEAR WITH THE “POOR WELFARE FOLKS” KNOWING THAT THEY WILL NOT BE BACKED BY CITY COUNCIL. LOOTERS SHOULD BE SHOT ON SITE, CROOKED COPS ALSO NEED SEVERE CONTROL. a mayor or city father that calls the police to STAND=DOWN, should be charged with accessory to the fact in any felony that is done during the stand=down..

  23. That man was murdered on video right before our eyes, that Cop should have been stopped.
    I want to death penalty for all 4 Officers involved. They demand no less when the simple Driver of a vehicle is charged with the same crime as the perps.

    • Well conrad, you’re a fkn idiot if you think anyone here is gonna defend that animal who got what he deserved….

  24. THIS is why I have an AR15. I’ve told folks thing’s can “turn” quickly in southern Cook County,IL. You don’t get “justice” by rioting & looting. One of the cop’s was presumably Laotian. He’s just as gulilty as the cop who left his knee on this supposed CHECK forger! Anyone know if the dead guy had a cc license? He was supposed be a security guard. Be prepared…

    • The police might not care about the looters and rioters, but best believe they will enthusiasticly arrest you for defending yourself from said riot.

      • I think something along those lines happened. There were guys that showed up to protect some businesses that I believe we’re hassled by the cops and may have been moved out.

        There may be more to it than that, but that’s what I read.


  25. What are the “protestors” demanding?

    All four cops fired the next day(!) with state criminal charges likely to follow very quickly and potentially federal charges on the heels. I have trouble imaging a more rapid response other than a public lynching.

    So I guess it’s a protest against the structural deficiencies that allowed to to happen (even if those officers that did it can expect to spend a long time in prison)? Yeah, I’m sure killing each other, looting Target and breaking windows will really make everyone get on your side.

  26. All the cops should all be charged. I don’t understand kneeling on the guys neck, might be just plain anger, too many cops are full of themselves, know not how to deal with the mentally disturbed and others. Though white, I’m very concerned about being stopped by cops. I follow the law and in this state we have to tell them if we are carrying concealed. I keep my cell phone recording when stopped. When in Buffalo, I had a friend who was talking about DWB. I interrupted and asked him what it meant, he had been driving through a suburb from Buffalo and usually got stopped near a large mall. DWB means Driving While Black.

    Now we will get the Law of Unintended Consequences coming back to bite the looters.

    In Baltimore and other cities, grocery and other chains do not want to locate, it costs them too much in insurance.

    They will pay more for everything.

    Just my opinion.

  27. concentrated unemployment is a simmering pot waiting to boil over. vouchers have distributed some of the planned neighborhoods out into the middle class realm, leaving potential revelers slightly out of their element. but much like wilding, this is all enabled greatly by dick tracy wrist fones, so caught behind enemy lines may not be as great a disadvantage. it will prove interesting.
    over fifty years later, the king riot ‘hoods in chickagoo remain largely undeveloped. that may happen in this part of the twin cities as well. but both of those were “contained…”

  28. Pissed off that the cops killed a burglar? Knock over a Target store. Burn down your neighborhood. Steal a TV. That’s the way to make a point — if the point is that you are trash.

    Floyd didn’t deserve to die. But what do the looters deserve?

    • Looters deserve to be shot dead on site. Anyone who says you can’t protect your private property is immoral.
      That is how upside down we have become.
      And if you try to burn down government property. You will be shot dead by the police. And the hypocrite Pig Libertarians Liberals and the Left will support the government killing you.

      But they won’t support you killing to defend what is yours.

      • Go try to loot or burn down the mayor’s house, or the chief of police! Then see how valuable human life is compared to property.

        • You could be shot dead crossing the red line on a military airfield. The government is very serious about protecting it’s property. Not the three L’s. And not the conservatives.
          There is no one who supports the concept of protecting your private property.

          There use to be. About 100 years ago. But now we have “advanced” in our thinking. So you tube will run advertising on your videos. And they keep the money.
          But they won’t let you run ads and you get the money. That is theft.
          And the three L’s don’t care. It’s a multibillion-dollar private company.
          “4 legs good”. “2 legs bad”.

  29. MAKING NEWZ: The owner of the pawn shop whom kilt a looter was arrested and charged with murder. I am GLADD, I do not live in Murderpolis.

      • There are plenty of things that survive a fire. That is why looters stick around to look and see what they can take.
        They should get a shotgun blast from the property owner.

    • Do you recall the media, pols, and typical race-baiters screaming about this one? They’re the instigators. It’s almost like it isn’t about justice. It’s about an agenda. It’s called divide and conquer.

    • Because a certain segment of society doesn’t just go out and vandalize and loot at the drop of a hat.
      But a certain segment does, because they refuse to act like civilized people.

  30. gee, I wonder if the rioting, looting and burning stop 5 times a day when they answer the call to prayer over the loudspeakers from the minarets

  31. “Minneapolis police mostly stayed back and let it all happen”

    Yes and that is why gun purchases are through the roof. It was only a matter of time until a riot broke out somewhere. If it wasn’t Mr. Floyd it would be over economics or some other reason. Now my family knows why I have all those guns and boxes of bullets.
    Today it’s a shopping mall and stores. Tomorrow it’s the neighborhoods where the “rich, privileged, shitters” live and you’ll have the left cheering them on.

    Unfortunately the cops do nothing but then will arrest anyone who pulls a trigger. So the mob is empowered and encourages simultaneously. Saw someone taking a Dyson out of Target last night, I guess his anger at the cops prompted some much needed spring cleaning at home.

    • Most of the time “protestors” destroy their own communities.

      …then blame the cops for not stopping them.

  32. Robbery and destruction of local business is not a solution to racial injustice. It makes no sense and does nothing but create problems.

  33. Seems like EVERYBODY agrees these (former) officers should and will be charged/tried. So what justifies looting/burning/etc. , probably destroying minority businesses and jobs ?
    Peaceful protest expected. Rest are thugs of whatever race, period. Thug behavior by several cops does not require thug behavior by hundreds/thousands of civilians.

    • I haven’t seen one cop defend them. I’m sure they’re out there but the fact that I haven’t seen one makes me think it’s a pretty small minority.

  34. That criminal got what he deserved… stupid mfer…. how many times must we tell the stupid minorities in this country…. DON’T BREAK THE LAW AND YOU WON’T HAVE PROBLEMS WITH POLICE!!!!

    • So you obviously:

      Paid no attention to the alleged crime.

      Paid no attention to the videos showing he did not resist the police.

      Paid no attention to the fact he was laying still on the street, in handcuffs for eight minute, not resisting, as the officer kneeled upon his neck.

      Paid no attention at all to the biographical data now released on all news outlets. Not from some foreign country, he was an American born in the USA.

      No need then for you to comment, as you pay no attention to the information available.

  35. Where you at on this one Chief Sensor? Clearly, the pics of looters are more than just white people.

    I said it before it even happened. We already know how this plays out. Destruction of the local community and no justice. These BLM racist style movements are trash and an excuse to riot. The same people in the “peaceful protests” turn violent at night. Again, how many riots were there when armed protests showed up at the state capitals? Were they met with police force like use of tear gas and so forth? Wonder why. Where you at Miner49er? You had it all figured out, right?

  36. Okay, we are screwed now, everyone’s hero (snicker-tee-hee) Colin Kaepernick has called for a REVOLUTION… I can see how helpful the addition of his 2 cents worth (is it worth that much?) can be… but the call for more violence from a failed crybaby bitch shoe salesman who has the ear of a lot of black people can be problematic and has the potential to put a lot of lives at risk (including the WHITE family that took him in and raised him as their own)… Way to go hero, stick to selling shoes and keep your ignorance to yourself…

    • Never happen. I mean… keeping the ignorance to himself. It’ll never happen.

      That fucken guy endorsed one of the most racist things I have ever seen. Some school where they teach white hatred and are somehow exempt to being considered a radical group. They fucken stormed in WACO but when it involves pro black racism… it’s allowed. Even Rodney Harrington said nobody should consider Colin Kaepernick as black. Actually, tons of black people have. But stupidity will prevail and it’s easier to sell.

  37. Mayor Frey is putting on an act as this sneaky guy is calling the National Guard and wants more money for more police. Americans are being killed by vicious police who receive huge salaries, benefits and pensions on the taxpayer dime and many forget who they work for, “We the People”.

  38. As hard as it may be for some of the more hard headed racists posting on here, including the uber intelligent right down to the ignorant basement dwelling trolls, GET THIS….. The scumbag cop that killed George Floyd has been ARRESTED… Yes, that’s correct DEREK CHAUVIN has been taken into custody…. Hope someday I can be as as cognizant and intelligent as the know it all morons who’ve attacked everyone on here that saw the truth of what happened to George Floyd….


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