OMG! The Jackboots Have Stomped on! OMG!

Old Tom named April the cruelest month of all. We don’t know if that had anything to do with kicking things off with April Fools Day hijinks or not. Actually, it was probably more the vernal emergence of lilacs and other flora stirring up a combination of memory and desire that got him so exercised. Whatever, the label’s pretty much stuck and we’re more than willing to attribute it, at least in part, to the perpetual yuckfest that takes place on the first of the month. Practical jokes are almost invariably neither. Not that we’re above them ourselves on occasion. Still, fans of the boyz at Defense Distributed and their new(ish) site, have been burning up the intertubes (and our inboxes) today with news of the government crackdown they just knew was coming all along. Relax. Glance at a calendar. And get the hell off of our lawn.


  1. avatar Michi says:

    So what law were they breaking again? Oh, right…

  2. avatar Matt in FL says:

    I was pretty impressed with this one, simply because it’s genius, and many people don’t get that it’s a joke and react accordingly. Even funnier is the people that don’t believe that it’s a joke after being told.

  3. avatar 16V says:

    When he finally does poke the dog enough to bite him, it will ruin my shadenfreude, because we will all be paying the price.

    1. avatar Billy Wardlaw says:

      I was thinking along those lines myself.

  4. avatar Roscoe says:

    At least they (and we) have a sense of humor.

    Could you immagine the uproar over an April fools prank being played amongst the snooty gun control crowd; they’d be beside themselves with indignation!

  5. avatar Milsurp Collector says:

    I damn near had a heart attack until I compared this to the real seizure notice Megaupload got slapped with.

  6. avatar Accur81 says:


    (Yet still scary that it is entirely plausible)

  7. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:

    Good One, particularly in the codes that are cited.

  8. avatar c says:

    It says a lot that we live in a world where this is entirely plausible.

  9. avatar Steve says:

    The sad part is, I wouldn’t put it by the current administration to do just this.

  10. avatar SubZ says:

    cnn just reported it as real

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      Reported it where? Source? I think it’d be funny if CNN got taken.

      1. avatar SubZ says:

        Jake Tapper on The Lead

  11. avatar Rabbi says:

    I fell for it. Lol

  12. avatar AJD says:

    CNN just reported this as breaking news.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      Still nothing on their (CNN’s) website.

      1. avatar SubZ says:

        He just acknowledged it was a prank.

        1. avatar AJD says:

          wolf biltzer reported it on as truth and not a joke at the time; they’ve been had.

  13. avatar matt says:

    For some reason isnt in on the prank.

  14. avatar Ralph says:

    It’s funny until it happens for real. Which I kinda think it will.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      My thoughts exactly.

  15. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    Ralph must have been reading my mind, and I believe it will happen for real. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see the Feds bust them on April Fools day just for kicks.

  16. avatar Greygrandpa says:

    I went to all of the various links on the web. They all have the same thing. Since there are 3 or 4 web url’s, must be really good April fools joke. I have Cody Wilson’s Email address and will ask him.

  17. avatar Sammy says:

    Fooled the crap out of me. The perpetrators should be hunted down and made to have dinner with a denture-less Di Fi. f’ers.

  18. avatar LongBeach says:

    Some A-hole in a dark office somewhere is thinking “hey, we could actually do this…”

  19. avatar Mr. Bob says:

    Still might happen for real, but I already downloaded everything has months ago, just in case.

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