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There’s something about Hello Kitty. Must be. Consumers spend billions (with a b) on consumer goods emblazoned with the pink-ribboned cat. Like all feel-good cultural icons (e.g. Gangsta Bitch Barbie), Hello Kitty cries out (silently) for artistic juxtaposition. This website has celebrated the Hello Kitty AR on many occasions. The Hello Kitty gun tat above takes the post-modern meme to the next level, depicting HK holding an AK. She seems to be raising the gun triumphantly. But then the original artist left Hello Kitty mouthless for that very reason: to make the felon–I mean feline enigmatic. This clever piece of body art adorns commentator armoredman’s wife. One wonders what she does for fun . . .

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  1. Caches cleared.
    Four browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE)
    Three computers
    Three operating systems (Linux, Mac, Windows)
    Three DNS servers (University, Google, OpenDNS)
    Still no pic.

    • In Firefox I cleared:

      Active Logins
      Site Preferences

      Then the pictures appeared. Just doing the cache did not work.

  2. I’m not getting the photo either. But then, I’m in China and connected on an iPad (iOS 5.0.1). But considering the sheer volume of Hello Kitty items I’ve been exposed to in the last week or so, I have to count this inability to display the photo as a blessing.

  3. That tattoo right there…Is proof shes not a serious gun owner.

    If she was, she would have spent it on something useful, like ammo, extra mags, both, training classes, a better holster, night sights…Something. Anything.


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