OMG! A White Kid With Two Toy Guns! OMG!

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Former actress Mia Farrow called out Disney over posters of its “Home Alone” reboot featuring a “white, male kid” holding two toy guns.

“In the age of mass shootings in schools-why two huge guns?” she tweeted on Wednesday alongside an image of the poster. “WHY???”

Farrow said “surely” Disney could have found “a more positive image” than “a white, male kid carrying 2 huge guns,” in a second follow-up tweet about the poster. “Really @Disney?” she added.

— Alec Schemmel in Hollywood anti-gun activist mad over movie poster featuring ‘white male kid’ with toy guns


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  1. Wait. Did she just assume someone’s gender? She was very specific about why it was bad.
    White – bad
    Male – bad
    Huge – bad (not guns, but huge guns)

    Why hasn’t twitter banned this hate speech?

    • Agreed – why does Farrow get a bye on what is literally a racist statement? If she substituted and other skin color on the first or female or LBGT in the second, woke Twitter folks would be lighting up responses calling for her to be shunned.

      • Well, she was stupid enough to marry Woody Allen, so maybe she gets a pass. Can’t expect much from her…

    • OMG. Seriously! Ha ha ha .What about the nerf gun commercial on T.V.? And damn if she really wants to go woke how about the soap opera general hospistol ( hospital ) as I call it. Almost more guns and and almost as many shooting as NCIS. Almost everyone on there has been shot or bombed or both. And yes I watch it occasionally because my better half is hooked on it. She is always asking me come tell her what kinda of gun someone is gripping.

  2. Yep, heaven forbid white kids have toy guns but give real ones to non-white kids and there is no problem.

    • The disgruntled no wood-y mia farrow hasn’t seen a “gun” in 30 or more years. And if she has it was probably out of ammo. Out of nowhere she has a cow over a kid’s toy. Such disgusting drama over a toy is a sign of a child abusing dictator. Crawl back under your rock mia and stay there.

        • Oscar Wilde was famous for saying: ” The only thing worse than being talked about. Is Not being talked about. At All”. As a washed up has been Hollywood Dinosaur she just tying to be Relevant Again.

    • I don’t know, that one looks like it shoots billiard balls. One of those hits you in the throat at 100fps I don’t think you’d consider it a toy.

      • more probably closer to ball pit balls printed as pocket pool balls (aren’t billiards unnumbered?).
        but lobbing billiard balls would be hysterical. we need a review here. i’ll just say, it’s gonna need the stronger wolff spring upgrade.

      • Of all the things that could happen, I never thought about the odds of getting hit in the throat with a billiard ball from a toy gun in the hands of a white male 10 year old. Looks like that suit of armour is needed now that this new threat has emerged, finally, now I have an excuse to use it.

      • Gov, you’re right. I saw a two on one bar fight years ago. I don’t know if the one was pitching 100 mph, but when those pool balls started flying the two started looking for the door.

      • Watched the film with my family and one of the adults, (notice I don’t say bad guys because they aren’t really villains,) takes multiple pool balls to the head. Doesn’t kill him somehow, but there’s number of nasty welts to the temple after that.

    • We loved our cap guns growing up!
      Endless games of Cowboys and Indians
      Girls were addicted to games of Jacks and Barbie Dolls but sometimes when bored, we would play Cowboy and Indians. BTW, some of us refused to be the Indians, we chose to be Cowgirls

    • No, her career preceded her in death, and who cares what a washed-up Hollywood child collector thinks ? As three of her fourteen kids are no longer on this Eartlhy plane, I guess that disqualifies her as an expert on the subject.

  3. Pearls? Clutched.
    Flabber? Gasted.
    Mood? Triggered.
    I suppose this is the regular reaction to EVERYTHING for some people. Sigh.

  4. Mia Farrow was cucked by Woody Allen, the latter sleeping with their adopted daughter. Hollywood is rife with perversion and hypocrisy.

    • … and Liam Neeson, Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, etc. that HATE guns , but continue to take roles in movies that heavily feature firearms, usually being falsely portrayed and misused… typical hypocrites.

    • I don’t see anything that qualifies as a gun old harpy. You COULD scream how bad this soulless remake is. Whatever…

      • Jamesy, I think Fonda does both. The only ones who might listen, are fellow liberals, and those squawking heads on “The View”. Or whatever the hell that woman’s, talk show is called. The one with Whoopie Goldberg & all the rest of them…

  5. The continued attempt at sissification of white males. They are attacking the sexes and trying to pull out all the stops of blurring the lines of what gender really means. The ultimate goal is to destroy the nuclear family so they can continue to indoctrinate young people into their Marxist ideology and have the “Great Father” government influence their every move. Depopulate and dominate all compliant sheeple and have them available to burn down cities for those who choose to resist them. It’s an evil plan and strategy that most are now choosing to ignore.

    • Wild to think this theory was beyond outlandish 20 years ago, tinfoil territory 10 years ago, fringe weirdo 5 years ago and basically day to day currently.

    • She reallyWOULD lose it if whe ever saw my young friend, eleven years old, grinning ear to ear on Christmas morning as he unwraps his brand new )to him) CMP M1 Garand. The the few minutes drive to their local shooing range, where he HAD to try it out for the first time. That next summer he was 12, and KNEW how to use that thing. The next year the gun club’s rifle competition team asked him to join them.. their normal age minimum was 8, but he was barely 14. He became part of the team and shot very well at many of their matches. The men on the team were ipressed with his safety, marskmanship, and overall great character. He coulnd and did outshoot most of the seasoned long time serious comepetitioinguys, and did so at the matches they attended.

      Mia would be borderline apopleptic at the sight of this “kid” with his GUN. And I say let her weep and wail and gnash her plstic teeth. THIS young man will not be bowled over by all her ysterics. Or anyone else’s.

    • She’s just reacting to specific stimuli exactly how she’s been trained to react. Using twitter gives her positive reinforcement.

  6. “Farrow said “surely” Disney could have found “a more positive image” than “a white, male kid carrying 2 huge guns,”…


    You mean like a black, male kid carrying 2 huge guns – or maybe an Hispanic, male kid carrying 2 huge guns – …

    White kids can’t be a positive image?

    Hey Farrow, racists much?

    • she’s from hollywood, so i assume making a child hold a 3rd, and maybe 4th, gun with something other than a hand would be perfectly acceptable to her

      • While my first thought was a shoulder cannon like in the predator I could see your suggestion gaining more steam in hollyweird, pardon me I need to acquire some brain bleach.

  7. The pool ball gun is a deadly weapon, if it werent a fictional device that could not work as illustrated.

  8. I figured they’d love that kid since in the movie he’s the villain. Some jerky euro-fatty knob who steals a thing and proceeds to torture the owners as they attempt to retrieve it.

    • I wondered why they didn’t switch out the male hero for a female hero which Disney and Hollywood love to do.

  9. Disney is going backward. The orginal Home Along promotional material included the boy using a lethal weapon. A BB or pelet gun.
    In the original films the little boy carried a lethal weapon. A BB gun or pellet gun is a deadly weapon. People use them to kill all the time. In fact he shoots one of the burglars in the face with his BB gun.

    So now Hollywood can’t have a child using a deadly weapon to defend himself against home Invaders. Something that many children have done recently. Only some of them are using real firearms. And have shot these invaders. Good kids with guns save lives.
    Mostly their own.

    • A major reason why I deeply oppose “safe storage” laws that take away any consideration of the parents trust in their child’s maturity. But criminals don’t like armed victims.

      • Safe storage laws are a violation of parent’s rights. The “gun Community” talks big sh!t about introducing children to firearms. But they don’t talk about the rights of parents who have trained and disciplined their children, and who believe their kids can have access to guns when they are not at home.

        The Democrats want to get into your children’s bedroom. The Left wants to get into your children’s bedroom. This is what the Virginia election was all about. The Democrats want you out of your child’s education. Whether it’s about guns or anything else.

  10. If Mia would peruse the FBI Supplementary Homicide Reports, she would discover that most perpetrators of multiple victim, gun homicides are Black males. The media refuses to publicize and sensationalize mass murders of gang bangers and drug dealers or buyers because they know that it was a Black finger on the trigger.

  11. Mia Farrow, the irrelevant actress willing to remove her false teeth for a part just wants a little attention.

    • Wait she was an actress and not just another irrelevant Twitter user?…….. Well my opinion of her just went down a bit.

  12. fyi
    The 1962 Disney film entitled “Big Red”. Starred Walter Pidgeon and a child actor around 14 years old. This boy carried a rifle in the film while hunting in the woods. Disney does not make the same kind of movies anymore. In fact there are several scenes of this boy carrying the rifle alone. The film is about maturity and being responsible.

  13. A bit off topic but supposedly that new reboot/sequel Home Alone movie was really REALLY bad. None of the charm of the original and the kid in question basically just torments two homeless people that the kid himself stole from.

  14. The Left gets upset over water guns. Yet there is photo of obama on the Internet running next to a pool with a Super Soaker playing with his rent-a-kids

  15. Reading through these comments, I can only imagine how freaked out Mia Farrow would get if she saw a kid throwing a lawn dart at his brother or sister outside. Or-God forbid-saw a kid playing with a cap gun. Heck, my thumb and forefinger worked pretty well as a gun back in the day-ha ha ha. But I suppose I better not give the leftists any more to complain about.

  16. The irony is that support by Hollywood liberals actually hurts Democrat politicians since the public for the most part despises these hypocrites. So they can continue to spread their drivel since it has an effect opposite to what is intended. Especially this decrepit, racist foreigner.

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