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“Tiffany Rent stood hunched over in pain outside a Far South Side courthouse Wednesday, tears streaming down her face as she worried about whether her unborn son had been harmed when a Chicago police officer shocked her with a stun gun the previous night.” Wow. Way to pull the heartstrings. The unembeddable video accompanying the Chicago Trib post on Ms. Rent’s shocking encounter with the Windy City po-po does nothing to confirm the reporter’s account of her residual post-TASER physical distress and much to suggest an impending lawsuit. While there’s nothing wrong with ensuring that law enforcement respects those whom it is sworn to serve and protect, Seattle Judge Barry G. Silverman put it best [via]: “There are only so many ways a person can be extracted from a vehicle against her will, and none of them is pretty. Fists, batons, chokeholds, tear gas and chemical spray all carry their own risks to suspects and officers alike.”

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  1. Don’t care, have them continue talking to her for another half hour to get her out of her car or however long it takes. Violence should generally be a last resort, more so when when the person in question is obviously pregnant. IMHO tasers are used far too much anyway. Less lethal and as a more humane replacement for whacking someone with a baton they appear to be used a lot in cases where batons would not be used merely for the convenience of the officers these days.

    • While I agree that in some cases cops have a tendency to taze before thinking… If the police version of the story is true there is no way the cop could have talked to her for another 30 minutes, they claim she put her hand on the shifter and was attempting to drive away.

      • So the split second decision is whether to apply the taser which kills far fewer people than police pursuits. I think that is pretty obvious if she is about to lead them on a vehicle pursuit. She also doesn’t look like a small girl. I doubt a dozen police officers could dislodge her from a tight space like a car.

        • That’s similar to what I was thinking, even in her version of events she admits she was attempting to roll the window up. So if the cop wants her out of the car and doesn’t want her driving off, his options may have been limited. Would the story have been better if he shot out her tires as she sped out of the parking lot away from the officer?

        • Shooting out tires in some jurisdictions is tantamount to deadly force, so no. His options were limited. What would be worse is OC. Just imagine a fleeing suspect who is impaired from OC/CS. So what exactly do the officers do? There is no way you can “wait and talk” as some have suggested if the suspect is about to flee.

  2. Just from reading the post…

    This woman is the only one to blame!!! She was defiant and unreapectful to an authority figure. She knew she was pregnant so she should have complied immediatly when warned. I get so sick of how people think they are above the law. This should not be a case at all. Stand up and take responsibility for your own stupidity lady (though she sure wasn’t acting like one). I do sure hope nothing happened to the baby, but if anything did she is to blame and should be charged!

    • Yes, tasing parking “violators” and “litterers” is the absolute appropriate response in this police state I love. How dare she disrespect the authority of the praetorian class? She’s should consider herself lucky they didn’t just execute her “harming no one.” I can’t wait to lick the boots of the next enforcer I see.

      • Right or wrong, it usually doesn’t pay to pick a fight with the police. You would think that a pregnant woman, if at all concerned for the well being of her child, would consider this fact prior to resisting arrest.

        • It’s a sad state of affairs when a pregnant woman has more balls than “freedom loving” gun owners. The police are the one’s picking the fight. They’re the bully on the playground trying to take our lunch money. If we just roll onto our backs and piss on our bellies, they’ll never stop. Have some self-respect.

        • “Right or wrong, it usually doesn’t pay to pick a fight with the police.”

          It’s amazing some people just don’t get it.

        • sure it’s not good to get into it with the cops but if the cops just insist on never backing down, no matter what, even with a woman who is eight months pregnant, and over littering or parking, then it’s just that cops are psychopaths. what would have been the harm in backing down and letting her go? a fad of women getting pregnant just to get away with a with mouthing off to a cop.

        • So I guess you can just park anywhere and litter whenever you please as long as you are pregnant? If she didn’t like it then don’t park illegally or litter. It’s simple. If there is no enforcement, then there we end up with something awesome like the filthy streets of West Africa. It’s one thing to respect individual liberties, but that liberty ends where someone else’s begins.

        • Tell that to the Warsaw kids who spanked the better equipped, organized, and more numerous Nazis for almost a month before being wiped out or dragged to the camps.

      • So if she had her hand on the shifter, I would argue she is about to lead them on a vehicle pursuit which endangers even more people. Try pulling an obese person out of a car. It’s next to impossible without extrication gear. Now compound this with someone not wanting to get out of the car.

        • Boy, the victim cards are flying as thick as bullets today. So tired of this victim mentality. Park in the non-handicapped spots where the rest of us non-victims park and none of this would have happened.

        • Caffeinated, it’s not worth reasoning with many of these posters who judge police actions. Many have already decided that any police action against a pregnant person is the working of a psychopath. According to them, only guns are deadly weapons, and cars driven by imbeciles are perfectly safe.

        • Accur that is a gross misunderstanding of how his actions were wrong. She may have been wrong, but that did not make him right. The propensity for a cop to jump to force “just in case” when no threat is apparent is abhorrent and always has been. If such a standard of behavior were applied to all professions, civil society would cease to exist because nobody would be able to interact with anyone else. We’re talking about professional standards here, just because it was acceptable to hose down a street full of black people back in the day because they *might* get unruly doesn’t make it right for every cop that doesn’t receive a kowtow immediately upon citizen contact to start with the suspicious eyebrow and move to unsnap for a quick draw. We understand their job is dangerous, but having a job is something you do voluntarily. If you think every individual you see is dangerous just because you are a cop, YOU are the dangerous one.

      • Part of effective self defense is carefully selecting the when, where, and how to escalate a situation. This carries over into “disrespect[ing] the authority of the praetorian class” as well.

        First let’s examine the where; Chicago. Now, it is safe to assume she is from Chicago, but doesn’t matter since everyone knows the reputation of the Chicago “praetorian class” as more local government backed group of thugs than servants of the public. This Knowledge alone means the best course is to play along and seek other avenues to fight back later (Chicago’s equally corrupt Court system, the press, etc). The last thing you want to do when unarmed is aggravate an armed thug who is leaving.

        Now the how. Ripping up a ticket and throwing it at the issuing popo is dumb dumb dumb! Adding swearing does not make it any wiser either. The copy of the ticket you get is to protect you, ripping it up does not make it go away. It just means you lose the ability to easily resolve it meaning more unpleasant dealings with either the courts or the popo sooner or later, sometimes much sooner (as was the case here). I have never heard of the tactic of ripping up a ticket and throwing it at the popo working out well for the individual who chooses to employ it. Best case is nothing else happens, worst cases includes getting tazed and winding up in lockup for the night. I think it is fairly safe to say that not once has the cop said “you know what, you are right, I will destroy the ticket on my end too” after being the recipient of such a tactic. It is less effective than throwing your loaded gun at the guy coming at you with a knife.

        And finally the when. Well, when you are eight months pregnant, unarmed, and alone is not a good time to escalate a confrontation with an armed aggressor who is leaving; ever! Attempting to drive away just after being warned doing so will get you tazed is also less than tactically sound. This is doubly true when you are not even ready to drive away (car not in gear), and getting ready will make your intentions obvious and leave you vulnerable to the forewarned shock.

        So, I think it is safe to say she was acting stupidly. This was not the right time, place, or method for fighting against the “praetorian class”.

        • I agree with your assessment. However, whether or not it was prudent to resist the aggressor is not the point. The point is that it was the cop who was the aggressor, so deriding the victim for standing up for herself (even in the face of insurmountable odds) is the mark of a boot-liking statist or a spineless coward.

        • Only if she was standing up for what is right while standing up for herself, and that doesn’t appear to be the case here.

          She was not handicapped. Being pregnant does not automatically qualify someone as handicapped and therefore free to park in a handicapped spot. She was either acting as an elitist or an entitlement whore by parking in that spot so her not so pregnant husband/boyfriend/baby-daddy could run into the store. She deserved the initial ticket by every class’s standards except perhaps the elitist and entitlement-whore classes.

          She was not fighting the “praetorian class” because she saw herself as part of the repressed majority, she was fighting them because she felt she was a part of the elite minority and how dare they deride her for failure to act as the common folk.

          Had the parking space she was in been reserved for the elite minority only, then everything would be different. But Handicapped people are not the elite minority they are the disabled minority with no praetorian guards, who rely on the goodness and charity of the rest of us to simply get by.

          Therefore this case blurs the lines; a lot. She likely isn’t really part of the elite minority the praetorians serve based on her dress and actions. However, she clearly thinks she is. So while deriding her on the internet may well constitute cowardice, I disagree it makes anyone engaging in it a “boot-liking[sic] statist”.

      • She wasn’t tazed for the parking or littering violations. She was tazed because she attempted to leave AFTER the officer stated that if she did attempt to leave she would be tazed.

        • Which he never should have said unless her actions which prompted him to try to keep here there were egregious enough to warrant such action. Littering and parking poorly? I can see giving a tut-tut and some finger swiping a la second grade, but sorry, not an excuse for violence. It’s like if every helpdesk was allowed to hang up immediately as soon as I go one decibel higher, rather than having to wait for personal threats and extreme loudness to be able to end the call, cops are jumpy paranoid hair triggers. The second they detect perceived insolence in the subject it is time for violence and that cannot be questioned because their clothing and jewelry causes them to automatically have the moral high ground in any situation.

        • If a government that literally steals from the people under it’s rule by the threat and, often, use of lethal force under color of law doesn’t meet the definition of tyrannical, I don’t know what does.

        • “If a government that literally steals from the people under it’s rule by the threat and, often, use of lethal force under color of law doesn’t meet the definition of tyrannical, I don’t know what does.”

          No one was stealing from this woman, she was paying the price for her own stupid behaver. She broke a law knowingly and willingly. Seriously, are we all reading the same story here?

        • She may not have been right for not paying a measly parking ticket, but that does not make him right for tazing her. Just as the fact that W did bad things does not give O an excuse to do the same bad things. It is still wrong.

  3. Considering the fact that an extremely small electrical current travels superficially with the Taser, it is far less dangerous than the traditional baton which can often cause internal injuries as well. As much as you would like to talk someone out of a vehicle; it’s unrealistic to sit there for a whole day shooting the breeze without knowing if the subject is armed. It’s also difficult to tell whether someone is pregnant in the seated position.

    If you want to be dumb you’d better be tough.

  4. I read the linked piece and of course there was no investigative journalism into how tasering a pregnant woman might or does affect the unborn child or said another way fetus for other readers.

  5. I’ll bet her husband is angry. What do you mean there is no husband? No wonder she’s in trouble. Well, I guess my outdated, middle ages, bible thumper, Jesus freak, value system is not applicable to this situation. Or is it?

  6. In order for the police to resort to tasing her, she would have had to have been fighting physically, kicking, screaming, and resisting pretty damn hard.

    That’s just not something any innocent person should be doing… OR any sort of strenuous activity a pregnant person should be doing.

    Her fault, she deserved it, etc.

    • Did you read the article? The cops don’t imply she was doing anything more than massively resisting.

      “The situation plainly called for bold action, and Officer Juan M. Ornelas met the challenge by brandishing a Taser and asking Ms. Brooks if she knew what it was.

      She did not, but she told Officer Ornelas what she did know. “I have to go to the bathroom,” she said. “I am pregnant. I’m less than 60 days from having my baby.”

      The three men assessed the situation and conferred. “Well, don’t do it in her stomach,” one said. “Do it in her thigh.”

      Officer Ornelas twisted Ms. Brooks’s arm behind her back. A colleague, Officer Donald M. Jones, applied the Taser to Ms. Brooks’s left thigh, causing her to cry out and honk the car’s horn. A half-minute later, Officer Jones applied the Taser again, now to Ms. Brooks’s left arm. He waited six seconds before pressing it into her neck.

      Ms. Brooks fell over, and the officers dragged her into the street, laying her face down and cuffing her hands behind her back.”

        • Some of us don’t have a slave mentality. Some of us think that police shouldn’t have any special rights just because they put on a magic costume.

          Anyone who physically attacks a pregnant woman for littering or “failing to obey an order” deserves the same treatment that Nat Turner gave to slave drivers.

  7. I don’t feel too much sympathy for her. Did the cop overreact? Maybe, maybe not. Video footage of the event would help to clarify the situation better than the short description in the linked article. I also suspect that to make her side look better, she may be cleaning up her story a bit in the video.

    At the end of the day, I’d like to know why anyone in their right mind would find it a good idea to rip up a ticket right in front of a police officer and insult him, then attempt to drive away. It has nothing to do with licking any boots as Henry Bowman who posted above seems to think… But everything to do with just being a freakin’ decent citizen. I’ve gotten tickets before that I didn’t agree with, and I’ve fought most of them in court (without ripping anything up or cursing at the judge)… But I was polite and courteous when dealing with the officer, just as I am when I’m dealing with anyone throughout my day. Is it that hard? Really?

    • Couldn’t agree more. Licking boots, Gman, gubermit, state issued costume, ect. Just a few gems spit out by Henry and a few others on here. No wonder so many people think gun guys are crazy. Hell they might be right about most of us. There is a time to fight against real threats to liberty and a time to take your f*%king ticket and shut up. It doesn’t take much effort to be polite to someone, even while they write you a ticket. Being polite has even gotten me out of a few over the years. If you don’t like it, fight it in court. Starting a fight with the officer on scene is just stupid. I kinda wonder sometimes how many people on here have had real contact with police officers and how many have just watched The Sheild one to many times.

    • So an armed thug who has kidnapped you and is attempting to extort money out of you is due respect and courtesy?

      The only reason there is a difference between police and freelance criminals is because someone arbitrarily wrote words on paper and declared that it was “The Law.” Oh, and they have the guns and power to back it up.

      I agree with you that it would be more prudent to extricate yourself from the situation as quickly and painlessly as possible (especially given police tendancies towards sociopathy), but I will not fault someone for standing up for themselves in the face of unjust aggression.

      • By that same logic I could piss on your front door and blame you as the aggressor if you try to stop me or make me cleanup the mess I just made.

        • What? You pissing on my front door is a violation of my property. Do the police own all parking lots now or, at least, all handicapped spaces?

          Handicapped parking laws are federally mandated, therefore they are already a governmental violation of private property rights… however, lets say a business owner set up his own reserved spaces for handicapped people. The woman parking there, at the very most, has violated the business owners property rights. She should be asked to leave or to move and could be charged with a trespass if she refused. Even then, there is absolutely no reason to resort to a violent assault over something so trivial.

        • Municipalities are tasked with enforcing handicap parking violations and it typically happens when business and property owners complain about to local law enforcement. She should have just taken the ticket and contested it after the fact rather than becoming uncooperative and giving the impression she was going to flee. Just by not being a dick, this whole situation would have been avoided.

    • Just to let you know, but it is damned near impossible to fight a ticket here in Chicago. The last one I got was for not having a city sticker, the ticket I received was printed out from a computer, with a printed signature. I looked up the law and saw that the ticket had to be signed at the time of service. I argued this to the judge (who also acts as the prosecutor), and she said it didnt matter because the cop filed a officer attestation report 6 hours afterwards. The judge was unwilling to look up the law, or acknowledge that it had to be signed at the time of service. At the end, she handed me some papers which said that I argued that I put the city sticker in the wrong corner or my windshield. Jesus Christ I hate this city.

      • Yeah, I’ve heard a few horror stories over the years from some friends who fly up there a couple times a year on bussiness trips. Even if you loose in court, it still beats getting tasered. Think of it this way. Your’re getting a traffic ticket. You can iether….

        A- Take the ticket and be on your way. Fight it in court at a
        a later date. Maybe win or maybe lose. Worst case, you waste a few hours in court and still have to pay the original fine.

        B- Start a fight with the officer and get tasered. Spend the night in jail. Still have to pay the original fine plus possibly go to court for resisting arrest and anything else the police decide to throw on.

        I would personaly just rather take the ticket and go on my way.

  8. The woman shouldn’t have tried to evade arrest after doing something wrong. The blame lies solely on her.

    • Nonsense. The cop acted violently, and far out of proportion with what she had done. It is absolutely inexcusable to introduce violence into a non-violent situation. This cop deserves a bullet in the face.

        • That tears it. CitizenClark is the last straw. I don’t even know were to start, but I swear I’m starting my own site. The Truth About The Truth About Guns. I’ve had a gun in my hand since I was about 11 years old, and even I am starting to think the majority of gun owners are f&#king crazy a$$ inbred hillbillys with tin foil hats. This woman broke the law. She didn’t do it for some nobel just cause as Ralph implied by comparing her to Washington, she did it because she and her baby’s daddy are f*#&king lazy and inconsiderate A$$holes. She didn’t have a “slave mentality”. That’s your argument CitizenClark? She broke the f&$king law, and a easy law to follow at that. Don’t Park Here. Henry and quite a few others here are giving all gun owners a bad rep. Yes there are times when cops are complete d!cks. Then again there are plenty of doctors, lawers, store clerks, and such that are also d!cks. Most of the people her who have problems with law enforcement always feel the need to talk about the uniform or the badge or whatever. The truth is every officer is different. The problem is you only see a uniform and instantly go into attack mode. No matter what’s happening, the officer is always at fault and anyone in a uniform is automatically the enemy. It’s that us against them attitude that turns a simple traffic stop into someone being tasered or shot. Honestly, if you don’t understand that this woman broke the law, then escalated the situation by acting stupid, then got exactly what she deserved, there is nothing else I can say.

        • Tim,
          It seems as though you have deified “The Law.” I’m sorry, but it is not some all powerful, all knowing entity that must be blindly obeyed. It is our duty to question the law and to actively resist it where appropriate.

          I agree that the woman’s actions were imprudent, but that is only because most police are prone to exactly this type of behavior unless they recieve immediate, submissive compliance to every order they utter. Also, I doubt the woman’s motives were anything more than selfish, lazy inconsideration of others and she was not intending to act as a patriot railing against tyranny.

          However, we, as liberty loving patriots, should strive to view the situation for what it truly is: yet another overstep by a bloated, authoritarian government resulting in the physical tourture of a pregnant woman. Handicapped parking is a federally mandated “law.” At most, it should be an issue for private business owners to decide. Thus, she could have been polietly asked to move and charged with a trespass if she refused. There is absolutely no legitimate reason that she should have be violently assaulted for something so trivial.

          I don’t know about others, but that was my point in posting. I judge people by their actions, and doctors, lawyers, and store clerks may be dicks, but they don’t have guns and, more importantly, they don’t order you around and expect to be obeyed.

        • I’m not a hill billy, 100% Chicagoan, and for christs sakes, get it right, I have a tin foil top hat.

  9. “I’d like to know why anyone in their right mind would find it a good idea to rip up a ticket right in front of a police officer and insult him, then attempt to drive away. It has nothing to do with licking any boots as Henry Bowman who posted above seems to think…”

    Exactly. If you disagree with the police, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Both ways will eventually wind up in court, but only one of them will land you in a jail cell first.

    Police aren’t always right, but they aren’t generally inclined to take “no” for an answer, either.

    • “Police aren’t always right, but they aren’t generally inclined to take “no” for an answer, either.” That sir, is the useful perspective.

  10. Agree very much with 2wheels’s comments about people needing to be decent citizens; Henry Bowman obviously didnt read the article that Rob linked to the actual Chicago Tribune website and has some sort of misguided agenda against the police. It takes “balls” to take responsibility for you own actions/failures, that policeman gave her a ticket because she obviously messed up. Trying to run when he explicitly said not to was not smart at all.

  11. Toss her a few hundred thousand tax dollars and tell the Po-Po not to use devices on the special class of citizens any longer.

  12. Why was she parked in a handicap spot in the first place? It wasn’t even for her to go in, it was for her unpregnant husband/boyfreind/baby daddy to run in. So clearly she was of the mindset that she was more important than everyone else there including the actual handicapped people those spots are for.

    I am having a real hard time giving her the sympathy she is so obviously using her best acting skills to illicit from me.

    • How about this:
      Cops use taser on unruly self absorbed, entitled, pregnant woman who defies authority”

      • Three insults and a compliment right there.

        We should all defy authority. That’s our history and our right as Americans, and our obligation as human beings. There are “good” ways to do it, and bad ways, too. As a lawyer, I did things the “good” way, in court. But defying the Imperial State on the street is a recipe for instant death.

        • I doubt Ms. Rent knows how to respect any authority, but point taken. I’ve got a problem viewing her as a patriot when she throws a temper tantrum, curses at a cop, and then makes a move to drive away.
          She’ll make a model mother.

        • IMO, This is probably the best comment so far. I have absolutely no love for the police and have been harassed by Chicago PD before but you’re not going to get anywhere if you confront them on the street. The reality is they want to get on their merry way and harass someone else. If you want to violently take arms against the cops then be subtle about it or non-violently sue and take them to court. Ripping up a ticket, then insulting them, then acting indignant is stupid and they will treat you poorly.

    • So you’d rather them use their batons more often? Or their Guns? Or their OC Spray? Sometimes, LEO’s have to use force to gain compliance with lawful orders. Given that, what is the least intrusive force they can use? Tasers have a much better safety record (for the subject) than batons or firearms, and are much more effective then OC spray (so the likelihood of needing to use additional force is lower).

      So, given that LEO’s need to use force sometimes, and must be concerned for their own safety, Mike, what method of force application do you thing they should default to?

      This is not to say that abuse doesn’t exist, just that saying “LEOs are using x method of applying force too often” isn’t constructive unless you have some idea of what method you’d prefer to see used.

      Incidentally, I’d rather be tased then OC sprayed any day of the week; a tasing hurts, but then it’s over. OC takes about 2 days to get totally washed out of your pores.

  13. Let’s not forget that it all started because a lazy, inconsiderate person decided she was important enough to park in a handicapped spot, even though she exhibited no handicap placard. And she didn’t do it for herself, because she was pregnant and she didn’t want to walk very far, she did it while her fiance went inside. She was too lazy and inconsiderate to select a non-handicapped spot, or simply make a couple laps around the parking lot while he was inside.

    All her behavior after the ticket was written is just further example of the shitty entitled attitude she displayed in the action that started the whole mess.

  14. I am assuming that the parking ticket was for parking in a handicapped space. She may be pregnant, but without the handicapped licence plates or other “official” handicapped placard, she is not intitled to the space. And she wasn’t the one to leave the car, her apparently healthy fiance did, so she earned the ticket if it was for parking in the handicapped space. Was the cop a little “Gung Ho” in writing the ticket? I don’t know, because I don’t know what was said (if anything) before he wrote it. The guy I feel sorry for is the fiance. He went in to buy a battery, and comes out to cops tazing his woman, so he goes into protective mode and gets his elbow dislocated for his efforts. The poor guy probably had no clue what he was getting into. And from my own personal experience, some pregnant women are NOT emotionally stable, they are highly strung bundles of hormone driven emotions with little or no control, which skews their perception of events that happen around them.

    As to bowing down and licking the boots of the next police officer I see, I’m not doing that, but I’m also not going to deliberately antagonize him by swearing at him. My thinking is this, the typical police officer has a big heavy flashlight, a baton, a Taser, handcuffs, and a handgun on his person. He/she is also trained in submission holds designed to inflict compliance thru pain which can produce injuries like broken fingers, dislocated wrists, elbows and knees. My thinking is it is best to comply and avoid serious injury and let the lawyers sort it out afterwards. When choosing to confront and argue with a street cop, you are dealing with the lowest rung of the law enforcement food chain. People further up the food chain tend to be better educated/trained, have more experience and are more reasonable and likely to listen to you, UNLESS you did something to cause them to unite with the street cop against you, like punch, kick, assault with a weapon, spit upon the arresting officer or otherwise make yourself into the “bad guy”. Most cops are just like the regular people we all deal with every day. If you go to any extra effort to make their day harder, then they will do the same to you. Respect goes both ways.

    • You had me up until the last three sentences, then we parted ways. There are way too many Officer Harless’ out there, and they will cause you grief, pain or death without a second thought.

      Sorry, but if I see a stranger walking down my block at night, it registers on my radar. The same applies when I see a cop. And don’t tell me I’m wrong — I can cite you to thousands of cases of police abuse proven beyond a reasonable doubt, including beatings, rapes, unjustified shootings, forced confessions, planted evidence, gun running, theft, dope dealing and murder for hire.

  15. mikeb and others are right on this one. Considering the number of seemingly healthy people who have died after being tased, the cops should have found another way when dealing with a pregnant lady. Also, they didn’t realize a pregnant lady was going to be a little, er, feisty? Common sense fail.

    And to top it off, this was all over squatting in a handicapped parking space. Let her rip up the ticket – it’s not as if that gets her out of paying it. Parents (well, most) learn to control themselves and not beat their children for showing an attitude over some silly thing. Police officers ought to be able to do the same when dealing with an adult. Or else we really do have a police state. And I know Chicago has been a police state for decades.

    • Amen! This physical torture by the cop was his way of punishing a mundane for daring to disrespect him. It is not acceptable to have cops going around torturing people for being “disrespectful,” for littering, or for (gasp!) parking in an nanny state-mandated handicapped parking spot.

      The fact that so many people think that a person deserves an extra measure of respect just by virtue of their job or their uniform shows how far America has gone down the road to tyranny. This is supposed to be a nation ruled by laws, not by men. Telling a cop where he can put his ticket may be unwise, but it is an exercise of the natural human right to speak freely. Any cop who reacts to that with violence is a thug, straight up, and deserves to be treated as such.

  16. While sad to hear I have to agree.
    Most of my interactions with police have been relatively good. Yes ok a speeding ticket might not be a good thing, but if you are honest with them and in good spirits I have never found them to be bad people as it were. Yes there are bad apples, but like others have stated you have to be pretty resistive to the situation for LEO’s to take action of any kind.

    • Nonsense. I represented a kid in Boston who was mercilessly beaten by nine cops for being in the wrong place at the wrong time (no contraband, no priors, no criminal act of any kind), and then the cop who instigated the beating had the nerve to accuse the victim of A&B on cops, A&B w/ dangerous weapon, resisting (an illegal) arrest, and disorderly conduct (for screaming while his face was being smashed into concrete). The chief villain in this gang of cop-thugs was the subject of four internal affairs investigations that had all been opened in the year after his father had stepped down as police commissioner. One of his other victims was a Boston firefighter who was attacked without warning, knocked unconscious, had the orbital bone around his eye socket shattered, AND got charged with a&b on the cops he never even saw.

      You people who think that anyone who catches a beating from a cop must have “asked for it” are living in a fantasy world. Cops are the enemy of a free people, period. Stop buying into this state-worshiping, bootlicking, freedom hating state religion and start believing in human rights and individual liberty.

      • Us people also know that some people do ask for trouble, not all citizens are upstanding. You should know that. If you can put down the flag, fife and drum set for a while you might realize we are surrounded by those who were not taught basic manners. For some rudeness is a way of life, attitudes need adjusting. Ms. Entitled might whip your ass someday because she thinks you took her parking spot with a handicap sign. When a cop shows up to rescue your behind tell him to be gentle and understanding with your assailant.

        • Yes, but remedial manners are not taught by tasers and nightsticks. I agree that not all cops (or even most) go overboard on a daily basis, but as Clark said, it’s obvious this one was teaching a lesson to the civilian who dared to give him lip. Not okay.

      • Good God, maybe some people shouldn’t be allowed to have guns after all. Like Sanchanim, my experience with the police have never realy been bad. They are just people doing a thier job. First off, you have to understand how the media in this country works. A honest officer just doing his job is about as interesting as watching paint dry. A corrupt cop accused of a crime sells papers and gets ratings. It’s the same thing the gun grabbers do to us. If one CC/OC goes on a rampage, it’s flashed all over the tv for weeks. Everyone buys the anti’s narritive that gun owners are dangerouse. You never hear about all the good gun owners because that’s not really news worthy. Same thing with cops. If you listen to the media or the crackpots online, you begin to think everyone in a uniform is your enemy. Let me tell you one of those stories that didn’t make the news. A few years back my mom was being stalked by a guy. She started noticing him following her to work and back every day. He even came up to her car one day and opened the door. He tried to get her to get out of the car and go with him. She left the scene and went strait to the police. She filled out a restraining order. Lot of good those things do. Our local sheriff suggested she take the concealed carry course he teaches. She didn’t have the money, but he told her not having money is no reason to not be able to protect yourself. He waived all the fees for not only my mom, but my sister too. He even loaned them department guns take the test with. This sheriff not only encourages people to be able to defend themselves, but goes above and beyond to see that they can. Again, people like you simply see a uniform and assume all are the same and go into attack mode or throw a temper tantrum like a F*&king 3 year old.

        • I contend that there is a huge difference between County Sheriffs and Municipal or State PDs.

          All my positive police experiences have been with sheriffs officers. All my negative police experiences have been with municipality or state officers. Sheriffs are elected and thus somewhat more accountable to the people. City and State police are appointed and work directly for their corporate handlers. I think that plays a huge difference in their attitude and demeanor.

        • A couple of these commentors live the victim life better than the subject victim of the original story.

  17. Just to let everyone know, but from the comments i was reading at and (also a CPD blog), they implied that late term pregnant women get to park in handicaped spots, but they need a placard which she didnt have, and from some other pics of her, it could be assumed that she was fat and not pregnant. not that i’m defending the CPD or her, im not fans of either, but im just sayin

  18. Just to let everyone know, but from the comments i was reading at and (also a CPD blog, replace the first k with a c because i’m hitting a spam filter), they implied that late term pregnant women get to park in handicaped spots, but they need a placard which she didnt have, and from some other pics of her, it could be assumed that she was fat and not pregnant. not that i’m defending the CPD or her, im not fans of either, but im just sayin

    • Also according to the cop blogs, they drive stuned her 3 times, in the leg, arm and neck, in that video she claims they shot her with the taser in her breast. Regardless of whos story is true, how the hell could it have effected her child? The current follows the path of least (electrical) resistance, it goes from one electrode to another.

  19. The cop here in Culpeper just emptied his .40 into the car, the 50 year old unarmed woman was adjudged dead on the scene. I suppose it’s just too much effort to take down the license plate number and handle it administratively. Then again, if they did that, they could arrange a SWAT raid on the perp’s residence and more of the ‘team’ could get in on the fun. No telling what might develop!

  20. So lemme get this straight. The woman was parked in a handicap space without a pass. The cops told her to move and when she didn’t, they gave her a ticket and tased her when she tried to move. Is that basically it?

    Yeah, you’re right. The cops are our friends.

    • Dunno if you’re talking to me or just starting a new thread, since the current depth is 4 posts. And not that i’m a fan of the CPD, you’ve seen me attack/troll just about every commentor here who is a cop. But according to the story, she ripped up the ticket, they wanted to ticket her a second time for littering (and ask for ID?), at which point she go in her SUV, presumably to get away. Durring the entire incident she was acting in a agreesive/threatening manner. That is when they tazed her. I dunno if it is relevant, but the CPD has lots of Chevy Tahoes, and a general order to not engage in chases with them because they are prone to roll over/cops not knowing how to drive a SUV. Just stating what i’ve read at the cop blogs.

      I would go on further but I know RF would just edit my post and insert DELETED RACIST COMMENT.


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