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“That absence of debate is the best evidence that the NRA has won the argument, at least for now. Mr. Obama represents a party whose voters are, on this issue, dissenters from the American majority. Most Democrats, especially urban Democrats, say they still want tougher gun laws, such as a renewed assault weapons ban that would outlaw the 100-round magazine that James Holmes allegedly used to kill the moviegoers in Colorado. But Mr. Obama wants to carry independent voters too, and he can read the polls.” – Doyle McManus

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  1. “Urban Democrats” realize that tougher gun legislation doesn’t keep thugs from doing drive bys with AK’s…”Urban Deomocrats” realize that incidents like the Cinemark shooting are a rarity, and it’s more common to see a child die as the result of someones house getting sprayed with an AK-47….get a clue dude….legislation only legislates (and hurts) the law abiding.

  2. Remember this, guys.

    It’s all well and good to win in the Federal Courts, and in some cases it is the best choice (like in Illinois, DC or Maryland.) But there is a lot to be said for having 70% of the American people on your side, too.

    Don’t ever forget the importance of grass-roots activism. Be a good ambassador for gun owners whenever you carry a firearm.

    • “A Bill of Rights that means what the majority wants it to mean is useless.” -Justice Antonin Scalia

      • That reminded me of a short video on youtube that I watched called ‘The American form of Government’. It covered how ideally a republic is a nation based on laws and a democracy one of essentially mob rule based on the values of the masses at any given moment.

      • Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women. When it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it. — JUSTICE LEARNED HAND

        Our battle is an uphill one. Small steps of progress are being made but there are always tyrants at the top of the hill trying to roll boulders down at us.

        Support the NRA, GOA, and/or SAF. Take a friend who hasn’t been shooting to the range.

        • jwm, not all of the ACLU orgs. do

          They don’t all march to the beat of the same drum.

      • Ginsburg was GC for the ACLU, who’s selective outrage at constitutional issues belies their agenda.

        • The national ACLU has some crummy policies but many state organizations do good work. Free speech, freedom of religion (and from it in the government), privacy, etc. are just as important as gun rights.

      • RBG has called for the abolishing of the Boy Scouts of America and to raise boys like girls.

        • all of our rights are important. to call yourselves “civil liberties union” and then ignore the 2a makes a liar of your organization.

  3. Natural selection will take care of these mouth-breathers soon.

    Hey, wasnt gabby gifford an “urban democrat”?

    I don’t believe that there was a 100 round mag hangin off of the gun that shot her and yet 9mm pistols are still here.

    bottom line has not changed in centuries….. if someone wants to do you harm and is motivated to do so no matter what, then anything that can be held in your hand is a weapon when you are attacking so the only solution for the dumb-o-crats is to immediatly BAN ALL HANDS!

    If nobody had hands, then nobody could hold a weapon!

    I think I just figured out Obumbles new campaign stratagy!!!!

  4. last night a joined 2nd amendment foundation to go along with my nra membership. and i vote my guns every time. and i yuck it up with friends and family to vote their guns. i’m from wva though i live in ca now. i still have a lot of family in wva ky and oh. most of these were lifelong dems until bill clinton. now they’re either gop or independent. except my sisters, they’re +50 and have never voted, which is good. they both think guns are evil.

  5. I don’t know what these dumbasses are doing harping on and on about the 100 round magazine. That magazine SAVED tens of people’s lives because Holmes apparently had not shot with it before and did not know that those types of mags are prone to jamming. If he had standard 30 or even low capacity 10 round magazines, he would have killed many more people. If anything, they should be thanking the company that made it for making such a poor product.

    • I’ve gotten disbelief from people when I tell them that no one who knows anything buys one of those for anything but novelty value. Hell, the jury is still out on SureFire’s 60 & 100 round high-cap mags, and people are generally nearly religious over SureFire stuff.

      I hope at some point to see actual numbers, possibly a reconstruction, of what was fired when. I still haven’t seen anything about number of rounds fired. I’m curious how many bullets were left in that magazine when it jammed.

    • Exactly. I pointed this out to my mom the other day when she tried to rant against his “assault weapon”. I also had a conversation with my dad (former military) in front of her about how an actual assault weapon is a full auto / select-fire weapon and that what Democrats refer to as “assault weapons” aren’t the same.

  6. Keep in mind that if Obama gets re-elected, he is then immune to the pressures of the people. He can appoint anti-gun justices to the supreme court, he can issue directives to the BATFE, and cause gun owners a lot of grief. The folks in Congress on the other hand, want to be re-elected again and again (no term limits there) and so have to be aware of what issues will get them unemployed. So my prediction is if Obama wins in Nov. our primary focus should be on him, congress should continue to proceed VERY cautiously on Second Amendment issues as they have in recent years.

  7. It is not a done deal for now! Be vigilant! We have seen Obozo do these types of things before, it is a shill game. He gets you looking somewhere else and then signs an executive order!
    We all know gun laws aren’t working, and won’t work.
    Has anyone else heard the news: Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam Invited by Rham Emanuel to Patrol Chicago Streets.
    Jump here:

    As a Jew this makes me sick, and a gun owner this just proves how desperate people are, but they won’t admit that tooling up the law abiding public is the right thing to do.

  8. In more ways than one, leftists are like a vermin infestation, but in this case it’s because they’ll keep on coming until you bug bomb the nest. The only way assaults on our 2A rights and liberty in general will ever cease is if the leftist mindset is eradicated completely. And, given human nature, that’s impossible. There will always be the next tyrant and thee will always be the lemmings that support them.

    The only thing that’s a “done deal” is that there will exist people who fight it. We get no guarantees other than that.

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