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From CNN: “A suspect is dead following an active shooter report Monday morning on Ohio State University’s campus, a federal law enforcement official said. The official, who has been briefed on the latest information on the situation, said law enforcement on the ground believes the threat is contained. The official stressed this is early in the investigation and the sweep of campus continues.” The shootings reportedly took place in the campus’s engineering building. No motive has yet be determined for the spree.

Classes were canceled for the rest of the day across campus. Students are getting ready for final exams, which begin on December 9.
The incident also comes during the first month of the OSU public safety director’s job.
Monica Moll came to the helm on October 31.
In addition to local authorities, the Bureau of Alcohol,Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is on the ground in Columbus, spokesman Dave Coulson said.
As you’ve probably suspected, Ohio State is a designated gun-free zone. Not that that seems to have deterred the now room temperature shooter in any meaningful way. So when the school’s tweet alert instructed students and faculty to “run, hide, fight”, it’s not clear with what they were expected to, you know, fight against an armed individual. While the details haven’t yet been released, we presume the shooter was taken down by law enforcement personnel.
Here’s hoping all of the wounded recover quickly and completely.

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  1. This is being reported as a “mass shooting”, yet the attackers drove a car into a building (and, potentially, into some of the victims), then one used a knife/machete (injuring at least some of the victims), and the other fired “3 or 4 shots” (according to reports).

    So: how many of the victims of this alleged “mass shooting” were actually shot?

    Also, the attacker with the gun is reported to be dead, and two (?) others were led out of a parking garage in handcuffs. So, how was this still an “active shooter” situation, once the police ventilated the attacker with the gun?

    • When one cites the Bath massacre as an early example of violence against a school, a common counter is, “Well, yes, but that was a bombing, not a shooting.” As if that makes the victims less dead.

      In reality, the bomber did have a gun with him, and reports are fuzzy about whether it was fired or not. Some reported being fired at, so there is no doubt this would be reported as a “mass shooting” if it happened in the modern media climate. They’re catering to an audience who sincerely believes the mere presence of a firearm is what incites and enables a violent act, even if it is never used.

  2. Hmmmmmm…. another shooting in a gun free zone????? Who would’ve thought.
    My thoughts and prayers to the injured.
    To the jerk that did it…. may you rot in very version of hell there is.

  3. You know what we need? More gun control. All of this crashing cars into buildings and stabbing must end now. Do it for the children. This is clearly the fault of the NRA.


    • Every time someone asks, “You know what we need?”, all I can hear in my head is the voice of Christopher Walken saying, “We need more cowbell”.

      • ““We need more cowbell”.”

        Good SNL reference. It’s probably the only thing of Ferrell’s stuff that I like.

  4. I’ve been given the “run, hide, fight” speech at work. It was explained that many workplace items can be used to harmful and lethal effect. But, should you bring your own harmful or lethal item, you will be fired.

    Spray the extinguisher in his face and then club him with it, stab him with scissors, but don’t you dare bring pepper spray, a knife, or a gun with you.

    • I’ve gotten the same speech. I don’t carry inside of work. However I have at least 3 knives on me at all times when I’m there.
      And yes… I know how to use them.

    • Our unofficial policy is take cover, shoot back. The official policy? Kill the bastard by any means necessary.

  5. Now I understand the “safe space” initiative at universities … so students have a safe space to go and process their feelings after an attacker rapes/murders students on campus.

    What, you didn’t think “safe spaces” were actually a safe place to go during an attack, did you? Such a place would not be necessary because our illustrious universities are already gun-free zones and the safest places in our nation … according to academia of course. However, such lofty declarations are no consolation to the thousands of defenseless victims who endured violent crimes on university campuses.

  6. Run, fight, hide, at least there saying “fight.” Maybe leftists will put 2+2 together and realize that the most effective way to fight back involves a firearm. Small progress and most will discount but maybe a couple will wake up from make believe land.

    • Nah. The leftists think that the best way to subdue an armed bad guy is to smack him with a purse. Which is all well and good, although I have no idea what they want the women to do.

    • Joseph,

      We might be on the cusp of substantive change with many Progressives. Remember, a few short years ago the entire official response was “Shelter in place.” Now, many official procedures/policies direct victims to consider their best course of action among a field of what are actually logical choices: hide/shelter, escape, or fight.

      The fact that Progressives have been unable to shout down the “escape” and “fight” options is SIGNIFICANT. Now that Progressives realize that “escape” and “fight” are serious considerations, we can only hope that they will soon begin asking why they should not be able to fight back on even footing … e.g. with a firearm.

  7. “it’s not clear with what they were expected to, you know, fight against an armed individual.”

    And somehow, the anti-rights / anti-self defense crowd just will not get it. Again.

  8. So Latest reports is that it was a Somali immigrant on a machete Jihad.

    Somali’s making America, Africa since 2010.

    All you pro immigrant types need to wake up.

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