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WARNING: This video is guaranteed to have Bloomberg, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, The Brady Bunch, Magoo, and other Gun Grabbers frothing at the mouth. (I can’t wait.) Here we see a fine example of a cross-pollination between European technology and Yankee Ingenuity: a double-drum magazine for a (slightly-)modified Glock (formerly semi-)automatic pistol. Don’t try this at home, kids, unless you have a Federal Permit to own machine guns, or think an up-close and personal visit from the ATF, FBI, or other alphabet agency (think “body cavity search” and “proctological-grade search warrant for your premises”) would look great on your To-Do list. But I gotta admit, getting past the cost of flinging a hundred or so rounds of lead downrange, and the obvious overkill of the process, shooting with this kind of rig looks like massive fun.

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  1. I’m drooling on my phone’s keyboard. Shooting an auto Glock is fun when you only have 33 rds, but that setup takes it to a whole different level.

  2. Damn. I took a quick look at the picture and thought I was seeing a Glock with balls. They turned out to be a couple of drum mags. Sigh.

  3. That definitely would be fun, but more on target with three shot burst. That and a barrel extension for a bit more control. Back pack fury!

    • No idea. But there are a couple of companies making alloy replacement bodies for Glocks, which would get around melting the frame risk. I would imagine, if you ported the barrel/slide that would dissipate some of the heat generated from the gasses.

  4. Yeah, massive fun, in that adolescent school-boy way that some men never seem to outgrow.

    This theme of “fun” when it comes to firing guns is just another way to describe the psychological inadequacy many of you suffer from, for which guns are a good medicine.

    I admit that doesn’t necessarily make you dangerous or irresponsible, that’s another matter more to do with basic statistics and percentages. Some of you are dangerous and irresponsible and when that’s combined with the psychological inadequacy you’ve got a bad combination.

    I seems quite possible to me that these negative descriptions of gun owners apply not so much to the readers and writers of this blog but to the others, the ones who are not passionate like you guys. I think it’s a mistake for you to pretend that all or most gun owners are like yourselves. I think you have to take into account the many (the majority) who are not.


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