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Press. Release.

(Geneseo, IL) ArmaLite, Inc. proudly celebrates the 10th anniversary of its legendary AR-50A1™ with a special offering. We have made just FIFTY 50’s in a one-of-a-kind color and as part of a special package. The anniversary rifle includes a custom powder coating color process in silver-black crackle finish. The anniversary dates are laser etched on the upper receiver. Each Anniversary AR-50 is part of a special package including . . .

an ArmaLite 30mm scope mount; Armalite 15, 30, and 50 minute scope rails; a bipod, a monopod; 100 rounds of spent GI brass; and a certificate of authenticity. See your ArmaLite dealer for details.

The anniversary AR-50 isn’t just a pretty rifle… it’s one of the finest high-powered rifles in the world.

The heart of the AR-50A1 is its metallic stock to action interface. The patented V-block stock and bedding wedge assure absolute strength and repeatability for superb accuracy. The aluminum stock reinforces the receiver almost like a bench-rest sleeve.

Accuracy? It’s not just in the bedding. Independent testing has proven the AR-50A1 muzzle brake to be the best in the industry for both recoil control and accuracy. It scrapes away turbulent muzzle gasses and lets the bullet break into clean air for amazing accuracy.

Strength, accuracy, and stability make the AR-50A1 stunningly durable and accurate for decades of hard use. You’ll be proud to hand it down to the next generation.

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  1. I noticed that the first shooter and (I believe) the guy who was supervising were not wearing ear protection. With the observed blast, did anyone check their hearing after a day spent near that booth?

    • sir i bought one & shot 6 rounds throughit .after the first round i took out my earplugs & continued shooting with out any problems.several other people noticed & we keep shooting other guns which have a worse sound than the 50 cal.

      • Shane, are you saying that you bought a $6k gun and shot $30 of ammo through it without ear plugs? 50cal guys are quite a mix of people, and almost all of the ones I've met "double up" their hearing protection (ear plugs and electronic muffs). Why would you even try to do this? It doesn't make any sense.

        We have a "big Fifty" club here in Phoenix. I'm not sure if they're official or not, but they all hit the local range in a group of 15-20 from time to time. I can say that the pressure wave from this gun is phenomenal! It will actually lift up pebbles off of the ground by about 2-4". To shoot this monster, or any other centerfire rifle or handgun without ear protection is pretty silly. I half-way descent pair of electronic muffs will run you $50.


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