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No one escapes the unblinking eye of Especially someone as currently notable as George Zimmerman on a Kel Tec factory tour to see where his PF-9 — the one the Justice Department doesn’t want returned to him — was crafted. No word as to whether the Tec-ies presented him with a new walking around piece or not.

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  1. I’m simultaneously kinda shocked and yet grinning like an idiot at this story. All I can say is…

    “NOOOOOO! Don’t do it George! Don’t buy a KSG!”

      • Ha I think that may have been the joke. Ive only ever seen one in person and it was on consignement at a local gun shop for 2X the actual retail price.

        • Funny story, I walked into my favorite fun store the other day, and they had both a PMR 30 and a NIB KSG. Are they really that hard to find? (The KSG was 1.5 times MSRP, but they said they paid over 1K for it, too.)

    • And looking pretty trim. While George may be thankful that the Kel-Tec worked when he needed it, was it is first choice or what he could afford? And technically nice as they might be, not all of us care for Glocks as a personal weapon. Neither they nor the Beretta 92F or its Taurus equivalent work in my hand and I personally (horrors) find the 1911’s very difficult to shoot.

      I understand everybody’s passion for what they like, but since he now has so many people offering him a free gun, let’s let him decide what’s best for his own purposes, ‘k?

  2. Talk about incendiary. How about making George the main Spokesperson for Kel Tec? They can parade him around to all the gun shows!

    • If I were on trial for murder and spent the year leading up to the trial worrying and in hiding, I’d probably either lose a whole lot of weight or gain a whole lot of weight.

    • Story was he put on a LOT of weight between Trayyyyyyyvon assuming room temp the kangaroo court proceedings. Was a scrawny little white-hispanic at the the time the big gangbanning dopper was beating on him.

  3. Not sure why he is at the factory to buy a shotgun or research the legality thereof. Kel-Tec doesn’t sell firearms. There are plenty of KSGs available on Gunbroker from $1,200 up.

    Me thinks that he just wanted to schmooze. It is my understanding that he has a chunk of change from the Buckeye Firearms Association that he can only use for personal defense related needs.

    Carry on George.

    • Are you saying you wouldn’t take a Keltec factory tour if it was offered to you?

      I don’t understand the negative sentiment.

      • Heck I would jump on the chance to tour almost any factory, I’m one of the only people I know who remains completely riveted to episodes of How It’s Made. Chain was probably my favorite.

      • I don’t understand why he would be “researching the legality of shotguns”. Must be too much space in the spacecoaster.

      • No negativity coming from me on this one. I am merely questioning the “reason” that TMZ gave for the visit. I would love to take a tour of Kel-Tec’s shop. But, I certainly wouldn’t go there to inquire about the “legality of buying a shotgun”. And those are the exact words from the linked TMZ article. Just like I wouldn’t go tour the Taurus factory in Miami to find out if it is legal for me to buy a TCP.

        I am happy for George. It is nice to see him smiling and having a good time after the hell that he has been put through. I also wish that I had a spare $1,200 to buy myself a KSG.

    • “Kel-Tec doesn’t sell firearms.”

      Indeed. They seem to be a company that exclusively produces cleverly-designed, very ugly test guns for reviewers, but are chronically unable to supply actual firearms for purchase by consumers. It’s a unique business model, for sure.

  4. Man, that’s bold. Facing a federal civil rights prosocution GZ shows himself beaming from ear to ear while he selects his next death machine. You can bet that if he goes to trial the feds will show this photo to the jury.

      • If I was the fed trying GZ I would. And I would show the jury this picture and how happy GZ looks amongst the machinery of death. Flowery enough for you?

        • Pat, while I give you an “A” for idealism, you get an “F” for realism.

          If he’s lucky, he won’t be jailed on some specious charge.

        • V, they really don’t have anything on him, while he has a hell of a lot against certain news companies for editing tape which smeared his good name.
          You may be correct in that I should not underestimate the evil that these libtards can and will do.

    • They can’t say it is any sort of incriminating to shake hands with a man who makes an honest living. I mean that makes no sense and I imagine if they went that route against him in court Kel-Tec would be offering a sizable amount to GZ’s defense on principle to defend themselves and firearms manufacturers by proxy.

      So let them try.

    • I highly doubt they will get a federal civil rights violation . . . . the Justice Dept has said as much. They have no case, and even they know that a judge will slap them with sanctions if they bring such BS in a suit. Unless they can prove that George had some state-sponsored authority, then they have to make him a racial zealot. They got nothing. If anything, if I was his attorney, I wouldn’t be too worried for him there. Maybe a civil suit, but clearly no further criminal jeopardy

  5. Can we get some clarification as to when this photo was taken?

    Most are acting like this was a recent photo, but I’m positive this photo would have been taken before the the incident in which George has gained his notoriety. Zimmerman is about 60lbs slimmer in this photo than at his trial, which I would think is extremely difficult and unhealthy to lose in such a short amount of time. Zimmerman also has a shaved head, similar to photo’s of him before, and right after the shooting. Considering the amount of attention from the media and death threats he is getting, I sure Zimmerman would change his appearance so he wouldn’t be as recognizable. Considering that there’s possible federal charges being brought against him, I’m sure he wouldn’t be so stupid as to go tour the factory that made the gun he shot shot someone with, also very unlikely that Kel-tec would want him visiting either considering the bad P.R. it would generate.

  6. A “GZ” signature 9mm in an ankle holster might be a good back up rig. 🙂

    I got to shoot a KSR last weekend at the local 3G match. Kind of different but it worked and handled well.
    It ran just fine all day long. You really need to keep your fingers away from the muzzle on that beastie though.
    It was obtained by a straight across trade for an M1A squad Scout. I don’t think I would have made that trade!

  7. Looks like he’s lost quite a bit of weight too.

    If they did a zimmerman signature edition, you would be well advised not to touch that with a ten foot pole. If you were involved in a DGU, I can hear the prosecution now

  8. Got to love the ballsiness on both GZ and Keltec with this pic.

    I don’t see how this can be an old pic because I doubt Keltec opensz their doors to anybody passing by.
    Guess it’s possible he had a friend on the line.

    I’m wagering it’s fresh.

    • Don’t know how fresh the photo is, but you are right about Kel-Tec opening their doors. From the Kel-Tec website FAQ at

      Can I stop by the factory and get a tour, or test fire some Kel-Tec firearms?
      No. Kel-Tec does not offer tours and does not allow customers to shoot at the factory range. Special arrangements can sometimes be made for Military, Law enforcement, or Educational purposes only.

  9. Fresh from Kel-Tec’s official Facebook page, for those of you who abstain from such social sites…

    Facebook Fans and Concerned Media. As many of you know we have long said that we would not allow postings on our site about the Zimmerman case. However, due to recent events involving a leaked photo and some mis-guided information to TMZ by someone not associated with our company, we would like to make this public statement as an official response from management. This will be all we have to say about this incident, case and situation.

    Fans, Customers and Members of the Media:
    This is Kel-Tec’s official statement concerning this leaked bit of information by someone unassociated with Kel-Tec.

    George Zimmerman showed up at Kel-Tec’s plant on Thursday of this week. He simply wanted to see the manufacturing facility. This is a common occurrence with our customer base that live close by or may be traveling through. From time-to-time we have customers or dealers stop in and inquire about our products and manufacturing capabilities.

    As a company, Kel-Tec follows the industry standard two-step distribution process. Kel-Tec’s products are sold to distributors in large quantity. Those distributors, in turn, sell to local dealers who then sell to the general public once all background checks and paperwork is cleared per their individual state’s laws. The Kel-Tec KSG is one of the most desired products in the industry, and can be very difficult to acquire due to supply and demand. Many individuals like to come by the plant to actually see the product and how it is made.

    As far as the trial and Mr. Zimmerman’s association, we always mourn the loss of life. It has been Kel-Tec’s stance to not promote, discuss or try in any way to gain recognition or capitalize through a tragic event. Kel-Tec’s thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who’s lives were forever changed.


  10. I don’t see anything wrong with that–touring the factory of the gun manufacturer that saved your life.

    And TMZ is the worst source for anything. Have you seen their show? Like a bunch of school children…

    • According to them, it’s “entertainment”. In other words, a mindless vehicle for ad money. It should be called Mind Candy.


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