Last week, Oklahoma City Community College had what the Brits call “a moment” (the UK’s term for near accident). An unnamed school administrator mistook a nationwide bulletin from the Oklahoma Fusion Center—warning about the dangers of on-campus gun violence—as a notification that a gun crime was going down. In the resulting hysteria, an OK trip C security guard accidentally fired his gun in the library. [Details unavailable upon request.] Hang on; isn’t the college a “weapon-free environment”? Yes, well, turns out some gun wielders are more equal than others. Here’s the money shot from the school’s official policy: “SCOPE: This Policy applies to all OCCC employees, students and visitors, except authorized peace officers, regardless of whether an individual has a valid license to possess or carry a Firearm under the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act. OCCC armed security officers are governed by Administrative Procedure No. 3065 and by the policies and procedures of the Office of Safety and Security.” Peace officers. Gotcha.


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