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“A college student from China was arrested trying to carry a combination stun gun and flashlight onto a plane in New York City,” the mainstream media mavens at report (for reasons I can’t fathom). “The Transportation Security Administration said a checkpoint screener spotted the item in [Sihui “Hannah”] Xie’s carry-on luggage as she headed for an Orlando, Florida-bound flight at Kennedy Airport. The TSA said the device initially just appeared to be a flashlight, but the screener looked more closely and saw it also was a stun gun. Xie was then arrested . . . Xie said by phone Sunday that she pleaded not guilty and believes her weapons-possession case is on track to be resolved with a fine.” Judging from the flashlight/stun gun demo video above, the TSA seems to lack a sense of humor. Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. I have a more powerful version of that flashlight in Florida, (My FL CCW allows you to carry stun guns as well as real guns) and that sucker will make you pee your pants. I have to leave it there cuz I don’t want to get busted transporting it into some weapon hating COMMIE state. I don’t know why some states will let you have a real gun, but make it illegal for you to carry a stun gun because I’d rather get stunned than shot.

  2. Gee I am finding it difficult to see the “threat” here. TSA (Thousands Standing Around) is as useful as mammary glands on a bull. The seem to be either bullying people into being victims of sexual assaults or justifying their existence by this kind of behavior in making it safe for us to fly.
    A couple of years ago, 100% by accident, I left a folding knife in my s pare jeans while flying from BWI to Florida. It was in my carry on luggage, went through the x-ray and spent the trip in the overhead in the passenger cabin. It was a SOG Flash. I mailed the thing home but it amuses me every time I hear about things such as stun guns etc.
    I don’t feel safer on the plane knowing these guys are screening us.

  3. Well before 9/11 when the TSA wasn’t even some fascist’s wet dream, a baggage screener at the local airport discovered a 3.5″ Kershaw folder in my bag. I’d tucked it in there when I moved a few months before and simply forgotten it. The screener wouldn’t allow it on the plane. Not because it was a knife. Not because it was sharp. Not because it had a 3.5″ blade. It was illegal because it had a “pistol-style” grip. If it had a straight handle, it would have flown with me without interference. At that point, I knew that we were all doomed.

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