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NSS PTBAFO Card (courtesy

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) now offers these cards for American gun owners. While I appreciate the sentiment, meh. I pay taxes. So does everyone (except those who don’t). Guns aren’t that dangerous. Unless a child is shot. My homies provide lots ‘o locks to prevent children from getting shot. And yet they do. I can argue the points with those who’d argue them with me, but why bother? I can think of a lot better reasons to tell people that I’m proud to be a firearms owner. But I won’t steal your thunder. What are your top three bullet points for gun owning pride?

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    • Exactly. Nearly any schlub with some cash can become a firearms owner (if you live in a free state). Now if you sacrificed, worked hard, scrimped and saved until you could buy a gun to protect your family, that might be something to be proud of. (or ‘of which to be proud’ for the grammar police)

  1. I’m proud because firearms are an American tradition. This country was made by firearms.

    My Family has appreciated American Firearms since they immigrated from Germany in the 1840’s.

    I am proud to own firearms because it means Freedom, Tradition, Survival, Fun, and Beauty.

  2. Im proud because it is an expression of liberty, but the only people I let know about my obsession are other gun nuts that I trust.

    • What a great expression of liberty, keeping it on the down-low, lest anyone is offended by your expression of liberty. Sound like a member of NAMBLA.

      • Or someone that doesn’t want to advertise to any potential criminals that their house is a great place to rob. Being proud doesn’t mean you need to put yourself at risk.

  3. I’m proud to stand for freedom and I might say to someone that I’m a firearms owner, but I don’t talk about which guns I own except with people I know to understand.

  4. It is a civic duty. Not necessarily proud to be a gun owner, just disappointed at those that aren’t, just as I’m disappointed in the citizens that don’t turn out to vote.

    • I have chosen, of my own volition, to take responsibility for the safety of my self, my family, and even my neighbors.

    • While I can agree in principle with most of wha is being said here, I am proud to own, and carry, guns because it is my duty as an American citizen to exercise my Consitutional rights, lest they be lost. I am disappointed, however, by those who don’t understand this. They certainly have the right not to own or carry, they do NOT have the right to tell me that I can’t or shouldn’t.

      • Sure, conscientious objection of all violence is fairly respectable in the Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu religions, but I would still hope that Americans would know that the ultimate invitation for violence and evil is a willfully disarmed victim.

  5. Don’t like the “proud” take on gun ownership. That’s like saying I’m proud to be breathing. I’m blessed I’d roll with, but not everyone can go there I know so take it easy on a simpleton please.

  6. • Exercising my right to keep my loved ones from becoming victims

    • Carrying on a proud tradition and symbol of Freedom that no longer exists in any other nation

    • The fact that exercising this freedom aggravates the haters of Liberty like (insert sneaky Disarmament group name here)

      • ••••••• — take these for New York or Connecticut,
        ••• — add these for California or Colorado
        •••••••••••••••••••• — and these for most other locations.

  7. I don’t think “proud” is the right word, though certainly I’m unashamed. Owning any gun (a lethal tool) is a responsibility, and regularly carrying one is even more so. I have to be mindful of the security of my firearms, taking measures to keep them away from children, thieves, and others who should not have access to them. I have to remain in control of myself, avoiding safety mistakes and keeping my temper under control. I have to be aware of my situation and surroundings, keeping an eye out for trouble and avoiding it. I have to maintain my guns mechanically and at least a basic competency in using them. If I fail in these responsibilities (and others I have left out) someone could be needlessly injured or killed. And yet the burden is one I will bear, in order to be ready to protect myself, my family, others (if the situation arises) and my country–the last from those who would render the people powerless before them, subjects and not citizens.

  8. I’m proud to be a firearms owner because:

    It shows that I’m smarter than the poofs who are afraid of them.

    It p1sses off Democrats.

    I never liked Australians anyway.

  9. I’m not proud, as such, any more than I’m proud to breathe or walk.

    I do however thank the Gods, Fates and Founders for the existence of the U.S — and the great “common sense” state of Kansas — my extremely good fortune to have been born American and the facets of my upbringing and experience which lead me to firearms.

    In my li’l metal friends I’ve a justifiable pride, but for my part, rather than proud I am deeply grateful.

  10. 1. Personal Responsibility: I have taken responsibility for my safety and the safety of my family.
    2. Knowledge: I can properly maintain every firearm I own, and many that I don’t own.
    3. Mastery (or trying to reach it): From the holster, and at 21 feet, I can engage three targets in under two seconds. All A-zone hits on a standard USPSA target.

  11. Am I a proud coffee maker owner? Car owner? Running shoes owner?

    My guns are like that to me. Guns were not something I “came” into, they were always there from the first I can remember.

    I understand that due to ignorance from bigots guns have somehow become imbued with magical properties. (Evil ones of course)

    • Yep. I blame Hollywood for the fetish stuff. I don’t get the ‘proud of’ bit. Curious about new developments? Yep. Interested keeping them legal? Yep. I bet Odysseus was interested in keeping bows and spears legal. Well, they were, weren’t they?

  12. Saying one is “proud” to be a gun owner is like saying I am proud to be free, and proud to be smarter than tools. I am smarter than tools by dint of being a person, and certainly smarter than the leftist tools who are trying to make sure only goverment approved people are free.

  13. It sure as hell isn’t number one.

    I can’t wait for all the money to run out so this green bullshit disappears. People won’t be so worried about taking care of the forest when they’re busy taking care of their next meal.

    • What on Earth has your post to do with gun ownership?

      And whatever your Pastor might say about yet another impending Rapture, some of us would like our grandkids to be able to breathe as adults without a tank and mouthpiece.

      Keeping the Murder-Suicide cults at bay might even be a good use for 2A.

      Spare us the Exxon/Ann Coulter Party line.

    • We take care of the forest, swamps and prairies so that they may provide us with meals tonight and many nights to come. I’d rather not live in a world where a golf course is the closest I get to nature.

  14. Hmmmmm….three?
    1) History of America
    2) Pride in defending the Constitution, as the 2ond guards the first, and the first gives all of the others.
    3) NOT being willing to submit to tyranny, from our government OR others.

    Maybe I should also mention that I collect and refurbish historical firearms and I am an NRA Endowment member. I take great pride in that as well.
    Robert Seddon
    Mineral, Va

  15. Speaking as a mere owner (just put together my collection and haven’t really shot consistently yet) I am most proud of all the hard work I had to do to be able to afford them. They represent hours and hours and hours of misery on my part, and I would like my liberal friends to quit eying them like a damn t-bone.

    As someone else pointed out, I also like that I am one of the few people on Earth (out of billions) who has that freedom to begin with. My country treats me like a grown up, and I want it to stay that way.

  16. Well, here I go.

    1) I own a functioning piece of mechanical artistry, it’s grace and beauty only seconded by the internal combustion engine.

    2) I am proud that I am ahead of the game survival-wise compared to most people.

    3) I have a sport that I can enjoy with my friends that isn’t smear-the-queer.

  17. I would guesstimate that 95% of gun owners I have met are incredible people. I have met so many pleasant people and had so many good conversations with hard working like minded Americans.

    I am proud that I can protect my family by any and all means. I am well trained in emergency medicine if they are hurt and am now equipped to defend them as well. I cant imagine a man or woman who would not do what it takes to protect their family.

    I also like the focus and attention to detail. Wether it is maintinence, safety, working on good shot placement / groupings, or building an AR. Firearms ownership has a lot to offer for people seeking a challenge

  18. I’m proud of my children and grandchildren. I’m proud of my service to my country.

    My guns are a part of and intertwined with my love of history. I love the stories behind them and the fact that I can still use them instead of reading about them or being forced to see them only in museums.

    I’m proud of those that came before me and made it possible to still own and use my guns. Some day I hope someone in my bloodline that I never met will be proud of me for standing for his or her right to continue to own and use their guns.

  19. I am proud to be a firearms owner because:

    • I take pride in taking responsibility of protecting and defending my family, my neighborhood, my friends, and my country in lieu of trying to pass that responsibility to someone else for the above mentioned safekeeping. No one can keep us safe but the sum of the individuals responsible.

    • The United States Constitution guarantee’s me my “GOD” given rights as listed in the bill of rights. I take great pride in accepting the responsibility entailed to us as listed in the 2nd amendment and take great pride in teaching my children and family about firearms, their safe use, their hazards, and their rewards, just as my father taught to me and his father taught to him.

    • I despise those that through fear and ignorance try to take the rights of myself, those that I leave behind, and my legacy for the cause of “safety.” I have nothing but ill regard to those that cannot accept the responsibility of freedom and rather willingly give it away for the illusion of safety and feeling of contentment. I take great pride in owning as many guns and as much ammunition as feasibly possible and in training and acquiring the most skill and experience possible merely to spite those who would throw away everything that so many fought for, died for, and never experienced.

  20. Because I have a list of dead family members who did not make it out alive from a country that squashed their right to defend themselves.

  21. ahhhhhh, pride… the first deadly sin…

    I enjoy my time at the range. I carry everyday out of grim necessity.

  22. It’s my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT and I love it and OUR RIGHTS ARE AN AMERICAN PRIVLEDGE OVER THE REST OF THE WORLD’S TYRANNY. Ask Piers Morgan who bailed out the Brits when Hitler reared his ugly head.It was the US SUPPLYING GUNS TO THEM ,Well guess who FDR CHOSE TO ORGANIZE THAT.HELLO PIERS, THE NRA WAS CHOSEN TO ORGANIZE FIREARMS LEND LEASE.That idiot wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the NRA, Oh but I’m way off base ,cause Liberals don’t like facts it confuses them.

  23. I guess I’m proud for having spent so much money on things that will at least hold their value if not go up in value over the years.

    Pride in owning a thing strikes me as queer. Making it, designing it, using it, maybe. But simply owning it? Any fool can own a thing.

    I wonder if it took 6, 9, 12 months for that criminal to own the suppressor in the MAIG pic.

  24. I’m proud to be a gun owner, avid shooter, and a gun rights activist. I am not proud of our President, VP, or the majority of the politicians “running” this once great nation.

  25. lets see
    1. Because im American
    2. I am, can, & should be
    3. The firearms industry and community are by far the greatest group of ppl there is

  26. I’ve always been something of an “absent-minded professor type.” Until the first time I tried shooting and had a loaded gun put in my hand. Nothing enforces mental discipline like a loaded gun.

    And while I enjoyed shooting that first time, I still believed the propaganda I’d been fed growing up that “guns were bad.” But I was interested in the sport enough to start doing my own research.

    So I’m proud that I had the intellectual honesty to discover the truth about firearms, had the tenacity to go through the year-long process to get a pistol permit in my repressive state/county, and developed the mental focus to handle my firearms safely and responsibly.

    I’m also proud that since firearm ownership is a diffuse deterrent, my guns are helping to protect my neighbors from “hot” burglaries and the like. Even the anti-gun weenies my community is full of.

    Now I’m proud to be a member of a community of truly amazing people who are still willing to stand up and fight for their natural rights.

  27. I am proud to have guns for:
    1 family protection
    2 hunting dangerous and delicious animals, and
    3 keeping the king of England out of my face.

    Quote from Krusty the Clown (the Simpsons, 11/02/1997)

  28. Yes I am!
    I also have several screwdrivers, vice-grips and many corded and cordless drills.
    Oh yeah and some hammers, radial arm saw………..

  29. 1: It’s an opportunity for me to live my life more responsibly.
    2: I believe in exercising my rights.
    3: Because I can.

  30. It took me a while to figure out exactly how to word my response, and I’m still not sure I have it right…

    For me, owning firearms isn’t something to be prideful about. It’s a burden. A burden so great that a lot of people would rather not deal with the hassle (and unfortunately attempt to fix it so that NO ONE has the ability to deal with the hassle). A burden that I, and many others, gladly accept for reasons that I will get to.

    The way I see it, the burden of owning firearms is twofold: monetary burden and psychological burden.

    Firearms are expensive. Ammunition is expensive. Training is expensive. Training is expensive. Licensing is expensive (where necessary).

    And then, once the money is spent to own a firearm the psychological burden kicks in. You have, in your personal possession, a device more than capable of taking the life of a human being. A firearms owner must, at all times, be aware of this capability and take measures to ensure that such a thing NEVER happens unintentionally and they are prepared to deal with the psychological turmoil that follows when it happens intentionally.

    This is not a burden that I take lightly, and I imagine there are a lot of similar opinions. But it is a burden that I gladly accept BECAUSE of pride.

    Margaret Thatcher once said “Europe was founded by history. America was founded by philosophy.” At the core of that philosophy is the principle that all men are free and must have the means to maintain that freedom. It’s a core principle that countless Americans have laid down their lives to protect. It is pride IN THEM that makes me a firearms owner. It is pride in the burden THEY take on to protect my freedom, the freedom of someone they have never met, that makes me a firearms owner.

    While owning firearms, maintaining proficiency with them, and keeping them safe IS a burden it is nothing compared to the burden taken up by those men and women.

    The very LEAST I can do is take up the burden to maintain the freedoms that they secured.

    Like I said, I’m not sure that all came out correctly, but I think it makes my point. And unless anyone minds, I’d like to get back to my normal snark….

  31. I’m proud to be a gun owner because it demonstrates and facilitates my commitment to providing for not only my own defense, but also that of my loved ones and all of society.

    My guns, along with so many others make a proud statement:

    I will not be a victim; I will not oblige someone else to provide for my defense but will instead assist in providing for theirs.

    I will not submit to criminality or allow evil men to rule the day.

    I will not tolerate tyrants nor allow myself or others to be subjugated by them.

    I wield not only a weapon, but the responsibility, commitment and conviction to use it only and always as a force for good.

    I’m not proud in the way of being boastful or cocksure. I’m proud of the decisions I’ve made and stances I’ve taken and what these reflect about my character and what they mean not only in the abstract but in very real ways to those I love and those for whose security and liberty I bear responsibility.

  32. I agree with the person(s) who stated that pride was the wrong word to use. It puts gun owners in a class of those pompous people. It is my right to use a gun, God given or otherwise. First, It is used to put food on my table, to supplement what the stores do not carry or refuse to carry. Second, it is a means for defense; in my home, I am fortunate to live in an area where response times are near the 20 minute mark (not good enough for me) and I conceal carry, because some young person may get bored. Finally, my government, my glorious government, who keeps telling me to trust them, keeps lying to us. A sign of Tyranny. I own guns mostly because I still can. I voice my opinion for the same reason.

  33. Pride… goeth before the fall.

    Nay, I am proud to be an American. And proud of American Traditions, and the American way of life. And the American way of war. You mess with us, you messed with the wrong country bud. We offer the olive branch, or a fist full of arrows. Take your pick.

    As an American, I _am_ proud to continue the tradition of my forefathers who fought and died for me and my countrymen and won for my generation the freedom and strength to continue defending the US Constitution from its enemies, foreign and domestic. The gun grabbers are domestic enemies of the USC 2A.

    To honor those who have sacrificed their lives for our Freedom, I carry on a basic American tradition. It is an honor to keep and bear firearms safely and responsibly. To reload safely, and to shoot accurately. A tradition I pass on to the next generation, that they may acquire education, responsibility and self control.

    Eternal freedom demands eternal vigilance, against rain that may rust iron or dampen powder, and against ignorance and politicians. But I repeat myself.

  34. I’m not. I’m not proud to be a gun owner. I’m not proud to be a car owner. I’m not proud to be a refrigerator owner. I own guns. I own a car. I own a refrigerator. I’m not proud of any of them. They are possessions I paid money for because they are useful.


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