Oakland PD Cadet Needs a Retention Holster

Given the Oakland Police Department’s notorious and longstanding problems, along with the fact that the city — like plenty of others in The Golden State — is facing potential receivership, the crime problem in the place with no there there is getting steadily worse. Maybe one part of the OPD’s problem is the caliber (no pun […]

It Should Have Been a DGU: Crossbow Incident Edition

  Watch the latest video at <a href=”http://video.foxnews.com”>video.foxnews.com</a>As the country deals with the fiscal cliff, superstorms and other general chaos, the mainstream media hasn’t really picked up on this spree killing at a Wyoming college just yet. Three were killed today in a victim rich environment — I mean the gun free zone that is […]

Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Conflicted Edition

News flash: DGU’s happen here in California, too. In the rural area of Salinas, a good Samaritan shot two armed robbers. “Police said a 36-year-old man outside retrieved a handgun from his car, entered, and shot the two youths. His identity has not been disclosed, but police said he is associated with someone who was […]

Protip: Don’t Piss off An IDF Infantrywoman

“I didn’t think twice. I jumped out of the hummer and did what had to be done. I ran under fire until I reached Netanel [Yahalomi], but when I saw his condition, I told my commander there was nothing we could do to save him and we must move on.” That’s the account “Corporal S.,” […]

It’s Not Easy Running a Small Business in California

Sometimes I have to wonder what type of drugs our California government officials are taking and why the hell aren’t they sharing. The state is displaying symptoms of a serious multiple personality disorder, or at minimum a complete conflict of interest when it comes to how folks should or can protect themselves, their homes and […]

Candidates Backpeddling on Anti-Gun Rhetoric

With only 99 days left on the stump to have their voices heard, our incumbent President and the presumed GOP nominee have gone eerily silent on anything gun related. Connie Cass of the AP writes that the candidates have evolved towards gun rights. Can this be true? Have both candidates suddenly seen the light? She […]

California Gun Sales Soar

Terry Collins at ktvu writes that California is on pace to set records in gun sales. Yet his first statement is…nobody knows why. Being that I live on the Golden left coast, let me add some insight from someone who hasn’t been a gun loving nut all his life. Ok maybe I have been but […]