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Yes, the Can Can Concealment photo contest has been an unqualified success. Over eighty women have sent in snaps of themselves with their guns, hoping to win some of Can Can’s unique, deep concealment gear. Check out all of the entries here. But time is dwindling. You have until midnight tomorrow to get your entry in. Email your pic to [email protected] with ‘Can Can Submission’ in the subject field. And in response to your requests, we’ll be using a random drawing to select the three winners. Make the jump to see a few more women who love their guns . . .



Africa Kudu Donna - Copy




2014-02-12 11.10.56

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  1. The first and fourth pictures (girl awkwardly holding 1911 and girl awkwardly holding Barrett .50 cal, respectively) are annoying.

    Also, the aforementioned fourth pic just screams “look at me! I’m a girl (grrl?) and I’m holding a rifle”.

    The middle two pics, however, look much more authentic and natural.

  2. My wife is very interested in Can Can’s products. She works swing shift as a nurse and has trouble concealing her EDC in scrubs. If you guys don’t select the tall chick with the AR and the SIG on her hip, she will surely be buying one of their holsters anyways. Good luck to all those who entered!

    • Her pic was one of the better ones, which actually showed familiarity/authenticity with the weapons. I’d better clear this post/opinion with MattFromFL(TM) to be sure it’s ok, though.

        • Ok, hipster. I believe that if you look a few posts up, my comment is apropos of your snarky comment to someone daring to have an opinion here.

          I would call you unprofessional, but as you have no profession, that wouldn’t apply.

      • She’s German, it’s in her blood I guess. She’s a better shot than I am. That woman can drill out the 10 ring with iron sights at 100 yards with my Mosin M44. It’s a bit embarrassing to be honest. She’s really good with clay pigeons too.


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