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“A man opened fire on the popular Bourbon Street tourist area early Sunday morning striking nine people and critically injuring one woman,” reports. “New Orleans police are investigating the incident that occurred at 2:45 a.m. A witness told the station the shooter appeared to target one victim and then opened fire into a crowded area.” Given the circumstances, we shouldn’t expect much in the way of cries for more gun control. Just the usual (e.g., posting the story over a gallery of mass shootings). For our purposes note: nothing good happens on the street after 2am. Even in New Orleans.

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    • Possibly, but I doubt it. I live in Baton Rouge, and make my way down to NOLA regularly. Bourbon Street is patrolled by NOPD like it’s garrisoned; there’s no room for gangs to move in.

      If you’re in New Orleans, do yourself a favor and forget Bourbon Street. Go to Frenchmen Street (Jazz Clubs!) or Magazine Street, uptown (much safer).

      • So, if not gang-related…

        I wonder if there’s any chance it was alcohol- or drug-related? /sarc

        • Alcohol related? On Bourbon Street? Hard to imagine, right? 😉

          All kidding aside for those that don’t get out, I’ve seen some big fights among drunken tourists on Bourbon Street. The scene there at night is pretty intense.

      • I am afraid you are mistaken. I live in New Orleans, and have been a police officer in the area (not NOPD) for the last 10 years or so. NOLA does have gangs, they are just not the large gangs like most people visualize from television. 99% of these shootings are “gang related” insomuch as it is about drugs, disrespect, and perceived injustices.

        This is par for the course. We typically average about 1 per day, and it is almost always bad guy against bad guy, though they seem to only hit good guys.

  1. I’ve been “out” once in the last two years. Best decision ever. Quiet dinners with friends are nicer.
    He’ll. I feel like an old fogey.

    • If they are standing shoulder-to-shoulder, this is not a feat of marksmanship.

      Heck, you can bounce bullets off the pavement or buildings in an urban environment and get multiple hits in a crowd.

      • You’d think that if someone tried to off someone, they would do it somewhere less crowded.

        • Yeah, but if even a portion of that much rational thought was applied to the original situation, they wouldn’t get as far as even considering a public gunfight, so…

          When they let the emotions rule the brain (especially when sauced), this is what you get.

    • In the sort of tight crowd that gathers at the opening of a bar, restaurant, etc. it’s not that difficult. Hell, he might not have needed nine rounds to get nine hits in that sort of crowd.

  2. I was on a MSNBC board reading the 2.5 million pieces of toilet paper being delivered to congress. They were mentioning this story as a reason why we need to have background checks, the 2A does not mean the individual, and we all need to have insurance in order to own guns. Gun owners are also so dangerous to society that we should follow a bunch of strict laws because the majority demands it. There was a lot more false facts being spewed and I was frankly scared that these people have no clue.

    • Are you a Constitutional scholar? I’m guessing not. SCOTUS made a very clear decision that the 2A is for the individual US citizen.

      Background checks won’t help much. Instead, it just means a bigger black market with weapons that are made from underground metal shops (hint: A 1911 is 1800s technology), and gangs that will be more than happy to move in and fulfill the armed need.

      We have seen what total gun bans will do. Several years ago, people were bragging how Venezuela had its gun crime cut to 1/1000 of what it used to be. Now Caracas is the murder capital of this hemisphere, where only the gangs (they don’t care about gun laws) and the police have them. Do we want that here? I’m sure you do, but other people value their families and well being to not allow knee-jerk reactions to endanger their safety and the safety of their loved ones.

      • Uhh…I’m quite certain he was reporting what the MSNBC commenters were saying, not espousing those ideas. The phrases “false facts” and “have no clue” make it pretty obvious.

        Also, it doesn’t take a constitutional scholar to read and interpret the Constitution. That’s the sort of elitist attitude that allows partisan hacks in congress and the supreme court to come up with their ridiculous ideas, like the “implied powers” in a document that specifically excludes implied powers. The founders wrote it so that ordinary citizens could understand it. Of course those were the days before government run universal education, so the ordinary citizen had a much higher reading comprehension level.

        • Partisan hacks? Supreme Court? You are no doubt referring to Scalia and Uncle Thomas. Correct?

          As much as it no doubt pains you layman “constitutional scholars” I am willing to bet that The Supremes and President Obama all have better credentials than you do. Or 99.99% of their critics, particularly on the right.

          Warren Burger wrote that the meaning of “militia” had been corrupted. Personally, I don’t think there is much doubt that future Supremes will take a narrower view of “militia” than the last ruling.

        • By political hacks, I meant any of them making their decisions based on anything other than the words specifically written in the Constitution. Currently that would be all nine members of the supreme court, anyone with a decent chance of winning a major party presidential nomination, and all but a handful in congress.

          I’d put my credentials against anyone on the supreme court or Obama (and win!). We all have graduate degrees, but while theirs are in law (moronically simple), mine is in Science (challenging). And while they chose to go into a field that gives them power over others, I, due to a functional sense of morality, chose to go into a productive field.

          Of course, if you referring specifically to our ability to interpret the Constitution, then there’s no contest at all. I understand that article one explicitly lists the only powers the federal government has, that there are no implied powers, that the “general welfare” and “interstate commerce” clauses are not blank checks, that the bill of rights does not grant rights, rather it reinforces that the federal government may not do certain things when exercising the powers in article one, and that the restrictions in the bill of rights are absolute and inviolate.

          I also understand that the founders wrote the Constitution with the intention of making it, and any laws passed under its authority, simple to understand, rather than the convoluted mess that the legal class has turned it into.

          • ” ’d put my credentials against anyone on the supreme court or Obama (and win!). We all have graduate degrees, but while theirs are in law (moronically simple), mine is in Science (challenging). And while they chose to go into a field that gives them power over others, I, due to a functional sense of morality, chose to go into a productive field. ”

            Oh brother. This is getting deep.

            Tell us what courts you are allowed to practice in front of.

            And if that isn’t sufficient, tell us how many Presidential elections you have won by a majority of the votes.

            So far the only person talking about your brilliance … Is you.

        • Obama’s got nice pieces of paper in nice frames, but based on how he’s conducted his administration, no one who actually cares about the Constitution would give him any credibility.

          • Says who? You, the college dropouts doing reichwing media, and the NRA? That’s not America, that’s just a bunch of reichwing whiners that oppose the majority of the nation.

        • John G you get lost on way to demunderground? Go troll elsewhere.

          My dog has better knowledge of the Constitution that Obuma.

      • Yeah I think you missed the part that I was reporting what was being said on PMSNBC. These people vote on these topics and that scares me.

      • So, if you got a problem with something Clarence Thomas says or does is it possible to illuminate it without a racial slur? Or is that socially acceptable now?

    • Sixpack70, how could you have been reading letters to congress that were referencing this story, when the incident happened less than 11 hours ago?

      • The 2.5 million postcards campaign has been around for a few weeks now. In the comment section of that article, people are posting that bans and restrictions would have prevented this shooting. I’m not exactly sure how, but I suspect it has something to do with unicorns sprinkling magic pixie dust on the guns.

      • I was reading an article on the post cards. In the comments below, they had made mention of the shooting in NOLA as another reason we need a whole bunch of crappy gun control policies to make them feel better because we all know gun control is so effective at stopping criminals. /sarc

  3. I got a lap dance once at 2:45 am on bourbon street during mardi gras. ok, more than one.

    other than my having paid “Lacy’s” rent for the next month, . . . . nothing bad happened.

  4. My Daughter organized a business trip conference to New Orleans and thought the Bourbon Street area was dumpy and smelled like garbage. I think Columbus Indiana spoiled her.

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        • Bold works, Italic works, you can use them both at the same time if you want, that’s pretty much it.

        • and maybe you could explain HOW? Because I don’t see any controls or buttons for them anywhere.

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        • Ok, got that. I understand a bit of html, so that works.

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          … like I said: TTAG, you need to clarify that!….. and maybe post it where everyone can see it – directly under the article or the author's description, for example.

  5. Live about 30 miles from there, and work less than 5 miles from Bourbon street.. Never been there, won’t go there…

    Locals say it was two guys that got into a verbal altercation, escalated to taking shots at one another… managed to hit 9 bystanders and not each other. Great marksmen these two…

  6. Possibly an assassination.

    Common tactic among unscrupled hitmen; shoot people randomly after shooting the intended target so as to not raise suspicion.

  7. Drugs, gangs, poverty, whatever the major factors were, this won’t get any attention. Probably not enough rich white people shot to get Bloomberg and the illegal mayors to make a statement.

  8. The New Orleans School of Cooking is only four blocks away. Maybe Shannon & Mike will add this to the list of school shootings.

    • Yup. I’m sure one of these folks has eaten food in the last day or so, so there’s your connection, right there!

      • If anyone at the school heard the gunfire and they put it on lockdown, they could add it to their list.
        Of course we all know how accurate their information is.

  9. I see WWLTV trying to weasel this in as a “mass-shooting” so they can further their anti-gun agenda. Shaaaame on WWLTV and Huff-a-Lot Post!

    I suggest to everyone who reads this article, to click on the “Suggest a correction” link on Huffington Post’s article, right under the gallery, select “Factual or typographical error” from the “what type of error…” drop-down menu, inform then this is not a “mass-shooting” and DEMAND that the gallery be removed. Let’s flood their inbox with suggestions demanding the removal! *

    *Do not use profanity or insults: looking like an uneducated jackass does not help.

      • He was only shooting 1, the other people were only collateral, he was not aiming AT them or the crowd. He wasn’t shooting at the “mass.” This was an individual shooting, or individual assassination attempt, not mass-shooting. BIG difference!

      • In the strictly logical sense of ‘words mean things’, it was. But as the term is popularly used in the media, ‘mass shooting’ means ‘mass killing (by firearm)’. As there haven’t been any fatalities (reported yet)…

  10. It’s called Bourbon Street, not Warm Milk and Cookies Street (yes, I know the name is an homage to the House of Bourbon). So I’m thinking there was booze involved. And maybe — just maybe — there were some bad, bad men who did not like each other because they wear different color bandannas.

  11. It’s New Orleans. Just like with Chicago violence, the MSM won’t give a damn about this because no little white children were killed.

  12. No different than a hot night in Chicago. This ” mass” shooting doesn’t fit any beneficial narrative for anti a###oles-like the trolls I see hanging around.

    • actually Chicago frequently does better than that in the middle of a January blizzard..

      The actual numbers for this weekend aren’t in but there was 9 shot and killed and 48 wounded between 6/22 – 6/28:in Chicago. Sunday will add at least 10 more if history repeats

      • Colorful! I hadn’t been there since the last redesign.
        It used to be rather plain and boring.

        I don’t know if they are trademarked, but if not, every website should have a Shot-in-the-Ass-O-Meter and Shot-in-the-Junk-O-Meter.

      • Unfortunately they only pay attention in Chicago if it’s a little kid or if you DANCED for Odumbo. But they sure put their undying support for happy boys having sex in the street today. They wouldn’t play a game at Wrigley field today because it would interfere with the Happy parade.

  13. want to know who’s behind all these shootings. The Government to scare the public into giving up their rights to bare arms.They have changed the demographics, flood the US with as much immigrants that come from Countries where they do whatever their Boss’s tell them to do and without question or politicians tell them to do as well. They don’t question authority they arrive hear scared, and their votes is what these Neo Socialist want. America has allowed this to happen right under our noses. COMMENT MODERATED Guns are not the most urgent issue needing to be addressed in this Country, You ever ask yourselves why is it so important? Quite frankly I really don’t care how many shootings this Government stages, I will never give up my Guns. COMMENT MODERATED

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