TTAG’s Benjamin T. Shotzberger reckons any gun that performs well is beautiful. To which I’d add that any gun that looks beautiful is beautiful. Self-professed camera op, editor, musician, actor, writer, furniture designer, salvage & scrap expert, and builder of anything Neil Morrison has created his first non-operational Steampunk firearm, and she’s a beaut. I love it for what it is, and what it isn’t. “I decided not to opt for the seemingly obligatory pressure gauge,” Morrison writes on his blog . . .

There seems to be a few core items that come hand in hand with the [Steampunk] movement – gauges, gold things, antique brownish wooden or leather stuff plus cogs, mechanisms and lots of really beautiful other trinkets. I felt that I already had enough going on with this item and decided to save the gauges for my next build which is already underway.

Given the arrival of the Chiappa Firearms Rhino 6″, how long before there’s Steampunk Action Shooting?


    • I looked at their site-how about that double shot rubber ball gun? I remember having to restrain myself as a deputy from kicking the ass of the instructor who had just shot me three times with a pepperball carbine. I would definitely hurt someone who popped me with two rubber balls. There are those among us who were trained to respond to pain with violence, not submission.


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