OMG! Dick’s Is Selling ARs Again! Bushmasters Even! OMG!


Dick’s Sporting Goods famously demurred from selling frighteningly black rifles in the aftermath of Sandy Hook. Now they’re opening newly-branded Field & Stream hunting and fishing outlets and they’ve obviously fallen back in the thrall of Big Gun. Not only have they gone back to their old evil ways of selling AR pattern rifles, but in a blatant display of money-grubbing shamelessness, their first F&S store which opened last week is stocked chock-a-block with…Bushmasters. “’We have a full stock,’ said a clerk who identified himself as Gary. He said the guns retailed for $800, and that the gun counter was ‘really busy.’” The NBC News Investigations piece makes sure to recount the praise Dick’s got for spiking their AR sales last December, though they refrained from the obligatory quote from someone with the Brady Campaign or the VPC feigning horror at the change in company policy. It won’t be long now, though.


  1. avatar In Memphis says:

    They’ll get as much business from me as Cheaper than Sh!t

    1. avatar JaredFromTampa says:


      1. avatar jwm says:

        Make it a Tri Fecta.

    2. avatar Damocles says:

      Count me in that club as well. Not one penny!

      1. avatar Accur81 says:

        I’ve boycotted CTD and Dick’s since Sandy Hook.

        1. avatar Avid Reader says:

          Ditto. Then again, the Dick’s around here that I was in didn’t carry anything but a slim supply of shotgun shells. Needless to say, I haven’t darkened their threshold since their announcement.

    3. avatar Dave says:

      Dicks is the only firearms retailer around here I know of that shows you the price of the rifle and then says “oh, by the way, there’s a forty dollar FFL fee” when you check out.

      1. avatar William Burke says:


    4. avatar janitor says:

      i shop local unless i absolutely cannot find what im looking for…then i go for a more respected online site. heck, i got my AR lower at a friggin aquarium store.

    5. avatar RKflorida says:


  2. avatar DonS says:

    F*** Dick’s. (or do I have that backwards?)

    I’ll go to my LGS or the Cabela’s that opened nearby last week.

    1. avatar In Memphis says:

      s’kciD ***F?

      1. avatar jwm says:

        High 5 , Memphis. That was Ralph worthy.

        1. avatar In Memphis says:

          Thank you. Seems to be written in the language of the average voter.

      2. avatar DonS says:

        (and ouch)

        Too many beers today.

        1. avatar In Memphis says:

          That wasnt directed at you Don lol

        2. avatar DonS says:

          I guess my last line still applies.

    2. avatar Jason says:

      Wouldn’t be the one in Thornton, would it?

      1. avatar DonS says:

        For me, Lone Tree (the slightly bigger new store) is closer.

        I’m in Franktown, east of Castle Rock, south of Parker.

        1. avatar (Formerly) MN Matt says:

          My uncle and I dropped by there to visit on Sunday. They STILL had police there helping to direct traffic. That’s the kind of store that I could kill $20,000 in 45 minutes.

        2. avatar DonS says:

          I had a Cabela’s credit card and a “post card” invite for the day before “grand opening”. I stayed home.
          A) I didn’t want to fight the crowds (even on the day before)
          B) I really can’t afford to spend much, so it would just be a big letdown

        3. avatar Avid Reader says:

          I haven’t been in that one yet. Just checked out the Thornton store. They actually had a fair amount of ammo and primers, but were out of powder.

  3. avatar Jon says:

    My wallet is not picky where it puts it’s money as long as the store has in stock what I need then I am going to buy it if it is at the right price!

    1. avatar Lewie Paine says:

      Yep. It’s all corporate. I quit making fish hooks out of bones years ago. Now who has the best price?

  4. avatar MikeH121 says:

    I will not walk into one of these stores…they gave their namesake up the backside to Troy’s Defense.

    Not to mention the customers who already purchased one of Troy’s Exclusive Carbines made for Dicks Black Friday.

    If a Dick’s was burning down I’d bring the hot dogs.

  5. avatar racer88 says:

    On principle, I won’t buy from Dick’s…. ‘cuz they’re fickle dicks. 😉

  6. avatar Rick says:

    No more trips to Dick’s for me. I sent in my customer card with a letter about their [pointless] “statement”. They didn’t even respond.

  7. avatar Ralph says:

    I’ll never buy anything from Dick’s again. But f there was a Field & Stream store nearby, I would buy from it. If a lot of 2A-supporting customers did the same thing, the beancounters and pointy heads at Dick’s upper management will get the financial message loud and clear, and they would never fvck with us again.

    1. avatar Jus Bill says:

      Sure they would. Look:

      They close out their embarassing stock of guns at MSRP. $$$$$
      All the libtards go to the stores in support to stock up on their soccer MOM gear. More $ale$!
      They open a subsidiary that sells Ev1L A$$au1t Gunz.
      Normal people stock up out of relief/support/desperation at MSRP. $$$$$
      Rinse and repeat…

      1. avatar Dr. Mike says:

        Exactly This.

        They got the message, now they want our money back. They think a name change will allow us to forgive their treachery and keep all the brownie points they earned with the other side. I for one will not forget.

        A man of mediocre speaking ability once said ” fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again” and I couldn’t agree with the sentiment more.

        Dick’s should stick with their current name, because it suits them pretty well, and you can’t have a sign in public that reads “A$$H0LES”

  8. avatar In Memphis says:

    Anyone know anyting about Academy Sports? They are building one in my town.

    1. avatar Dave says:

      I have never had a problem with academy. Their prices aren’t to bad and they didn’t join the price gouging during the ammo shortage. They didn’t get much in, but what they did they put a fair price on.

      1. avatar Aaron says:

        About a week before Sandy, I bought 1000 rounds of federal 5.56 for $399 there. Best purchase of my life!

    2. I have one close by where i live. They seem to offer good stuff, and any of the staff I talked to were helpful.

    3. avatar Hank says:

      I have to drive an hour to get to one, but they’ve been the nearest reliable store for me. Good prices, helpful staff, and if you get there fairly soon after the truck arrives, ammo does come in. I’ve picked up several boxes of 9mm and .22 lately. The .22 has ranged from 2.49 for 50 (Remington) to 7.99/100 (CCI).

      That’s in West Texas, your milage may vary.

    4. avatar JPD says:

      I have an Academy a few blocks from Dick’s. Even before last December, Dicks could never compete. Academy has good prices, did not gouge on firearms or ammo this year. Dick’s did not get my business before, definitely will not now. Same for CTD. They were always too high, on everything.

      1. avatar Denny says:

        Sheels Sports, here in Western Iowa (Sioux City n Omaha) are pretty expensive on lots of things too. Example Sheels (Sioux City) wanted $60 for a mag for a .22 LR pistol I have. I asked the guy why $60 for one mag he said that’s what we paid.

        Then I told him I can buy it at Cabelas (Omaha) for $40, then I handed it back to him and said you can keep it. He stood there lost for a few moments.

    5. avatar Rev. Maurice Pompitous says:

      Academy is always my first choice because they didn’t price gouge. Their stock is limited but if they’ve got it, that’s where I’m buying. Dick’s and Cheaper than dirt are dead to me. Cabela’s BTW had a sh*t pot full of .45 today.

    6. avatar In Memphis says:

      Thanks all for the responses. I have a few FFLs pretty close to me, two here in town. I try to support them first but based on what y’all are saying, Academy sounds like like it will be a good addition/option.

      1. avatar Nick says:

        The academy by my house stop selling the devils guns after sandy hook

        1. avatar MadAnthony says:

          Milage may vary. Academy in San Antonio sold out, but did not pull any ARs off shelf after Sandy Hook. Once they became available again they resisted the temptation to gouge on price.
          BTW the have lifted the 1 box limit on 9 and 22lr to 2 boxes per day

    7. avatar Sixpack70 says:

      I bought my first handgun from Academy. Their price was good and the counter guys were helpful and also gun enthusiasts themselves in the one I shopped at. This was back in 2007.

  9. avatar traye says:

    They can suck it.

    1. avatar JMS says:


    2. avatar Nick says:

      The academy by my house stop selling the devils guns after sandy hook

  10. avatar CA.Ben says:

    Still won’t shop there.

  11. avatar CyborgCowboy says:

    Funny story; we had a Dick’s Sporting Goods but it became a Chick’s Sporting Goods. No punchline. True story.

    1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

      Chick’s with Dick’s?

      1. avatar (Formerly) MN Matt says:


      2. avatar jwm says:

        Sh!tfire, I’ll bet mikeyb numbers would buy a gun from there. Or at least stop in and browse and fondle the merchandise.

      3. avatar Avid Reader says:

        That is so wrong. . .but funny.

  12. avatar Shawn says:

    It was a low blow that Dick’s stopped selling firearms during what Nutnfancy calls “the Firearmaggeddon”. I’m hearing a lot of grudgery, and it’s not all groundless. But if we’re thinking long-term here, and we’re trying to send a message to the media, wouldn’t purchasing firearms send a message more clearly than nitpicking about who is selling them? The more companies out there selling, the merrier! After all, that’s what we’re here for, right? Bluntly, firearms proliferation. (Of course we would like the TRUTH about firearms to proliferate, but with knowledge comes power and the intense desire to carry.) If we slowly starve out companies like Dick’s, that would be just one less competitor to keep prices down at the stores we actually enjoy shopping at.

  13. avatar Blue says:

    Dick’s in Tallahassee had a “Grand Opening” Friday. I went in there on the way home today just for a look see. Other than some .22LR, there were NO semi-automatic rifles there. All they had were bolt guns, lever guns and shotguns. No handguns and very poor Ammo section. I hope our local stores along with Academy and Bass Pro bury these Bloomer butt kissers. Even if they bring back modern sporting rifles, it is too little too late as far as I am concerned.

    1. avatar BlueBronco says:

      The Tally store has never had in semi-auto centerfire rifles on the selves, period. They must be selling a lot of tennis rackets and soccer shoes.

  14. avatar michael says:

    anyone been to the F&S store in Cranberry? any good?

  15. avatar Chaotic Good says:

    They started stocking their Danbury, CT outlet where I used to work with rifles and shotguns (bolt and pump actions and a bunch of 22’s) months ago. I might need to pay them a visit and see if they’ll anything black.

  16. avatar Wiregrass says:

    I’m building my own AR. Effum.

    1. avatar Accur81 says:

      80% lower with Magpul MOE build is a great way to go

  17. avatar Michael says:

    I’ve got no skin in the game, no reason to defend or crucify Dick’s, but the clerk at the local store told me that they never stopped selling them, they just couldn’t get any stock. They’re slowly getting ammo back in, but not nearly as much as other retailers.

    I don’t care either way, but I think there’s a lot of misinformation about several retailers and I’m not one to buy into hearsay without facts. I’m open to any evidence either way – did Dick’s corporate put out any statement or anything?

  18. avatar ImJustAGuy says:

    Dick’s had their chance. I stopped patronizing them when they decided against 2nd Amendment freedoms. I won’t set foot in their store again!

  19. avatar Darrell Hacker says:

    Havent spent a dime with them since they started this crap, and never will again.

  20. avatar Mick says:

    I call the nearest Dick’s store in Davenport, IA periodically to remind them exactly why I don’t darken their doorway, and have done so since the Troy Industry issue. I won’t go along with the re-branding, either; if they have no handguns there’s not much there for me anyway.

  21. avatar Chas says:

    There’s a reason it’s called Dick’s.

    1. avatar Sixpack70 says:

      I call it Dick Heads. I have bought a few clearance item things from them, but I will not buy guns or ammo.

      I don’t think boycotting their gun sales will really hurt them. The soccer mom population fills the other 90% of the store sales from my observation during the last two visits. This doesn’t mean I will be doing that much if any business with them in the future.

  22. avatar mediocrates says:

    anybody want to give me an AR-15? I’m a downright marksman with a pistol caliber carbine at 10 yards….

  23. avatar Moonshine says:

    You guys would sh!t yourselves if you saw the shipping requirements we have to put up with when we fill a Dick’s order. Absolutely asinine.

  24. avatar Tarrou says:

    Fuck ’em, they bailed out of the 2A boat over a little turbulence, now they want back in on the money train. They’ll never get a dime of my money ever again. May every executive in the company be stricken with testicular cancer.

    The time for this was when the fight was going on. Those who hop to the winning side without risking anything during the battle are worse than the opponent. Gun grabbers are at least semi-honest about it. Dick’s are a vile pack of toadying shitweasels.

  25. avatar Boosh! says:

    Not a shill, but if you need ANYTHING AR it’s hard to beat these two:

    Dick’s can suck themselves……kind of like Ouroboros.

    I would have also included bravo, but I purchased a BCG from them that wasn’t properly staked, and after 5 emails (with pics included,) I received not a single response…..they are no longer reliable to me.

  26. avatar skeev says:

    Dicks suck dicks

  27. avatar Bob7 says:

    Life has been good to me, and as you can imagine, I have a fairly high gun hobby budget. I used to go to Dicks all the time prior to their 2nd amendment attack. Now, I wouldn’t set foot in Dicks even if they had the last box of ammunition. See, they forgot something important. They probably think that people will forget about their atrocities over time and come back to their store, but in reality, they have lost a great number of customers for all time. It doesn’t matter how they rebrand themselves. The only smart business decision for them is to get out of the firearms business forever and stick to selling fancy athletic clothing. Oh, and they should fire the idiot who made the decision to surrender to the anti-2nd amendment folks.

    1. avatar RLC2 says:

      Yep. Same here.

      The local Dicks has a lot of fancy gym gear that goes on sale regularly- but I wont be back for that, or anything else, just because of the gun decision. And I think most who have made same decision have long memories. Look how long it took Ruger to get customers back for a dumb comment in 80s was it?

      Same for CTD. The multiple warehouses and high ship fees were already starting to be irritating, so it was easy to just stop buying, and that’s one less I need to check, vs the many other places to get equally good prices- LuckyGunner, Sportsmans Guide, Midway, etc who didn’t gouge.

  28. avatar Andy says:

    It just all goes back to the bottom line,they lost money,now they are trying to make up the loss.They figure that over a short time people will forget that they threw in the towel and went politically correct.Will never enter a Dick’s again.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  29. avatar Frodo says:

    CTD and Dick’s are in my NMTT (No Money to Them Zone).

  30. avatar Levi B says:

    I love that going to a new store to see what they have for sale is now investigative journalism.

    1. avatar Blue says:

      It is called “scouting” the enemy. I keep track of MAIG, Brady Bunch, etc. as well. However, they don’t get any money!

  31. avatar Joseph B Campbell says:

    Dick’s is still a Dick even if they hide under a new name of “Field and Stream”. There business practices are still questionable.

  32. avatar Hkfan says:

    Why anyone would buy a POS sporting good store quality AR is beyond me.

  33. avatar Scruff says:

    FUCK Dicks and their new Fuddmart.

    I live 10 minutes away from the new store, so I went to check it out. It’s designed to look like a mini-Cabela’s, they did everything but put up a “Cabela’s” sign. But 80% of the merchandise is stuff that Dick’s already sells, and the store layout and display style is obviously Dick’s – it feels like a Dick’s store. Prices and selection are no better than Gander Mountain. Even if they were cheaper, I’d crawl across broken glass to go anywhere but Dick’s.

    If Dick’s think their Fuddmart is a game-changer, they have their heads up their asses!

  34. avatar Ruppert Jenkins says:

    I have boycotted CTD and Dick’s since Sandy Hook, when both businesses deserted we shooters, the RTKBA, and The 2nd. Sorry, but if a business blinks even once in the face of the anti-gunners, they lose me for LIFE.

    It’s time that all we gunners realize, that when it comes to defending the 2nd, this is war. This not for the meek.

  35. avatar OFFICER OC says:

    I visited Dick heads sporting goods in Dothan Alabama and asked to see a RUGER mini 14. I was told they do not sell assault rifles I told them it was a hunting rifle and again I was told “no that is an assault file “. I picked up 1 box of shotgun shells (#8 bird shot) At the counter They required my date of birth .(im over40) and for me to complete a small questioner on whether im an illegal or not . When I asked why all of this for a box of shells they told me that their SECURITY CAMERA has already taken my photo and will save it in a data base with the information I gave them in case something ever happen with the ammo I purchased . HMMMM .. I Wonder what he would have done if he realized I was carrying (LEGALLY) A Glock 9mm with an extra mag under my shirt ..I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM AGAIN .

  36. avatar CR says:

    AR15 wasn’t used at Sandy Hook. CT already banned assault rifles, but the gun grabbers have 49 more States to go.

    LT Vance was suddenly removed from his Spokesman job (CT State Police) in FEB 2015, and reassigned to the Traffic Division.

    Is that because LT Vance keeps lying about where Adam Lanza’s body was “found?”
    Everyone knows Sandy Hook shooting was a Hoax (to ban AR15 rifles) but LT VANCE keeps lying and pretending it was real.

    Is Malloy (CT Governor) worried about LT VANCE getting subpoenaed during the next Vance press conference? Is that why CT moved Vance from his 16-year Spokesman job to the Traffi Division?

    Lt Vance’s SON controls who can sue the State of CT. Vance JR is the CT Claims Commissioner.

    Malloy locked down ALL Death Certificates across CT to conceal Sandy Hoax. How long can CT keep this Sandy Hook scam going?

    Adam Lanza is fake. He was created in PhotoShop to seize AR15 rifles and attack Home Schooling, since Adam Lanza was supposedly Home Schooled by Nancy Lanza.

    During his press conference at Sandy Hook, Governor Malloy (CT) said he was “Spoken to that something like this might happen” in his State. In other words, he KNEW the Sandy Hook “shooting” was pre-planned. Yet Malloy is still using Sandy Hoax to push gun confiscation and attack Home Schooling.

    Obama flew fake Sandy Hook “parents” around the USA on Air Force One, to grab guns.

    Obama’s SSN was stolen from Harrison Bounel (died in NEWTOWN, CT) at this hospital:

    Wayne Carver (CT Medical Examiner) helped Malloy lock down ALL DEATH CERTIFICATES for ANY DEATHS in CT.

    Obama (DHS) uses fake shootings to disarm the USA. Ask LT PAUL VANCE:

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