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Kristin Meisner writes:

Robert and Jon took me out on the range to continue my gunucation. The goal of the day: become more comfortable with moving and shooting. I wore a gun belt this time and learned the proper technique of drawing the gun from the holster. Take a step, hand on the gun while you hit your chest with your left hand, bring the gun to both hands, extend, aim, shoot.

At first it was little rigid because you’re counting the steps in your head. By the end of the day I began to develop a more natural flow. Jon gave excellent, clear instructions which helped alot. He also said he was happy I had a healthy fear of him. How could I not? The man makes his own guns out of scrap metal!

The lesson was fun to say the least. I shot a SIG SAUER P229 Legion handgun the majority of the time. We practiced walking toward the target with baby heal-toe steps and away from the target with drag steps. He propped up a table as a barrier to simulate defensive shooting.

Then I shot my first shotgun and an AK47. The power you feel with those are incredible. I’m still figuring out how to stand properly and not be so stiff in the shoulders, but I’ll work on that next time.

We also tried some longer distance shooting which surprisingly isn’t as hard as it looks. I hit the target a bunch! Biggest lesson learned of the day: never take your eyes off the target. Biggest regret: not finishing the chocolate chess pie at Dahlia’s after.

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  1. I’m at 6 mins and already found some just cringe worthy mistakes. I also didn’t know that Robert would be posting a long unedited video for others to watch, or that it would be used as instruction for anyone other than the single student I had at the time. The request was to get her shooting as fast as possible, so take from it what you will, and take it all with a grain of salt.

    • Ok, finished the whole thing. Kristin did exceptionally well. Good student. Natural ability, solid learner.
      And Kristin, I’m not scary because I build guns. I’m scary because I’m a redneck with a backhoe.

  2. Couldn’t hear the sound very well. Don’t know if you taught the “push Pull” grip. That’s what they taught my wife in her class. Looks like Kristin was fighting each arm as if in a tug of war. I prefer the squeeze front to back with the trigger hand and squeeze side to side with the off hand. I want my arms to be balanced, not pushing or pulling but fully extended together.

    • Neither. I’ve tried different techniques and at this point “squeeze the fu(k out of it” seems to work better than anything else for a beginner.

      • Mr. Taylor,

        I had the same trouble teaching my wife about proper grip until I told her to think in terms of isometric exercises. That clicked instantly and made a night versus day difference. Now she is comfortable shooting even .44 Magnum.

  3. Not bad, Kristen. Learning to move and shoot is not all that easy for beginners.

    Favorite moment . . . 5:34. Jon having to tell Robert not to be in front of the muzzle. 😉

    • Fox (inari) putting an arrow in. From the Shrine to Wild Boars and Leg Injuries in Kyoto. Having most of the art at the Shrine inked in. Left my crutches and my leg brace there.

  4. Watched the video and came away with these conclusions:

    1: Good advice on gripping the pistol and drawing from holster. I could see the difference between the rock-solid shooting grip you really want and the sloppy/loose way I usually do it.

    2: I need to pay more attention to technique. A noob girl half my size had better recoil control after 10 minutes of decent instruction than I do after years of so-called “practice.”

    3: There’s a good reason why most people edit videos before posting. Still, it was informative enough that I didn’t mind the rawness and the length so much.

    5: Kristen Meisner is cute as a button and smart as a whip.

  5. I thought it was a pretty interesting video. Got a few questions for ya JWT – are those Legions both 9mm or .40? I ask because obviously the recoil would be subjectively different. On OC….while this was the range, did either of your holsters have any retention (level 2, etc)? Psychology and deterrence aside, do a lot of folks favor OC because it’s perhaps more comfortable, less hassle and quicker to draw? I notice that your earplugs were of a different color – one orange, one dark – electronic?

    Other takeaways….

    Jealous you folks have a nice big open range to shoot at. We don’t have anything like that up in NW Ga – just a small 100 yard public range with way too many people for 3 targets (25/50/100). I CAN shoot pistol off my back porch if I so want to, but it’s strictly plinking. No room for rifle.

    Agree on the squeeze. I got into the habit of squeezing a tennis ball all the time beginning in high school which really built up my forearm (I could curl a 100# dumbbell at the time) and where shooting is concerned, really helps with recoil control. It’s still a balance between recoil mitigation and trigger control, though. And don’t forget the spinach 🙂

    AR’s n’ Bars, Coffee and Kalashnikovs? What sort of nefarious advertising is this, huh?


    PS: Robert, are you folks ever going to bring back the side buttons from the old page allowing the reader to navigate directly to the next/previous article without having to go to the home page or click the back button?

    • Both using identical Sig Legion P229s in 9mm. The only retention is that it is a hard pull to get the gun out. I don’t open carry other than on the range. Earplugs are just different colors. No reason. I prefer simple, stuff them in your ears, passive plugs and I’ve got hundreds of them.
      The shirts are from a great company here in Austin, veteran owned and run, called Disciples of Iron. Great shirts, some funny, some all business. Most related to either firearms or weightlifting, many both, they make me smile.

    • Last time, I made fun of her exacerbated forward lean. Third video should be the Goldilocks moment.
      Also, didn’t see a lot of moving while shooting in this video. Just moving on the draw.


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