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  1. Way to vilify a seemingly decent man. And what would they like him to change it to? He used handguns, shotguns and an AR. Just about anything he used would have been grouped together within those by the media to demonize guns and anyone(especially politicians(especially republicans)) who supports gun rights. Youve got my vote John McCaherty!!!

  2. Oh the humanity! It’s surely channeling the pure evil from the deranged soul of the murderer. In fact, the Aurora spree killer should be released immediately and his S&W should serve a double life sentence, as the evil black rifle obviously possessed him and forced him to do these unspeakable acts!!

  3. Should have raffled off a full auto. Maybe then the media’s head would have exploded from the overload of shameless hoplophobia.

    • Those are legal in MO just VERY spendy.

      I wonder if I could convince Chapelle-Nadal to do that in 2014 when she runs again, that’d make the GOP loose their minds!

        • She’s committed to going to the next First Shots in Jefferson City. On the Trade Delegation’s visit to Turkey, she got to shoot a BB machine gun at a fun fair and out shot the rest of the delegation, some of whom are avid shooters and compete. She did say that she is intimidated by firearms but that the bb gun she shot was VERY fun.

          And how many non-gunner politicians have you helped get into shooting?

  4. It was not an issue before the shootings, but because of the shootings now it is an issue. Welcome to the silly season.

  5. How inconsiderate can you be? In light of recent events, he should at least include a c-mag.

  6. I heard that the shooter used the back door to get into the theater but not the front door. The front door had a no guns allowed sign, but the back door didn’t. The solution would have been simple and could have prevented so many people from getting hurt. Why didn’t they have a sign on the back door as well?

  7. Don’t forget that there was a huge (media-induced) blowup over someone else doing the same thing with a Glock not long after the incident involving Congresswoman Giffords.

    It’s a non-story, but it gets eyeballs, which sells ads.

    I’m glad he’s standing up for it. “Are we the type of society that we have to quit doing everything because someone was an idiot?”

  8. Some of the comments on that article are hilarious. They say the AR, or as one of them called it the “15AR”, has no legitimate self defense or hunting purpose. It could only be used for “shooting at 1000 targets taped together”, “hunting a pack of bears”, “cutting a deer in half”, or in a “mad max world”. When did our fellow citizens become so frickin stupid.

    • You consider them fellow citizens?

      May be true on paper, but I take people as who they are in morality and spirit. The majority of the American public are definitely self-styled subjects rather than citizens, and definitely not my countrymen.

      • Personally, I consider them as ‘pending a trip to the range’ potential gun owners. YMMV

        After spending an afternoon at a range where nobody is shot or killed, they tend to relax a lot.

        Being a jerk gets RKBA nowhere.

  9. So whenever a Camry is involved in a fatal wreck, does that mean dealerships across the country should suspend all Camry sales for three weeks for the sake of sensitivity?

    • Only if the Camry is used in a willful mass killing, like plowing through a crowd at a farmers’ market.

  10. Why do they keep calling them assault rifles? Are they full auto or burst capable? The media kills me with their descriptions of these weapons. They are semi auto sporting rifles! I use assault rifles being in the Army, and my civilian M4 is not anything like my military one. Sorry to rant, but it’s a pet peeve of mine.

      • We haven’t had legitimate news in decades. We have edutainment. I don’t mind incorrect word usage, it lets me know which outlet their brain is plugged into.

        Also, its an open avenue for education.

        • Dishonest bastards have always been somewhat commonplace in the press. Yellow journalism ring a bell?

  11. Is the AR-15 the most popular gun in America? If you include handguns I’d assume it’d be Glocks, 1911’s (all brands), AR-15s and Ruger 10/22’s but I don’t have any hard data.

  12. Obviously he wasn’t aiming to exploit anything and he gave a great response. Wish everyone could realize how easy it is to stand behind your beliefs and not kowtow to media inquiry.

  13. Type of gun doesn’t matter. He could’ve raffled off an air gun and overly sensitive boobs would still say it was insensitive.

  14. Hey Obama doesn’t want to have us use photo ID, I bet we could vote for dead people. I mean they all love the guy they told me lol
    Heck where do I get my raffle ticket?

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