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AI member Philip Van Cleave passes on word from the Virginia Citizen’s Defense League that the Old Dominion’s Senate has just voted to repeal of the state’s one-handgun-a-month purchase restriction in a 21-19 squeaker. As the measure’s already passed the state’s House and Governor Bob McDonnell has promised to sign it, it appears that Virginia’s gun buyers will no longer be limited in expressing the true measure of their gunny love. Lifting the nineteen year-old cap will do doubt give people like New York’s Michael Bloomberg heartburn, but gun-owning Virginians will likely see that as a feature rather than a bug.

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  1. being a VA resident this particular rule was a joke, it only applied to people who did not have a CCL. and it only applied to hand guns at that. Its nice the Laws were changed but the more important law for gun owners in VA happend last week when the Background Check system that used to be was voted out the window.

    previously the Virginia State Police were responsible for operating the background check’s for FFL’s in VA. The system was slow and had a habit of crashing for hours at a time making it so no sales could happen that particular day. The new law is such that virginia will now use the NICS system which should be more dependable and better for both the LGS and Gun buyers alike.

    • The VA State Police system is also used when issuing CHPs to VA residents . However, non-residents go thru the federal NICS. This had the weird side-effect of Wisconsin only honoring the VA non-resident permit.

  2. As a Virginian, let me say this repeal is terrible! By limiting gun purchases, the one-gun-a-month law prevented untold numbers of divorces. Now that it’s repealed, blood and checking accounts will run red in the kitchens of the Commonwealth. Mark my words.

    • I purchase maybe one a year and you would think that I have stolen food from the baby’s mouth (she’s nine) and we will never be able to get the bathroom remodeled. I am not the “1%”, but getting closer, however I shudder to think of “conversations” in my home if I purchased even close to one gun a month. Ah well, more money for ammo.

    • I dunno…living in Kalifornia and reading (with envy) all you guys’ posts about your CCW’s and CCL’s makes me pretty morose. Those things are a little hard to come by here.
      But I’m happy for Virginians and their change should boost those new gun owner figures we’ve been rejoicing over a bit further.

  3. This was always a stupid rule anyway, from what I’ve heard. I have a friend who lives in the Commonwealth, and he told me that it’s not tracked by the state, it’s up to the purchaser to make sure it’s been at least 30 days since your last handgun purchase. I think he told me you had to sign an affadavit to that effect. It sounded to me like yet another law that “would only effect the law-abiding.”

  4. All laws only affect the law-abiding. Those that choose to break the law are exempt. Laws kick in after a crime has been committed. (There are exceptions, even there, depends on who is feeding who rope).

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