“Given his history, you wouldn’t think Chris Brown would want to associate himself with violence and destruction,” eonline.com opines. Au contraire! I would think Mr. Brown would want to associate himself with ballistic machismo. But what do I know? From my tribal POV, the singer and his posse did a decent job in the “seemingly trying to look like stereotypical Arab terrorists” department. As for the headline—Chris Brown Attends Rihanna’s Halloween Bash Dressed as Terrorist With Turban, Assault Rifle—-I guess plain old “rifle” doesn’t cut it no ‘mo. And judging from the comments underneath the e-online-linked Instagram photo (which looks nothing like Chris Brown), a lot of folks reckon Chris’ shtick lacks a certain PC quality. Shame. I thought Paris Hilton’s Honey Boo-Boo costume was way more offensive, on all sorts of levels.


  1. Idiotic behavior from an idiot = predictable. I mean, the guy beats up women… you expect him to be classy?

    The real sad part of his ongoing waste of a life is that Rihanna still chooses to date this creep.

    I plan on raising my daughter to be smarter.

  2. They look like characters from an 1980s music video by the group ‘Frankie goes to Hollywood’. In the video, Regan and a Soviet PM start fighting in the ring and later all the nations of the world that were watching and betting get into the fight too and the world goes to war.


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