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“Ian Stawicki was never diagnosed with mental illness and was therefore legally able to buy his guns,” reports. “But his dad said he’d been sick for years. ‘So he started having a fantasy history of himself. Military involvement, hit squads, terrible things, the babies we kill,’ Walter said.” You see where this is going? Ian’s parents didn’t. A certain river in Egypt springs to mind. “He insists his son’s past arrests for domestic violence were separate from his mental health issues. ‘We recognized it,’ he said. ‘We saw things coming. We didn’t see violence coming.'” I guess no one did—although what are the odds? Anyway, as a radio program used to remind Americans, who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Especially those who want to take away our gun rights. Such as . . .

Police and city leaders are taking a different approach. Based on Stawicki’s killing spree and other recent murders, Councilman Bruce Harrell is considering stronger gun laws in the city.

“We’re not trying to defeat the Second Amendment advocates. We’re not trying to refute anyone’s right to bear arms,” Harrell said. “We’re just asking the question, are we at an unprecedented level of gun violence and now should our laws change?”

Ideas range from banning large ammunition clips to not honoring concealed weapons permits from other states.

So the Seattle City Council doesn’t want to do what it wants to do. So then . . . don’t do it. Especially as state law prohibits any city legislation on gun regulations. As Voltaire said, common sense is not so common.

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    • I wouldnt blame the state, I would blame Cook County/Chicago. The state wants concealed carry and almost got it last year, cook county/chicago doesnt.

  1. “We’re not trying to refute anyone’s right to bear arms” unless you’re from out of state.

    “Ideas range from banning large ammunition clips to not honoring concealed weapons permits from other states.”

    Didn’t the shooter have two handguns and an in-state permit? so in typical anti-gun fashion, this would ‘fix’ nothing. And, if I’m not mistaken, murder is already against the law in Seattle, so I don’t think ‘stronger’ laws would accomplish much anyway.

    • This. Plus, I believe one of the guns looked like a 1911, so again, a 10 round max magazine wouldn’t have changed a thing. What WOULD have changed a thing is if the guy in the cafe who threw a stool at the perp had a gun instead of a stool…

  2. If we’re at unprecedented levels of violence, that means we should roll back laws to a time when violence was lower. But when your only tool is passing more laws, every problem looks like a nail, or something like that.

  3. “We’re just asking the question, are we at an unprecedented level of gun violence

    No. Homicide in Seattle is down significantly from the peak, which was several years ago.

    and now should our laws change?”.


    Anyone care to make a bet on how long it will be before someone on the Seattle city legal staff explains the state preemption law to him?

    • “Anyone care to make a bet on how long it will be before someone on the Seattle city legal staff explains the state preemption law to him?”

      I will take that bet. They are probably the morons feeding him this stupid idea.

      • We have state preemption laws in PA, but that does not stop the nitwits in Philadelphia from trying over and over and over again to pass city laws banning the ownership, possession, or use of firearms in various disguises. The city guys seem to think that they are more important and more powerful than the state government, and even after repeatedly losing, just don’t get it.

        • Oh, the nitwits in Seattle try it, too (recently, even)… but the state courts slap them down pretty hard.

  4. “For those who decide to carry a gun, and commit a crime with a gun, then let’s hold them EXTRA accountable.” (emphasis added)
    Jim Pugel, Seattle Police

    So, he’s proposing that murdering someone with a machete is somehow less of a crime than murdering someone with a gun.

    Hey, Ralph… Idiot LEO of the Day nominee?

      • That isn’t as much of a hypothetical as you think.

        I ran into a guy at a bus stop who said he’d just been released from the emergency room after being attacked by a guy with a machete. Apparently someone decided it was a good idea to settle a bunch of African refugees somewhere around here.

  5. I read this article and all I can think of is they secretly must really want to give Gottleib and Gura more money.

  6. Were it up to the “police and city leaders” of nearly every metropolis in America,the entire U.S.C. would be outlawed as contraband:especially Amendment 2.These people in Seattle and other places believe guns need to be outlawed for the good of the people,like “enlightened” areas such as Austrailia and the UK have done.Its just a matter of selling the agenda to the lazy voters-and spree shootings make great platforms to advance government powers.

  7. Iowa has a pre-emption clause in state code. This did not prevent Iowa City from ignoring it completely and preventing carry on city property. This was allowed by a sympathetic attorney general. That’s all Seattle needs, and they’ll probably get it, especially since Seattle is the most populous voting district in the state.

  8. Washington has a Republican AG, and state courts that are happy to B-slap any municipality that crosses the line on exemption.

  9. Yeah, more restrictions on what law abiders can do to protect themselves. That’s a great idea. Anyone wiling to wager that the perps involved with shootings had lengthy records already?

  10. In election years anything that panders to partisans comes out of the woodwork .. and in Seattle, the DOJ as well as the local msm’s war on LEO’s has really ramped it up this year .. and at the same time trying to shove legalization of same sex and marijuana .. with out voting by the population .. something wicked this way comes ..

    • “Ian Stawicki was never diagnosed with mental illness .. ” Both his father and his brother saw problems as well as some of his victims and did nothing that has been reported .. the State turned its back on mental health long ago and is reaping the consequenses ..

  11. Well, I know who to vote against when he’s up for reelection. None of these measures would have done a damn bit of good for those people in that café, because the problem wasn’t the guns. The problems were that this very obviously violently disturbed guy didn’t get the appropriate intervention he needed years ago, and more immediately, none of the people in the café took responsibility for their personal safety. That seems harsh and like speaking ill of the dead, but the fact is that if one of them had been armed and prepared to defend him or herself, the chances that everyone dies go down dramatically.

    Those determined to do harm will figure out how to maximize harm within the law. Trying to chase down every way.they could possibly hurt people us a losing game and only serves to restrict the lives of the peaceful and law abiding. Instead, we need to acknowledge that the world can sometimes be a dangerous place and that we personally need to take action to ensure our own safety. After all, there’s only one person you can always rely on to be there in time to defend you when something happens: you.

    • Can someone with admin rights go in and properly close my tags? I would have done it myself, but with the edit function I can’t.


  12. Typical fascists. Somebody does something wrong with his gun and they try to take guns away from people who did nothing wrong with theirs. Brilliant!

    Let’s extend the same logic to other situations. Somebody negligently kills with his car, take cars away from everyone. One politician steals, put all the politicians in jail. Whoa. Wait. I might be onto something.


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