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“We are going to have to make sure that we think about the risks we are willing to take by being so lax in how we make very powerful firearms available to people in this country,” President Obama told reporters in the Oval Office. “My concern is that we start getting into a debate, as has happened in the past, which is an either/or debate. The danger is it ends up being the usual political debate, and the NRA and the gun control folks say ‘Obama doesn’t want to talk about terrorism.’

“The point is if we have self-radicalized individuals in this country, then they are going to be very difficult to find ahead of time. And how easy it is for them to obtain weapons is going to make a difference if they are able to carry out attacks like this or not. And we make it very easy.”

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  1. I have an idea, why not stop letting potential terrorists into the country as refugees instead? Saying gun control stops terrorists is like saying it’s ok to let an axe murderer in your home as long as there are no axes around.

      • What about his father who had a talk show and would soeak out agains america any chance he had.

        Why the hell immigrate here if you hate it so much?

    • The real way to stop terrorism, is restrict all civil rights give full access to everyone’s bank accounts, email, written correspondence and monitor every phone call. Throw everyone of “interest” into jail. Whats the worse that can happen. Its not like governments ever kill anyone.

      • After studying over 8,000 reports of government-caused deaths, Rummel estimates that there have been 262 million victims of democide in the last century. According to his figures, six times as many people have died from the actions of people working for governments than have died in battle.

        Must have been some other cause.

    • “Saying gun control stops terrorists is like saying it’s ok to let an axe murderer in your home as long as there are no axes around.”

      Or, saying gun-control stops terrorists is like saying that drug laws stop drug usage. In fact, increasingly harsh anti-drug laws actually increase the availability of drugs. Ever hear of smuggling, Mr. President?

      • Obama did not say that gun control stops terrorism. That was Farago’s misleading headline. What Obama more inferred than said was that stricter gun laws would make it harder for terrorists to obtain guns to commit their terrorist attacks.

        • Bullshit.

          It would just mean that they could not buy them at a legal gun store.

          You think some bunch of gang-bangers would not sell a stolen AR to a terrorist? They only check your cash, not your background.

        • Just like it did in Paris. Thank god France has made semi-auto rifles so much harder to get. Oh wait, the terrorists used full-auto rifles, which are even more super-duper-illegaller there than here… hmmm…

    • For Obama, importing terrorists to help the government degrade Constitutional rights is a feature, not a bug.

  2. We need to make guns harder to get like the ones used in France so terrorists are mildly inconvenienced before they carry out their attacks on unarmed citizens.

    • Funny how they forget how easily illegal drugs flow into the u.s through the southern borders.

      How easily would it be to add illegal guns to that flow.

        • Foreign Military Sales approved by the U.S. State Department is the iron river of guns into Mexico.

      • They didn’t forget, they know, this is simply the latest excuse over decades of excuses to try and remove guns from the public because the government can magically save you from every crime.

        Let us not pretend, they know what they are doing and the government is just using emotions to gin up an excuse to allow them to take your rights away.

        Simply read some books on prohibition. Emotions, emotions and emotions simply to take alcohol away because of some religious crazies. This is no different.

  3. We had better start banning cars, gasoline, fertilizer, bows and arrows, blowguns, slingshots, nunchucks, airplanes, swords, knives, and martial arts.

    Without guns, they will use anything they can get their hands on to kill us. Might as well ban harsh language and critical stares while were at it, we can never be too careful.

    • Absolutely right. Let’s just get it on and just ban life. In a similar sense, why cap the minimum wages at $15/ hr and just crank it up to say, $650/hr. That might just be enough for a true living wage.

    • You forgot snowplows … think of the epic carnage that would happen if you raced a snowplow into the river of people leaving a giant sports stadium … or Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

  4. It says a lot when one of the dumbest things Ive read today came from the “leader of the free world”.

    “‘Obama doesn’t want to talk about terrorism.’”

    No, no he does not. Hence why he is talking about inanimate object control instead.

    • It should come as no surprise that President Zero wants to talk about anything other than terrorism. When you are responsible for letting past terrorists and terrorist evangelists out of captivity in places like Iraq or Guantanamo, you desperately try to change the subject.

      We cannot say such common sense as keeping terrorists and terrorist evangelists locked up prevents terrorism.

  5. Gun control worked out really well for Paris, right? And the various other shootings across the EU. And worked out really well for Mumbai right? You can’t de-invent the gun, if a radical terrorist wants to shoot up a bunch of people the only way you’re guaranteed to stop them is with a liberal application of lead flying their way.

    • Don’t forget the gun free haven of Australia on 12/14 terrorist attacked the coffee shop in Sydney and then led police around the city shooting people up.

      Having no guns, they will simply turn to bombs — See Brussels Train Station and London Subway — who needs guns when you have bombs.

      • Don’t forget Corporal Nathan Cirillo, killed in uniform, in the gun free capitol of Canada by an islamic terrorist screaming aloha snack bar.
        Or the beheading of Lee Rigby outside his barracks in the gun free capitol of England by knife and gun wielding islamic terrorists.

        • Your statement is logically inconsistent, Mecha. If a tyrant “uses” terrorism, he becomes a terrorist. But according to your definition, terrorists can’t use tyranny. Does the tyrant suddenly stop being a tyrant if he uses terrorism?

          However, I do agree that “terrorism” is the wrong term for the tyrannical actions of government.

        • Terrorism is violence done for a political motive. So a tyrannical government could technically commit an act of terror on its own people. Isn’t that what the pogroms were in Russia?

        • Chief Master. Its paradoxical actually. The terrorist that gets into power and uses tyranny become a tyrant. However, tyrants, by the virtue of being a tyrant, can and do use terrorism to continue their tyranny.

  6. Without a gun, he could have loaded up the van he rented with gasoline, driven it through the front of the building and done even more damage.
    Then who would have he blamed?

      • You wouldn’t be able to blame the van company. The evil UAW would get in the way and stop you………. I guess that argument only works if the NRA is the union you are blaming. Guess it would have to be big oil like you said.

  7. Man is that guy full of the double speak. Risks willing to take. Self-radicalized. Either/or.

    Who is even speaking about our rights? Are these rights things that have no value? What is important here, making more room for more terrorists, or making it safe for our citizens?

    When have politicians ever done something that supports our rights? When have politicians ever done something good and effective – and something that works towards the ends that they speak of when they do it, when they are doing it in a rush and in crisis mode?

    Does anyone listening to this guy really believe that he means what he says, and that he is saying what he truly believes? Is anyone really that dumb?

    That is some award winning BS in that bunch of quotes right there. He really had the spin writers up all night for that one.

    Self-radicalized. What does that even mean?

    • That’s Barry Hussein admitting the perp is an extremist but denying obvious ties to Islam, gee i wonder why. Now he can use that term to identify any person involved in a shooting with a political or ideological agenda. Liberals get to check the box and media outlets get to spin it however they want. It’s a war of words, every day they add new terms to their lexicon with the ultimate goal of American disarmament…

    • I think if you read his words carefully, you’ll see he genuinely does believe what he says. At the core is his belief that the average gun owner is just one step away from going nuts and committing violence. When he says “self-radicalized”, he doesn’t mean guys like the Orlando shooter. He means ordinary Americans- the people he (and others like him) see as the real danger.

      There are many bad sides to gun ownership in Canada, but the one upside is that the average Canadian gun owner can see right through this rhetoric. Unfortunately, it’s because they have experienced the results of said rhetoric combined with the power to do something with it. That’s how gun owners ended up holding peaceful, unarmed protests in the late 90s on Parliament Hill while RCMP snipers watched them from the rooftops.

      • “At the core is his belief that the average gun owner is just one step away from going nuts and committing violence.”

        Obama is not very smart, but he’s also not terribly dumb either. He knows very well this is false. He doesn’t care, they want to control guns because it is a threat to the government, this lie is is just what the public eats up.

        • Not dumb? Remember this is the same guy who said ISIS is a “JV team” that had no staying power. But I get what you are saying.

    • Self-Radicalized? if you read the stuff the gubmint has been publishing and stating, it isn’t islamic extremists (they are mosque radicalized after all). But you, me and the rest of the country that believes the government should uphold the constitution, get the hell out of our way, and give us back our damn rights. we are the “self-radicalized” people he is referring to. not some kooky rich brat who actually mailed bombs to the government in the hopes of starting a communist revolution. never those types of people.

  8. We should just outlaw wrong thiughts…… let’s implement common sense background checks before we allow people to run around thinking wildly do you know that such people are able to spew 100s of words a minute

    /tyrant off

  9. Unfortunately for the President’s narrative, the shooter was a licensed security officer, and had completed all the necessary background checks to acquire said license. He was employed by G4S, and previous to that was a prison guard.

    • But Obumma wants to stop AR rifles. They are already the most prevalent rifle in the USA.

      Get a clue POTUS, the nation has had enough of your BS. People might have continued to pay attention if you were not such a moron. When the LGBT, Dems, join with the conservatives to openly reject gun controls, it speaks to something about the road you are on.

  10. “The point is if we have self-radicalized individuals in this country, then they are going to be very difficult to find ahead of time. And how easy it is for them to obtain weapons is going to make a difference if they are able to carry out attacks like this or not. And we make it very easy.”

    Or we can make it easier for Americans to actually carry their arms (i.e. fire the 9th Circuit). We all know that in California, 2 islamic terrorists were able to shoot and kill 14 unarmed americans in a gun free zone (in a state that wishes it could be completely gun free). Yet in Texas, 2 would be islamic terrorists never made it passed their car. What a difference freedom and liberty makes. The Orlando club was a gun free zone because of Florida Law. Not that I believe that the club owners still wouldn’t restrict guns on their private property, right now they don’t have that option.

  11. This Muslim sympathizer will take away our rights while giving radical Islam which he can not even say the words. Fuck Obama.

    • It continually amazes me that TAG allows this sort of content but deleted a post I wrote concerning the obvious problems with “one issue voters.”

  12. I so want to deny Obama and his family Secret Service protection or any armed protection after he leaves office. I want him to eat his words by living like the serfs he so hates.

  13. This problematic ship or shall we say “fleet” has already set sail.. 80% lowers, PPT’s in parking lots.. classifications on what is the “firearm” nothing will solve this problem sorry lefty kids your forever SOL, swim to Cuba.

    I’m very happy they are making another go at Ar’s, I work in the business and all it does is line my pockets definitely emphasizing plural.. I should start wearing cargo pants.

    POTUS is my favorite and best advertiser.

  14. …and what about pipe bombs, suicide vests, IEDs VBIEDs and the like? I guess the moron doesn’t seem to recall that buildings have been taken down by vehicle borne explosions that didn’t require the use of any type of a gun!! The news media has said very little about that special vest the clown was wearing because it didn’t detonate. By the way garage door openers, cell phones, alarm clocks as well as the electronic detonators and other types of detonator terrorists have used in the past. But no, it is all about guns. Arson has been used as well so he is demonstrating his ignorance in order to advance the one world order agenda of taking guns away from citizens so they can’t fight back.

    Funny how these cowards didn’t attack the NRA convention or other gun shows. Wonder why that is…hmmm.

    • Watch out folks we have a guy with big words and poor logic here.

      There are worst traitors in our history and far worse examples in world history. Stalin anyone? Or better yet the U.S. born, America citizen who committed these attacks!?

      • obama enabled this perp and the San Bernardino perps by taking the teeth out of the FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force and the Customs Service and Border Patrol — and when he hasn’t cleared the way for them he’s covering for them by calling it workplace violence and gun violence and warning about a backlash and calling Americans bigots.

      • Speaking of “poor logic,” what exactly do you think Stalin was a traitor against — the USSR?
        That’s your example?
        I see you’re from Illinois, the state that gave us obama.

  15. The guy became radicalized by watching ISIS crap on the internet. Therefore we need to restrict first amendment rights by banning the high capacity broadband internet that carried the radical message.

    Makes about as much sense.

  16. If he doesn’t say radical Islam then I won’t call him president.

    The state senator from Chicago admits Self radicalize terrorist (cause no one influence or challenged his thoughts) are among us, 50 are dead, another 50 wounded, he doesn’t want to discuss or debate it cause of evil NRA, and his solution is gun control.

    Why do we legitimize his thought with our commenting?

  17. If gun control prevents terrorism, how does shipping pallets of arms and ammunition to the middle east make things better there? Shouldn’t you be asking everyone in the middle east to simply “turn them all in”?


  18. The problem (well one of them) with what Obama is saying is he is unspecific about who he is referring to as “self radicalized”. He doesn’t even mention Muslims in the same sentence as terrorists. I guarantee you there are many in his camp that would consider the readers of this blog to be “self radicalized” simply from their perspective on the comments made here and just like his statement above, he’s going to be unspecific who gets caught up in that label. There can be no trusting this man.

  19. Really, like it did in Paris?or London? or Israel? your a special kind of stupid president, and I thought the last two Bush presidents were stupid.

  20. Let’s start with a ban on executive orders first.Maybe issue one banning assault religion!
    Self radicalized my rear end!
    Trips to the middle east, and now things coming out about disney land as a possible target. Isis wannabe.
    When is America going to get pissed enough to tackle the Islamic problem ? Or the World for that matter.
    When your book teaches murder and eradication of others because of religious differences……that’s a bigger problem besides a “moderate Muslim” getting a hold of a AR 15 and a pistol.
    FBI knew this guy but yet he still killed people.
    If the law failed and the White House failed then who is it up to to protect our own………? You fail as a president and Clinton fails as sec of state.
    Tighten the borders and kick these people back to thier own .
    Americans will protect themselves .
    Candlelit vigils aren’t enough people.
    This is a fight on all of us.
    Look what gun bans did for all the other world powers? Yea…stopped the bad guys right?
    Despite all the incredible good that our nations LE accomplish….these acts will always exists, they know it and we know it.
    So the best we can hope for is vigilance from every American.
    Safety starts in your own neighborhoods. Let’s get to work.

  21. Those box cutters the 9/11 hijackers used were regulated by the ATF, right?

    The truck bomb in Oklahoma City was also regulated as a firearm, right?

    What about the pressure cooker in Boston? Surely that would have been prevented with gun control?

    Give me a break.

    • If anyone wearing a Maoist onesie moves in they’re gonna need something stronger than methyl bromide. Something more like white phosphorous.

  22. The real “either/or” is this:

    We either have gun rights in this country for law-abiding citizens, or we have civil war.

    There is no third way.

    • Uh oh. You probably just made a terrorist watch list for right wing extremism, but lets not kid ourselves, if you post here they probably already put on a list.

  23. So the Orlando terrorist is self radicalized and you can’t point the finger at a movement. The kid in South Carolina had a bumper sticker or tag of something with confederate flag and now all confederate flags and monuments must come down. What is sad is they can present contradictory narratives like that and people accept it.

    So what happens when someone from one PC protected group slaughters 50 from another PC protected group…they have a dilemma right? Wrong, they decide to spin a narrative putting the blame in a non PC area such as legal gun ownership…we keep letting them do it.

  24. Come the 4th of July in Chicago we will have close to 50 dead and not one word will be spoken. I guess it is an AR thing not a thug problem.

  25. “We are going to have to make sure that we think about the risks we are willing to take by being so lax in how we make very powerful firearms available to people in this country,” President Obama told reporters in the Oval Office.

    Well its about time! FINALLY the president is owning up to his failed policies in Libya, Syria or Iraq of arming anyone and everyone who has a grudge and a plan.

    Now, I didn’t click over to the original article. So which of those three countries was he actually referring to?

  26. I have a question. If an AR-15 is a “high powered rifle” then wtf is an AR-10? A super weapon? How about a BAR or .50 cal barret for that matter? Obliteration rifles? These clowns and their scary rifle terminology make my head hurt.

  27. Oh boy, the Libs are sure out in full force today waiving the bloody shirt for more gun control, like that is some magical answer to defeat terrorism. Yeah, that worked great in France huh? Or that somehow ‘banning’ something makes it magically disappear. Yeah, that worked great with crack huh? Facts are irrelevant to them though. They just want to divert from the utter failure that is Obama’s foreign policy and push their disarmament agenda – and their disarmament candidate. One thing is for sure, the 4th estate has been wholly compromised. As has the intellectual capacity of a significant segment of the population. Well, I guess they’re not pretending anymore that ‘no one wants to take your guns”, huh? They are fully out of the closet. It’s quite easy to envision this escalating to civil war. Some people take the Constitution seriously, and understand the impact of creating a Police state by disarming the populace, and emboldening the criminals who could care less what laws there are and will always have access to guns, just as crackheads have access to crack. So my novel question would be: Are these same Liberal politicians going to apply their same proposed rules to their armed guards? No more AR’s, no more semi-auto… heck, no more guns (that’s what they really want) – Or just to US, the people???

  28. A run of the mill jihad moose-lim terrorist attack and Odumbo wants a gun ban-just like San Bernadino. Way to go wimp-in-chief. This is going to only help Donnie Trump(I hope!)…

  29. The point is if we have self-radicalized individuals in this country, then they are going to be very difficult to find ahead of time. And how easy it is for them to obtain weapons is going to make a difference if they are able to carry out attacks like this or not.

    Uh… No it’s not. There are a million avenues to obtain, make, improvise a weapon. Are you, Obama, going to try to precrime some laws for us on pressure cookers? No? We don’t take things from the entirety of America to try to prevent some criminal or psychopath from wreaking havoc. It is all our due diligence, to teach our children not to be perpetual whiny victims and take their responsibility of their own safety, their principles, and their values to the table.

  30. Wait… domestic terrorists are difficult to discover. He claimed that. Yet, he wants to block guns from being bought by the very people that the feds can’t find…?

  31. Please explain gun violence in gun control strongholds like Chicago and Paris, Mr. Asshat? Or that “gun free zones” are target rich shooting galleries for these homicidal Islamic maniacs you shield at every opportunity? Yeh, let me hold my breath on your response.

  32. well facebook etc. can find every gundealer/activist how hard would it be for them to find every jihadi? and then maybe ban them, same thing for cellphones people.

  33. May as well shut off the internet connection outside of the country while you are at it. Then the radicalizing propaganda can’t reach domestic crazy people who would be receptive to it. Go full North Korea!

  34. I’m going to go shoot up a nightclub/cafe/school/shopping mall full of people! Oh…. wait a minute…. guns are too hard to get. Dangit! I guess I’ll just have to go back to work and think of non-violent things. I think tonight I’ll order a pizza.

    Said no criminal. Ever.

  35. It’s time dead muslim terrorist scum are buried in an unmarked grave wrapped in a large PIG carcass and broadcast on youtube. Muslim terrorism would end.

  36. What Barry really mean to say was,
    “My concern is that we start getting into a debate, instead of the rest of you just shutting up and doing what I tell you to do.”

  37. Is he not… gone yet?

    Oh please dear God.

    I sooooooo wish I could say what I want.

    I’ll save it for November.

  38. Okay mr. Obama What the heck are you thinking sir??? There have been Dozens of Terror attacks In countries where Firearms are banned Even the police in France didn’t carry firearms The UK they don’t carry firearms the police don’t. But yet They still have terror attacks Exclamation point President Obama You are definitely mistaken Terror happens all over the world even in the most gun controlled regions on the planet The terrorists find it easier 2 Kill people when they don’t have guns to defend themselves What are you stupid? Taking away our constitutionally protected freedoms and rights Is not the way to go in a free country! The problem is You keep letting These asshats come into our country And not securing our borders worth a crap. That’s why all these clowns are moving here I don’t want people from Pakistan Afghanistan or Iraq moving to our country Are syrians for that matter they’re all a bunch of terrorists waiting to start a Jihad, It’s getting a little ridiculous With the liberal Progressive Democrats in this country we definitely need to vote for mr. Trump

  39. If drug laws didn’t stop Barry’s pot and cocaine from entering the country on pallets, how will gun laws stop those same pallets coming in loaded with AK47s and and explosives if that’s what the terrorist wants?

  40. “We are going to have to make sure that we think about the risks we are willing to take by being so lax in how we make very powerful firearms available to people in this country,” — We’re so lax about how we make powerful planes and automobiles available to PEOPLE in this country too! So it’s obviously modern technology and mass production which has to go! Back to the Stone Age when it was so much safer!

    • I agree with you There are so many other things that are so dangerous to children And grown ups Guns are the least of our problems. What about The malpractice Of doctors Killing Thousands of people every year Since Obamacare started. What about that one Mr. Obama? I’ve watched an increase in malpractice deaths Triple Since Obamacare went into effect. Not to mention Poisons under the sink swimming pools and lakes There are so many things that can kill you in this world That it is absolutely ridiculous that he is making a big fuss over guns Shit if you really want to get down to it Lukie D you eyes and how many they kill every year drunks driving cars Kill far more people every year than firearms. Our president is a moron.

    • President Obama is just this another socialist wanting to take away all our rights and freedoms So he can feel better And all the progressive liberals can feel safe But that’s all it’ll be you feel safe you won’t really be safe

  41. Mr. Obama, we have Monsieur Hollande on the phone for you. He would like a word regarding gun control and the prevention of terrorism.

  42. Fun fact: Since Australia banned most firearms 10 years ago, mass shootings have dropped like a rock…

    …replaced by arson as the tool of choice.

  43. I mean California has the entire liberal wish list of gun control measures and they never experience these sorts of….

    Er…what about France! They have even stronger gun control laws than Cali and they don’t have any….

    Well, shoot.

    • Yeah I agree with you on France Comma Don’t forget about Mexico Where President Obama was the Biggest gun supplier in runner. In Mexico they have one firearm store and it’s on a military base and you can only possess Two guns in Mexico 838 caliber revolver And/or A 22 caliber long rifle Rimfire that’s it And it’s like a freaking war zone over there and don’t forget Chicago Right here and run around United States It’s actually safer to walk down the streets of Afghanistan being a white American from the United States then walk down the streets In Chicago. That should give them a clue if they actually read the statistics During the last assault weapons ban done by President Clinton crime increased not decreased during the time of the inflammation of the act and to the day it was expired and was nullified That’s when Crime started dropping once again.

  44. Sorry tried to edit that And it said it saved it correctly but obviously it didn’t That was a 38 caliber revolver. Or a 22 caliber long rifle rimfire And I believe bolt action is all you’re allowed

  45. Either he is one of them or isn’t going to be happy unless the USA is as much of a shithole as europe and latin america have become.


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