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Sexy? Yep. Buy one for the woman in your life.

For those of you who’ve ordered your TTAG Armed Intelligentsia shirts, be of good cheer: they are in process and you should have them Really Soon Now. (For those of you who haven’t ordered them, what are you waiting for?) Now available in sizes all the way up to 5X (!), we aims to please (no pun intended). Shouldn’t be long now…

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  1. And yes, we know that the big logo is on the BACK of the shirts. This is a Photoshop mash-up, because we got tired of showing you the same image of the shirt, by itself. Besides, wouldn’t you rather look at an attractive woman modeling our shirt (even if she did it, courtesy of Photoshop) rather than just look at the shirt? Doesn’t it make you wanna buy one? Or two?

  2. I do want to buy one if you will allow overseas shipping, but I have to object to the photo. Was it your idea, Brad, to have the model pose in a way suggestive of being on the point of pulling her shorts off.

    Don’t you think that’s wrong, man? You have daughters, don’t you?

    • “pose in a way suggestive of being on the point of pulling her shorts off.” If I twist my thinking to a certain frame I can see it like you but then that skewed view snaps back to normal and all I see is a pretty girl in the park. Explains a lot Mike.

      • Wow Phil, you are right. I couldn’t see that at all until MB suggested it, and it only makes sense if you have never seen your wife or girlfriend undress. Her thumbs are hooked on the waistband and they are too far forward. If she were undressing they would be further back to her hips.

    • Mike: I have a daughter. She’s 13. And just so’s you’ll know, she dresses in an age-appropriate manner.

      I did a Google search for “Tshirt girl” and this was the tamest one I could come up with, to map the TTAG graphic over the shirt. I chose it because it’s used several places on the web and appears to be a pic in the public domain, and it (to me, anyway) looked wholesome/sexy (as opposed to slutty/trashy/sleazy, which seems to be the modern norm).

      The model looks pretty wholesome to me. She’s not top-heavy, showing a lot of skin, no cleavage, and isn’t deep-throating a Popsicle. There’s no obscene poses or gestures there. Granted, she’s wearing “short shorts,” but you’d see a LOT more skin on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, as well as many photos run in a daily newspaper (and I’m NOT talking about “Page 3 girls, mate).

      So, I ask again – what’s YOUR problem? The photo we chose is not pornographic by any reasonable standard. Would you be more comfortable if we pictured women in burkas? (Actually, a TTAG burka would make for a pretty funny picture, especially if the woman was holding an AK-47.)

      But yeah, we’ll accept overseas orders – but we’ll have to charge overseas shipping. Contact RF directly and we’ll hook you up. With a shirt. We’re not pimps.

      • It has to be modified to a hair shirt for him, with reinforcement for him to scourge his “sins” as he commits them.

  3. Okay, I was resisting commenting, but since Mike has gone so far left…

    There’s a shirt in that picture?? =)

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