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I own a Westernfield .22 LR that was ordered through the Sears Roebuck catalog and mailed directly to the original purchaser’s home. No serial number, either, as it’s pre-1968 and serializing firearms wasn’t required pre-Gun Control Act. So, sure, mail ’em out!


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  1. We had guns that came by usps from different catalogs. I bought guns at yard sales when I was 12-13 with no adults along. When I went to high school the student parking lot was full of pick ups with gun racks. many had shotguns and rifles in them. A teacher brought a pistol to school so that i could do a demonstration of safe gun handling in the 8th grade. Nobody got shot.

    It is an absolute lie that having guns available causes violence.

    • I can’t help it if your getting OLD. along time ago humans could drink water out of a river .
      What used to be, and what is now ,only amounts too, we’ve live’d to long.

      • Righteeoh. When Cain had violence andmurder in HIS heart, he did not wait about for milennia for someone to invent the handgun, did he? Nope. First being determined to murder his brother, it did not take him long to find a means. That “means” or “tool” is so insignificant there is not even a record of what he used. The signfficant part is that he found SOMETHING and ended his brother’s life. The tool he used was not condemned, prhibited, registered, confiscated , licensed, taxed, no waiting period, and the source of it never faced any risk of legal action for having made/provided/transported it accross state lines.

        • It was a rock, he bashed his head in with a rock

          . And then, “We”, observe, another example of the human species. Its violence, and the ease of it being manipultatble.
          Ohh lawdy lawdy, , ,ohh lawdy lawdy ,
          Dont want no cousin,
          Devil man.

        • Yes, basically we’re still throwing rocks at each other. We just found better methods to do it with. Way faster these days though.

        • Humans are just one phuked up species! At this point in our evolution we seem to be regressing instead of progressing! God help this next generation.

      • Without the benefits of modern sanitation, you can get some nasty stuff from seemingly clean water. Cholera, dysentery, various parasites…

        For most of human history, alcohol has been safer to drink than water. 🙂

    • Since that time, guns have naturally evolved. Guns can now open safes, load magazines or cylinders, and walk out of the house with no assistance from us humans at all. They can even drive cars and do drive by shootings! That’s what the media tells me, anyways.

    • I’m in my 50s and have a few uncle’s that used to bring shotguns and shells to school. These items were stored in the classroom coat closet. They used to hunt on the way home, sometimes with their teacher.
      An older co-worker of mine back in the ’90s told me he flew several times during the 1960s with a double-barrelled break shotgun as a carry-on item.
      Guns have never been the problem.

  2. That’s actually the one meme’s that’s triggered my humor bone.
    What a rebuttal + double +.
    Yee Yee.

  3. I’ve had a number of people tell me downunder how “easy” it is to buy guns and how it needs to be made harder. When pressed for details they either don’t know the process at all or only know the process from pre-Port Arthur.

    They are actually surprised how the modern process works, and how buying guns is not an impulsive purchase but a long term planned process

    • Don’t you have different permit processes for various classes of firearms with each purchase? I remember hearing it is a involved and drawn out process but never got to looking into it.

  4. Friend of mine was visitng his friends in rural British Columbia. They were mucking about in the kitchen putting tome tucker togethere, my friend ws asked to grab a chef’s knife for his host. “in the drawer over there”. He wlaked ove,r opened the top one, noknoves, but there was an apparenlt loaded Glock .40 aying there on its side, raadu to take up and go to work should the need arise. His host saw the astonshed look on his face, and said “try the next drawer down”. KNives were in that drawer, ont quite as accessible as GLocks.
    Life went on. For those not realising this handguns were al but impossible to possess in Canada during those years. The matter was not elaborated upon. Life went on…..

  5. I recall the principal of my junior high school walking in the front door of the school with his deer rifle so he could hunt immediately after dismissal.

    A by-gone world.

    • I have uncles who brought firearms to school. Would sometimes hunt with their teachers.
      I worked for a defense contractor in College Point, Queens NY back in the ’80. One Saturday each month several of us would go to the range on Long Island after working some overtime on Saturday. It was common to see firearms on desks/benches getting lubricated/function checked at lunchtime on these range days. Even stuff like full-auto HK-91s were a common sight.

  6. Responding to a magazine advert, my high school friend ordered a surplus M-1 carbine for $20. A few weeks later, the neighborhood postman delivered to his door a fully functional 30 cal war veteran along with a couple of boxes of FMJ. That weekend we loaded the car for a trip to the local shooting quarry. The year was 1966. The place was the Twilight Zone — or at least it feels that way now.

    • We used to shoot at a quarry near Jackson NJ in the late ’80s. It was within earshot of a main road and LE would usually show up.
      Some of the officers would actually shoot with us once they got to know our group.
      A different time, only three decades ago.

  7. Well, my first CMP Garand came via the postman, so did the M-1D I got in the lottery during the Clinton debacle.

    My long-departed old man talked about selling Christmas cards when he was little. A kid would send in an order and when he sent back the money from selling all the cards, he was sent a Hamilton 27 in the mail. No parental permission- nothing. He lived to be 94…

    I’ve picked up perhaps a dozen of those things over the years, I’m betting most were a part of that sales promo program.

  8. Strangely though you have to show id, pass a background check, waiting period, with a nice paper trail left of your purchase, to get a gun, but progressives want no ID or verification for voters, it’s racist to request or verify the correct person is voting, but they are ok with similar “racist” requirements that would block someone from purchasing a firearm.

    You can do face to face transactions, but prohibited people are still not allowed to buy a gun this way, nor can you knowingly sell to a criminal. But criminals still break this law and either buy black market, borrow, straw purchase, or steal to get guns. Yep, they break the law, just like illegal/fraudulent voters.

    Also they want to be sure ex-convicts don’t lose their right to vote, but keep them permanently banned from owning a firearm even for non violent crimes.

    18 year olds can vote, but they went to prohibit anyone under 21 from being able to get a gun.

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