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According to, suspects carrying guns robbed several people near Evergreen Valley High School in San Jose CA. Normally this would be normal. OK not normal but certainly not totally uncommon. But this was special, apparently. According to the author, one of the bad guys had a submachine gun. The text has since been amended (although the words “machine gun” are still in the headline and url). Anyway, once again we see the use of fear, uncertainty and doubt to force an anti-gun agenda onto the public. I guess this author didn’t bother using something like Google, or going to one of our wonderful public libraries, but rather just referred to the CA banned gun list where the Intratec TEC-DC9 (TEC-9) is banned by name. My guess . . .

is this left-leaning author was going for some shock and awe value. As the Armed Intelligentsia know, a submachine gun needs to be fully automatic and fire pistol rounds.

While under California law the above mentioned weapon is banned, it’s not a submachine gun. Then again, it certainly is a great headline for folks who want to push to take away our unalienable rights.

We see this every day and all day in mainstream media, a thinly veiled attempt to strike fear into the misinformed. My concern: where did this gun come from? Out of state or south of the border perhaps? Given the description, it appears all the criminals had guns, but the other ones weren’t nearly so scary, so why list this one’s name and model?

Even the police sergeant got this one wrong. So why would we think they’d understand any of the other gun laws on the books?

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  1. Welcome to my ridiculous state…and personally, I’d be more concerned with someone with a G17 than this “banned” Tec9 POS.

    • well… Assault weapons are banned in Calif0rnia, and soon to be Legal-‘Bullet Button’-AR’s, so I mean… how on earth could they get them into the state? I refer you to Hood Life Volumes 1-4.

      These weapons are here, and the laws make no difference. “Oh no a TEC-9!” The media here will stop at nothing to take our guns. I believe wednesday I’m going to wake up, and without doing anything, be a felon for possession of a “conversion kit” known as a ‘bullet button’ and an AR-15 with a detachable magazine. Total BS.

      • Jwhite – apparently the “conversion kits” senator Yee is now going after now only include the “mag-magnets”, not the bullet buttons themselves. Also, they are saying that if they did try to go after BB AR’s, the ones coming fully built and configured with BB’s for the CA market directly from MFG’s would be exempt.

        That’s the latest from what I heard/read. I just don’t see how they’re going to go after the hundreds of thousands of bullet button AR’s that have been built to legal spec in CA by individuals, while they allow bullet button AR’s that come fully built/configured directly from the MFG.

        Retarded. That senator needs to go back to communist China.

  2. well at least those evil “assualt rifles” got a break this time. as to ktvu, my son was 16 and he and a buddy were with 2 girls who were shopping in berkley. the boys were outside the shop waiting for the girls when a ktvu crew came along and ask the boys what it was like being homeless in the bay area. the boys yucked it up for the crew and without any fact checking their phony homeless story made it to the evening news. imagine my pride as i watched the news and saw my ‘homelss” son telling the world what a rough life he had. that was 15 years ago and i see ktvu hasn’t got any better at fact checking.

  3. JOURNALISTS don’t want your guns, they just want to be first with the most sensational headline that makes the whackos freak out and take your guns so they won’t have to spend their lives hiding under the bed.

  4. Tec-9s were far cooler back when they were still open bolt death machines.

    All the modern ones are now just your standard blowback jam machine.

  5. The Tec 9 is one of the most worthless piece of crap wannabe guns I’ve ever shot. If I’m ever robbed I hope the fool is using a tec because he’ll most likely miss with every shot and then it’ll jam.

  6. I have actually been shot at with a Tec 9 and smiled to myself while the suspect (copying TV shooting tips) missed me completely. I am here, he is not.

    • jwm’s rule 1 when talking to mewbies about guns. do nothing with a gun that you’ve seen in popular media. it will get you killed. glad your opponent never got yhat memo.

  7. “My concern: where did this gun come from? Out of state or south of the border perhaps?”
    I bet you’re thinking what I’m thinking — F&F, BATFE, and all those other letters.

    Will we ever KNOW?

  8. Who ever said that there is an atmosphere of fear of all guns being manufactured is spot on. They will use anything at hand; truth, lies, fabrication, misinformation, distortion, drama, hysteria. I wrote to one of my Senators about the magazine capacity limit amendment and he wrote back that he is a staunch defender of the 2nd and everything I wanted to hear. So before I wrote back to thank him, I looked up the roll call vote for the Cyber Defense Act, where the amendment was hidden, and guess who voted yea? I bet you can guess! So I wrote him and called him out on it, politely, of course. I just wanted him to know lip service ain’t gonna cut it at election time. Of course Romney is no friend to us and selecting Chris Christie as vp would be a double whammy. Still better than the current POTUS and our current AG. I hate to say it, but I think we are doomed to gun free lawlessness.


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