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3D printed guns courtesy Ivan the Troll
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Regulators and law enforcement are now in a fierce battle trying to get ahead of the trend — but have been able to do only very little, with gun violence rising in several parts of the country where ghost guns are illegal, as Vice reports.

It’s a problem on an international scale as well. In April, Spanish police raided a warehouse where weapons were being printed.

It’s a dangerous trend that allows practically anybody to assemble their own untraceable guns. Despite their best efforts, authorities are struggling to contain it. But to many enthusiasts, the genie is already out of the bottle.

— Victor Tangermann in Watch Lunatics Fire 3D Printed Assault Rifles and Handguns

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  1. Are trying to tell us you can now print an AMD-65 build by that photo? Nice-I like Hungarian FEG AKs and miss being able to afford them.
    ” being able to print their own guns” is somehow a terrifying thought for the grass eaters…I suspect that they find self-publishing one’s own literary it journalist and documentary works or philosophical ideas for discussion to be dangerous as well, but then it usually is for those seeking to control others

    • Way down below is a copy and paste Gun Control useful idiot who uses Alfred E. Newman as its moniker. What you see today is a desperate Twerp in full blown damage control trying to dig his way out from beneath its yesterday Jim Crow Gun Control rant. He/she/it does that by blaming others for what History confirms the democRat Party is guilty of and owns lock, stock and barrel.

      Today it stoops to make POTUS Ronald Reagan out to be a bad guy hoping you will not factor in POTUS Reagan took a bullet, etc. And you will not think about democRats and the Brady Bill and all the democRat Party Gun Control garbage thereafter.

      Lots of knee jerk people back then fell easily for Gun Control schemes because they failed to read the fine print and do the math. When you read the fine print and do the math you do not want, need or desire any part of such a contract/laws. History confirms the best place for any and all Gun Control is to shove it back up the behinds of the democRat Party and their lily white “civilized society” pasty mouth useful idiots.

      It (darciandodo) is not a man. It proves itself to be a lily white gutless wonder so desperate to be right it’ll stoop to any level to sugarcoat mountains of democRat Party Race Based Poop so it can blame others for what it and its democRat Party are guilty of.

      With sneaky minds like darciandodo’s running around stinking up America the solution is to buy a bigger Gun to protect you and yours and your country from such deranged filth.

      • quote————–With sneaky minds like darciandodo’s running around stinking up America the solution is to buy a bigger Gun to protect you and yours and your country from such deranged filth.———–quote

        Thanks Debbie this one was a real classic. I laughed so hard tears came to my eyes.

        I suppose if you were even a partially educated person I would be angry but hey I do not kick the cat when he tears up the house.

        • Dacian, it is funny how you assume lack of intelligence just because people disagree with you and call you names. Did you ever think that maybe people on here are just fed up with your asinine leftist remarks that denigrate them for their belief in the protections of our freedom given to us by our founding fathers. Or they might be tired of your constant return to the past instead of accepting that Biden is not the wonderful president all the liberals (you included?) thought he would be. Now, it is one thing to have a point you want to make and then debate, but the thing about debating (or for that matter, writing an essay) is that to get your point across, you should show some acceptance of the beliefs held by those you debate. That is debate 101. But based on every rant you post and by how most people respond to you on here, you obviously do not accept anybody else’s views on here (even if you don’t agree with the views) and so therefore, you end up being a noisy gong that more and more people start ignoring. In fact, I’ve seen plenty of posts that state that others are doing exactly that. Now, if you are explicitly going for the noisy gong approach, more power to you, but the thing about gongs is, if it is rang too much, no one listens. So good luck with that.

    • You can print the receivers. Don’t compare to a metal one obviously, but some have shown to hold up for hundreds of rounds. Print it out of something more durable like Nylon-G (glass reinforced polymer, what every poly gun on the market is made out of) and it could last thousands. The FOSSCAD repository has all of the major stuff for printing, ak receivers, ar uppers and lowers, mags for both, Glock receivers, and plenty of other stuff. Have a version 2.0 30 round “Menendez” mag printing right now.

      • Nice…I was wondering if and when we could 3d print an AKM receiver.. I was wondering about the metal printing (and thinking about things like the old sintered metal/precision investment casting)and wondering how far along metal printers had come…and began thinking about matters related to metallic particulates infused in polymer,or wondering if metal ” threads”( not sure if my terminology is correct) could be infused in the polymerization…I dunno. Just a half-assed brainstorming meander during a slow period at work…
        But I do wonder if such a process is already being done or could be developed.
        I was thinking about increasing the conceptual exercise and wondering if steadily developing more durable receivers (AKM/74/100 pattern printed” stampings) could be a sharable database and if the tools/technology could be (or already is)more ” widely available”(which I would regard as a Very Thing)… Call it The Gutenberg Bible of Printable receivers…
        Now THAT would cause a Collective And Epic Wave Of Pantshittery in the Anti2A Apparat.

    • Only in the DNA of the male half of the population (the y-chromosome), but yeah, you’re right!

  2. Rising in several parts of the country yet not all.
    Perhaps there’s a trend or commonality among these regions worth studying?

    • This is where our efforts should focus. If there was one 3D or “Ghost” (which I’m certain all fall under the same leftist banner) somehow linked to a crinkle activity last year, and by the end of this year somehow 2 are linked, there will be a claimed 100% increase in these firearms being used by criminals. OMFG! We’ve gotta do something if only for the children, etc.

      • “crinkle activity”

        There’s a lot that goes on in Idaho on the down-low, you and that ex-Senator Larry Craig have a lot in common it seems.

        • What does Larry Craig have to do with anything. The man hasn’t been a political “thing” in decades! So, rumor has it that you and Anthony Weiner have a lot in common?

  3. Why is the left afraid of non-serialized firearms? Have the shootings in Chicago have been prevented by tracing serial numbers? This is about control. The left wants control of EVERY individual. Forced masking, forced jabs, forced politically correct pronouns, censorship and cancel culture, corporations bullied into compliance with CRT, forced government through election fraud (a coup d’ etas) etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

    So, I wake up every day, thank God for my family and my life, and renew my vow: “I will not comply.”

    Every day, I am encouraged by all the folk who smile and signal ‘thumbs-up’, or start supportive conversations when the spot the large “Trump Won” on my Stetson.

    • “Why is the left afraid of non-serialized firearms?”

      It’s their fascism on display, their stark terror of something that can be used against their totalitarian control of us…

      • There’s that, but right along with it is their infantile belief that there is some miraculous panacea inherent in a serial number on a firearm, a protective halo of safety that precludes a gun with a serial number from being used in a crime simply because NOBODY would EVER use a gun that could be instantly and irrefutably traced to its user through the infallible records of the EffBeeEye.
        Although WE know that this is a ridiculous concept, for manifest reasons, THEY have seen it done on multiple television crime shows, and therefore it is the truth.
        Also, ‘silencers’ make .357 magnum revolvers go ‘pffft’ instead of ‘kaBOOM,’ 7-round magazines prevent mass shootings, pistol grips make rifles unerringly accurate while allowing the random spraying of bullets, and .223 Remington is sufficiently powerful to shoot entirely through schools.
        And so it goes.

        • Not trying to argue…the “miraculous panacea” is serialization is required for REGISRTATION.

    • Heck, look at California as the perfect example of the liberal gun mentality. They now expect you to get a background check every time you buy ammo. For some who go hunting a lot and like to target practice, you are talking about possibly multiple background checks in a month. Do they really believe that a persons background is going to change in a couple of weeks. Even if someone did commit a crime, the time it takes to get to the court case, a background check might not reveal anything yet. So yeah, it’s all about control and not safety. The liberals want to know everything we have, armaments and ammo. But then, we all know why that really is:

      You can’t take something away that you don’t know exists. Plain and simple.

  4. People have built firearms since the Chinese figured out blackpowder by accident and stuffed it a hollow tree with a projectile in the 10th Century. Do these people think it is a recent thing people have learned? Innovation has occurred all along the timeline and will continue. Most of the innovations were not sanctioned by governments but by private people with ideas.

  5. The problem isn’t 3D printed guns. It’s the madness surrounding what they refer to as ‘gun violence’. It’s bouncing off the walls ridiculousness between those that can’t see the forest through the trees and those that seek absolute authoritarian control over the population. While everyone else gets caught in the middle put in harms way.

    3D printed guns are nothing more than human technology improving if not evolving.

    • 3D printing is an evolutionary step in technology, though. Historically, components for tools and simple machines were made by hand using other simple tools and machines. Beyond that came casting and forging, then machining, then stamping, then MIM, CNC, and now computer-controlled ‘printing.’ What comes next is anybody guess, but it might very well include thought-controlled ‘printing’ and ‘replicators,’ wherein if an object or shape can be visualized or conceived, it can be created.
      Imagine THAT sort of technology.

    • And now, lets hear from our resident idiot, a twenty-something general college dropout living in his mom’s basement and posing online as a seventy- something manwho has traveled the world and hase seen the greatness of socialism at work…. Live from somewhere in Capitolvania, it’s “Little d” – take it away, do Georgie proud !!

  6. People want to be free and will use technology to attain their goals. Owning and Using Weapons is a Natural Right that existed before modern humans existed. The necessary EVIL of Government will always do whatever it can to retain and expand its power. An armed population is the only true check upon tranny.



    University of St. Thomas history professor Yohuru Williams says in the new CNN Films documentary, “The Price of Freedom,” “Throughout our history, the fear that African Americans could have access to firearms and use those firearms to the detriment of Whites is pervasive.”

    Black self-defense
    Understanding this history requires looking back at the social and political pieties that helped to spur the US’s contemporary gun rights movement. Consider how, in the 1960s, fear of the Black Panthers played a role in motivating conservative politicians — and even the NRA — to push for new gun control legislation. The Panthers, formed to challenge police brutality, advocated for Black self-defense via gun ownership and “copwatching.”

    To no one’s surprise, the backlash against this vision of protection was swift. In 1967, in response to the Panthers’ activities, then-Gov. Ronald Reagan signed the Mulford Act, named after Republican Assemblyman Don Mulford and which repealed a California law that permitted people to carry loaded firearms in public.

    Of the bill, Reagan said later that it’d “work no hardship on the honest citizen.” This citizen, we can assume, was White.

    “The Mulford Act criminalized the open carry of firearms, and was designed specifically to disenfranchise and to disarm members of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense because they were demonstrating in public — carrying firearms openly to shed a spotlight on police violence against Black and brown people in California,” Harvard University historian Caroline Light says in “The Price of Freedom.”

    “Corporate-gun-lobby-backed politicians, commentators and advertisements openly touted loosened gun laws as ways for white citizens to protect themselves against dark intruders,” Metzl explains. “Meanwhile, black men who attempted to demonstrate their own open-carry rights were attacked and jailed rather than lauded as freedom-loving patriots.”

    It’s the difference between vanquishing the supposed specter of Black criminality — seen in gangs and the weapons associated with them — and protecting the property of White conservatives.

    Or put another way, the hypocrisy around gun ownership in the US is a broadcast of something indisputably fundamental: the country’s struggle to bolster a racial hierarchy.

    • Do you ever make a comment shorter than the article?

      Plus, gun ownership is a right of every American citizen. You don’t have to own one, but you must respect the exercise of that right by others.

      • If you stop playing with IT. It will go away. Living in Mom’s basement Makes IT a dull lonely little boy looking for attention any way possible.

    • All you ever see is partisanship. Things are either good or bad. Reagan wasn’t the King of California. That bill was co-sponsored by Democrats. Then it passed through the Assembly and the Senate, both of which were controlled by Democrats. You’re saying gun control is racist, but you’re also trying to put down the tribe opposite of yours. Which party is pushing for the vast majority of gun control in this country? Using your logic, that makes that particular party racist.

      • Hey Herr Hauptman the Dude put this in your storm trooper boots

        I might add that when Philando Castile was killed the NRA instead of hurrying to condemn the shooting, as it had done when police officers killed White gun owners, the National Rifle Association initially sought refuge in saying nothing.

        As Emory University African American studies professor Carol Anderson writes in her new book, “The Second: Race and Guns in a Fatally Unequal America,” “The NRA broke its silence only after inordinate pressure from African American members led the gun manufacturers’ lobby to issue a tepid statement that the Second Amendment was applicable ‘regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation.’

        Now Herr Hauptman Dude try and squirm your way out of this one.

        • “Now Herr Hauptman Dude try and squirm your way out of this one.”

          WTF are you talking about? You just changed the subject. Anytime I respond to you with facts and logic, you either ignore reality or change the subject. All you want to do is have a tribal pissing match. I know who I serve, and it sure as hell isn’t any political tribe.

        • quote————-You’re saying gun control is racist, but you’re also trying to put down the tribe opposite of yours.—————-quote

          Your own words come back to haunt you Herr Hauptman Dude

        • dacian, either you don’t bother to read what I write or you fail to comprehend it. At no point did I defend gun control or any politician. I informed you that the bill you were talking about was bipartisan. You were acting like it was those “racist Republicans.” Democrats passed the bill because they wanted it passed. Reagan didn’t stop it because he didn’t want to stop it. They worked together to pass it. If you think gun control laws are racist, then why are you such a cheerleader for the party that is always pushing gun control?

        • Dude I find it hard to believe you ever graduated from college and if you did you should not have.

          You failed to comprehend that the posts were pointing out the complete hypocrisy of the Far Right. As always they believe only they have rights, even 2A rights, and the laws they past and the people they arrested were all directed against blacks.

          And if you think Reagan and the NRA was not far right then you flunked political science as well.

          Now what part of this do you not understand? I spelled it out at the grade school level so even you could understand it.

        • This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad. I don’t know how many times I can say the exact same thing. Maybe the third time is a charm? I don’t care about your silly tribal pissing contest. I don’t care about Reagan, and I don’t care about Republicans, but if you’re calling Republicans racists for passing that bill, then you have to call Democrats racists as well because IT WAS BIPARTISAN YOU FcING RETARD. Who’s the hypocrite?

        • “hurrying to condemn the shooting, as it had done when police officers killed White gun owners,” – Uh, when did the NRA ever do that??? They’ve long valued their association with the police more than individual rights.

      • Regan was never progun. Stop blaming Dems, when it was him that signed off on it RR was not a saint, he was not even a politician, he was a trained spokesperson.
        I am not coming to the Democrats defense here, I am exposing the hypocrisy of the Republican party.

        • r66paul, where did I blame Democrats? Where did I say Reagan was a saint? Quote me on anything positive I’ve ever said about Reagan. This should be good.

        • Paul, the only thing you exposed is your propensity for inserting yourself into a conversation without bothering to actually read and understand the conversation first. Thank you for outing yourself as a partisan lefty.

        • Reagan gave us gubment cheese.
          Carter should have gave us peanut butter.
          And Ford should have gave us,,,,,nah who wants one of those.

    • Oh yeah, almost forgot to warn everyone…. “d ” keeps a little black book on whomever disses his ass, and is in real tight with the “authorities”…. ooh, better be careful with what you say. LOL!!

      • It is going to a be a badge of honor to be added to Dacian’s little black book. The first filing cabinet will have all those who flushed his head in the toilet while in High School. The first two drawers of the next cabinet will have those who took his lunch money. And the rest are anyone else who upset his feelings. No doubt all your posts and replies are inserted into his files.

    • darcydodo…CEASE SHOUTING U AZZHAT…Your “‘civilized society” fingers are awfully bloody from scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to distract from centuries of your “civilized society” democRat Party and its mountains of race based atrocity dodo.

      You need to stfu and act civilized you alfred e. newman pasty mouth twerp. You can do that by holding your beloved democRat Party liable for Monetary Reparations payable to those effected directly or indirectly by centuries of democRat Party race based atrocities. Atrocities throughout history that perpetuated itself by keeping the minds of millions of children infected who witnessed slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, KKK GUN CONTROL segregation, slave shacks and other race based atrocities. What was sick and diabolical was seen as a, “civilized society.”

      The democRat Party racist based Gun Control shtpile you are buried under is waaaaay too big for you to wiggle much less point one damned finger at The Party of Lincoln.

        • “Pity the poor geezer…”


          He’s getting what you can’t – A warm bed with someone who loves him.

          Just deal with it, and go back to furiously masturbating in mom’s basement, loser.

          What a waste of life you are! 😉

      • To Debbie

        quoute————, Jim Crow, lynchings, KKK GUN CONTROL segregation, slave shacks and other race based atrocities. What was sick and diabolical was seen as a, “civilized society.”——–quote

        You fail to understand much about history. Radical Conservative Southern Democrats in the past were much different than Liberal Northern Democrats. Since those days of long ago that crowd of racists are all now the rank and file of the Republican Party. And those people are the ones fighting over Critical Race Theory being taught in schools because they do not want their children to be taught the truth about Americas racist past nor about their Colonialism and Imperialism which is still going on to this very day. Those Southern Democrats of the past Debbie are your people today and they are in the Republican party.

      • To Debbie—————quote——The democRat Party racist based Gun Control shtpile you are buried under is waaaaay too big for you to wiggle much less point one damned finger at The Party of Lincoln.———–quote

        Your screaming that you are the party of Lincoln (the original party) is actually telling people you are today a radical far left Democrat because Lincoln was just that, a radical Far Left Liberal and so was his party originally. Now don’t you feel foolish.

        How Republicans went from the party of Lincoln to the party of Trump. Link below


        • How antifa went from…..wait. They were always fascists.

          Gun control is racist. And who’s pushing gun control as hard as he can? Oh, yes, an old white guy. joe biden.

        • Hats off to the father of gun control legislation in America:

          “In 1967, in response to the Panthers’ activities, then-Gov. Ronald Reagan signed the Mulford Act, named after Republican Assemblyman Don Mulford and which repealed a California law that permitted people to carry loaded firearms in public.“

          Reagan’s administration also banned the carrying of firearms by American citizens on millions of acres of federally managed lands.

        • And in keeping with racist old white guys what is biden trying to do about guns? Oh, yes. the same thing you say Reagan is guilty of. But it’s ok now. biden is your flavor of fascist.

      • Monetary reparations.
        My whole family has been directly affected.
        Gimme some of that pie too by golly

        • “Gimme some of that pie too by golly”


          They left it in the middle of the road, be careful getting it… 🙂

        • By the time they got the jumper cables hooked up I’d be long gone. And if they left it running I’m sure I could smell oil smoke and hear rods knocking .

    • Post-Reconstruction democrats did this in the South.>>>> HOW FAR RIGHT WHITE HYPOCRITES PASSED ANTI-GUN LAWS AGAINST BLACKS. No Negro (or anyone else) is denied the ownership or use of firearms based on RACE anywhere today. Many people, black, White, and other ARE denied the use or possession of firearms in liberal areas today thru the use of “may issue” permits.

    • Dacian, so how do you explain NC’s Governor vetoing a bill that would end the need for a license to purchase a gun… which by the way, has roots in Jim Crow laws and has even been said to still, in this day and age, keep minorities from buying a gun. And in case you were unaware of it, NC’s Governor is democrat. You mention gun control being used to keep minorities from getting weapons, but you then tell an outright lie by saying it is the far right that is perpetuating this. But which political party has been the driving force for gun control… oh, that’s right. The democrats. Heck, look at you dementia patient of a leader Joe Biden and his constant attack on the second amendment (And btw, it was Biden who as a young senator, voted against integration of schools because he didn’t want his kids going to school with blacks… and don’t take my word for it, his VP accused him of that when she ran against him). How about Harris, who planned to use unconstitutional methods to disarm people if she had been successful in her run for president. How about Beto O’rorke who stated that hell yeah, we’re coming for your ar’s, your ak’s (which would not just infringe on your second amendment rights, but probably on your fourth as well depending on how he did it). You know what they all have in common, yep, they are democrats. It’s the left who are perpetuating the cycle of keeping minorities disarmed, not the right. So maybe be honest with yourself for once.

      • Oh wait, I’ll correct myself. It wasn’t integration, but busing black kids to better “white” schools. But similar idea.

  8. Gotta say when I get my printer up again I want to do one of those P90 style AR lowers. That thing is *HOT* looking.

  9. And now Spain, who’s next , China? The disease of American ghost gunms is becoming a global pandemic.
    If we only had a vaccine.

  10. So, so sum up: The NPCs writing for a website named Futurism are so completely and utterly besotted with the failed “scientific” (read: totalitarian) control schemes of the past that a glimpse, not even of the future, but of the present day, startles them into horrified repudiation. Here’s your zeitgeist, folks. Sad.

    • I looked up the word catamite. Has nothing to do with cats or mites.
      I suppose if I look up zeitgeist it will have nothing to do with a german poltergeist either.
      You guy’s and your dictionaries.

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