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Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has a proverbial hard-on for “assault weapons.” As do her supporters, if the rapturous applause greeting her call to ban “weapons of war” from “our streets” is any indication. “If the FBI is watching you for suspected terrorists links you shouldn’t be able to go buy a gun with no questions asked,” the former First Lady opined. Hang on. What if the FBI is watching you for suspected mishandling of classified documents? What Constitutional rights should such a person surrender at that point?

“And yes, if you’re too dangerous to get on a plane,” Clinton continues, “you are too dangerous to buy a gun in America.”

While it’s no surprise that Ms. Clinton is joining the chorus of gun control advocates seeking to empower the feds to ban guns from whomever it chooses without charging them with any crime, it’s worth looking at some of the text of the bill Ms. Clinton supports: Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2015.

‘‘The Attorney General may deny the transfer of a firearm under section 922(t)(1)(B)(ii) of this title if the Attorney General—

‘‘(1) determines that the transferee is known (or appropriately suspected) to be or have been engaged in conduct constituting, in preparation for, in aid of, or related to terrorism, or providing material support or resources for terrorism; and

‘‘(2) has a reasonable belief that the prospective transferee may use a firearm in connection with terrorism.

“Appropriately suspected”? “Reasonable belief”? You could drive two double-wides side-by-side through those loopholes. The America I know and love doesn’t surrender that kind of sovereignty to the Attorney General of the United States. Which highlights the fact that my beloved country wouldn’t be safe from government tyranny with Hillary Clinton as President.

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  1. Yea, good way to let suspects know they are under investigation.
    Just another smart idea from president pantsuit.

  2. It’s a “slippery slope” because then the FBI can pretend to be investigating ANYBODY (maybe your neighbor sends in your name) and they could “investigate” anybody with an AR15

    • All she’d have to do upon taking office is to order the FBI to begin investigating all NRA members and all holders of CCW permits throughout the country. Who’d stop her? Paul Ryan? Or Mitch McConnell?

      • Yep. There are already plenty of people in the democrat party who think the NRA is a domestic terrorist organization. It would be a pretty small reach in her mind, I’m sure.

      • Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell? I hope you’re joking. BOTH are o’bama lapdogs and probably go on “dates” with him

    • Stevor,

      It is actually much worse than what you described. Suppose you have two neighbors or two co-workers who are gun grabbers and decide to stick it to you. They tell the FBI that they overheard you talking about your upcoming ISIS inspired attack and PRESTO, you cannot purchase ANY firearms anymore from any licensed dealer. And whether or not you already have an AR15 doesn’t matter.

    • Sorry! But no “Straw Purchases ” of Knives are allowed! Don’t forget, you need to get your Obama-Care Expanded Mental Healthcare and Background check for every style of knife, or kitchen flatware that can be used as an offensive weapon. *(just like the UK, or China)*–Don’t forget, an folding type of knife requires proof of a “License to Carry a Concealed Knife ” **(Which may require multiple local/state police permissions, and a clear reason why you need too do so…)** . And depending on your state, there maybe a 3 to 7 to 14 day additional “cool down period”. So, if you have to butter bread, cut your steak, widdle some wood—*(may NOT be considered a reasonable need. If not applicable by your local/state police…Don’t forget to plead…Mother/Father may I please be allowed to have a knife for multiple tasks….)* [Please note: Some states may have prohibitions on what kind of knife is permissible, and may BAN “Assault knives, switchblades, swiss army knives, combat knives, assisted knives, or anything that looks dangerous….Remember, these things may only pertain to *RESTRICTED* FOR Law Enforcement only…Cause they got a job to do, and more rights than you….] FIGHT THE FUTURE!

  3. How about we start by taking Secret Service protection away from those under FBI investigation? Guilty until proven innocent.

  4. An AR-15 is NOT a weapon of war, an M-16 is. The M-16 is capable of full auto fire, an AR-15 cannot fire full auto. Hillary, when she travels IS accompanied by Sec. Ser. agents who do have full auto arms, let her give up her armed guards then we might have a place to talk.

    • And let’s me honest – even an M-16 is pretty much an accessory in a real war. I mean, would you deploy an infantry platoon or company to attack armed with just M-16s? Of course, not – you need belt-fed MGs, mortars and 40mm grenades, at the very least.

      • I made this point in an earlier thread. Just because something is used in war doesn’t mean it’s not a defensive weapon. The service rifle has effectively been a personal defense weapon on modern battlefields since at least WWII if not earlier.

        • I have a knife in my basement that I carried in Iraq an Afghanistan, it still has the damn dust in the nooks and crannies. That, is more a weapon of war than any of the guns she is talking about.

    • The vast majority of bolt action “hunting” rifles are based upon Mauser and Springfield designs. So by the same logic that the AR-15 is a weapon of war, every single hunting rifle ever used is a weapon of war as well..

        • Well, we all know Simo Häyhä’s Finnish-issued Mosin-Nagant was just a great Russian-hunting gun.

      • Any of them that were ever even “tested” by the military would be “War Weapons” . Next will be a complete ban on hunting to get rid of violent tendencies.


    W R O N G F U L

    for ANYONE to claim that they can protect you on an individual level, AS IT IS IMPOSSIBLE [EVEN IN FEDERAL CUSTODY].

    Hill-o-cr_p cannot protect herself from her husband, she can’t even protect our Ambassadors from a videotape. DO NOT TOLERATE HER BOGUS CLAIMS THAT ANY OF THER INTENTIONS OR ACTIONS ARE TO “PROTECT YOU”. And, if they’re not, then they can only be to oppress you. Our founding fathers saw this coming.

  6. When a crazy Jihadi kills people, we must disarm the general population. Hillary thinks this is a winning position.

    • Yep. If we don’t want someone under FBI investigation to have access to firearms, we certainly don’t want someone under FBI investigation to have access to nuclear weapons.

  7. As usual her and her idiot supports ignore the fact that the last AWB had absolutely zero impact on crime. All it did was ensure the populace bought AR-15 MSRs by the truckload the second they were commercially available at reasonable prices; and got new people interested in shooting sports/2A activism.

  8. Isn’t this the actual black and white reason the due process clause was written?

    The very point was to prevent the state from arbitrarily enforcing their will upon the people outside of the process of laws.

    That they can even think these things is very wrong, and dangerous.

    That people all over this country are not gathering pitchforks and torches is one thing, many of them plan to vote for more of this.

  9. She might as well just single handedly repeal the whole bill of rights… oh wait, Obummer already did that, they just haven’t dared come for our guns…. yet.

  10. Hillary Clinton: Take Gun Rights Away from Americans Under FBI Investigation

    Ralph: Take the Right to Run for Office Away from Americans Under FBI Investigation

    Whaddaya say, Crusty Old Crook?

    • Why panic now? Obama is a lame duck with a Republican Congress. He couldn’t pass a gun bill after Sandy Hook, can’t do it now, and knows it. There’s no reason to panic unless Hillary wins the election.

      If Hillary does win, and carries a Democratic Congress on her coat tails, then there would still be no reason to panic. As the NRA has been telling us, Hillary’s gun bill will be confiscatory, like Australia’s. There’d be no point in buying guns from a dealer and leaving a 4473 behind. Well, not if you’re using your own ID, anyway.

      • from what i hear: Even if HRC wins POTUS, its maybe 50/50 the Ds take the senate and pretty much impossible they take the house, so new legislation is still unlikely.

        worry about those SCOTUS appointments though

  11. Gee Hillary, how do you get on the “no fly list”? How do you get OFF of it? I don’t know either.

    Shouldn’t people on it (like the late Teddy Kennedy) be barred from voting and holding office too???

  12. So here we have a murderer who;
    Passed a Class G firearms carry license for work.
    This means he underwent and extended background check, interview, and training. I believe it was 30 hours total.
    He was legally licensed to carry a firearm in a federal building for work.
    Was interviewed by the FBI three times and based on internal protocol cleared of being a threat.
    As a contractor for G4S security he underwent a security clearance. To what level I do not know, however…
    The DPM and DOD reviewed his information and gave him a green light.
    When he purchased his firearms he then underwent an additional background check or checks.
    Up till the point he murdered 50 people he was not a prohibited person.
    G4S had received numerous complaints from co-workers regarding his apparent militant ideals, and anger issues.
    There were deep concerns and complaints a few years back regarding the cleansing of FBI and DOD protocols in regards to Islamic ties, Social Media postings, and Training doctrine. We were all called a bunch of tin foil hat loonies.
    Back in 2010 President Obama stated to Bob Woodward that “we [America] can absorb another terrorist attack.”
    What shocking conclusions can we make about a statement like that?
    And after everything is said and done, taking away our fundamental rights to due process is the best they can come up with? We have truly hit a sad day in America where it’s citizens are going to willingly lay down and accept the removal of basic rights in the hopes of achieving some amount of perceived security. There is no additional security, only the loss of Liberty. This should be a dire wake-up call to the masses.
    “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.”

    • Exactly !! He worked as a Government Security Guard which is a much more intensive background check than a simple background check… and let me add this

      So If the Orlando Islamic terrorist doesn’t represent all Muslims? Why does he represent all gun owners?

      I am voting for Trump

      Support The NRA
      Support The Firearms Policy Collation

    • Speaking from experience, the “command structure” at G4S Secure Solutions are a pack of damn fools with only about 3 brain cells between the whole lot of them. So don’t put any trust in that they would have done their job correctly, or well.

      That being said, I think if you say you’re a terrorist, true or not, you should permanently lose your security licence, and security clearance. Why would we play games with that? Either you are lying, or are a terrorist. Either way you are not capable of being in a sensitive position.

      Why is doing the right thing so damn hard in this country? Think people, it ain’t that difficult.

      Oh and Hillary Clinton, eat a dick; you’ve been under investigation longer than this guy ever was. Under investigation more times too, I’d reckon.

      • Agreed!! If the Orlando Islamic terrorist was under investigation by FBI for terrorist activity. How is it possible that if you’re under investigation by FBI you can run for President?

  13. I would need so many painkillers to watch 27 minutes of this minion of Satan. I don’t know what will be worse having to hear videos of her in the run-up to the election or her getting elected as POTUS.

  14. What’s even worse than the Hil-bot advocating this kind of thing is the fact that her supporters (and others) will have no problem marching in lock-step with this. Truly frightening that so many are so easily swayed and/or stupid.

  15. Yeah, to hell with due process and the presumption of innocence. Can you imagine how many Americans would have their civil rights stolen if Clinton controlled the FBI?

  16. She has sworn to protect the Constitution and already she thinks she can ignore it without worry. Another Obama with even less to offer, and I thought it could not be done.

  17. So Hillary Clinton has now confirmed – at least for the third time by my count – that she does not support the a right to trial by jury, or the right to face your accusers or the right to due process of law.

    Trump should be able to beat her (figuratively, of course) like a dumb blonde stepchild for that!

    And by the way, if she is saying this kind of stupid radical horsecrap out loud and in public, imagine what she will REALLY do!

  18. The way you end up on that list is by using the internet in compliance with the first amendment, and they monitor your browsing activity by violating the fourth amendment. Then, without due process, violating the fifth amendment, they add you to the terror watch list and bar you from the 2nd amendment.

    Way to go for an all-time record, Hildabeast!

    Now, thanks to Mr. Farago, I have the horrible image of Hillary with a hard-on.

  19. If they persist in their pushing and prying, and trying to treat civilian AR-15s as “weapons of war”, then they should not be surprised when someday some possessors of these weapons finally decide to agree with them.

  20. The headline is a little misleading. It should say “Hillary Clinton: Take Gun Rights Away from Americans, starting with those Under FBI Investigation”

  21. Hillary is under FBI investigation right? Need to pull her secret service detail away. Guns are too close to her.

  22. Lets ask the people at Benghazi if they got the security tools they needed to defend themselves from attack. My sources say no.

  23. There is a scary world planned for we little people by this tyrant. When it is over, I would like to see her and every federal worker who followed her unlawful orders imprisoned.

  24. I’ll agree to losing my 2A rights as soon as she concedes that anyone under FBI investigation has their right to run for president revoked.

    Its a bluff, sure. But I don’t think I’ll lose my rights on that bet.

  25. Hillary Clinton isn’t even real fool. She’s a ai bot designed to say ridiculous things and drive you crazy while the rest of us watch and laugh as the look of horror dawns on your face. Ha! You should see yourself right now, hilarious! You didn’t really think she was real did you? I mean how could anyone possibly say such ridiculous and hypocritical bullshit with a straight face. I can’t believe you bought it for as long as you did. Damn, shit that was funny. You totally should have taken the blue pill. Dont forget to pay your taxes, sucker.

  26. When Hillary is standing with her back against a brick wall THEN I might stand with/near her (in order to administer the coup de grâce).

  27. Jeez, guys, you can’t eat your cake and have it too.

    Would it be an issue if the NCIC flags someone under review, and escalate to a hold, or delay. You have to have some mechanism to track, without being too invasive for everyone.

    The DOJ proposed that anyone on the watch list (yes, its flawed) be flagged as a manual review, instead automated. The NRA did in fact, go to court and fight that that wasn’t part of the justification of the NCIC. All true, but a better technical solution was tossed for a non solution. That system would have, at a minimum, slowed down this guy, and if a flag hits on a potential Jihadi, then the FBI would have reinserted investigators. Just spouting off on the internet doesn’t create probable cause, but then buying weapons does.

    Yeah, its a slippery slope, and we have the technology to be more vigilant, but we can’t not use the good for waiting for the perfect.

  28. Here’s the formula:

    (D) + Lib Support = gun control
    Gun control + (D) = Tyranny
    Tyranny x widespread ignorant apathy = Oppression
    Oppression x time = widespread suffering.

    Simplified [. . 9/11 carry the . . ..]

    (D) = BAD


  29. How about you can’t run for President if you’re under FBI investigation? How about that Granny pantsuit?

  30. Online gun sales don’t require background checks? I know Clinton knows better and she knows if she keeps repeating it there is a percentage of the population that doesn’t know any better and will believe her, I just wish someone sometime, hopefully Trump in a debate, hammers her on it. When she continually repeats the same BS line and NOBODY challenges her, that’s what irritates me the most.

  31. She’s being more evil than you suspect. She’s deliberately ignoring the real problem, which is islamic radicalism and a clash of cultures. She’s in favor of policies which only make the problem worse, that is bringing in more, unscreened muslim refugees from an ISIS stronghold into our nation. She and the President (as well as many on the GOP side) refuse to do anything about an open border across which drugs, guns, and terrorists can move freely.

    Not only does she ignore the real problem, but she uses this massacre as an excuse to push proposals which will do exactly nothing. We all know that it’s fantasy to think an “assault weapons” ban will have any impact on future terror attacks. Yet Hillary and her ilk have decided to exploit the deaths of these people to push exactly that.

    In other words, they do not care about the deaths which may occur in the future due to their stubborn insistence on ignoring the truth of the problem. They are willing to let more Americans die in order to push their gun control ends as well as their immigration goals.

    These are sick, sick people and they need to be stopped. This November, at the ballot box.

  32. What the hell happened to innocent until proven guilty? Not suspected, but PROVEN. We will not surrender or rights, our freedom, to this shrieking banshee.

  33. Irony-thy name is hildebeast. FBI whore-Hillary for Prison 2016! Bury Soetoro for cellmate! TRUMP for PRESIDENT!

  34. Here we have a Treasonous Democrat under investigation telling a free people how we should give her the power to destroy our lives, our way of life , our Countries History! Better yet she’ll walk on all the charges or get the barest minimum sentence, then gloat about how simple minded the democrats and people are who vote for her! wake up people we have slime balls running this country! Get rid of the ATF, IRS, BLM, Make the Judiciary accountable to the Senate and the House, more Waco’s and Muslim attacks are around the corner and the Democrats are letting it happen so they can pervert the Constitution! and secure an oligarchy, there will be hell to pay for all!

  35. What do so-called “common-sense” restrictions on the US Constitutional 2nd amendment right, “Gun-free Zones”, The Libyan Embassy, The CIA security annex, Benghazi , Email servers and Hillary Clinton have in common…What do you folks think..?

  36. If people under FBI investigation can’t own guns then people under FBI investigation shouldn’t be able to run for president.

    In other words shut up you vile old troll!

  37. “And yes, if you’re too dangerous to get on a plane,” Clinton continues, “you are too dangerous to buy a gun in America.”

    And this is a simple and stark illustration of her misunderstanding of the entire situation.

    If you’re too dangerous to buy a gun in America, then you should be behind bars after due process, because that is the only acceptable process for depravation of basic rights.

    So let’s lock up everyone on the no-fly list right now.

  38. The Court in California last week declared only the “ruling elite” have the right to self defense and declared that “the proletariat” is a threat to the ruling elite and they have no right to self defense as “they are expendable”. Concealed carry may legally be outlawed anywhere in the U.S. and they made no definitive ruling on open carry because they already know it has been outlawed for years in most of the U.S. If any case of open carry that is brought before them they will do what they have done for over 100 years, simply refuse to hear the case and let the original bans stand.

    All this proves what I have been saying for years and that is a Constitutional Government is actually a dictatorship of the Supreme Court and if the idiots that started the American Revolution had stayed within the British Empire we would now still have independence but we would have a Parliamentary style of Government that gets things done more quickly and can change bad laws by passing new ones something almost impossible with a Constitution which becomes a religious icon almost impossible to change. Case in point: “The equal rights Amendment” that was self-evident and never passed.

    Europe has also passed the U.S. by in fighting green house gas warming of the planet. While the two extremist parties in the U.S. the radical Far Right against the radical Far Left fight it out and accomplish nothing other Governments get things done when a crisis is at hand.

    In a Parliamentary Government a gun ban can be overturned, not so with a Constitutional Government dominated by a Dictatorial Supreme Court which can and does trash the Constitution at will which has been done by both the Conservatives and the Liberals, one as guilty as the other when it comes to defecating on the Constitution.


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