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As is always the case in these kinds of developing, chaotic situations, the Ohio State “active shooter” report may not have involved an active shooter after all. Then again, the CNN report linked to the image above mentions nothing about how the “shooter” wounded his eight victims. And they quote student as hearing “popping” sounds and “gunshots.” More as actual facts emerge.

UPDATE: The knife story seems to be gaining traction.

A suspect attacked several people with a knife at Ohio State University on Monday, sending eight people to hospitals and prompting a campus-wide lockdown, authorities said.

The suspect is dead, and authorities on the ground believe the threat is contained, said a law enforcement official briefed on the latest information.
The eight people hospitalized have non-life-threatening injuries, according to officials at three local hospitals.
The attacks apparently began using a car.
Investigators believe the assailant also used a car at the beginning of the attack, and the entire attack happened outside.
OSU student Jacob Bower, 20, said he saw a man pull a knife outside between the Koffolt Laboratories and Watts Hall.
“He pulled a large knife and started chasing people around, trying to attack them,” Bower told CNN. He said it appeared to be a large kitchen knife.

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    • Note to self, don’t drink coffee while reading comments from pwrserg. You’ll ruin your computer with the spray.

    • Attacker Somali… Looks like my muzrat detector was right on point. Durka Durka Mohamhead Jihad Backalah Mohamhead Jihad.

      • The FBI, regretably, is unable to characterize this as a terrorist attack and has no hints about the suspect’s motives.

      • Assuming the attacker was the owner of the vehicle used, according to the scanner: “Ali Mohammed”.

    • It’s not just CNN. Fox News is also reporting 9 people being shot.

      Fox News is especially unreliable when reporting on these sorts of situations. They favor breathless, sensational, “breaking” news over responsible journalism.

      • .It is 13:30 Eastern. CNN is still running it with Gunman in the story while Fox is not. Fox appears to have used OSU official announcements which had “active shooter.” CNN is also still running inclusion call outs to mass shooting stories.

        BBC is running it as gunman, mass shooting, and has a linked story right under headline “How to stop mass shootings in America.”

        all the news outlets went with OSU as source and that would be a credible news source. Thh difference is the leftist outlets ran with it longer and more importantly, used it to trot out their anti second amendment opinion pieces on” mass shootings.”

  1. Please do not traumatize the snowflakes any further. If they find out that the “shooter” was actually a driver and a knifer, the poor dears will break out in hives at the thought of crossing a street or slicing a delicious vegan soy steak.

    • For the love of God! With soaring frequency such incidents are ending lives!! When are we going to have a serious conversation about automobiles and cutlery!!!

      • Plastic sporks as they are responsible adults after all.

        With the tips cut down just to be on the safe side.

  2. So, “active shooter” is less-than-completely “active”, and is a “shooter” in the sense that a firearm had an as yet, unclear place in his ‘life story’.

    And kinda stabby, too.

  3. I won’t be surprised if there was no gun to begin with. In my college years, we had an active shooter alert during finals (I finished mine the day before). It turned out to be some dude waving two pocket knives around who left a note to his roommate. He hurt nobody and was swiftly tackled/hauled off. His admitted goal was suicide by cop. It seems “active shooter” has become the university buzzword for “homicidal wingnut on campus.”

      • “He was just turning his life around…”
        I don’t trust anyone who tries to run over crowds of innocent people to tie their goddamn shoe laces right, let alone make responsible, healthy life choices.

  4. Press conference at 1200CST, says butcher knife found, no gun “so far, still under investigation”. No gunshot wounds, all wounds been seen have been stabs and lacerations, or “othropedic issues” from being hit by a car.

    • Please tell me they didn’t actually use the phrase “orthopedic issues”, as if a violent attack left then needing a lift in their shoe for better arch support.

  5. Three posts so far on this, correcting disinformation. How about you try harder to get it right instead of getting it first?

    • “Three posts so far on this, correcting disinformation…”

      Hey, somebody has got to do it, butt-lickers. Lord knows *we* won’t…

  6. The grabbers will say ‘if he had used a gun, there would have been many, many deaths, not just seven injuries….’

    They will try to spin any story to fit their narrative.

  7. Apparently the “shooter” was a Somali with a grudge and a BFK — but no gun.

    Ya gotta hand it to him. He was able to shoot eight people with a knife.

  8. “Active shooter”:

    The suspect never used a gun on the victims, Columbus Police Chief Kimberley Jacobs said, and it is unclear if he had one.

  9. OSU dept of public safety issued statement:

    “Ohio State University Police and local law enforcement continue to respond to a public safety incident on Ohio State’s campus. A suspect has been shot and reported deceased. Victim injuries include stab wounds, injury by motor vehicle and other injuries that are being evaluated. At the recommendation of law enforcement, campus alerts for shelter in place have been lifted. Campus remains open during the continued investigation, although classes have been canceled for the remainder of the day. Facts are still being verified. We will hold a media briefing as soon as we are able. The university will continue to share information through Buckeye Alert and Our top priority remains the safety and security of our campus community. Our thoughts and prayers are with those injured and their families.”

    Looks like the gun stopped the killer. Give that gun a commendation.

  10. Well…he WANTED a gun.

    Edited to add that, with a firearm involved we’d be hearing about this all week. Knife? I predict we’ll be hearing crickets chirping by this time tomorrow.

  11. Good guys with guns killed bad guy with blade and car… winning. Active shooter? Not so much a shooter… pretty inactive now, too.

  12. “Run Hide Fight” issued by Ohio State University system would be a great deal more effective if some students had a pistol in their backpack or on their hip.

    • My understanding is that this attack was carried out against science and engineering building. Geeks + chemicals can result in a very effective improvised counter knife weapon.

      Never bring a knife to sulfuric acid fight.

  13. I guess saying “Active stabber” is just not as cool as the other term?

    I call for a 10 day waiting period before you can buy a butter knife!

    Then add when the guy with the knife ran into the cops sight –did the cop look at him like Indian Jones —“are you kidding me?”

  14. Oh, look! Another batcrap crazy Methodist, hell-bent on killing Baptists!

    What’s that? There was no Methodist? A Muslim you say?

    I’m shocked! Why, this has to be the first time this has happened! Islam is such a religion of peace. George W. Bush told me himself, with a straight face, that Islam is a religion of peace.

  15. The poor Somali stabby guy was simply upset over the recent election of Donald Trump. Or the recent demise of Fidel Castro. Or Florence Henderson. I’m not sure which.

  16. Just waiting for “Concerned American” to come on now demanding common sense knife registration!!!

  17. These attacks don’t happen in Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan on a daily basis.

    Another day, Another Chaotic event caused by the NRA and this debunked propaganda website.

    And this incident just proves me point.

    So why is that hate-mongering coward robert farago still hasn’t taken my challenge of comparing the numbers os incidents and tragedies here to the numbers that happen in other countries.

    • Pray tell, how were the NRA or America’s gun culture in any way involved? Why focus on guns at all?

      Doesn’t this incident instead point to the fact that people who intend to harm others will do so regardless of the means at their disposal? Rather than quibble about what tools they use, perhaps it would be better to examine why people do this and work on treating the root cause.

      • The NRA and the Gun Lobby in general are the reason when don’t have secure let alone stable mental health facilities any more.

        Common sense says you don’t let a maniac with mental illness that makes him a threat to public health and safety wonder free.

        So your solution is to violate the rights of Americans by arming them when your ironically arming the attacker as well.

        This sicko would’ve made things worse if he were armed.

        Yeah let untrained students and faculty drawing and shooting and missing and hitting innocents because they are not trained physically, emotionally or mentally is the answer – the second amendment and carry laws have been here for decades and haven’t helped ever – this isn’t Tv or movies, This is real life.

        People like you and your absurd way of thinking that *more* guns are the answer. Why do you think you we are the only first world country with regular public shooting cases like this? It’s because you allow guns in the hands of crazies in the first place.

        Incidents like this are rare in rest of the world versus the numerous incidents that happen everyday.

        • The NRA closed the mental health facilities during the Reagan Administration?

          Of course, since you seem to believe the NRA is responsible for a Somali refugee running people down with his car and stabbing them with a knife, there’s probably no end to your list of things they are responsible for.

        • Interesting perspective. I was under the impression that our nation’s decline in mental health care had more to do with it being deemed politically incorrect to force people into treatment against their will simply because their brains work a little differently. However, I’m not sure it really matters much, as I have yet to see any reports that the suspect even had any mental illness which would have qualified him for such treatment in the first place!

          “So your solution is to violate the rights of Americans by arming them when your ironically arming the attacker as well.

          This sicko would’ve made things worse if he were armed.”

          How is arming Americans violating their rights? And how do you know that this specific incident would have been worse if the suspect were armed with a gun (he was armed; he had likely over a ton of self-propelled metal and a knife)? Is your assertion any different from a pro-gun person asserting that an armed student would’ve taken him down quicker?

          “Yeah let untrained students and faculty drawing and shooting and missing and hitting innocents because they are not trained physically, emotionally or mentally is the answer “

          And yet in places where carry is allowed, we don’t tend to see dozens of people shooting each other at the drop of a hat. Personally, I believe this is due to people who lack the proper mindset to safely carry being the ones least likely to want to carry in the first place.

          “Why do you think you we are the only first world country with regular public shooting cases like this? It’s because you allow guns in the hands of crazies in the first place.”

          You mean “public shooting cases” which don’t appear to feature a gun in the hands of the suspect at all?

  18. According to WHIO, “The gunfire reportedly came from police, not the suspect, according to police.”

    I think it’s perfectly understandable that the panicking people fleeing a violent maniac would think that the shots could have been from him rather than at him, but you’d think those sitting back and watching the drama from the safety of a newsroom far removed from the events could be a little more cautious in their reporting.

  19. Dear uniformed

    The latest knife attack here in Australia was on Sunday morning by male who injured 6 ladies at Melbourne train station.

    He broke large kitchen knife when lady used her handbag as a shield then pushed 3 or 4 onto train tracks.
    Thankfully people helped them up before next train and power is overhead for trains here.

    In the schools defence they probably have only one auto dial message that says shooter not car or knife

    • The FBI classes this as a murder suicide not as a mass shooting. Just because you call it a mass shooting doesn’t make it so.

      In Japan this would have been classified as a “family suicide” and not murder at all. One of the reasons the Japanese suicide rate is greater to the US murder + suicide rate is the prevalence of so-called family suicides. If they counted these events like we do their murder rate may actually be higher than ours.


    All campus traffic officers please immediately get into your bumper cars and box in the active driver per the school district SOP.

    PRESIDENT OBAMA is crying on TV at the loss of yet more innocents who could have been his sons/daughters, because of the unconstitutional hegemony of GM and FORD controlling the Congress!!

    The speed and stain of this attempt to once again promote gun fear and induce elitist infringement at the state level is disgusting. One good thing though, is in my (this is true, because I am required to take this class) Women’s Studies course, the 4 most vehement anti-gun women in class all agreed how stupid it was for MSM to cover an attack with a car and a knife as an active shooter/mass shooting. So, progress? The good kind?

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