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“A student with a bloody nose left his Talbot East classroom around 8:30 p.m. on Monday night and saw a monopod that he mistook for a gun in a bathroom [photo after the jump],” reports. “He ran out of the bathroom, saying there was a gun in the bathroom, according to Campus Safety Chief John Ojeisekhoba. The student had stumbled upon the filming of the last scene for the upcoming series finale of ‘Coach Tracy,’ a Biola web show, according to senior cinema and media arts major Michael Sullivan . . .

Hearing conflicting reports of a man with a gun —  and some reports of only a gun — on  campus, Ojeisekhoba notified the dispatcher to send out the campus-wide notification about seven to eight minutes after the initial report.

Monopodmania at Biola (courtesy Michael Sullivan)

The building was evacuated while the film students finished their last scene for the show.

“So, they evacuate Talbot. We had no idea because we’re still in the bathroom filming,” Tracy said.

They celebrated the last scene, clapping as they began to walk out of the bathroom.

“I walk out of the bathroom door, I’m standing there with my tripod, and there’s a cop holding me at gunpoint,” Tracy said.

After a few conversations, it was made clear that no gun was in the building. Tracy and Sullivan noted they were impressed by Campus Safety’s response time and ability to evacuate Talbot East.

They were impressed with a seven to eight minute response time? Shudder. Anyway, TTAG reader KH writes: “This just speaks for how uneducated some people in this country are about guns. Anyways, here’s a pretty funny video some students made about it, posted on Facebook.

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  1. We had something like this happen at ECU either last year or the year before. Some people saw a guy strolling down the street with “an assault rifle” and called it in. They locked down the campus and had cops with ARs swarming the place. Turns out it was a dude with an umbrella. They had pics of him sitting in a locked down cafeteria with other students! Glad it wasn’t an AR lmao.

  2. Meanwhile, other countries teach their kids about firearms in public school.

    I ponder which Rosetta Stone Language ill need next decade.

  3. Thinking: “With All the “Nuts”, dropping in, Everywhere; it’s Better to be Safe, than “DEAD”!… [You can Always Apologize!, Which is “Fruitless, to the Dead!…].

  4. Reminds me of the “weapons recognition” poster we had up in the credit union I used to work for. It had only three guns, revolver, auto pistol, and shotgun. And I startled me how many coworkers found this to be new and useful information.

  5. See what happened here? A matriculated student, probably went to public schools(K-8, 9-12) was taught to FEAR GUNS. This is the exact response gun grabbing socialists want.

  6. I guess people here in New Mexico have greater intestinal fortitude; I’ve OC’d for three years in a large metro area and have never had the police or the regular citizen freak out or panic at the sight of a citizen carrying a weapon.

  7. See what they did? Teach average Joe to be fearful of weapons. Classic state school matriculation. Fear everything our country stands for, freedom.

  8. I wonder if anyone has bothered to check out the kid who reported
    the “gun”? Is he really just an idiot or was there malicious intent?

  9. I’m glad I use tripods to hold my cameras. I sure don’t want one of those evil black monopods in my house. Why, someone might steal it and commit a crime, like, say, filming Joe Biden talking about shotguns. Has anyone called DiFi?

  10. This sort of goat rope theatrics are done to enforce the Philistine dogma that at least some (hopefully not all) at the college advocate, thusly:

    “Military-grade guns are inconsistent with Christian values”
    The Biola University CHIMES, February 5, 2013

    How about a new Christian value? Perhaps it is already covered in the Mosaic prohibition against bearing false witness, but I say unto thee:

    Thou Shalt Not SWAT Thy Neighbor.

  11. People who do stuff this stupid should be outed publicly to provide inspiration to others to use their synapses for half a second before going apoplectic at the mere notion of a gun being near them. Like that REDACTED who called the cops on a kid playing paintball in his own backyard, should have a portrait along with a description of the incident posted up in public places all about town. Guaranteed they think for a second before jump calling the cops every time they hear a noise over a certain decibel level before they realize they just farted.

    Also, dude lay off the powder. It doesn’t help you study.

  12. Will criminal charges be brought against the moron? Isn’t this akin to yelling “fire” in a crowded theater? Does the law exempt people with good intentions that are too stupid to correctly identify a fire? If you are too stupid to correctly identify a fire, shouldn’t you recgognize this and not yell anything?

  13. Oh, my alma mater. Where my concerns about school safety got me pulled into a meeting with the dean of students (John was concerned I was asking questions, but not enough to take action or read my email), yet John managed to raid my group of friends’ rooms every couple weeks (because we played airsoft). 😉

    • Also, a 7-8 minute response time? That campus is so small, and Talbot is about 250y from campus safety headquarters, and 250y from their field office.

  14. Now we have to worry about guns in the bathroom? Please, can’t we all just give piss a chance! To combat the potential threat of guns in our bathrooms I suggest we hold a vigil and pray for world piss.

  15. This is a result of Janet Naplapotao’s “See something, say something” drive. What next. big pink rabbits?

  16. Aaron,
    You do realize it takes a little time to get SWAT suited, and to get the snipers in place?

    Excellent! ROTFL!

    Mark N.,
    Some of those are compacts, and well concealed.

    • I’d totally agree with you IF

      a. Biola had a SWAT team
      b. Campus Safety didn’t roll already geared and kevlar’ed up
      c. the report was “gunman on campus!” not “gun on urinal”

        • Actually, more information from the Chimes makes it make more sense.

          initial report of gun in bathroom was immediately responded to and cleared by an officer. THEN idiots started reporting phantom gunmen with an AK and that’s when the alert went out.

  17. This will become a larger problem as the knowledge of weapons is discouraged by media.
    While we may ID specific weapons, the general public can be expected to know less.


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