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Donald Trump’s scheduled rally in Tulsa on Saturday remains the hottest ticket in Oklahoma this weekend. And now, there’s an open carry walk in OKC to coincide with the Trump rally. The goal of the open-carry walk with long guns is to draw attention to how gun control disproportionately impacts black Americans.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Gun control is deeply rooted in race control, not crime control. And black Americans, along with other disfavored classes of people, tend to suffer most from gun control laws. Meanwhile the elites, with their money and privilege, either exempt themselves, pay for armed security, or have taxpayer-funded police protection.

Led by African-Americans, the open carry march will begin around 2p.m. at Ralph Ellison Memorial Library.  From there, the group will walk to the Governor’s Mansion.  Omar Chatman, one of the organizers who spoke to the media said it will be a peaceful march to raise awareness both about the racist past of gun control and how African-Americans today are increasingly embracing gun ownership to defend themselves and their families.

He expects hundreds of mostly blacks to turn out with their guns for the walk.

From USA Today:

They will be arriving in peace, and hoping to carry a message.

Omar Chatman, 41, is one of the organizers for 1,000 brothers and sisters in arms, a pro-Second Amendment walk planned for Saturday led primarily by Black gun owners in Oklahoma.

The demonstration, which will begin at 2 p.m. at Ralph Ellison Memorial Library, is intended to bring attention to the fact that Black Americans’ constitutional rights to carry firearms are not often respected, Chatman said.

All are welcome to march in solidarity with the group, which expects between 200 and 300 people to attend in what they are saying will be a peaceful mile walk to the Governor’s Mansion.

“As an African American, it’s important to send a message to the governor and president that we aren’t going to allow people to come into our communities and brutalize us,” Chatman said. “That goes for corrupt police officers, white supremacists and criminals. Criminals have no color. It doesn’t matter if you are a Black man, white man, Asian or Hispanic.

“If you come into our community, know we are armed.”

It might prove to be the safest rally of the day as Antifa and other troublemakers are reportedly planning to converge on Tulsa to cause problems.


Tusla’s Mayor G.T. Bynum has, in fact, announced a curfew around the Trump rally.

Obviously, those attending the Trump rally will be unarmed when they come out of the BOK Center in Tulsa.  Hopefully police will be able to protect them as they depart the event.

President Trump himself has warned that Tulsa is not Seattle and black bloc violence will not be tolerated.

Maybe Mr. Chatman should take his rally participants from Oklahoma City the hour and forty minutes to the periphery of President Trump’s Secret Service security zone in Tulsa to help ensure the safety of the disarmed Trump rally attendees as they leave. After all, Antifa has a nasty history of fascist violence against those with whom they disagree.

But great photos of Second Amendment-supporting black gun owners protecting others from attack doesn’t fit the mainstream media narrative and likely wouldn’t make the front page of the New York Times.

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  1. The President has an incredible opportunity to link the Tulsa race riots of the past to the violent leftists of today who are desperately attempting to hijack the otherwise legitimate grievance of police misconduct.
    He can rightfully point to the unprecedented upward economic mobility of black Americans over the last few years. He can rightly point out that a rising tide lifts all boats. This has the potential to be a turning point for his campaign and our nation.
    Or he could just dick it all up.
    Fingers crossed.

    • The problem is, it doesn’t matter what Trump does. The media outlets have already decided how they’ll be covering this, and it won’t be to agree with Trump on anything. Unfortunately, most black people (and other democrat voters) have been brainwashed into not believing anything that goes against the DNC preferred narrative (look into how cults work). Big Tech is working overtime to make sure these people don’t hear the truth online as well.

      • Agreed! If you listen to the mainstream media you’d think it was a completely different event than what actually goes on. I love watching and listening to Trump hammer the media and the Dems (but I repeat myself) at these events. They so richly deserve it. If you’re unsure of how you view Trump or have only gotten your info from the mainstream media I encourage you to go to YouTube and listen to him unfiltered.

        • Yeah, my wife reads all the mainstream and progressive outlets — categorically refuses to visit Breitbart or even Fox News — and is unshakably convinced that every bit of violence that has ever happened in conjunction with a Trump rally was initiated by the conservatives.

    • Every once in a while there is a speech or event that just changes everything. This could be in.

      Kennedy had one. Reagan did. Carter never did.
      But if he just lays out the cold hard facts and stays off the juvenile we could see a sea change. He’s been exceptionally lucky in politics, virus from China not withstanding, he needs to get this right.
      Or it’s president Joe for a few weeks before we get screwed by his replacement.

    • I will cross my fingers as well, but unlike his tweet instinct his speech will be mostly written and edited by professionals to get out the right message.

    • Why does everything have to be framed in terms of what is best for black people?

      I’m tired of the anti-white sentiments. I’m afraid my daughter (white) will be afraid to call the cops if a black man harasses her. Tulsa riots occurred because a black guy sexually assaulted a white girl.

      And Trump already screwed up. Where is the wall we were promised? Remember the PPP/EIDL fiasco? That hurt me.

      • You really need to educate yourself about the race riot. A white girl accused a black teen of assaulting here. An accusation she later took back but not in time to prevent a white mob from lynching him & then going on to destroy what was called the black wall street of Tulsa. It was a very dark time in Oklahoma history and was not spoken about until very recently. In fact there have been archeologists using ground penetrating radar looking for the unmarked mass graves for the black people who were killed. And before you say anything I’m a conservative white man

        • Actually, the accused, a man by the name of Dick Rowland, was not lynched. He was protected from the lynch mob, at least in part, by armed black citizens outside the jail and deputies inside the jail.
          His accuser Sarah Page, would eventually admit that all he had done was stepped on her toe, the charges were dropped and he left Tulsa for good.
          The riot was caused by rumors spread by dumbasses (black and white) who didn’t worry about learning the facts.
          Lynching Rumors led to armed black citizens trying to prevent a lynching and protect the accused.
          Armed black citizens trying to prevent a lynching and protect the accused, led to rumors of an armed insurrection Which led to an armed response by white citizens in Tulsa.
          This armed response to the rumor of an insurrection, led to everything else.
          Several attempts over several years, at using GPR to find the alleged mass graves so far have failed to locate any.

        • But there are no mass graves in Tulsa. They are using the same playbook as they did with the Holocaust hoax. Wake up people. They won’t stop until all white people are killed. They are destroying our history by tearing down our statues, they are allowing rioters to burn down our cities, and they are trying to silence any dissent by banning free speech on the internet.

          And yes, the black guy did sexually assault the white girl in the elevator. Black in white crimes happen all the time.

        • “They are using the same playbook as they did with the Holocaust hoax. Wake up people. They won’t stop until all white people are killed. They are destroying our history by tearing down our statues, they are allowing rioters to burn down our cities”

          Congratulations! You’ve been elected the people of the gun‘s official goodwill ambassador!

          A patriotic, clear thinking and levelheaded gentleman such as yourself is exactly the kind of individual we need for our poster child.

    • Sometimes, especially in his speeches, he’s really good. This would be really good timing.

      However, as others have said, there will be widespread lying about what he says. Even if he’s perfect, it will be tough for people to find out about it. These are frustrating and depressing times.

    • Yes let’s hope, but I’ve been saying that to myself for 4 years now. Every time it’s something about ratings or how great a job he’s doing, or some other form of narcissistic ranting. Sure it’s funny when he get’s the media all riled up but come on man, focus on the problems and put the country first. Although I’ve never been 100% behind Trump after the BS he said about John McCain. Can’t imagine saying that about someone who served as a naval aviator and then spent 5 years as a POW.

      • McCain was a Manchurian candidate at worst and a RINO at best, Steve. Thats why he wasn’t electable as President. Unfortunately, due to his illness he lost control of his emotions at the end.

      • John Crash McCain. Only US Naval pilot to negligently crash 3 US jets. I’m more embarrassed that I voted for Romney than that I voted for McCain though.

        • “McCain did lose two Navy aircraft while piloting them. One crash was found to be McCain’s fault, the other due to an engine failure of undetermined cause. A third was destroyed on the deck of the carrier USS Forrestal when a missile fired accidentally from another plane hit either the plane next to McCain’s or, less likely, his own aircraft, triggering a disastrous fire that killed 134 sailors and nearly killed McCain. A fourth plane was lost when he was shot down over North Vietnam on a bombing mission over Hanoi.

          A fifth alleged “crash” turns out to be a misinterpretation of a flight accident that did not result in the loss of the aircraft. McCain admitted to causing that incident through “daredevil clowning” but returned safely.

          ‘Superb Airmanship’
          None of these incidents prevented McCain from winning regular promotions and being assigned additional flight duty. The Navy praised his “aggressiveness and skillful airmanship” when awarding him the Navy Commendation Medal for an attack Oct. 18, 1967, on a shipyard in Haiphong, North Vietnam, prior to his capture. The Navy also commended his “superb airmanship” in awarding him the Distinguished Flying Cross for a bombing attack on a Hanoi power plant Oct. 26, 1967. His plane was hit by a surface-to-air missile on that mission, but he “continued his bomb delivery pass and released his bombs over the target” before being forced to eject, according to the official citation.”

        • Daddy was an Admiral slick. He got away with a lot. Terrible human being who abandoned his wife to whore around.

        • No need to be embarrassed about that. In a winner take all election, you vote for whichever probable winner (of which there are typically only two) best matches your political goals (even if that is poorly.) It’s not your fault that all the other idiots voted for them in the primary, and there’s no sense in voting for someone who won’t win instead and, however slightly, increasing the win chances of the worse option. I can make an exception for when your preferred candidate runs independently anyway, as that’s a meaningful political statement by the candidate and by voting for him you’re making it more effective. But otherwise you just make do with what you’ve been given and vote for the least bad, viable option.

          Unless you voted for them in the primary too. Then you should both be ashamed, and should reconsider your selection process for primary candidates (if you haven’t already.) Those guys were real embarrassments from early on, as I recall.

        • Miner winer, gets it wrong again. Good ole’ “Johnny flame out” caused the incident on the USS Forrestal, the missile didnt launch accidentally, it was caused by john mccain wet starting his engine. Go watch the video.

          And quit spreading stupid conspiracy theories about crap like Jade Helm, you are a troll, all day everyday.

        • @ “Minor 69’r”…

          So F_____g what? Go watch Jim Acosta. Don’t post your CNN fake news here. What a rube. Minor 69’t the fake news correspondent.

        • J Smith… What? Are you going to be able to make any sense? Hey dumb dumb, the missile was Not fired from McCain’s aircraft. His bird was on the other side of the ship, in the area said missile was shot into.

        • “Miner winer, gets it wrong again. Good ole’ “Johnny flame out” caused the incident on the USS Forrestal, the missile didnt launch accidentally, it was caused by john mccain wet starting his engine. Go watch the video.”

          How interesting, you apparently consider it patriotic to post blatant false hoods that are easily refuted by but a moments research.

          There is indeed video of the tragic accident on the USS Forestal, and it clearly shows the missile launching from an F4 phantom across the deck and hitting the A4 Skyhawk’s lined up, with ordinance, getting ready to go to downtown Hanoi.

          You know, downtown Hanoi, a really dangerous place, where only brave Americans were willing to go. It’s just the kind of place that a limp dick draft dodger like Donald Trump was just too fraidy-cat to go, don’t worry, theare were plenty of poor people to fight the rich man’s war.

          Chicken hawks like you aren’t fit to polish John McCain’s big brass balls.

    • True, but the news media has already decided (or already been told) what to report and how to report it, and the “angry local residents” who will be demonstrating as “never Trumpers” are probably already arriving on buses from St Louis and Chicago and Los Angeles and New Orleans and…..

  2. Let’s not forget that in 1967 the NRA joined Governor Ronald Reagan and a bipartisan group of legislators in California to eliminate open carry within the state.

    White people became upset when the Black Panther Party was formed to go on “Copwatch” patrols in Oakland to monitor police activity after complaints from citizens of being mistreated by police.

    The final straw was when well behaved and peaceful Black Americans showed up on the steps of the Capitol in Sacramento legally carrying rifles and shotguns, prompting legislators to pass legislation eliminating open carry which Governor Reagan quickly signed.

    • We also shouldn’t forget that the NRA was a different organization before the Cincinnati Revolt at the 1977 Annual Meeting. That’s when the NRA became the NRA we know it to be today. The period between the passage of the 1968 Gun Control Act and the Revolt had caused an increasing schism inside the NRA. There was a traditionalist faction, which wanted the NRA to remain focused on sport shooting, hunting, and training. This is the faction that considered open carry completely unnecessary for the legitimate hunter. The other faction, the one that took over in Cincinnati, considered the growing threat of gun control unacceptable, and became a much more political organization as a result. The focus became much more on the defense of the Second Amendment.

      • Unfortunately, they used the excuse of preventing organized antigunners from taking over an election to rig the process. There can’t be another revolt. Instead, we’re stuck with an entrenched, bloated, overpaid leadership with misuse and mismanagement of funds, conflicts of interest, improper vendor billing, graft, self-serving, cronyism, nepotism, and general financial malfeasance. It speaks volumes to me that they refuse to have an independent audit to disprove these “lies from antigunners” and restore faith from the membership. I hope New York jails the lot of them so we can get people who care more about 2A than their own self-interest.

      • The NRA is there to line the pockets of Wayne LaPierre , and the B.O.D. they accomplish not much else. The NRA has not fought for 2 A Issues for a long time. I come from a family of NRA life members. My children are all life members. But we have not contributed a cent for many years now because of the outlandish spending and Lack of any notable accomplishments. Now The NRA is falling apart. Contributions are falling fast , membership is declining. I once wore NRA gear with pride — not anymore.

  3. Good for them! I have many black friends. Most of them veterans. Some LEO/ former LEO. All hunters. And before the Fuddests get started. All own ARs. Much to my chagrin. And CCW permits. The hardest thing I have convincing them of is that the Democrats will take their firearms. Yet, all are adamant they would never surrender them. I ask, WTF?

    • I have had 3 black friends in the 55 years I’ve been alive. They were great people.I do not know where any of them are at these days. The vast majority of blacks I have ever met had no respect for other people (black or white). I have had a car full of young black men throw lit cigarettes in the open window of my car laughing while my car smolders. I have been robbed and beaten by two black guys outside a 7-11 . I had beer bottles thrown at my car by young black men because I drove through the wrong neighborhood . The cops told me I was up to no good because I was white in a black neighborhood.( I was lost looking for the interstate) a person’s attitude towards others is based on experience. I have had very little reason to trust black people.

  4. Where can we donate a few bucks? Every law-abiding citizen who owns a gun (or, 20 or 30) and supports the 2A is one of us. Hope this spreads the word to black voters!

  5. Blacks MARCH shoulder to shoulder often times now, masks or no mask on, no matter. Now when Trump holds a rally those attending wearing masks and social distancing is all they talk about. Just politics, and the left seeing Trump holding rallies again is the last thing they want to see. After the rally the left will do everything they can to point to a spike in cases of the virus to try to stop the next rally – no matter where it is to be held.

    • Somewhat safer to be outside (especially someplace as windy as OK) than inside with limited air circulation.

  6. Actually, I believe author was a little confused about the location. The march appears to be in OKC (where the listed library and gov’s mansion are located) and not Tulsa.

    • More than a little. The picture, the story, all talked about Tulsa, not OKC.

      In fact, nowhere in the excerpt was OKC mentioned.

      My mistake.


  7. Hmmmm…I was in Tulsa in 1986 for a Christian convention. Nicest large city I’ve EVER been to. Good for these black gun owner’s!

  8. Let’s stop being racist against whites says: > June 19

    Why does everything have to be framed in terms of what is best for Black people? I’m tired of the anti-white sentiments.

    __Blacks can’t be racist? Haven’t you heard about this? This, even that B.O. was about as racist as anybody could possibly be; almost everything he did as far as whom he appointed to the SCOTUS and other positions had a racial component. I could easily go over all of the details about this but no way to be able to do that here. A good one they still talk about was B.O. and his daughters posing with two large white turkeys just before Thanksgiving; it was no coincidence at all that the two turkeys were white. Have doubts look into it.

    __But get with the program and the new realities of all of the new PC standards about Blacks for the benefit of blacks. Also much of USA history related to its European roots, and the civil war, must be erased. Also Juneteenth is to become a Federal holiday and Columbus Day abolished to make room for it. This being 2020 skin color no longer matters?

    __Fact is there are black racists too but for them it seems OK and there is no stigma. Just be quiet and accept your fate as a ‘white’. Note capital letter B when writing Blacks and always smaller case w when writing whites; this too is the new standard. Putting all of this aside new Black gun owners are needed. In Chicago many more there need to carry a gun and that way they can police themselves and reduce the body count. Like in the old West everybody had a six shooter; in Chicago that would be a good start.

    • “A good one they still talk about was B.O. and his daughters posing with two large white turkeys just before Thanksgiving; it was no coincidence at all that the two turkeys were white. Have doubts look into it.“

      Good Lord, you can’t be serious!

      And he was wearing a tan suit, proof of the illuminati connection!

      Beware Jade Helm!

    • Domesticated turkeys are white . I worked on a Turkey farm for many years I have never seen a domesticated turkey that was not white.

  9. this is one more thing that shows how the Democrats co-opted the Blacks to get political support, just like the Communists insert themselves into a nation’s discontent and unrest to get a free ride into political power. and if none exists, create it. if not enough exists, amplify it.

    the Blacks do not support gun control, being painfully aware of crime in bad neighborhoods and the need to protect their homes with guns; they are against abortion, Women’s Lib, and liberalism. yet the Democrats try to say they are, and use that as a fake voting bloc. couldn’t be farther from the truth. the Blacks vote Democrat because they get welfare and benefits. the Democrats get their vote nevertheless and use the elected constituents to pass laws for the Democrat party- gun control, abortion, feminism, liberalism.

    these are Communist tactics and the Blacks are being used.

  10. MSNBC will be there to describe the group as armed minorities marching for their freedom and against tyranny, which they are, but framing it in such a way as to show it being a counter-protest to all those white supremacists at the Trump rally.

    All the while selling the party of the Klan, segregation, Jim Crow, black codes, internment, red lining and that decade after decade fights to keep rights out of the reach of the poor and the minority populations as the party of justice and equality. I suppose if you’ve always been a classist and a bigot the dems may seem like the party of justice from your classist and bigoted perspective.

    • Well said, I think your prediction will be accurate, not just for MSNBC but just about every other large news organization that advocates for the party of the jackass(es).

      • Do tell me where to begin but before you do research this group carefully then get back to the guy who actually lives here.

        • Well sure enough they used it as a racial platform rather than a 2A platform to the local news. The want the UN to investigate America for pushing the agenda of hunting down and killing black men.
          All y’all wanting to throw money, write articles and support them got duped. Do your research

  11. “oklahoma black gun owners plan pro gun rights march for saturday in oklahoma city”
    blacks marching for a traditionally conservative political issue in the reddest state in the union during a presidential election year must have democrats losing sleep
    *and their henchmen*
    look for a bigger backlash in oklahoma than in tulsa
    it will be antifa types posing as white conservatives with white hoods and nooses and confederate flags and kkk signs
    its like an episode of seinfeld…if weve seen it once weve seen it a thousand times
    only the stupidest people in america
    read: the mainstream media and hollywood and athletes
    will fall for it
    either that or it will be a total media blackout
    my $ is on the former
    like a dog to its own vomit the antifa types wont be able to stay away

  12. The white Left needs riots. Trump got 14% of the black vote. In the last election. He was on track to get I think 30% of the black vote in 2020. The democrats could be in the trash can of history. We can only hope.

  13. The media is going to fuck this situation into full blown aids and there I also suspect Antifa to seize the opportunity to act as racists in a counter protest. Even though we all know that is NOT the situation taking place. And the president will definitely try to use it to his advantage, but only come off looking like he usually does… a narcissist (don’t get butthurt trump supporters… all politicians are).

  14. A law abiding black man with a legally owned firearm is your ally. This is great news, in my book.

  15. Why did the author of this article neglect to mention…
    “They are demanding the International World Court to investigate the United States for human rights violations of its Black population.”

    Or the statement made by a group organizer…

    “We have a right to protect ourselves because we are tired of this crap and the United States promoting the killing of African Americans”?

    I support the 2A for all men, but I will not celebrate a bunch of race baiting communists exercising it as some form of brotherhood with them. The NKVD liked their guns but that doesn’t make them my friend nor ally.
    Commies will demand 2A rights just as much as patriots, revolutions require guns.

    • If Blacks are having their rights infringed, or even merely percieve that their rights are being infringed, why shouldn’t they peacably assemble and petition government for redress of grievances? Hopw does exercising their 1st and 2nd Amendment rights make them race-baiting communists???

  16. I’d rather see ya go to Tulsa instead, probably be a lot of security but a few more AR’s wouldn’t hurt!😉

  17. I participated in the march. All was peaceful and well organized. A few of the “Boog Bois” showed up in solidarity. In fact, there were just as many whites as blacks. No provocateurs. Lots of horn honking and cheering on from people along the route. Surprisingly light police presence (unless they were plain clothes). Probably about 100-150 people.

    But even if it were 1000 people, you’d never hear about it in the cable news. 1) It would have been overshadowed by the Trump rally. 2) aThey need to maintain the false narrative that black people 100% onboard with the democrat’s civilian disarmament agenda.

    • Happy to see reports that it went peacefully, as planned. Another data point against all those opposed to armed protests who like to speculate on social media that the police would shoot them. “Imagine if Blacks did this.”

      Getting more police and the rest of the public acclimatized to seeing armed Blacks seems to be a necessary step.

  18. So what happened? Nothing. There were protest (which is a right) but more importantly there was a RALLY.
    We don’t have bail reform, we have law and order, we spank our kids and we are happy.

  19. It is about time people in this country, lefties especially, wise up and pay attention to what is actually going on, not what paid traitors are “telling” you. 9/11 was witness by millions and everyone knows a building cannot fall STRAIGHT down on itself, let alone 3 FUCKING TIMES IN ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yet it seems most people believe what the government and media have told them than what they witnessed with their own eyes!! We have many brainwashed zombies walking among us and that is the problem. If we’d all wake up and trust our senses all these scum would be forced to attempt to run away. But if we were ALL awake, we would round them up and hang them in the public square like all traitors!!

  20. Congratulations to the 2 amendment solidarity shown by black and white gun owners.
    I do not know a single hunter, shooter, gun owner that does not want the second amendment for everyone.It is the politicians,race baiters,anti hunters,and anarchist that start these rumors of disarming our black people.


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