DC Project Helps Train 1000 Women At Free Firearms Safety and Shooting Event in Detroit

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From the DC Project . . .

The DC Project, Women for Gun Rights, was recently on-hand at the well-attended 10th Annual Free Women’s Shooting Event held at Top Gun Shooting Sports and Recoil Firearms in Detroit, MI, presented by Rick Ector. DC Project representatives from all over the U.S. assisted in instructing a thousand women who wanted to learn gun safety fundamentals, properly handle and shoot a semi-automatic handgun, and the Second Amendment’s necessity.

According to DC Project Advisory Board Member, and Nebraska State Director, Stephanie Schafer, “The DC Project was excited to collaborate with Rick Ector in his mission of educating so many women about firearms, safe shooting, and 2A advocacy. The turnout was fantastic, and we are proud to have helped him teach and train women during the weekend event.”

DC Project delegates traveled to Detroit to help the first-time shooters. “Our delegates immediately volunteered to support Rick’s event,” stated Schafer. “Women who participated in the educational event visited with us at both of the Detroit-area ranges, where we shared our ‘Effective 2A Messaging’ handout to help them understand why the Second Amendment is crucial to the freedoms and safety of all Americans,” she added. “Plus, we invited them to participate in a drawing to win a new Sig Sauer P365 semi-auto pistol. A special thanks to Sig Sauer for their sponsorship that made the drawing possible.”

Schafer, alongside Illinois State Delegate Rhonda Ezell, Michigan State Director Marcy Janovich, Southeast Regional Director Amanda Suffecool, and Illinois State Director Lori Blackwell, represented the DC Project and discussed the 2A with attendees. Schafer and Blackwell also trained new shooters.

Blackwell commented on the enthusiasm of the people she trained in firearms safety and shooting, saying, “the ladies were eager to learn, and although some were really afraid of things like the recoil and noise of shooting, they each conquered their fear and left the event empowered. That’s what this training was all about. Sharing the knowledge of firearms and how to be safe around them will enable them to go home and use their experience to pursue more education,” said Blackwell. “One gal worked up her courage to fire only one shot, but that was enough for her to feel accomplished and positive about the experience.”

According to Schafer, “A lot of the women told us they came to the event to learn more because of the current unrest in our country. Others reported that they wanted to learn more about the safe use of the firearms in their homes or of those that belong to their boyfriends and husbands.” Many attended with friends or as part of a group. “They were supportive of each other and excited to learn how to operate a semi-automatic handgun safely,” Schafer noticed.

“It was an honor to introduce handguns to these women,” said Schafer. “I never tire of seeing the smiles on women’s faces and the confident way they carry themselves after a simple lesson on safety and firing those first few rounds. The fear and apprehension wash away and are replaced with strength and pride. That is why I do what I do; and why I love to teach,” she said.

Rick Ector, Founder of Legally Armed in Detroit and organizer of the event, said, “women are hungry to learn more about firearms and personal protection, and providing them a no-cost way to learn in a safe, friendly environment is a gift I’m happy to give them. It was especially gratifying to meet all the women who helped facilitate the event’s success.” The event welcomed women with no prior knowledge of guns in addition to those with experience, a free way to learn or improve their marksmanship skills.

In 10 years, the event has grown from training 50 women in one weekend to safely operate a pistol, to more than 1,000 students. “I recognize that this would not be as successful and, more importantly, safe, without the support of organizations like the DC Project and their willingness to send volunteers and certified instructors,” said Ector. “There are many curious women who wish to know more about firearms, the role they play in personal defense, and about the Second Amendment. An inclusive event like this makes it easy for them to face their insecurities and keep themselves and their families safe,” he said.

Learn more about the DC Project at www.dcproject.info.

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  1. Thanks for the update.

    1,000 is a far cry from the 4,500 students LAID was advertising…but, it is a darn good start. Here are 1,000 more women who, hopefully, will not buy into the anti-gun rhetoric and will take advantage of the U.S. Constitution and, most especially, the Second Amendment to protect themselves and their loved ones.

    Kudos and thanks to the women volunteers from multiple States who supported the weekend effort.

  2. My daughter went to Academy Sporting Goods to purchase a Sig P365 the other day. She said it was 3 deep at the counter buying firearms. No surprise. She is reading the complete manual and I will make sure she can hit the targets we set up on our property. I have raised both son and daughter with gun safety and hunting. More training from a qualified 3rd party will also take place. Living rural makes this much easier than living in a city.

    • I’m sure you’re proud, and you should be. Good choice too, mulling over a new AIWB rig myself.

      Stuck in the middle of an XL & a P320 X-compact internal debate. Leaning to the slightly larger & thicker 320, because manual safety conversion availability. Might be able to get a sweet deal with all the trolls on sig talk discarding their bits over one purported AD of an apparently worn out weapon.
      Rounded sear, indeed.

  3. Their teaching people to hold targets in front of them?. I guess that’s easier to hit then an apple on the head

  4. Thanks to Rick Ector for providing the leadership that produced results in the 2A civil rights battle.

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