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Image by Oleg Volk. Used with permission.
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Like many gun owners, I carry everywhere I’m legally able. And that includes at home. I encourage others to consider doing the same as well. Because keeping a gun on my person remains the safest place for it. Yes, even at home.

In my world, if I’m dressed, I am likely armed except in non-permissive environments. The gun stays on my hip, along with my wallet, keys, knife and other stuff. That’s my everyday carry.

I don’t carry at home because I think MS-13 ‘bangers are going to use my patio table to batter down my back door. Nor do I expect someone to let go of a vicious dog’s leash while my family enjoys some fresh air in the back yard. I carry all the time, in part, because it’s the safest and easiest course of action.

I still remember one of our TTAG commenters writing that someone “was probably one of those people who strap on a gun to mow the lawn.” For me, I don’t strap on the gun to step out and mow the lawn. I’ve already worn it all day. Why take it off just to mow the lawn?


And if I did take it off — to mow the lawn, jump into a pool, or otherwise — then I have a problem. I would need to secure it in a place where its inaccessible to unauthorized persons. So not only would I need to loosen my belt, unsnap my rig, and work it out of my pants, but then I’d need to find a place to stow it where kids or reckless (or ethically challenged) adults can’t get it. Once more, on my person stands as the safest place for the gun.

In the olden days, I used to carry extra firepower in the car. Save for unusual circumstances, my car today has become gun-free. In part that’s because I don’t want to give a car burglar a free AR-15 and a half-dozen loaded mags. But my bigger concern has to do with my family condition changing. Young hands don’t need to find a gun unsupervised – loaded or otherwise.

On the other hand, with the gun tucked against my side, I know its exact location and status. I know that neither my kids, nor the teenager around the corner with a reputation for sticky hands (and fire-starting proclivities) will ever get hold of it while I’m cutting the grass, cooking on the grill, taking Fritz outside for a potty break or enjoying a cigar.

Image by John Boch

With my comfortable carry rig, I can carry all day long and oftentimes forget I’m even wearing a gun. As with any good carry rig, I could even sleep with the gun on my belt.  For those who don’t carry because it’s uncomfortable, my advice remains to find a better holster system.

Having my EDC handgun available in case things go sideways at home at any given moment remains only a fringe benefit.

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    • I’m really liking the Alien Gear Shape Shift.

      The two loop IWB disappears under any untucked shirt. The clips are tuckable if you tuck. It is the most comfortable IWB I have even worn.

      The AIWB (single clip) also conceals as well as any similar holster I have.

      The belt slide sticks out a little further than a leather belt slide, but it is still completely concealed under a T–shirt.

      The paddle I didn’t really care for. It seemed both too far out and too loose on the belt for me. Others may be OK with it. I have never used a paddle before so I don’t know if they are all that way or not.

      Anyway, for a little over $100 you get a holster that you can quickly and easily switch between 3 different setups to fit your needs.

  1. Just make sure the cops can’t make it to your window before you know they are coming because they might shoot you dead when they see you carrying a gun. It’s a deadly threat to officer safety that you carry a gun and intend to use it.

    You should know better to not carry a gun on you at home. You should disassemble it and put it in your safe. Otherwise, you increase the chances you will be shot dead… Thus giving Democrats the logical basis to state factually that having a gun on you increases the probability of you being killed.

  2. With the right holster, in the right position, you can damn near forget it’s there. It seems like I have forgotten about it and almost walked into a post office once or twice. I have walked into a store and restaurant or two not thinking about it hanging in place. Half of that is from wearing it everyday and every where and the other half is getting the right holster and the right spot to wear it. I think more about the double mag holder than the holster, possibly because of its position and because of the phone holster being worn on the same side. With the wrong holster, it makes you wish you left it at home (almost).

    Springfield XD Mod 2. Subcompact 45acp in a Versa Carry Guardian Arc Angel holster at the 4 o’clock position. Versa Carry signal or double mag pouch.

  3. I’d have to find a holster that would work with windpants, or anything else without a belt. I guess a sticky holster might work, but would an XDS be too heavy for one of those?

  4. I sometimes carry one of my H&K P7 M13 (a small LOA for a 4.1″ barrel handgun), so easy to “secure”, a clockwise rotation on the firing pin assembly and a “squeeze” of the grip removes the firing pin. It takes 2 seconds to turn a gun with a chambered round and full mag into a paperweight.
    I usually cut the grass with the firing pin in my pocket.

    • So the plan is to, what.. throw the gun shaped paperweight at your assailant and use harsh language?

      • My response was to…..
        “And if I did take it off — to mow the lawn, jump into a pool, or otherwise — then I have a problem. I would need to secure it in a place where its inaccessible to unauthorized persons. “

        • Yes, the advantage of having the disabled firearm on the kitchen counter (with the firing pin in hand, that takes under 2 seconds to install) makes for a quicker response time, vs a gun that’s in the safe.

        • “Your comment makes a lot more sense now.”

          But it makes the visual of throwing the gun at someone then running them over with the mower less funny.

        • Who know, in the stress inducing moment, I just might throw the mower at the threat. Hahaha.

  5. XDM 10mm 4.5” in a PJ Holster custom made tuckable holster at my 4:00. Light holster, controls the weapon, feels great. Carry a full size gun without feeling like your holster is a kidney belt. Love it, and with 31 rounds of 10mm I never feel like I’ve compromised.

    • Never cited the relevance! I agree with the article. I carry my 10mm from the point I leave the bedroom in the morning until I go to bed at night. It is reassuring and has become second nature. I’m never uncomfortable carrying it, and it’s always in a safe place…on me.

  6. and in the shower or tub?
    wear it during sex? while sleeping?
    I agree…safest, most secure is on you…but there has to be some point where it is not…LOL

    • There is no safe neighborhood in many city’s. Suspects have cars. Even if they didn’t that would be a stupid remark. Not everyone has a couple of hundred thousand extra dollars for a new house or they can’t relocate for family reasons. Finally nothing stops your neighbor’s kid from becoming a meth head.

    • Some neighborhoods are safer than others. There is no such animal as safe neighborhood. You are lying to yourself if you believe you live in one.

    • DB Cooper,

      I live in a very safe semi-rural neighborhood.

      Nevertheless, a small crime-ridden city is only 20 minutes away and criminals from that small crime-ridden city occasionally venture out to the “boondocks” to ply their trade, including an armed home-invasion just four doors down a couple years ago.

      Then there was the time when my child was playing with our dog in our back yard and a coyote pack confronted them. A dangerous stand-off ensued that finally ended with the coyote pack deciding that a 70 pound child and 60 pound dog might be too much to take down.

      And how about the new neighbors that moved in across the street a couple years ago who have frequent visits from their grandson and his two psychotic German shepherds? I use the term “psychotic” because those dogs have come at me in full attack mode multiple times, have bit a petitioner who stepped onto their driveway, and attacked/bit a neighbor’s dog on a walk.

      No matter how much effort you put into finding a “safe” place to live, danger often times finds you when you least expect it. That is a compelling reason to be armed at all times. After all, if I knew beforehand when and where danger was coming, I would stay away from that location. Since I am not psychic and cannot avoid danger all-together, the next best thing is to be prepared when danger comes calling.

      Oh, I should also mention that there is always the possibility that an armed airplane hijacker could parachute down into your safe neighborhood as well.

      • “Oh, I should also mention that there is always the possibility that an armed airplane hijacker could parachute down into your safe neighborhood as well.”

        Nice . . .

  7. I think this is one of those discussions that needs to, but nearly never does, take into account actual nuance rather than substituting blanket statements.

    Things like “I would need to secure it in a place where its inaccessible to unauthorized persons” are kinda ridiculous as, in reality, no such place exists including on your person. You can make the gun more inaccessible or even very inaccessible but not truly inaccessible to unauthorized persons. There’s always a way to steal it if someone cares enough to do so or if, to borrow from French, “if shit happens”.

    While I think the overall advice is solid TTAG does a lot of articles that are for people new to guns. This is the kind of article that makes owning a gun seem extremely undesirable to many readers. It could easily be interpreted as an explanation that carrying a “rig” is a HUGE pain in the ass (and therefore maybe something to be avoided) and that much of life, like swimming in a pool, is off limits unless you can find some impossible method of storage that 100% guarantees your gun can’t fall into the wrong hands.

    There are quite a number of inexperienced people out there who might well think, and with decent reason, that this is basically arguing that there’s an absolutely massive opportunity cost to carrying a gun. Not just in terms of comfort but in terms of what they can and cannot do. No pools, hot tubs, no going to the gym etc etc.

    In short, this article could easily be taken by the uninitiated in a similar vein to buying an insurance policy at an astronomical and completely unreasonable rate. If it was cheaper, sure, but it’s not so… I’m just going to forgo the whole thing type of thinking, like being offered top notch home insurance on your $500,000 pad for the low, low price of $100,000 a year.

  8. “was probably one of those people who strap on a gun to mow the lawn.” For me, I don’t strap on the gun to step out and mow the lawn. I’ve already worn it all day. Why take it off just to mow the lawn?

    I could not agree more!

  9. There are no “safe neighborhoods”, just ones full of soft targets, and one not. Always carry, in a baggie in the shower, next to the bed for mattress mambo…course ya got to get past the two big sets of canine jaws and claws to even get near me and mine.

  10. I carry 20/24/7 anywhere I am. I home carry 101% of the time.
    I carry IWB most of the time with a tucked in T-shirt and jeans.
    Loops showing on the holster and vertical belt mag carrier, with phone case next to it..
    Nice big black leather loops.
    Usually legal or even when not 100% supposed to for the most part. Put up a sign here I will go in if I have to. Not a peep to me in 35 years.
    Look right act right. No one will bother you.
    I will walk right on up to anyone I need to in a store to ask a question. Like where is the bread isle. What row is hiding the cat food??.
    I really don’t think anyones ever paid my setup any mind.
    Who looks at a persons belt line anyway??? Unless its a good looking lady in a pair of jeans…………..Ill look…………

    • I like to spot the sloppier carriers. I’ve noticed plainclothes cops tend to really not care about things such as printing. It’s fun to see who else is strapped and serves as a good example of what doesn’t work for concealed carry.

    • A couple times I’ve noticed folks printing in Costco, but I was looking because of things like the NRA hat or t-shirt they were wearing, otherwise I’d likely never have noticed. And that’s why I don’t wear NRA or similar clothing while in Wholefoods or Costco or movie theaters. BTW, concealed carry in the Costco’s I go to is legally just fine, they don’t have the signage up to notify you.

      • concealed carry in the Costco’s I go to is legally just fine, they don’t have the signage up to notify you.

        All Costcos forbid firearms. It’s in their rules that you signed when you joined. You could be trespassed.

        • That agreement must vary because I see OC in my local Costcos here in the company’s home state.

          • Nope. From Costco’s membership conditions (which you signed when you joined):

            Costco policy prohibits firearms to be brought into the warehouse, except in the case of authorized law enforcement officers.


            Also, to prove this is nationwide, they explicitly state so:

            By obtaining a Costco membership card, our members agree to comply with the Membership Rules and the Privileges and Conditions of membership. The Member Service Employees at the exit doors are also obliged to follow these rules.

            At Costco, we don’t believe it’s necessary to bring firearms into its warehouses, except in the case of authorized law enforcement officers. For the protection of all our members and employees, we feel this is a reasonable and prudent precaution to ensure a pleasant shopping experience and safe workplace.

            Our policy is meant to protect our members and employees in all warehouses around the world. This isn’t a new policy, and we don’t customize this policy for each city/county/state/country where we do business.

            Our primary goal at Costco Wholesale is to keep our members happy. If you believe that our policy restricting members from bringing firearms into our warehouses is unfair or excessively burdensome, or you cannot agree to abide by this policy, Costco will promptly refund your annual membership fee in full upon request.


        • Interesting. I’ll warrant most members who carry concealed, like me, never knew that, like me (until now). I wonder if the employees don’t know or didn’t notice the OCers.

  11. I put on my gun when I get dressed
    To be prepared for dangerous pests.
    I wear my gun inside my house
    I wear my gun and never grouse
    I wear it if when I am painting walls
    I wear it walking through the halls
    I wear it when I mow the grass
    I wear it when I trim the ash
    I wear it when I drive my car
    No matter if driving near or far.
    I wear when I’m eating lunch
    And any other time I munch
    On the treadmill, my gun is in prep
    I can grab it without missing a step
    During tai chi my gun is close by
    I can have it in hand fast as a fly
    I carry it when we walk it the park
    And a flashlight, too, in case it gets dark
    My gun goes with me everywhere, every day
    May I never need it, I hope and pray.

  12. Gosh my honey used to make fun of me always throwing a gat in my pocket…until the old lady got raped and beaten across the alley. And the store across the street was burglarized. And the po-leece ran through our yard(!)guns drawn looking for a carjacker. Yep I threw my 709 in a Nemesis when I mowed my lawn 2 days ago. And I got my beautiful wife to carry outside. Not worried about my grown son’s getting ahold of my gat’s…

    • FWW,

      Similar. When I first started carrying, my wife and daughter teased me, for carrying inside the house and for always leaving the house armed and with a spare mag. I would read them some of the self-defense stories from Concealed Carry magazine and from other sources. My wife started to spot stories in the local news. At one point she said “I feel much safer now that you carry a gun”. The teasing stopped and now both wife and daughter are inching closer to a decision to carry. I mean inching. Progress is slow.

      • LifeSavor,

        It took your daughter and wife a lifetime to arrive at their current policy position. It will take a while for them to change. Keep encouraging them in a positive manner.

        Meanwhile, take comfort knowing that you are able to defend your wife and daughter at least while they are with you.

  13. As I commented on another Article on TTAG, fits here as well:

    A gun out of reach, might no be reached when you need it most! Many people feel safest in their own homes, don’t believe that false sense of security. Carry a gun on your person, even when you feel Zero need for it; no one gets to choose when they get attacted.

    This Articles “reasons” for not removing/securing Carry Gun are okay (maybe laziness to not properly secure it) but deliberately sidesteps example threats he provides. WE CARRY in order to counter potential THREATS! There is no other reason.

  14. I agree whole-heatedly with John and this article. I forget I’m carrying my little G43. I’ve worn it so much- it goes on at 7 am or earlier and is still on me when I turn in. I wear a Galco Underwraps belly band IWB and it works for everything I wear from running shorts and a t-shirt to a tux and other formal wear. I little practice using the cross hand to pull the shirt and it’s readily available, and establishing a normal firing grip an instant prior to the draw is simple with some practice. The other nice thing is that I’ve never had anyone notice it printing through my clothes, and I’m around more than a few cops on a regular basis. If you have the means to carry- do so, all the time.

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