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President Barack Obama elbowed his way into the middle of the Trayvon Martin shooting investigation early on, pointing out how much Martin would look like his son if he’d had one. And the former community organizer’s never been one to let a crisis — or a humiliating defeat — go to waste without at least making sure his profound views are heard by all. So did anyone really expect the Zimmerman acquittal to pass without his weighing in? From [also posted on Twitter by the White House]: “Obama urged Americans to ask themselves tough questions about the incident and subsequent verdict to pay tribute to the slain teenager. Obama said: ‘And as we do, we should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to widen the circle of compassion and understanding in our own communities . . .

We should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence that claims too many lives across this country on a daily basis. We should ask ourselves, as individuals and as a society, how we can prevent future tragedies like this. As citizens, that’s a job for all of us. That’s the way to honor Trayvon Martin.

Only in a progressive fantasy land — or an Aaron Sorkin screenplay — would an incident like the Zimmerman verdict be the spark that opens Americans’ eyes, finally persuading them that the Second Amendment is nothing but a crazy anachronism in the 21st century. Like a buggy whip in a Bugatti Veyron. That “enhanced background checks”, assault weapons bans, national registration and, ultimately, civilian disarmament is the true path to peace, love and happiness across the fruited plain.

Fortunately, we don’t live there. Yet.

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      • Well if Obama doesn’t want any gun violence, why doesn’t he put his money where his mouth is and have the Secret Service stop carrying weapons…this would prevent gun violence in his definition…

  1. Ultimately I think Trayvon Martin could’ve done the most to prevent this, like walking to his destination instead of starting a physical altercation. I guess BigZero didn’t see it that way.

    • The Big Zero doesn’t even care either way, but he can’t remain quiet and miss an opportunity to attack and snivel about the 2A. He can’t open his mouth without pushing his agenda, not even in the most inappropriate circumstance. He hasn’t got a sincere bone in his body. He hates our Constitution and can’t even consider that Zimmerman told the truth, the Sanford police got it right, and the all female jury saw through the prosecutor’s bullshit and justice prevailed. It ‘s unthinkable to him that Zimmerman may have done nothing more than save his own life. It simply doesn’t fit his agenda. He and Holder are the worst criminals this country has ever harbored.

      • Racial profiling did take place in this case. And it happened at 1600 Penn Ave. Big Zero (wow do I love that one !) saw the name Zimmerman and thought “ah, a Florida Jew boy that we can exploit as a racist! Lets get him”. What they didn’t know is that Zman is Hispanic and had a helluva set of black friends if the various witnesses are any indication. That the guy who was a wanna be thug and a sad excuse for a citizen started the assault. That he beat the “jew boy”/cracker/n-word savagely. That on that dark rainy nite it was the thug that lied in wait and planned the assault. That the thug had the hatred in his heart. He got what he deserved.

        • Exactly.

          If Treyvon Martin was white, there never would have been a trial.

          If George Zimmerman was black, there never would have been a trial.

          If George Zimmerman was a woman, or LGBT, there never would have been a trial.

          If George Zimmerman had a more hispanic sounding name, such as Jorge Zapata, there probably wouldn’t have been a trial.

          But “white guy shoots black teenager” struck the right chords with the wrong people, and so we have this travesty. Pathetic.

    • Trayvon had a good reason to be concerned about his safety. Instead of calling his friend, he should of called the police. His youthful inexperience caused him to overreact. He took the law into his own hands. He was the vigilante.

    • Wayne,I have a son just a little younger than Trayvon & whenever I read,watch media in regard to this tragic story,I think,but for the grace of god that cldve been my child! I know my son wldve most likely acted in similar way as Trayvon if he felt he was being followed by a stranger & his young mind wldve told him to protect himself whereas Zimmerman being a 30 y/old adult shldve known better than to follow a child! I agree with what President Obama said-‘Trayvon cldve been his son’! That comment was made by not a politician but a father and as I posted above-how many mums & dads thought exactly the same way as Mr. Obama! Maybe,one day if Zimmerman,himself becomes a father,he might then realise the repercussions of his stupid & coward act he committed on that fatal night! My heart goes-out to Trayvon’s parents!

      • And Zimmerman could be your brother. I guess that didn’t occur to you, Mary. You were too focused on a “poor young black youth done wrong”.

        Sometimes it doesn’t happen that way.

        THERE WAS NOTHING TO CONVICT ZIMMERMAN. END OF STORY. Please teach your boy better than that was was.

  2. I am doing all I can as an individual to stem the tide of gun violence and to prevent tragedies by concealed carrying everywhere I legally can.

  3. Obama the race baiting leftist cretin, in all his demagogue glory, ignores the jury decision that this guy used a gun in self defense, and turns it back into a murder with a gun, or “gun violence” the new catchphrase the gun grabbers love so much.

    Forget the fact GZim was exonerated, he has to subtly blame the GUNS for Trayvons death, conveniently forgetting it was FIST VIOLENCE that started the affray. Of course, young children like Trayvon cannot commit violence in Der Fuhrers eyes, they are lashing out because they are oppressed provoked “minorities.”

    If GZim had used a knife, would this case have ever been chosen by the White House to pound on their favorite themes? Short answer, NO.

  4. Seems like a good time to stay away from this place for a few days.

    The triumphant screeching of the American Mall Ninja Chickenhawk is a little hard on the ears.

    • No it is not that: What you are hearing is the growl of righteously indignant Americans governed by a nit-wit who honors a violent thug, and persecutes an exonerated man.

    • The Zimmerman case demonstrates that, when push comes to shove….or to pounding of one’s head against the sidewalk…..even your basic regular American Mall Ninja Chickenhawk has plenty of peck in that beak.

      What have YOU ever done in the face of grave danger? Exactly.

      (Cue the “I led SEAL Team Six/I rescue more babies from burning buildings before 10:00 a.m. than you do all day/I scaled Mount Everest/I arm wrestled Big Foot/blah blah blah self-serving, unverifiable, empty, angry, butt-hurt retort that utterly fails to detect a rhetorical question.)

      • Nice. I actually am one of those firefighters that
        “.. rescue more babies from burning buildings
        before 10:00 a.m. than you do all day”. It still
        doesn’t stop antis from trying to bludgeon me
        with their self-righteous indignation. Even
        worse, these same nuts are usually the loudest
        whiners about how more “community
        involvement” is needed. But ask them why they
        can’t voluntarily put their lives on hold to help
        someone else and watch the excuses start.

        • ChuckN. I always give respect to fire fighters. I’ve been in 1 burning building in my life and that was enough to break me of the habit.

    • Swarf,
      It’s a good time to speak your mind. I may not agree with you but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say what you feel. To hell with me and anyone else who doesn’t agree with you.

      Speak up!

      Give me your reasons for feeling as you do!

      I see Trayvon as a thug-wanna-be who got the harshest justice there is and it came due to folks overlooking the evidence before them; too late to save him given the evidence that he should have been prosecuted sooner but I’m not a scholar on the kid so convince me that he was an innocent.

        • Big man huh? I would think you would be down at the tattoo parlor getting Hillary 2016 inked on your ass cheek.

    • Indeed. Where’s Al and Jesse to rant about the out of control black on black gun violence in Chiraq? Where are they getting all the guns and ammo? Fast N Furious 2.0? Seems to have accelerated since Lord Rahm took over.

  5. “…honor Trayvon Martin”? What? Honor? Honor the punk who jumped on Zimmerman and beat the $h*t out of him? – and got shot for it? Right…..

    • Or… honor the kid who got stalked by a vigilante and got shot when he started to win the fist fight that could have been avoided if GZ had listened to the cops who told him to back off. You know, either one.

      • Yep, honor that kid who was saved from being kicked out of school numerous times due to bureaucratic, number crunching attempts to keep their arrest numbers down in the school when he was found with stolen goods and items evident of burglary.

        Yeah, we should honor him. Cuz of his skin color…and stuff.

        Because, according to the media he was a cherub-faced, sweet looking 13 year old and not the 17 year old Thug Wanna Be that truly existed.

        Poor little victim Trayvon.

      • @Swarf Of three premises you cited, only one was correct. The rest were factually wrong. I’m not going to tell you which one you got right because it wouldn’t change your mind and you’d probably deny it anyway.

      • Or the fist fight that could have been avoided if the lean 17-year-old athlete had fled from the pudgy 28-year-old couch potato. To the house that was apparently less than 100 yards away.

        • Why should he have done that? Would you?

          Would you run away from the guy stalking you or would you confront him? Would you respect a man who did run away?

        • Well I carry a gun so….YES I WOULD RUN AWAY!!!! You don’t confront people you don’t know at night. Period.

        • I’d exit the area PDQ. But then again, I’m a long way from 17. 17 year olds don’t make rational decisions, which is why we don’t allow them to do grownup things like sign contracts and vote and carry handguns.

          If Zimmerman was following me and I felt that I was in danger and couldn’t safely escape, I would have called 911 while I drew my pistol and held it a low ready.

        • Yes, Swarf, escape is my default plan. If I think someone’s stalking me, forcing a confrontation is the last thing on my mind. It’s especially not my plan if safety is mere seconds away.

          Is attack your Plan A? If so, maybe you should give that some more thought. That’s a good way to end up in prison or on a slab.

        • The SMART thing for TM to have done, was indeed call the cops, then make a b-line to his daddy’s residence. IF Zimmerman had followed him in, then Zimmerman could have been considered the aggressor/attacker. Ya know… castle doctrine, stand your ground, etc? THAT could have worked in TM’s favor IF he had thought of it. OR it could have resulted in zero injuries and deaths as Zimmerman walked away.

          But, alas, youth was a fault in this case as better options never came to mind than to ambush said “creepy a&& cracker.” (TM’s GF’s statement of what TM called Zimmerman on the phone to her.)

      • Well, I’m going to guess you have never had your butt kicked, been lying on the ground, in pain, unable to get up, wondering if it will stop, or if they will continue? In a “fist fight”, the winner rarely stops to ensure the “victim” is ok. Nope, the anger and exultation of winning keeps them pounding away. If you are the one in the ground, you don’t think, ” sucks to lose a fist fight, but tomorrow the sun will rise and the tea will be hot”.
        If you have a way to stop the pummeling, you take it, nothing else matters at that time.
        Little Kids have “fist fights”, Trayvon was 17, 6 foot tall, not a kid. Not in years, actions, or size. In real life, fighting is dirty, people die.
        You have the right to feel sorry for Trayvon, and to speak your opinion, but the evidence does not support him being an innocent victim.

        • you have never had your butt kicked, been lying on the ground, in pain, unable to get up, wondering if it will stop, or if they will continue?

          I have, and I’m not communicating with you from beyond the grave.

      • I’ve been in a similar situation to TM. Followed by a guy with a gun. He followed and questioned us after a while. We were nothing but polite to the man and we even chatted for about an hour with the three of us about guns and concealed carry. This was at 3am and we were about 15-16 years old. Starting a physical altercation is not a wise move and it never crossed my mind. The only law we were breaking was curfew and we were not up to mischief.

        GZ, while an idiot, could have decided to not follow the kid and probably nothing would have happened that night. But there is no law against what he did. There is a law against assault and battery.

        Do we want to make a do not follow people law now? Then we can charge people like these two boys for following this kidnapper. What if they were following the wrong car and the occupants felt like they were being stalked?

      • Another troll who gets his “information” on the trial from the Daily Kos. I hate repeating myself by here are facts put in evidence at the trial. Zimmerman leaves his vehicle because he sees someone “up to no good or on drugs.” Facts put in evidence at the trial indicate that Martin had enough THC in his bloodstream to be impaired. Zimmerman begins to follow Martin and calls the non -emergency dispatcher to report what is going on. The dispatcher recommends, not orders, Zimmerman return to his vehicle and wait for the police. Zimmerman follows the advice. However, he makes the fatal mistake of not going back by a different route after losing sight of Martin. Martin appears and confronts Zimmerman. Those are the facts. When Martin attacked Zimmerman he was 70 yards from his destination, literally seconds away from safety but instead he goes back to start a fight with someone because he is a tough guy. And to be honest he was kicking Zimmerman’s butt right up to the point where he got shot for bashing Zimmerman’s head on the concrete as he was trying to kill him.

        Martin was a punk and punks eventually end up on a slab. If it wasn’t Zimmerman it would have been some other gangbanger and you wouldn’t give $hit.

      • The 600 lb. gorilla in the room, as they say, that few people want to mention, is that, like it or not, a certain subset of black males, often said to be part of an “underclass,” are disproportionately responsible for crimes against persons/property here in the U. S. of A. Until that changes, black males who appear to be from that subset or underclass are likely to be “profiled” as criminals. I myself am African-American (a term I don’t much like; I am an American, some of whose forebears were brought to this country from Africa as slaves), but when I see a bunch of likely looking lads ditty-bopping their way down the street in my direction, wearing their baseball caps backwards or sideways, or wearing watch caps pulled down over their ears, and garbed in oversized sports jerseys or hoodies, baggin’, saggin’ pants, and unlaced, overpriced sneakers, I am likely to cross to the
        other side of the street, because my sense is that trouble impends. I am not surprised when others have the same reaction.

  6. Remember, if Zimmerman hadn’t had a legally carried gun, Martin wouldn’t be dead today.
    Zimmerman would be, and Martin wouldn’t be dead for a year or two…. from liver damage due to all the codine the medical examiner said that he had been injesting.

  7. I didnt vote for our president and I wouldnt vote for one who turned a state and local level, self defense case in to national politics. One who would dare involve the DOJ and FBI in something that the local police and original DA said, no to. My tax dollars are not for your fv@king amusment!

  8. WOW!

    yeah I guess Z should have let himself get beaten up a lil more before he defended himself. because we all KNOW poor lil tray was only going bash his head into the concrete but just a few more times before he got up and walked away from that creepyassed cracker!.im glad the JUSTICE system was able to do its thing!

  9. I hate to break it to his all mighty, but, if it were not for a gun travon would be in prison and zimerman in the morg. We all need to stick together on this issue. George had a legal firearm, with a legal permit to carry. No registry or “background” check (seeing as he already had one to purchase the firearm) would have prevented this.

    • No.. more likely Zimmerman would be in the ground and Martin would be living the thug life to this day.

      Cops ain’t got the time to go chasing after yet another kid getting himself into trouble. They’d look around for a while, then the case would go cold, and more than likely Martin would get away with it.
      Cop: Can you describe the murderer?
      Witness: Some black kid in a hoodie.
      Cop: Well THAT narrows it down…

  10. Again Our Commander in Chief, a person hiding behind a FAKE Social Security Number, has no respect for our Laws, judicial rulings or Civil liberties…

    Is anyone not surprised?

    A person uses a firearm for self defense, as ruled by the most dificult jury selection of 6 individuals, unanimously no less, and he rebuts that it is with the then determined aggressor should be “Honored” with increased monotonal drudgery of increased Gun-Control.

    Hey Dumby, he was acquitted, so he is, in the end, the declared victim.

    Get on the right side of the argument Mr. PRESIDENT or resign!

    Your Globalist flunkies FAILED!

    The people of the Jury have spoken, some of which were Black, now get over it!

  11. I have no problem not honoring Trayvon.

    Obama can also take his “circle of compassion” and shove it in his a** sideways.

  12. Like I said yesterday. All because of the color of his skin. His peers GZ’s not TM’s judged him and found him innocent. The blacks will jump up and down until he is sentenced for something. Double jeopardy comes to mind here as it did in LA 21 years

  13. This is ridiculous. Nobody won this. A kid died, and a young man’s life is ruined. Neither one of them are really worthy of honoring, or villifying, if you ask me. I take great issue with Zimmerman ignoring the advice of every defensive trainer on the planet and going out to directly find trouble, when he was not in danger, but I find it hard to fault him once he was.
    This is a tragedy. But its one of many, just another instance in the world of the wrong two people crossing paths. This is not something to write policy over, or riot over, or anything resembling what this website included is currently taking part in.
    I’m sorry for both of them, but I damn the news, the agitators bloggers, the Nancy Graces- damn them all to the ninth circle of hell. And damn us for letting them.

    • This is pretty much my feelings on the matter. Nobody won and there was a lot of stupid going on that night.

      I cringe when I see idiots calling for repealing SYG laws and wanting to change things because of one case. Emotion is a bad reason to make changes to laws. They should be thought out in a logical manner and second and third order effects need to be discussed and thought out. Otherwise we end up with Full retard laws like in CT, NY, NJ etc.

      • Yep, Six, watch GZ’s actions be used by anti gunners to push for getting rid of SYG and concealed carry. Both GZ and TM were idiots that do not deserve our attentions and here a lot of the supposed AI are hailing GZ’s victory in court as a victory for gun owners. It ain’t and we’re going to get sick of hearing about both of them as our rights are being assualted.

        A lot of these postings and responses are going to be used to paint gun owners as racist and hate filled red necks and will just aide calls for more gun control.

    • Why is it so hard for people to fault him for going out to find danger? That’s not the same as saying that he should have been convicted. I could say that somebody doesn’t deserve a conviction for second degree murder but they’re still reprehensible.

      I think it’s pretty obvious that if this case had not been picked up by the media, and the various camps hadn’t dug in to support their guys, Zimmerman would’ve been a prime candidate for an IGOTD trophy.

      Also: Dan, Obama’s observation early on was not “elbowing in” to the investigation. Since lots of people want to be especially literal-minded about things around here, exactly what was wrong with his statement that a son of his would’ve looked like Trayvon? It was true, wasn’t it? Those words called for respect for the victim, hardly dropping poison into prospective jury pools. Both the prosecution and the defense went much farther to characterize various parties but I think the jury ended up looking at the facts and what was needed to get a conviction.

      I also find it really rich that some TTAG readers (the vast majority on this blog entry) are happily spouting off about the President as if he has no right to comment as an American now that the case is over. These are really and truly mundane comments he’s made, but from the hysterical nonsense being spouted you’d think he was out there sending a drone after Zimmerman.

      • The office of President has responsibility to enforce the law and preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

        It’s inappropriate to use the office as a bully pulpit from which to editorialize.

      • Open the Video in Youtube then copy the URL. Then go to facebook and post it in your comments sections. Say what you want to say and then paste the URL. It will come up as it did here. This is what Obama should really say I would then respect him. Check out more of his Videos there awesome This guy should run for office !!

  14. Obama is a biased idiot so it’s not surprising to hear this B.S. from him. After all, he was going bring the races together, yada, yada, yada. What a great (or is it grate?) guy.

  15. can someone please explain to me how “gun violence” is such a fvcking epidemic? if it’s so frequent and everyone with guns is killing people, WHY DO I NOT SEE IT. you’d think I might see it every time I step out of the house. at least once a week, right? no? a few times a year? never once have I seen anyone anywhere across this country have I seen anyone killed with a gun. I’ve seen plenty of corpses from car accidents.. I see a car accident every god damn day here in AZ. and with such a large number of gun owners, you’d think maybe just once I would have seen someone shoot a person. the only epidemic I see is PEOPLE.

    • Don’t understand statistics much, do you?

      Even without going into whether you are right or wrong in this case – statistics deal with what happens though the entire country. Yeah, I don’t see firearms violence around my part of the woods either…but I don’t live in the South Side of Chicago, either!

  16. I firmly believe that at some point cell phone video of this punk is gonna come out. You just know that he or his friends video’d themselves smoking dope, busting into someones house, or beating down some old black lady in Miami. You just gotta wait until someone offers up some money for it.

  17. Let’s get away from the Zimmerman-Martin confrontation and examine the life of the one Obama wants to honor.

    Martin was a drug user, a thief, and a violent thug. He was the epitome of what is wrong in the America’s inner cities where the culture celebrates the “gangsta” culture and where working hard, staying in school and trying to better yourself is called “acting white.” Obama and the entire Democratic Party have built a political empire on keeping black people under the thumb of the Trayvon Martins of the world so as to keep them poor, terrorized and on welfare so they can perform their only societal function of pulling the right lever on election day. Obama wants to hold up the real Trayvon Martin as a role model for black youth so they continue to be slaves to the Democratic Party.

  18. “pointing out how much Martin would look like his son if he’d had one.”

    I don’t know why this just occurred to me, but is Barack Obama implying that all black people look the same? Racist.

  19. I’m going long but bear with me.

    Here’s why connecting the dots now is more important than ever and why the President is doing a huge disservice to the country. I will use a personal anecdotal example:

    I used to fly airplanes. Flying airplanes is pretty serious business. I can relate it to this saying:

    “If at first you don’t succeed, then skydiving is not for you…”

    Flying an airplane is the same. The margin for error is very small, and the consequences potentially lethal for you and your passengers.

    Within that context most all pilots intensely follow NTSB investigations of airplane crashes so as to learn everything that they can vicariously. There is no such thing as learning from your mistakes in flying. What I learned by doing just this was that there is rarely if ever a single causal factor in an air accident. There is always a trail of small mistakes and errors, including ones not necessarily made by the pilot in command, that pile on top of one another until the progression reaches a point of no return. At that point you are done, there is no escape, no turning back, just the grim realization that you are in a no win situation from which you will likely not emerge alive. It must be a horrible feeling.

    That’s why it is so important to study these tragic events and connect the dots. You must train yourself to be able to detect early on when the progression of events starts going south on you, and you must act immediately to break the chain of events, lest you suffer the consequences.

    I think that everything in life is pretty much the same way, with a difference. In life one rarely dies as a result of such a progression of errors.

    However, this was not the case for Trayvon Martin. By the time he got to that fateful moment on a rainy night in Sanford, FL he was past the point of no return. The progression of events that led him there was subtle and took a long time to evolve. Exactly the same way as in an airplane crash. And no, the progression of events had not been made generally public, but it is there in spades for those willing to dig into his life.

  20. Boobama has always been against guns,he was a member of the communist party in the 1990’s,part of the ideology.Him being black and a racist he is going to take the side of going against GZ,plus I bet he has Holder file civil rights violation charges against GZ,even though the FBI has not found grounds to do so.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  21. Why would you honor someone who acted in such a way as to be justifiably shot to death?
    Just when I think he can’t be any more of a cull. . .

  22. National Bar Association is having a plotting meeting tonite @ 10 pm eastern – I am sure it will be comical

    Do NOT miss this call tonight…#NoJusticeNoSleep conference call tonight at 10pm EST. Don’t miss it…talking #justiceforTrayvon Call in number 218-862-1300 pass: 985133

    • Sorry Dirk, I’d listen to it all but I have to be on duty tonight to defend Oregon from the Eskimo Zombies trying to infiltrate through Canada.

      • Dirk,

        Good one! 🙂

        I don’t think GZ did murder, manslaughter, or minor abuse etc and I don’t like how the government and others have gone after him yet GZ played his part in not obeying the police dispatcher’s order to stand down and not follow TM. I don’t find GZ 100% innocent of not contributing to the shooting.

        BTW, I personally don’t really care if an attacker is 17 or 16 or whatever age as the media and public is whining about. A person is an adult, a young adult, when puberty is passed. I would not condemn a shooter for a SD shooting if any aged attacker was attacking.


  23. “We should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence that claims too many lives”

    Great idea. My suggestion is to prosecute those thugs behind Fast & Furious and stop the Iron River of weapons flowing from the USG to the Mexican Military, and…………….. oh, wait a minute now let me think. Thought. Thought. Thought. Hey Obummer YOU are the one behind all the gun running that has murdered at least hundreds if not more people.

  24. Why has everyone taken up the media term “gun violence”? There is no such thing and we should call it like it is…guns are not violent….people committing criminal acts using guns are violent. What I keep seeing is that we are fostering language that supports what the anti-gun media wants us to support. Guns are inanimate objects incapable of doing anything without an action by a shooter. We don’t call a Defensive Use of a Gun “Gun Violence” so maybe we should be calling it “criminal negligence” or someone come up with something more trendy than I can’t think of at this moment.

  25. Honor, you do not know the meaning of the word…when you HONOR the founders ‘relic’ as you swore an oath to..I may consider your request…till then…..your words and deeds are hollow….imho

  26. TM’s use of “Lean”, or “Purple Drank” (and other names)- a homemade concoction of Cough Syrup containing DXM (a synthetic codeine) mixed with … you might have guessed…Arizona Watermelon Drink (or other sweet drinks) and Skittles (or Jolly Rancher Candies) is why we should honor him, Mr. Obama. Fits right into your overall mode of operation.

  27. “The idea of neutrality in the speech context not only requires that the state refrain from choosing among viewpoints, but also that it not structure public debate in such a way as to favor one viewpoint over another. The state must act as a high-minded parliamentarian, making certain that all viewpoints are fully and fairly heard.”
    — Owen Fiss
    Source: “State Activism and State Censorship,” Yale Law Journal, 1991


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