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The World Jewish Congress posted the above on its Facebook page, with the following caption:

It happened today. In 1943, Rabbi Menachem Ziemba called on the Jews of Warsaw to revolt saying that “we must resist the enemy on all fronts.” He also warned that . . .

“we are prohibited by Jewish law from betraying others.” Rabbi Ziemba was killed a few days after the Warsaw Jewish Uprising began in April. He had refused the offer of Catholic priests to help him and flee, believing that he must remain until the end with his fellow Jews. May his memory be a blessing! NEVER AGAIN!

One of my most vehemently outspoken anti-gun Facebook friends had shared this to his page. While this sort of mind boggling gap in your average disarmist’s logic isn’t anything new, I felt compelled to make sure he’s at least giving it some thought. So, I left the following comment:

Still confused how you manage to reconcile your support of this with your antithetical quest for civilian disarmament.

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  1. Anti gunner types seem to have an elitist attitude that they have evolved beyond needing to fight. They believe in their government’s ability to protect them and they will not need firearms as they “feel” that if they get rid of the icky guns there will be no violence or risk of genocidal government!

    • My father, whose parents fled Russia to avoid being persecuted for their Jewishness, echoes those sentiments exactly. It is nauseating and incomprehensible and, sadly, has caused me to distance myself from him.

    • You are correct. I don’t think very many of the gun control crowd really ever want to acknowledge the government’s inability to protect them or the possibility the government could turn against its own people. I wonder how many Germans from WW1 and earlier ever foresaw a German government that would work hard to annihilate a large very prominent group of German citizens only a generation later. Things can change very quickly.

  2. In a liberals mind a holocaust could never happen because they would protest the Nazis and then take to social media to voice their outrage. They would then achieve victory with a series of social justice tweets while still somehow managing to blame Bush, Christians, gun owners, Jews, rich people, white priviledge, cops, and climate change. Then, after being easily rounded up while doing a sit in, they would all take selfies while about to get their first shower after the train ride.

  3. Other than relatives I have NO anti-gun FB ”friends”…life is too short to listen to azzwholes. Never again indeed.

        • Proposed Facebook Mission Statement: To be the global platform of choice for the unbridled dissemination of up-to-the-second coverage of irrelevant, insufferable, mindless, attention craving, image-crafting, self serving bull$h!t of zero consequence.

        • I got banned. In fact this is probably the only place I can post stuff, because most everything else goes through FB. Was eve removed from friend’s lists of friends. Go figure. “I think its time to demonstrate what the 2A really means”, got the NRA dude to hang up too.

    • I actually blocked his posts so they never show up on my feed. Every now and then, though, I’ll see a news story pop up or a statement from some Bloomberg-sponsored anti-gun group that’s so absurd it hurts my head, and I jump over to his FB page just to see if he actually shared/re-posted it. Yeah, yeah he did.

      And I totally understand where he’s coming from, too. He said “people aren’t responsible enough to own guns.” But he’s somewhat F’d in the head, honestly. He knows that he could never trust himself with a firearm, and he’s right about that. Where he goes wrong is assuming that he’s normal and that most people are like him, which is why he’s afraid of people having guns. But he isn’t normal. I wouldn’t trust him around firearms and thankfully I believe he at least has the presence of mind to know it isn’t for him. But, of course, he lacks the self awareness to know that he’s an outlier from the norm, and not in a good way.

      • “He knows that he could never trust himself with a firearm, and he’s right about that. Where he goes wrong is assuming that he’s normal and that most people are like him, which is why he’s afraid of people having guns.”

        And *that* is to the point.

        The Progressives feed on that emotion, and hate guns.

        Then they feel really, *really* good about that hate, nearly to the point of ‘sweet release’, so to say. They get off on it.

        “But, of course, he lacks the self awareness to know that he’s an outlier from the norm, and not in a good way.”

        And they are the ones who think we’re the nut jobs.


      • Projection. A lot of the gun grabbers are mentally unstable and they project that onto everyone else.

      • I have a BIL like that. I like to point out that he has knives and blunt objects throughout his house, and even his own appendages, but somehow his family isn’t dead. I mean guns aren’t God-like death rays.

        I also like to point out that anyone too irresponsible to own/have access to a firearm should be barred from a lot of other things. Like reproduction, and from having to interact with his children, I’ve got documented proof that I’m correct.

  4. Ditto. I have anti-gun relatives that post stuff like this and trying to figure out their thought process is like kicking my brain in the nuts over and over and over. I just in-follow them most of the time.

  5. Hell, and those guns pictured are closer to an “assualt weapon” than an off the rack AR.

    Make sure to tell your buddy those guns were fully automatic, after you explain what that actually means, of course.

    • Sten guns were delivered all over occupied Europe to underground fighters along with other gear and technical support that even included human assets.

      The Sten was designed to be made in improvised workshops in garages and basements, etc. Before 3d printers there was the Sten.

    • They must’ve been imported from Norway. Or maybe Santa Claus brought them (fun fact: everything is south when you’re at the North Pole).

  6. Still confused how you manage to reconcile your support of this with your antithetical quest for civilian disarmament.

    They manage to do so since it couldn’t happen here. Except it has. More than once. And without arms, it certainly will happen again.

    • Right. Exactly. It couldn’t happen here except for the myriad cases where it already has. Well, okay, then it couldn’t happen again. When he replied he said something about imaginary threats and paranoia. I guess he should tell that to the guys in the photo haha. Of course, that was, like, sooooooo long ago that it obvs isn’t relevant to the modern world #NeverAgain

      • maybe #NeverAgain means to him never again should we allow a small group of armed free persons the right to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their property from the forces of government or other armies.

  7. Are you sure your friend actually supported the uprising? It does seem to have caused the imminent death of the rabbi, afterall: “live by the sword … etc.” Guns solve nothing; guns are not a rational answer. One more meeting of the Judenrat – one more appeal to human rationality and reason: if it saved the life of only one innocent child, surely it would have been worth a try.

    • Are you sure your friend actually supported the uprising? It does seem to have caused the imminent death of the rabbi, afterall: “live by the sword … etc.”

      Had he simply been herded off to die months later in a camp via starvation or gas chamber would you have thought that to be more civil?

      “Guns solve nothing; guns are not a rational answer. ”

      Guns and violence solves all kinds of things; if they didn’t Obama wouldn’t be surrounded by armed security trained to use of deadly force.

      “One more meeting of the Judenrat – one more appeal to human rationality and reason: if it saved the life of only one innocent child, surely it would have been worth a try.”

      What if the human/humans you are appealing to are killing children? What then? Appeal with more fervor?

  8. Why are communist US Jews selling /supporting disarmament here?

    NOBODY (but maybe a few cray cray Finns) stood up to advancing Germans like Polish Catholics. If six million Jews died at the hands of Germans, three times as many Catholics died keeping it to only six million.

    • And yet, the principal anti-gun force in America today is the Catholic Church and its adherents in the Senate and the House. Go figure.

      • Yeah, 100 of those Catholic actors just signed on to ohole (D) Fuhrer’s gun grab using (D)ictator (D)head’s talking points as memorized lines.

        Again, thanks for keeping up with current events and on your meds in assessing reality.

        • Bloomberg eating mayonnaise lately? or something?

          Spielberg Katz and the other Freak convert while I was eating dinner?

      • It wasn’t even 100 years ago yet, and people forget those who gave all (fking Polish Catholic CIVILIANS) in an attempt to stop something the modern world had not seen yet and that was the first mass shipment of Jews to a concentration camp.

        fuk people, wake up

        • Joe.

          Sit down, relax, and focus on where you are. Breathe, check the time and the date. Breathe again, and relax.

          Now I want you to solve this simple math problem/riddle and when you are done – get back to us. You are a little too excited.

          Three people check into a hotel room. The clerk says the bill is $30, so each guest pays $10. Later the clerk realizes the bill should only be $25. To rectify this, he gives the bellboy $5 to return to the guests. On the way to the room, the bellhop realizes that he cannot divide the money equally. As the guests didn’t know the total of the revised bill, the bellhop decides to just give each guest $1 and keep $2 as a tip for himself. Each guest got $1 back: so now each guest only paid $9; bringing the total paid to $27. The bellhop has $2. And $27 + $2 = $29 so, if the guests originally handed over $30, what happened to the remaining $1?

        • Anonymous, there are no problems, it’s ok, go back to sleep, shhh _ shhhh _ shhhhhhhhh.

          You’re the problem, go solve yourself.

      • That is absolutely false. No one was more supplanted than the Polish people. Germany wanted Poland’s resources and the industrial might that was parked on top of it (which was substantial). No where was it more immediately true and apparent than Bytom. Polish people were IMMEDIATELY replaced with Germans in WWII in these areas, and YES, IF YOU WANT TO COUNT THE DISPLACING GERMANS AS “POLISH” PEOPLE THEN, you are an evil population diluter (D)head as well, BUT THOSE GERMANS DID RAT OUT THE JEWS. And a few million Catholic and other Christians were slaughtered attempting to protect them.

  9. Just ask German women how civilian disarmament (and relying on the police) is working for them,

    From the NYT 1/14/2016:

    As Germany Welcomes Migrants, Sexual Attacks in Cologne Point to a New Reality

    Working from outdated expectations, the police made a series of miscalculations that, officials acknowledge, allowed the situation to deteriorate.

    Sara said that she and her friend decided to seek safety outside the station with police officers, who were themselves helpless. “I never experienced that a policeman says, ‘I would love to help you, but I can’t.’ That was really the worst,” she said. “Who should I turn to as a woman? What should I do?”

    In the ensuing crush, according to complaints lodged with the police, groups of four to 20 young men formed circles around young women, grasping at their clothes and bodies, and stealing their possessions.

  10. What truly makes America great is not just our military but every armed patriot civilian that’s willing to remember history and has the guts to be prepared to bring the fight if ever needed to defend our country and our way of life.
    People that ignore history are truly doomed to repeat it.

  11. What is not widely reported is that many Jews are very Pro-2nd Amendment. Many take “Never Again” very seriously, especially in the face of Islamic terrorism and Islamic compulsion to eliminate Israel.
    Check out (website for Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership) if you think otherwise.

  12. Somehow, some Jews seem to have no memory at all (or selective memory) and are heavy supporters of gun control (sometimes as long as it’s in the US/Europe and not for Israel). And even worst that several pro gun control lobbies, elites and politics are from Ashkenazi Jewish decent (Feinstein, Bloomberg, Schumer, Lautenberg, etc…). They should be really shame.

    But, thank god, not all jews have short memory and some, such here or on JPFO website (that even did a well documented youtube video about this subject) are pro-Guns Jews and contribute to remind Jews and other communities the reality and necessity to defend the right to keep and bear arms.

    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

    • I don’t think Jews are anti-gun or African Americans are anti-gun, I think Democrats are anti-gun. I think the D came first. Toeing the party line came later. The big D has successfully convinced most minority groups and otherwise-oppressed persons, including women, that D is the right party for them. Despite historical evidence to the contrary (e.g. D heavily opposed women’s suffrage, and R supported it), they’ve done a good job of solidifying this base and getting an anti-gun stance out of groups of historically-oppressed people who so often won their rights and freedoms solely by force of arms. And sometimes won forcibly from the same dang gov’t that they’re now only so happy to concede firearms ownership to. Defies comprehension.

  13. Thanks to social media, radical movements develop and propagate incredibly quickly. Until just a few years ago, a hateful idiot or ideology was typically limited to a street corner and a dog eared card board sign. There has never been more publicly available “hate” then today thanks to the internet and social media. That hate can go kinetic fast, putting any group in the crosshairs .

    One shocking example is the BLM leftists who want to “fundamentally transform” this country have escalated from rightful anti-police brutality protest to disgusting “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em up” public chants to criminal direct violent attacks on the police in mere months.

    People that don’t understand their responsibility for protecting their life, property, and liberty are simply fools. Especially those who are among historically targeted groups.

  14. It’s simple, really; they admire the grit of the Jews who participated in the uprising, but they also think that the situation that forced the uprising in the first place can never happen here because we’ve “evolved” beyond that as a people and as a society. It’s also why they hate us so much, at best they see us as a constant reminder that no, we haven’t evolved to that point, and at worst they see us as the reason we’re not at that point.

    • Exactly! I’ve had numerous conversations with prog-libs (Jews and secularists) who find it laughable to think that our gov’t could do anything nefarious or evil. Gov’t has become their god and they will defend their “faith” beyond all rationality.

  15. The response to Js friend is that the picture is the definition of how a man! responds to adversity.

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