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TTAG reader JME writes:

“Growing up, this was one of the neighborhoods that I lived in. Apparently, an aspiring white hip-hop performer and three friends went for an OC rifle walk through a neighborhood while saying less than acceptable words. They walked in front of the District 3 Cincinnati Police Station and were let go by police. Much later arrests were made under a crime initiative for these high crime areas. I know quite a few people in the Ohio Open Carry groups and especially in SW Ohio. I don’t know any of these four. I only did about 30 minutes of digging and found LilKrayzie74’s Facebook page. The [foul-mouthed] YouTube video‘s been removed. Twitter and a group of other social media accounts still active but none with the original video. IMHO, this is an important story.”

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  1. 1) I don’t even know what to say about the OCers. Forget the foul language, his lazy street dialect was pure ear-herpes. There are some in every group, though. sigh.

    2) Man-on-the-street reactions are the WORST. Jeez I wish they’d stop going for those.

    • But how many did they try to interview that didn’t care? We won’t ever see those.

      This is not a group of responsible or even concerned citizens, but what they did is NOT illegal. I’m all for open carry, but people like this hurt the arguments that are in favor of it.

      There’s no law against “stupid”.

      • “There’s no law against stupid”

        Sometimes i think there should be, especially when you are carrying a gun.

        • Agreed, but the problem is this; Where do you draw the line? Do you allow for horse sense?(since common sense no longer exists) It’s a serious can of worms, and I, for one, do NOT trust the government to make that decision. Hell, I don’t totally trust myself with that decision, I’m a human, not God.

        • I too wouldn’t want to be the one deciding and certainly don’t want government doing it. IMHO, it would be a conflict of interest (A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state & shall not be infringed) for government to be deciding. Idiots existed at the founding of this nation; since the beginning of mankind, actually. I don’t doubt that those who drafted the 2A had seen socially denser individuals out in public. Therefore, I believe that people ought to be left alone until they commit an actual crime or such is obviously imminent, aka violating or threatening to violate the actual rights of another. Any of us could go up to these four and politely, or not so politely, suggest that they tone it down. They would be free to listen or to not. I’d say that this group was probably engaged in “fighting words” so a physical altercation with them wouldn’t necessarily result in a criminal conviction if I were on the jury. However, I don’t see the actions on the video as necessarily criminal and I wouldn’t want it to become criminalize because the cost to individual Liberty would be too high.

  2. Sorry I could only tolerate a few seconds of the video. I can’t stand people that want to open carry just for the sake of saying LOOK Ma I am carrying an AR through town, or to see what kind of reaction they get. There was another video that came out not long ago of some ladies carrying pistols basically provoking a response.
    If you are going to carry, carry for the right reason. Not just to see what reaction you get.

    • I think that The Theory of Duh is at work here. Foul language and intimidation are NOT going to get you the reaction you want. Except maybe from other wannabe gang bangers, but as for the rest of the population, no. What it will get is the cops called and, whoops, there go your rights to even OWN a gun, let alone OC. In the mean time, you’re seriously annoying responsible gun owners, Einstein.

      • My thoughts exactly. Sadly too many think that since they have the right to carry, they think that they can any way they want to, anywhere they want. No, you have to be responsible enough and grown up enough that you aren’t calling attention to yourself just because you ARE carrying. It’s like a kid that gets their first car, they have to be seen in it and show off. carrying is NOT something to show off about!

  3. I wouldn’t call them OC’ers, thugs maybe. Wanna be thugs for sure.
    They do not represent the movement, nor do they represent our ideology, faith or convictions.
    They are not protestors, or civil rights advocates. They are racist thugs.
    Nuff said.

  4. This is the new anti-gunner tactic. I don’t believe these guys are pro open carry anymore than I believe our current President has ever told the truth.

    • But I’ll bet that, politically, they are right there with you and your fellow T-baggers. You should be proud of your fellow conservatives and racists.

      • I was going to give you a second chance, reading it through again minus the homophobic ad hominem. Unfortunately there wasn’t anything left after that. Did you have something you were trying to say?

  5. wow…that gene pool needs to be cleansed of such idiocy

    i can’t believe that ignorance and hatred like that is even caught on camera

  6. I’m going with completely staged event and these folks are/were being paid.

    Do you think for a moment that a ghetto talking group of white kids would cook up a plan like that on their own? It’s too perfect a setup to advance a specific narrative.

    Do not think for a second that those that would strip of us our rights would not stoop to that level.

    • looked through his facebook. that is one confused and angry human being. sadly he procreated and has a child. i just pray that the child won’t grow up to be just like him

    • I think it’s interesting that your mind goes to conspiracy instead of imagining that some who identify with ‘your’ movement might do something dumb… especially when we have so, so much evidence of OC people doing dumb things.

  7. Calling these guys “open carriers” is an insult to those of us who actually open carry. They are not remotely close to any open carrier I know. They are either thugs or actors or something of that sort.

    • There should be no problem, but that’s ignoring that we living in a time when the people that control our government want to disarm the average American.

    • Absolutely. And they are just as good a representative of the rich NRA and gun loon traditions of the USA as any other AR-15 owner. And that’s because the true fans of 2A resist any standards being imposed.

    • The fact that they have a legal right to do something does not mean that their actions were smart, and it does not make them immune from criticism.

      They are being jackasses with the thug behavior and doing a disservice to all responsible gun owners.

  8. This trio of young adults represents the downside of liberty. Somehow, they got it into their heads that they are free men and women, that they have a right to keep and bear arms. Unfortunately, they are immature and they are not very bright. Their irresponsible actions demonstrate they have no regard for larger political matters or the consequences of their behavior. They have their own agenda. I suspect they just wanted some attention.

    In a nation with over 300 million citizens, it is inevitable that someone, somewhere will choose to exercise his/her rights in ways that generate our disapproval. Get used to it, freedom is messy.

  9. Well, These losers are going to go on our side of the public opinions ledger. MSM will tie them to the NO shooting or the NRA in 3, 2,….

  10. This doesn’t pass the smell test. Its either a stunt to gain some notoriety, or just plain old agitators paid to stir up trouble.

  11. I live about 50 to 60 miles West or so from East Price Hill. This is nothing compared to what usually goes on around there. It seems the Cincy news reports some one getting shot about every other night around that area. I actually know someone who moved out of a better neighborhood of Cincy because the shootings in Price Hill were coming closer to his house. I guess one of the cult trends in Cincy is to be a Wigger. Welcome to the Queen City.

    • Plenty of hate groups in the Cincinnati area that use words like “wigger” You no doubt fit in well.

      The Nation of Islam was active in Cinci when I grew up there and I see they are still around. It’s funny that I never see any discussions of old white folks giving the Nation of Islam guns so they can defend themselves. Why is that?

      • I’m a native Cincinnatian and they ought be as free to arm themselves as anyone else. I used to get a copy of their rag at the intersection of Reading and Seymour. I was armed and always assumed that they were.

        • I can assure everyone they are indeed armed. If they are anything like what they used to be.

          Used to buy their newspaper too but that was years ago. I haven’t lived in Cinci since college; went to Walnut Hills High School and our best known grad was Jerry Rubin. Those were some fun days.

      • I’m pretty sure that word doesn’t mean what you think it means. When I hear it (and I live about an hour from Cincinnati) I think of a white teen or young adult who adopts the speech, appearance and mannerisms of inner city black criminal gang culture, usually without the actual organized crime. Generally, among white people, they are considered offensive and phony which oddly enough is how most blacks seem to think of them too, at least in my experience. It’s not so much a type of racial slur as it is simply an insult based on their behavior, which is at best ridiculous. But don’t let facts get in the way of your narrative, I know the facts don’t matter. On the other hand, here, among the POTG they are all that matters. If you don’t have facts, you’re not going to influence anyone here.

      • The Nation of Islam isn’t ENTITLED to a gun, but their members can certainly go out and purchase one for self defense. I don’t have a problem with that. The 2nd Amendment is all about protecting the choice to have a firearm as a citizen, not literally putting arms into people’s hands. That’s what gungrabbers like you keep getting wrong. Do we say it’s ideal to have more people armed? Yes. You still have to make that choice yourself, though.

        Choice. Something people like you aren’t exactly fond of.

        You tend to value something more if you buy it with your own money rather than if its handed to you.

  12. Like the loaded handgun left in the toy isle at target, this is another example of a bloomberg plant. I wonder what they are paid?

  13. I believe this is genuine. It’s not beyond the realm of probability that this is how he and those around him talk everyday. I’ve heard it myself and when I return for visits to Cincinnati this summer, I will undoubtedly hear similar. So, at some point they figured out that they have the right to keep and bear arms. They figured out that open carry of long guns is legal in Ohio. I don’t think this was so much a demonstration to educate local individuals about everyone’s rights. To me, this seemed much more like he intended to educate those around him about his ability to carry a rifle in public. There is a difference.

    I don’t support their arrests based upon what they said or because they were armed. I don’t support arrests based upon exercise of two or more freedoms simultaneously. I’m not fond of these CPD initiatives as they can get a little heavy handed. However, I’ve read in a few places that LilKrayzie74 was arrested because of violations of a protection order. While the grounds of that order may or may not have been specious, he shouldn’t have pushed in the manner that he did. I don’t view his actions as necessarily prudent.

  14. I OC, sometimes a shotgun, sometimes a pistol, and I am disgusted by this. You can tell by the way they’re talking and acting that they’re intentionally doing everything in their power to damage the OC normalization cause.

  15. This is yet another hazard of carrying a rifle around for political reasons: Guilt by association.

    Anybody can do it and humans are well versed in mimicry. “Monkey see, monkey do!”

    Whether they are frauds or just imbeciles, it doesn’t matter because literally anyone with a gun can do this and it is simply not normal or socially acceptable to carry a rifle unless you are planning to shoot it some time in the immediately foreseeable future!

    It might seem crazy to someone over the age of 40, but there are actually VERY MANY wannabe gangsters who would love to swagger about town with their gun out. The only reason you don’t see more of it is so many of them are already legally prohibited from owning a firearm. Look at comic books, video games, rap music and action movies if you find yourself asking “Why?”

    Really people, there are places in this country where “America’s past time” is snorting ground up opioids and playing Call of Duty. Don’t feign surprise at this.

    • Nope, it’s back up, but it’s pointless to try and bombard him with insults, it just feeds their ego.

      Much like a mass shooter. The more notoriety, the more egged on and other copycat idiots become.

  16. There is so much tinfoil in this room that the reflections are driving me crazy. Occam’s Razor suggests that the more elegant of two possible solutions is more likely the correct one. In this case those options are ‘Gee, that’s one seriously stupid, ill-educated and overly provocative group of young people doing something for attention’ or ‘there is a national conspiracy in which forces for gun control based in NYC recruited these idiots in order to produce a very minor and only locally interesting news blurb that makes these people look like idiots, with guns”.

    One of these is simple and highly likely, the other is batshit crazy. If this were a false flag operation that my organization had undertaken I’d unperson whoever was in charge of it. The risk of exposure a false flag operation presents makes the cost benefit analysis of this op a no go. It accomplishes absolutely nothing at all, even in the city where it took place while it potentially exposes the organizer to complete loss of credibility and to being reviled by their closest allies.

    Let’s try not to sound like a bunch of nuts when this stuff happens. Some of the conspiracy comments here are more damaging than the actions of the morons in the video.

  17. I’m beginning to believe that “Smart Guns” came about because so many open carriers do such stupid carp as this. I predict eventually a gun will be designed to not work until the carriers IQ is high enough!

    • I would be all for a firearm like that if it meant that all police, government agents, and private security HAD to use them. Be a real weeding out process for all the gung ho idiots with badges and guns that we currently employ.

  18. Folks that keep saying they are implants from the anti side should look for some proof before making such comments. To blame someone with no proof does not help the cause.

    I believe these are just some low educated street runners that played a game of monkey see monkey do. They are not out to support the 2A. They where not out to make a political statement. They where not out carrying for protection. They where just tiring to be cool and get some attention from other low educated street runners.

    I do not believe them to be a bunch of racist. This is just how low educated street runners speak.

  19. So … Why, exactly, is this an important story? I haven’t had my coffee yet (currently waiting for a grande iced), but….

    • It’s important because it is making the rounds and questions, claims, and arguments based upon the actions of these four might find their way into the anti-gunner’s argument.

      I think looking at the most raw and gritty exercise of our rights by some of the least articulate of people in our nation might help hone concepts of Liberty in the minds of some.

      For example, if this group strolled by your house, my house, or her house; how might we handle it? Would we be somewhat disgusted but ultimately realize that this is a part of living in a free society? Would we confront them? In what way? Would we call the police and demand something be done? Etc.

        • I did not defend them. You are a liar and a hypocrite. You even claimed at one point that I was a government agent. If you really believe that I am an agent then what possible good purpose could you replying to me serve, eh? Oh wait, just more lies and trouble making from you.

          Oh, I almost forgot… BOO!

        • @John in Ohio: “I did not defend them” ….

          That’s rich, after he posted several comments here defending them.

          Such mindless OC fanaticism is the best ammunition anyone can possibly give Bloomberg and his gang. Way to go “John in Ohio.”

        • You could stretch it by saying this is an example of imminent lawless action, if these numbskulls’ actions were trying to incite violence on others or upon themselves.

        • I would agree with John. If you read his statement again he poses the question of would you accept these type of folk walking around with AR’s in your neighborhood and what would you do about it.

          Now we know Paul is “anti-open-carry” but supports the “bearing of arms. (lol)” It is clear to me Paul doesn’t like this sort of behavior. And likewise if Paul is caught at an intersection stowing a rifle (be it a Winchester 94, or a Mauser, or a an AR) that he just purchased from his neighbor, his friend, or a private party, and Paul gets detained and arrested then he should have no grounds whatsoever for which to complain. Because quite simply, open carrying is open carrying.

          In my opinion, I would like to open carry without being arrested, bothered, or detained. Therefore, I must also extend that to all other people. Are these people smart, intelligent, or articulate? It appears not. Do I want my daughter or son to date them, marry them, or even hang out with them? Most certainly not. Our opinion of other people should not dictate their rights. Would you feel comfortable if they were concealed carrying? Would you feel comfortable if they owned guns at home? Most importantly, does your comfort level have anything to do with your rights or theirs?

          I would agree with other’s comments that these people’s actions are not helping anyone in our current state of affairs.

        • “Now we know Paul is “anti-open-carry” but supports the “bearing of arms. (lol)” ”

          I am anti-open carry? Prove it. I am not anti “open carry.” I am anti-irresponsible, wack job open carry ninjas and all their supporters who mindlessly repeat their stupid cliches without a thought for the harm these stupid publicity stunts are doing.

          I don’t expect people who hide behind anonymity and fake names to be able to muster up enough intellect and integrity to deal with these issues in a mature and sober-minded way, but I’ll keep point out the rank foolishness of these stunts.

          I am AGAINST Chipotle Ninjas and the kind of idiotic racist thugs portrayed in this video, not against “open carry”

          You and others like you are so tone-deaf to these situations you can’t even see your way clear to condemn irresponsible fools who are serving up the best ammunition Bloomberg and his cronies could ever hope to have in their attacks on our freedoms and the Second Amendment.

          But OC fanatical nut jobs do not really care about anything other than their mindless and idiotic behaviors in which they think they are “proving a point.”

      • @John in Ohio:

        Show us where you have condemned this group’s behavior, indicated how harmful it is for the cause against the gun-grabbers and where you have publicly renounced any/all such behaviors. All I see is you supporting their actions, even defending them and excusing their overt racism.

        As usual when you are directly challenged here all you can do is spout off “hypocrite” and basically start crying like a little girl.

        Proof provided.

        • (Edit: You did some creative editing there, reverend. My reply is to your original posting and I stand behind it.)

          I don’t think this was so much a demonstration to educate local individuals about everyone’s rights. To me, this seemed much more like he intended to educate those around him about his ability to carry a rifle in public. There is a difference.

          I don’t view his actions as necessarily prudent.

          Just because I am, perhaps, more eloquent or refined in my approach, don’t assume that I approve of something just because I don’t name-call and come off as an arrogant prick.

          YOUR turn. Prove that I defended them.

        • Equivocating, evading, trying to dismiss, qualifying your remarks.

          You are so tone-deaf to the harm these stunts do, you are unable simply to come flat out and condemn this kind of behavior.

          The only person you are fooling, is yourself.

  20. This stunt seems stupid and desperately, unnecessarily provocative; carried out by stupid, unnecessary people who are desperate for relevance.

    Nevertheless, what crime did these jackwagons commit that justified arrest warrants, well after the fact, but not so much as a ticket when confronted by police at the time? Looks like more political correctness masquerading as public service on the part of the police.

    Just as there are pleasant and unpleasant forms of speech, the First Amendment protects both, because popular speech doesn’t need protection. Likewise, guache open carry by morons is Second Amendment-protected, as well as that of cute and cuddly suburbanites. Reading the comments here……my, my, my, how the revolution eats its own.

    • Why do you, John in Houston, and others like you insist on defending fools like these?

      You are doing NO good for “the cause” when you do so.

      You and guys like “John in Ohio” are tone deaf to reality.

        • You excused their racist remarks, defended their right to do what they did, and generally just want to brush this all off. The proof is easily here for anyone to read.

          You are tone deaf to the realities here.

        • I defend free speech. I defend keeping and bearing arms. I did not defend them. Perhaps the distinction is too subtle for you to grasp or you don’t want to grasp it because it wouldn’t serve your purposes.

          Obviously, you cannot prove your claim. I am done. If you bring it up again and if I bother to reply, it will be simply, “Liar.” Your accusations are baseless and discussions with you pointless.

        • Typical MO of John in Ohio, he indulges in some of his usual blustering, is called on them, and then basically runs away.

          He is precisely the kind of “gun guy” the gun rights movement does not need: a person wholly incapable of even a modicum of sound tactical thinking.

        • Ok this has got to a point of too much testosterone and not enough brain stem in use. Can we move on please?

      • I said they were stupid, gauche and unnecessary. How is that a defense of anyone? Beyond that, I asked what law they had broken. Legitimate question, don’t you find?

        If you’re disappointed that I can count to ten and defend the entire BoR, then your basic quarrel is with the Constitution; not me, not John in OH, or even with these over-the-top OC’ers. What I find disappointing is how some POTG define their own little constitutional comfort zones, then chide anyone who dares color outside of the lines they unilaterally drew. Isn’t that what the anti’s do, too? Hmm. Curious, that.

        • “What I find disappointing is how some POTG define their own little constitutional comfort zones, then chide anyone who dares color outside of the lines they unilaterally drew. “


          It’s how we’ve gotten to the state-heavy mess we are in now. Too many people say, “I support the $AMENDMENT_NUMBER Amendment, but …”

          It is always about “Agree with me. Do as I would do.”

          Someone above said, “Freedom is messy.” Indeed it is. It takes tremendous moral courage to extend the concept of freedom to those with whom we personally disagree.

  21. I’m a huge Open Carry supporter. That not a way to to open carry, he was looking to cause trouble. He hurts open carry acting like a thug.

  22. Can someone explain this “Serve initiative” they were arrested under?

    … the only crime I can see being committed is the one called “Walking with a gun while White-Trash”…… which isn’t really a crime, but we should all avoid being trash like that – he looks like he’s trying to intimidate people with how he’s walking about, acting all trashy, throwing around profanity, with a gun on his back and proclaiming it. Not sure if there is anyone close enough to hear it, but if it is audible, that sounds like intimidation….. forget that part about them using the “n-word,” I don’t care about that, that’s unimportant.

    • I’ll bet if you were black you’d feel differently about the n-word. That’s the great thing about white privilege – you don’t even know when you are being offensive because you don’t look at black folks as being as equal as you are.

      • And now you’re now adding “white privilege” to your racist/teabagger/NRA-is-teh-crazy-people rantings.

        You’re just a veritable Swiss army knife of Progressive thought, aren’t you Tiger?

      • Oh look, it’s the Race-Card Word-of-the-Day!: White Privilege.
        When you get upset about something, and can no longer use the word “Racist!” or “the man is holding me down” because everyone is calling you out on your sh#t: just say “white privilege!”

        I do believe in equality…. that’s why, when black people use words like nigga or nigger, I’m also for everyone else using it. That’s why: I’m against BS like Affirmative Action that gives jobs to less qualified people over higher skilled ones based on their race. That’s why: I’m against anything that gives an advantage to people based on a racial or national minority status. That’s why: I’m against BET, the channel that PROMOTES and FAVOURS anything “black.” That’s why: I’m against Black colleges, schools that are specially for black people, and only accept white people and other races because it’s illegal for them to discriminate, however, are still 99% black.

        I’m glad you feel we should have equality too, and also want to get rid of all this discriminatory crap for black people that our nation endures. Let’s MAKE IT EQUAL!

  23. Gee, I wonder where ever did they get the idea that walking around like an @sshole with an AR slung across your back was a good idea. Of course, I kid. They got the idea from the clowns in Open Carry Texas and Open Carry Tarrant County.

    They seem just as ignorant as the Texas bunch, too.

  24. Tracy from South Africa has it right. It is not the presence of the gun but the lack of love in their lives.

      • “You are a credit to your causes Dude!”

        YOUR causes, not OUR causes?

        So, you admit you are just trolling this site?

        You have no stake in the gun-control / gun rights discussion and you just want to throw jabs and make baseless accusations against individuals you know nothing about?

        That about right?

  25. You may have a right to go around and shout broadly offensive stuff in public.

    You shouldn’t be arrested for it.

    That still doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a great idea.

    Open carrying a Glock 17 holstered outside your pants at Home Depot while looking for a new circular saw is quite a bit different (and more likely to normalize) than getting six of your buddies to paint yourselves in colors and haul a Ma Deuce into the lighting aisle.

    Illegal? Nope. Right to do it? Yup.

    “Helping normalize firearms”? No, not so much.

  26. Not too long ago, I was also in the news because I choose to open carry with the only weapon I had, to escort my daughter to her school bus stop. I received a lot of support. Seeing this video, of these kids flaunting their right to open carry, literally turned my stomach. I pray they are not the example used against the rights of people who open carry, or even conceal carry, responsibly.

  27. Wow, comments from an actual African woman that just happened to be a “survivor” of apartheid. Really? Great plant from a small time news outfit. When will the race game stop being played by both sides? Guns and blacks had no comparisons in this report but we see that they get added together to enhance the reporting and severity.

  28. I’m not sure what the OC laws are in OH, but I know in TX, it’s long guns and black powder pistols. I don’t see the point of OC of long guns if pistol OC is legal. I have 2 issues with OC in general. A lot of the anti gun crowd, like that radio host, would have no problem lying, accusing you of doing something illegal, to further their agenda. In todays climate, open carriers seem to be guilty til proven innocent. 2nd, you don’t know who you’re tempting by displaying an expensive pistol or rifle. A criminal might assume, and rightly, in a lot of cases, where there’s one, there’s more. With a little recon, it’s not hard to find out where you live. You can’t carry all your weapons 24/7, and even the best safe is not impregnable, given a determined criminal and time.

    • Some of those points are raised now and again. OC, long gun or handgun, is legal in Ohio. One of the points of OCing a long gun is because some police departments were harassing people for handgun OC. Also, some officers have insisted that long gun OC wasn’t legal here. We’ve carried long guns in the Capitol to protest any more gun control. IIRC, the last one that I attended had close to 3,000 people out in freezing temperatures and bitter cold wind. Another reason is that a well regulated militia wouldn’t be near as effective as a deterrent or for fighting enemies (foreign or domestic) if long guns were only seen on people when there is trouble. Because long guns might legally be carried any day, the sight of them wouldn’t necessarily mean something is going on. We carry because we are a free people and we intend to stay that way. (There’s also the whole idea that a right not exercised tends to atrophy.)

      We only really seem to have experienced a few people lying and it’s been mostly officers. We generally carry voice or video recorders when we OC to cut down on that problem. A lot of people seem to think the recorder is to post video or audio for attention but it’s really to CYA. Also, we’ve not experienced a problem with criminals figuring out where people live and robbing them. Many of the OCers post photos of firearms on social media so they’d be more likely to be cased there. But again, that doesn’t really happen. Lastly, most of the OCers that I know have a firearm within reach practically 24/7 and avoid, as much as possible, places that they cannot carry. (FYI, most of the people that I know don’t even own a safe. 😉 ) None of the issues you that have raised have been a problem in reality.

      • Appreciate the input. Carrying A/V recording tech. is always a good idea. I’m not trying to tell anyone how, or what, they should, or shouldn’t, carry. I leave that to the liberals. Personally, I keep my stuff under wraps.

        • Personally, I keep my stuff under wraps.

          And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s your right to do so and I support you 100% in that endeavor. Carry on. 🙂


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