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And here we go again. This time it’s a shooting at a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Seven are dead including the shooter who was “put down” by a police officer. From “About 10:25 a.m., Oak Creek police received multiple calls about the shooting. When the police officer who was shot, a 20-year law enforcement veteran, arrived at the scene, he and the shooter exchanged multiple rounds and the officer was shot multiple times, (Greenfield Police Chief Bradley) Wentlandt said. The officer is in surgery and his condition is not known. The shooter is “down at the scene and is presumed deceased, Wentlandt said.”

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  1. I am so disgusted by this. Gun control needs to be enforced all over the United States. White Americans are not the only victims for terrorist attacks. This was in fact a terrorist attack.

      • I disagree. The U.S. has an absurdly high rate of gun murder, and the NRA has done everything in its power to keep the rate high.

        Here’s an easy idea: Instead of throwing more guns at the problem, let’s try fewer guns.

        I don’t think we could ever ban guns, but we could at least have some common sense gun regulations. I am not suggesting we ban guns, but can we at least have some regulation?

        For starters, though, how about we improve background checks before gun purchases? How about we re-instate limits on magazines that carry more than 10 rounds? How about if we limit gun purchases to one per month?

        Do you really need twenty guns a month to defend your house, or did we do away with the limit so people can smuggle guns more easily?

        Of course, none of these laws will get through Congress, because the gun nuts have a stranglehold on common sense.

        But seriously, what are we supposed to do? Are we going to just put up with a few mass shootings every year? Are we going to have to turn every house in America into an armed compound? At what price did we decide not to ever regulate guns at all?

        How bad does this have to get before we stand up to the NRA?

        • Well Low Budget Dave, let’s say we follow the liberal wet dream and ban guns like Australia and England what will be the result? Their violent crime rate has gone higher and higher, definitely higher than here. Is that acceptable to you or will we need to start banning knives or types of knives as they are doing in England? What is the problem? Are guns at fault? Or is it the criminal or terrorist that perpetrates it? Do guns mind control the offender? Who is at fault here? The perpetrator or our society that allows guns?

        • well lowbudgetdave,

          read your history and you will find that this country was founded with every home being “armed camp” and that is because they understood that your personal protection is your personal responsibility.

          That has not changed in the law since and there are reasons for it.

          I would explain it to you, but my limited intellect can’t fathom that process so I will leave you to wallow in your self-pity.

        • If I got the cash, I’m gonna buy 20 guns a month. Ain’t it great! You don’t have to like it.

        • The U.S has three gun murders per 100,000 people. Switzerland has less than 1. We have ten times as many gun murders as India, 20 times as many as Australia and England.

          States that have regulated guns tend to have lower rates. The main reason the NRA wants people to be able to buy multiple guns in a single month is so they can re-sell them. If it weren’t for the re-sales, the states that regulate guns would have an easier time controlling gun murders.

          I just don’t think there are any arguments that justify the amazing lask of regulation in the U.S.

        • Well I guess the way you think is the only way. How special. I didn’t know. The opinions I have, based on my own reading and life experience, mean nothing. Please publish your manifesto so we may be enlighten.

          Pound sand you narcissistic fool.

        • Our murder rate is below the world average, and it is falling. Violent crime is falling at the same time that gun ownership has been on the rise. We had restrictions on the types of guns that could be sold, and we had magazine capacity restrictions. When they expired, crime continued to decline at the same rate.

          It is not about guns.

        • No, no, no, crosswiredmind,

          That is entirely too much truth outta you!

          More MSM brainwashing is required for you, buddy!

        • Everyone should also be paying attention to the fact that l.b.d. is using the ‘gun crime’ qualifier, not the sort of overall crime metrics a real person might be interested in.

        • You are correct about the decline in crime – the U.S. is actually getting safer. Since the year 2000, violent crime rates fell by nearly 20 percent; auto theft by 42 percent; murder – by all weapons – by 13 percent.

          But guns are the exception. Gun homicide rates are still at roughly the same levels in 2009 as they were in 2000. Gun accidents and injuries increased by more than 20 percen. There is an easy-to-understand reason: Guns laws have gotten repealed or lessened, and getting automatic weapons has become easier.

          People here love to argue statistics, because they read just the statistics fed to them by the NRA. When they realize the actual facts are against them, they resort to name calling and personal insults.

        • I guess it’s just a matter of who’s “statistics” are you going to believe LBD, huh?

        • Quote: I just don’t think there are any arguments that justify the amazing lask of regulation in the U.S.

          FREEDOM. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Your definition of Life is other people not having weapons to kill you, my definition of Life is having weapons to kill people who are trying to kill me. Simple. Since its impossible to totally eradicate firearms, any middle ground regulation will inhibit law abiding citizens from protecting themselves against those which are not law abiding.

          Hopefully these tragic events that have unfolded in the past weeks will INCREASE firearms ownership and understanding of our side.

          By the way, if i remember correctly, there are already laws prohibiting murder.

        • I would like to see the source of your statistics, because the CDC and the FBI show a decrease in the overall homicide rate AND a steady decrease in murders committed by firearms.

          Also be clear, you stated:

          The U.S has three gun murders per 100,000 people. Switzerland has less than 1. We have ten times as many gun murders as India, 20 times as many as Australia and England.

          But look at the overall homicide rates per 100,000 people:

          US 4.7
          India 3.2
          UK 1.23
          Australia 1.16

          Our homicide rate is not 20 times higher than the UK or Australia.

          In fact, our homicide rate is below the global average of 6.9 per 100K. And the fact is that the rate is still falling.

          Guns are not the problem.

        • you had me until the 10-round bullshit. seriously, It’s sucjh a random number. why not 11? why not 9? why not 5, why not 20, why? is it just because it’s a nice round number?

        • we have common sense gun laws coming out our ears lbd. we have a right to own and carry guns without that right being infringed on. and why should i be denied my rights under the bor because of the actions of another. i have never committed murder. under our system we do not punish the whole village for the actions of the few. that’s the sort of stuff hitler and stalin did.

        • Im going to purchase 3 guns this week. You upset by this LBD? This is America, and some people have realized that you cannot rely on the government or police to protect you.

          Police are always minutes away when seconds count. The mugger holding you up for your wallet at gunpoint isnt going to wait for you to dial 911 and the cops to show up 10 minutes later. The home intruder isnt going to chill out while the cops are on their way. Dangerous situations require action at a moments notice. Police cannot be counted upon to rescue you. That is just a fact.

        • Well LB Dave, you mentioned Switzerland in comparison to the US. Did you know they have a high gun ownership rate like the US? There gun use is tied in with their defensive militia strategy. However they have big showing competitions or festivals if I remember correctly.

          You didn’t answer my questions. I suspect you are incapable of viewing this subject objectively.

        • Why is it always about “gun murders”, does being stabbed to death not count? Last Wednesday there was a mass stabbing in China – 8 dead, guess that doesn’t count since they weren’t shot. I’m a proud Canadian but I envy the 2nd.

        • I try to be as unbiased as possible when reading news articles and because of my profession i’m always skeptical of how people come up with stats especially from organization with an agenda. That goes both ways for the NRA and Gun Control Advocates. It’s so easy to leave certain things out to make your stats reflect what you want.

          But the best comparison country is England. I did a quick Bing search and read the first few results. All the English newspapers agree crime is much higher in england than in the U.S. England as you know has banned guns. So assaults, home invasions, rapes etc….. are way higher than in the U.S. Murder may be less, but most of the murder stats in the U.S. mostly gang and drug related. I think gang vs gang murders should be left out of the stat and the murder rate stat should leave only the murder of innocents.

          Also criminals are far more bold in England with over 50% of robberies being home invasion as opposed to the 13% in the U.S. As a criminal in England, you know that arming yourself with a knife will put you at a level playing field with the home owner. And if you have a few of your buddies with you, you can rob just about anyone with no resistance.

        • In Switzerland, you need to pass an examination proving both weapon handling skills and knowledge regarding lawful use of the weapon. You also need a permit to buy a gun.

          This proves my point. Switzerland has hardly banned guns, all they did was pass a few common sense laws. And it worked.

          As far as gun murder compared to other murder, this pretty much proves my point as well. You can’t prevent mass murder, but you can certainly make it a lot harder.

        • The US does have an absurdly high rate of gun murder, which is decreasing (a fact conveniently ignored frequently). since it is decreasing, that is a good thing. It is also decreasing despite there being 90 guns per 100 people on average.

          Blaming the NRA is utterly stupid. They’re not financing criminals or inspiring them to shoot numbers of people. The NRA is lobbying for 2nd amendment rights to keep lawful gun owners from being screwed.

          Here’s a easy idea, there can be NO “fewer guns” scenario. Never going to happen. How about we continue enforcing laws already in the books and bring the hammer down on mass murderers.

          There are “common sense” regulations; all 20,000 state, federal, and local laws regarding firearms. Next.

          For starters, though, how about we improve background checks before gun purchases? How about we re-instate limits on magazines that carry more than 10 rounds? How about if we limit gun purchases to one per month?

          How exactly do you “improve background checks”? you read the gun purchaser’s mind? because thats what it would take.

          The Assault weapons ban that expired in 2004 did nothing to lower crime. Canada allowed registration to expire because it costed significant amounts of money and yielded no measurable results. The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over expecting different results.

          The limits per month also do nothing to lower or prevent crime. Its more of the same bullshit anti-gunners keep standing on their soapbox breaching. Non productive insanity.

          and you are not entitled to tell me what “I need”, that is freedom. I dont “need” a H2 hummer, but can buy one if i feel like it.

          There already is common sense on firearms. No felons, mentally insane, domestic violence violations, drug users, etc are allowed to purchase firearms and they get punished accordingly for owning them.

          What are we supposed to do? not resort to ineffective, knee-jerk reactions that will do nothing anyway to lower the crime rate or create any measurable improvements to safety.

          Nobody wants armed compounds, though I believe in treating firearms like drugs and sex. The “just say no” way does nothing to prevent tragedy, unlike education and understanding. We need to increase firearms education and understanding.

          “we” dont need to stand up to the NRA. “we” need to stop blaming inanimate objects for tragedies and blame the killers. I mean, god forbid we actually blame the killer.

          I find it absolutely disgusting that these anti-gun chucklef–ks say absolutely nothing about the murderers (you know, dave, the guy that actually shot those people), but prefer to blame guns, TV, video games, and another scapegoat. Unbelievable.

        • You can’t compare switzerland to the U.S., the culture is very different. Also every male is required to sign up and enlist as a military reserve. They are also required to own a gun, but are now required to keep ammo in a designated armory. Every male in Switzerland has had military gun training. I agree people should have some sort of gun training before owning a gun, but there shouldn’t be a tax or large cost associated with it like in Washington D.C. These costs act to circumvent the 2nd amendment by making it difficult timely and costly process to own a firearm. While still possible to own one, they want to hassle the crap out of you before you can get one, then charge you fees up the wazoo, and do everything to try and deter you from even wanting one.

          Back to my original point if you look at Japan, they have very low crime and murder rates. They are also a gun free nation, but their society is so much more honerable and the people so much more work ethical. They could have a gun filled or gun free society and the stats would probably not change at all.

          I like to compare england to the U.S. because it’s close culturally, though not a perfect match, it’s as close as we’re going to get. Switzerland may be closer than Japan culturally, but it’s still far different than the U.S.

          Again, i don’t think we should use stats from switzerland, that would be a flawed comparison.

        • Thank you LowBudgetDave for proving a point, and not the one you were hoping for. You stated and defended:
          “The U.S has three gun murders per 100,000 people. Switzerland has less than 1.”

          Switzerland also has the HIGHEST rate of MILITARY GRADE firearms possesion in the world per capita as they issue a REAL assualt weapon AND ammo to every member of their armed forces or reserve………and that’s almost EVERYONE. Oh, and those weapons have an almost negligible rate of misuse……….and make for an awesome deterent factor against crime.

          So, Lowbudgetdave, Swing and a Miss………..nice try though.

        • “Gun nuts have a stranglehold on common sense” I think that pretty much says it all. You are right we do have a stranglehold on common sense because You and your side have no common sense.

    • Early reports have described the shooter as white which is different from the racial ethnic group of most Sikhs. Even if his race is white it cannot yet be called an act of terrorism or a hate crime. We do not yet know the motive or the shooter’s relations to the temple if any.

    • I agree, we need to enforce gun control and create even more victim-rich environments like this temple and the Aurora theater where murderous criminals who care nothing for laws, least of all gun laws, can have their defenseless targets to mow down. For the children.

  2. A new level of stupidity attained by cable news. Both CNN and Fox were reporting that people were inside the temple, hiding and texting friends and family but asked that their messages not be replied to, so as not to give away their location.

    HELLO!! MCFLY!! You just announced it on a world-wide network!! All the possible assailants need is access to CNN and they know that there are still people inside the building they haven’t found yet.

      • Right. Some people can’t or don’t know how to mute their phone. But if assailants are holding hostages, and there’s a TV inside the building tuned to CNN, the pukes now know that there are people inside they don’t know about. That’s why they didn’t want live video, or any video from helicopters, of tactical units outside the building.

        The people hiding want their predicament conveyed to LE. They don’t expect it to be broadcast contemporaneously on live TV.

      • In 1972 during the Munich Olympics standoff, the Palestinian terrorists watched the German Police suit up for a raid right on live TV. The bad guys were nice enough to tell the hostage negotiator they saw the cops’ entire plan on ABC World News.

    • I’m sure the assailants were more worried about the army of SWAT teams gathering outside the temple than a few people here and there hiding in closets.

      • Right! Having SWAT outside means they need to find a hostage or two, quick! Now where are they going to find one of those…

        • Need a hostage or two? Just follow the ringing of the cell phone then! Thank goodness CNN and Fox didn’t tell people to call their relatives inside the building….

          If you seriously insist on complaining about the media being stupid, there are so many other incidents you can instead use.

  3. I’m unfamiliar with WS gun laws, but I know they just recently got the right to CCW. Anybody know if this place was a GFZ?

  4. I have no knowledge of the laws in Wisconsin, but here in Georgia, carry (concealed or otherwise) is illegal in places of worship. There was a lawsuit to try and overturn that part of the law, but it was not successful. It’s only a matter of time before somebody decides to shoot up a church or other place of worship and law abiding citizens will have no way to defend themselves. Prayers to the victims and their families.

    • I just checked. Churches are not on the “no go” list for Wisconsin. However, “No guns” signs DO carry the weight of law. So, all the temple needed to prevent this tragedy was a “no guns” sign, right?

      I wonder if they had one… like the theater in Aurora?

  5. I’m not terribly familiar with Sikhism, but I was under the impression that Sikhs carried a dagger called a kirpan because their faith called upon them to defend the innocent and defenseless. I’m more than a bit surprised that this attack was successfully carried out.

    • You’re correct, but many Western countries, including the US, have imposed strict limitations on Sikh’s kirpan – asking them to small, asking Sikhs to have glued or sealed in the sheath, etc.

      Plus, only Sikhs who are “baptized” (Khalsa) are religiously compelled to carry a kirpan.

  6. don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. and we really don’t have the facts yet so second guessing is pointless right now.

    • Most often, The kirpan has no edge, it’s ceremonial.
      Sometimes, it’s glued or fastened in it’s sheath, and is impossible to draw.

      This is most often the case in localities which have a problem
      with knives, like New York City.

      The kirpan is a weapon, to be used to defend the innocent, but it
      is a nutered weapon in most cases, due to knife laws over much
      of the world and most of the USA.

      I say, reform the knife laws as well, let the sikhs carry a real knife,
      Let the rest of us do the same.
      It’s arms. Firearms are an arm, as are edged and blunt weapons.
      All have their place.

      To any sikhs reading this, I am saddened by the attack on your fellows,
      you all are in my prayers, and I mean no disrespect,
      but for all of your sakes, go to a reputable knife site
      and buy a real, sharp, stout, useful blade for your kirpan.

      Cold steel, Crkt, 5.11, Sog and many more stand ready and eager to supply
      Order in bulk for discounts.
      And remember, the kirpan can be any weapon used to defend the
      innocent from evil, not just a knife.

      So look to Springfield Armory, Smith and Wesson, Kimber,
      Taurus, and any other reputable firearms site.
      Your next kirpan could be a .45.

  7. This was an excellent application of Gun Control.

    After being shot multiple times, the office controlled his gun to put the shooter down.

    Thank God someone had a gun to stop the killer!

  8. This is just…odd. What the hell have Sikhs ever done over here to warrant this kind of hateful attention, let alone violence? I think I’ll wait for the facts to surface before concluding anything. Ten bucks says 99 percent of the pathetic US population won’t.

    Ugh, I’m so tired this crap. Brace yourselves, everyone, here come a couple more months of dumbass leftists calling for more gun control despite the fact that someone carrying could have stopped this. Events like this don’t make me disdain the 2A, they make me utterly loathe the 1A and it’s inherent and fatal flaw: it gives morons the right to speak.

    • What did the Amish ever do to anyone? Not much of anything, but some psycho shot up one of their schoolhouses a couple years ago.

      • to be fair the amish are pricks to each other. now those kids certainly didn’t but the amish do shunning which is just about the meanest thing outside of violence you can do to your family.

    • The Sikhs have many enemies among Muslims and some Hindus. The shooter could be motivated by anything from a personal grudge to religious extremism. He could be a neo-Nazi, a Bosnian Muslim, an American convert or just some disturbed individual with a bug up his behind about foreigners.

      • Or just too stupid to know they were not Muslim. It will take days for enough info to be put together and released.

    • Well, Sikhs did cause the greatest ariel mass murder in North America prior to 9/11. In Vancouver, the SWAT team is usually present when the Ross Street temple holds council elections and the like due to a propensity for temple members to o after each othe with guns, sword and whatever else comes to hand. Plus h assassination of at left one Indian Prime Minister.

      • Always count on at least one person on every board to openly blame the victims. Always count on one person to say something like: “They had it coming.”

        I don’t know that I would ban such speech. But I certainly wish I could respond to every such comment: “If you think all Sikhs are bad, guess what Sikhs must think about all gun owners?”

        • Silver said: “What the hell have Sikhs ever done over here to warrant this kind of hateful attention, let alone violence”.

          Didn’t sy they had it coming, but I grew up in a place where Sikhism and violence have been significantly linked for 3 decades. And after the aiplane bombings, the “peaceful” Sikh community at large very effectively closed ranks to stymie the police investigation. So I was not shocked to hear about violence at a Sikh temple. Sorry if that offends your tender sensibilities.

        • The police investigation was not held back by the Sikhs, it was held back because the CSIS accidentally erased more than half of the wiretaps of the people being investigated.

          The inquiry ordered by Stephen Harper blamed failures in intelligence, police, and air security. There was absolutely no mention of failures of cooperation, and no proof at all that there was a mole in the organization.

          This is a tactic always used by people who blame the victims. They bring up some terrible act committed by distant relatives of the victim 30 years ago, and then claim that the victims were responsible in some way.

          By that same logic, Catholics in America could be held responsible for World War II.

        • The point you deliberately are missing, is that when one hears “shooting at a Sikh temple”, it would be foolish to discount the possibility of inter or intra community violence, especially given the events at Ross Street, like using a guns and swords to settle questions of religious doctrine, like whether there should be ables and chairs in the temple dining room.

      • I don’t see Anon’s comment as “They had it coming”. Sounded more like a theory that they made have created animosity in someone who then retaliated. Big difference.

        But it is for Anon to explain, hopefully before Libtard like Dave blabber any further.

      • No; the police are highly trained in how to use guns correctly. The public is not.

        Every time we see a sworn officer use a gun correctly, that does not prove that Cooter and Skeeter should be allowed to carry their Saturday-Night-Specials around.

        • You over estimate the level of firearms training the police receive. The average, street level officer gets basics and tactical teams get highly trained.

          Most officers are not gun guys and only practice when required.

        • “…the police are highly trained in how to use guns correctly.”


          “This is a Glock fotay. I am the only one in this room qualified to…”

        • LMFAO……you wish Dave. Most cops only use their weapon at annual or semi-annual qualification unless they are on a Tac Team. Even then the Tac Team courses are not the most advanced. Hell, most of the guys I know with “arsenals” have more and better firearms training then most cops.

        • “No; the police are highly trained in how to use guns correctly. The public is not.”
          Okay. I’m calling ‘troll’ right here. Move along, folks. Do not feed.

  9. I am going to go out on a limb and become a target for the Huffpo designated trolls.

    We know concealed carry could have stop this attack. We have at least two empirical examples from Colorado:

    Aurora Colorado this past April


    In Arvada Colorado in 2007.

    In Virginia you need to the Pastor’s permission to carry during a worship service. I have never asked because I don’t want to put him on the spot. Perhaps it is time for me to make a subtle inquiry.

    • If your chosen philosophy or religion casts a doubt on your own person right to defend yourself, may I suggest that you should rethink the philosophy or religion that you’ve chosen to follow?

    • Well tdiinva,

      It is no secret that the hindu’s and the muzzies HATE each other, share a common border, and have been fighting each other for centuries.

      It is just a shame that they have to continue their racial & religeous hatred in their new country.

      I would tell you to NOT ask your pastor for permission to carry in “his” church and just keep it concealed while you attend, just like you have been doing for years now with nobody the wiser.

      Also, check out this link for the most up to date info.
      They are reporting that the feds have “kicked out CNN” and are focusing on a “wooded lot not far from the temple” and are already calling this a “terrorist” event while offering no reason or proof for doing so.


        Always ask your pastor for permission to bring a gun to HIS church. Show some respect FLAME DELETED.

        • A religious person bending the knee and asking a demagogue permission to exercise common sense?

          Somehow I’m not surprised.

        • @MichaelB

          If you feel that your priest is a demagogue or that he is foolish for denying you permission to carry a gun, then feel free to simply stop going to him to practice your faith.

          Simple solutions.

        • I still find it foolish to have to go anywhere to pray to a god that “sees all, knows all, and can see the truth of your heart” all by himself.

          If you can pray to god, then you do not need a temple, a priest, or a orginized cabal that protects pedophiles from the laws of man.

          But then again, im too stoopid to understand these things, right Mr troll kinsho?

        • Angry much, spymyeyes?

          Anyway, I recommend that you stop jumping to conclusions. I’m not a religious man. In fact, I’m agnostic. So I could care less if people choose to be a part of a congregation in order to practice their faith, just like I could care less if people wish to pray to their god or gods on their own.

          But I do respect other people’s property.

        • As an atheist myself, I wonder why someone feels the need to belittle a person’s religion or the way they choose to practice it.

          Personal choices are personal choices and are no one else’s business. You don’t have to agree but have some respect and STFU! Just because you can say something doesn’t mean you should.

        • Spymyeyes is pretty typical of the “Armed Intelligentsia” – he believes that any right he is interested in is utterly inviolable, but anybody else’s rights, such as a man’s basic right to dictate how people behave on his own property, well those rights can be trampled on as much as he pleases.

          I think it really blows a lot of people’s minds here that not everybody wants the same things as they do, and that they can’t always get what they want. If you would like to live in the real “land of the free”, where you can do whatever you like, whenever you like, then go and live in Somalia. Otherwise you have to play nice and live in civilized society with the rest of us, where unfortunately you may not be able to live out your Rambo fantasies and wave your gun around wherever you like.

      • @Hmmmm….

        Same exact conclusion I reached from reading his posts. Which worries me a bit.

        But people with that mindset that have access to guns always worry me, to be frank.

  10. Does it make me a bad person if I can’t stand people posting false info on facebook? I learned of the attack in WI through my friends in milwaukee and someone I know who is sikh posting on her facebook page about how horrible white people were and listed it as 12 dead over 20 wounded and 50 hostages all because not just any armed men, armed white men.

    • It doesn’t make you a bad person if you can’t stand people spreading false information. If anything, we need more people like you today.

  11. Kudos to the officer who nailed this creep. Condolences to the victims. It is, however, a shame that this creep didn’t die from a kirpan.

    I gotta give Sikhs respect. They are armed as a principle of faith.

      • Just make sure to ask permission from the local priest before you bring a weapon into his church that allows weapons!

    • +1

      Though to give the Sikhs credit, not every Sikk carries a kirpan… only ones who have been “baptized” (khalsa). Still, I don’t think anybody anticipates being ambushed in their place of worship. Local Sikh temples are open to all people, and they serve a free vegetarian meal to anybody as part of their religious practice.

      Waiting for more details to come out about whoever this crazy person is…

  12. A couple of things about Sikhs.

    Despite our brilliant Supreme Court’s opinion (United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind, 261 U.S. 204; 1923), DNA indicates that most Indian Sikhs spring from the Indo-Europeans. The people that populate most of the land from the Indian Sub-continent to the Iberian Peninsula. Although Sikhs exclude no one by either race or caste.

    Also, all Sikh’s who go through the Sikh investiture ceremony (Amrit) must carry arms—they have a sacred duty to help all (even non-Sikhs) whom they find in peril. The traditional arm—adopted before the availability of dependable pistols —is a long curved dagger (kirpan).

    Not all Sikhs go through the investiture ceremony—like all religions, some only follow along in their parent’s traditions.

    So hope well for the victims. Until details are known, everything else is idle speculation. And useless.

  13. “A law enforcement official told NBC News the gunman was dressed in tactical gear and armed with a single handgun.”

    And not to be outdone, Bloomberg’s own private army the NYPD has announced it is increasing coverage of Sikh temples…like duh that is now SOP nationwide in big and small cities. If only the police could be everywhere Before a crime is about to be committed…until then we need to depend on ourselves. The Sikhs called 911 after and before many other were shot injured and killed. Sadly though predictably, little good it did.

    • Yet another false-flag event is being played out right before our eyes.

      Just like the eye-witness video’s from the batman shooting were pulled within hours of them being posted on youtube, we have the EXACT same thing happening here in the next staged event.

      4 men dressed in black entered the temple and opened fire….

      watch the video before it is pulled by youtube yourself!

      • spymyeyes, yes its absolutely true LMFAO!!!

        just like a neuroscience student set up elaborate explosive booby traps in his room that required professional explosive ordinance disposal to clear.

        These readings in the MSM really blow my mind away. The only thing I can say is “pass the f–king popcorn”.

  14. kishno, go back and read OK Ss comment again. He did not say that Eastern Indians derive from the Iberian Peninsula. He said they are of Indo (see the Indo part here?)-European descent. Those people, originating in central Asia after civilization began, began dispersing across an area ranging from modern Spain to modern India, and most points between.. Major difference.

  15. Speculate, insult, politicise, rant, rave. Why not STFU until there are some actual facts? This blog is being ruined by commentators who have nothing useful to say but say it anyway.

  16. My prayers and thoughts go out to the families and the victims!!! I am glad that the Officer got the BG before he got anyone else!!! Even though it has always kind of bothered me about carrying in a house of God after this and the 2 recent robberies of church members during Church Services in Little Rock I am definitely going to carry all the time and will talk to the pastor before I enter just to let him know before hand!!!
    If he doesn’t want me to then I guess we will find a new place to worship!!!!

    • To my knowledge, in Arkansas churches are off-limits for CCW. At least it was a few years ago when I attended my brother’s wedding in L.R. There are some SCARY neighborhoods in L.R.

  17. LB Dave doesn’t have a clue, and if we didn’t have any guns in our great country we wouldn’t exist(or we would exist as a bunch of no good gunless COMMIES). Guns are the reason we have our freedom, and that fact has been proven through out our history.

  18. An armed citizenry is the very reason why we do not pledge allegiance to the Queen now. The Sikhs are not Muslim. Armed perpetrators not guns, killed the people in the Temple. The more popular this blog becomes, the more creepy crawlies start coming out of the woodwork.

  19. Enough of the heated back & forth air already! What would you *personally* do if you were in the events described? Truthfully….

  20. Well I believe the media is to blame, they advertise and ram down are throats 24/7 the lastest massacure making the killer a celebrity and making them famous. This is a copy cat killing thanks to BS reporting and coverage the media makes of these killers. We Need Common Sense Media control.

    • That is a good point. There might be a good argument to common sense media control. I propose from now on, instead of calling someone “the accused killer”, or calling them by their name, the media should report the news, and just change the name of the known suspect to “fukwit”.

  21. If the nut couldn’t get a gun to shoot these people, he would have gone to Home Depot and picked up some fertilizer to blown up the whole temple and killed hundreds. Remember Tim McVeigh? It always amazes me the capacity of liberals to ignore facts and history.

  22. It’s 3AM PST and the latest details to add: the shooter has been reported to have a past military background, and the handgun used was possibly a 9mm semi-auto. That’s all folks.


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