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 "Anna Graham, wife of sculptor Ernst Neizvestny, told an armed mugger that he didn't 'have the b---s' to shoot her." (caption and photo courtesy

“Anna Graham [above] said she was standing in her pajamas in front of her home on Grand St. in SoHo, smoking a cigarette and watching a car for two friends who were about to leave for the Hamptons, when a pair of thugs confronted her around 1 a.m. on July 3, reports. Oh dear. “One whipped out a black handgun and pointed it at Graham as his cohort began rummaging through the unlocked car, cops said. ‘He asked me for my wallet and I said, ‘Are you kidding me?’’ the feisty 54-year-old recounted. ‘I was in my pajamas, for Christ’s sake!'” Stupid criminals! More to the point, wrong place wrong time. Wrong answer? “’That’s when the gun went against my forehead,’ Graham, the wife of Russian-born artist Ernst Neizvestny, told The News. ‘He said, ‘I’ll shoot you, b—h!’ I said, ‘No, you won’t.’” Uh, why not? . . .

The gunman’s cold-hearted accomplice apparently didn’t like her lip and ordered him to fire.

But Graham, who was literally staring down the barrel of the gun, proved tougher than the toughs.

“He lowered it to my chest. The other one was right next to him saying, ‘Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!’ ”

It was then that she hit the perps with a verbal uppercut.

“I said, ‘It’s not easy to shoot someone. You have to have b—s to do that. And you have none.’ ”

Her words hit the gunman like a kick to the groin. “I was looking into his eyes all along,” Graham said.

“For a second there, I saw fear — for just a split second. I went against all the rules, everything he knew about life.”

Graham’s life was hanging in the balance until one of her friends, who had been using the bathroom in Graham’s pad, suddenly charged out of the four-story building and pounced on the unarmed crook, Graham said.

The unarmed suspect kicked Graham’s pal, sending her flying.

Moments later, Graham said, her other friend came out and was already calling 911.

The dastardly duo stepped up to the woman on the phone and tried to rob her.

But when she didn’t have anything to hand over, the suspects fled, cops said. They managed to grab an iPad mini, a Samsung Galaxy cell phone and about $600 in cash from the car, police sources said. They remain at large.

While the broad’s got moxie, as the reporter below reveals, this could have—have—turned out differently.

I’d prefer a nine mil. Of course, a law abiding citizen can’t pack heat in New York City unless he or she is a celebrity, politician or connected plutocrat. All the average yutz can do: comply or kvetch and resist and hope for the best. Good luck with that. [h/t Tyler Kee]

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  1. If this happened in Chicago she’d be occupying a slot in the Cook County Morgue.

    Moral of the story:when a gun is pointed at you,the time for negotiation has ended.

  2. Unless the crook was bluffing with an unloaded BB gun, I’d say we need to cross-reference this woman’s story. If we’re only going by her word, I’m willing to bet that Ms. Graham also once dramatically rose from a wheelchair to save an orphanage from marauding pirates and, another time, she defeated an angry Tyrannosaurus Rex using only the power of DANCE!

  3. “Of course, a law abiding citizen can’t LEGALLY pack heat in New York City unless he or she is a celebrity, politician or connected plutocrat.”

    • Really? Can’t LEGALLY pack? Someone forgot to read the Second Amendment and the supremacy clause. It is the cops that are pulling unlawful acts. Funny how liars (politicians, news reporters, police and public officials) convice a stupid public what the law is when *THE* law isn’t something they like.

      It is also funny how those same officials that claim they can nullify the second amendment say that can’t nullify the acts, codes and regulations of Obamacare (Clue: acts, codes and regulations are not law, they are color of law and do not apply to REAL men and REAL citizens. Since most of you are neither, continue on your way.)

      The law is the law, right? Thats what they tell us. Oh, its not? Of course not! The law is what the liar establishment wants you to think it is. What they say is “law” is not law. They’re “law” is an abbreviation for color of law.

      The people who talk you into believing a lie are seditionists but they accuse you of sedition. The normal order is to follow the law, not color of law. Get a clue. Free yourselves.

      In New York:

      Follow the law = Get arrested

      I’ll never go there and never have to worry about it. The devil’s rectum is not a place I want to go.

  4. To the gun control crowd, this is like magic….see…..see….you don’t need a gun, only verbal jujitsu!

  5. So the lady is bragging that she got robbed by a pair of chumps who had her pegged as an easy mark? That’s not really a bad haul on their part you know… New Yorkers must be the most ass-backward people on Earth. I’m glad I live somewhere I can defend myself with lethal force, because unlike this woman I would take no pride in feeding the criminal element with my assets.

    • She’s not bragging about being a victim. She was robbed, and is pissed.

      However, in describing what happend she mentions having stood up to the sh¡ts.

      Nowhere in there does she say “I do so love the criminals ’round here!”

  6. “They managed to grab an iPad mini, a Samsung Galaxy cell phone and about $600 in cash from the car, police sources said. They remain at large.”

    Why the heck was that kind of cash just sitting in a car?

    • i was just thinking that. if someone goes through my car they’ll get 57 gum covered coins and a broken pair of sunglasses.

      • How did that scurity plan work out?

        Leave your car unlocked and “guarded’ by an ugly 90lb chick wearing pajamas. No golf clubs or rubber chickens available?

  7. This woman was not passively cooperative. She should have died. And her brass cajones with her. THANKS NY TIMES.

  8. I know this has been discussed before but lets say the story goes down the way she says except she is packing. You have 2 guys and 1 is pointing a gun at your head, your piece is on your hip under your shirt, what do you do?

  9. Next time these criminals grab the community gun, they may have the guts to pull the trigger next time so some unlucky person gets to be murder victim number one for these idiot. If one of her friends were carrying it could have removed this threat from the streets.

  10. Whether or not the verbal judo really took place, the victim’s watched too many TV crime melodramas. She won the lottery this time…

  11. There was also an instance in which a mugger pointed a gun at a woman and her friends. She said, mockingly, “What are you going to do, shoot us?” Yep, turns out that’s EXACTLY what he was going to do and did. The woman in this story was lucky. If you’re dealing with some guy who has something to prove and a fragile ego, you might just end up getting blown away if you talk back.

  12. Sounds she got lucky the guy wasn’t hopped up on meth. Had the gun been in the other guy’s hands she and her friends might be in the morgue.

  13. Of course, a law abiding citizen can’t pack heat in New York City unless he or she is a celebrity, politician or connected plutocrat. All the average yutz can do: comply or kvetch and resist and hope for the best.

    I commend gun friendly states that recognize NY State Pistol Licences as CCW permits. However, given NY City’s noted corruption (enabled by the Sullivan Law) in this area, gun friendly states should explicitly carve out NY City permit holders from others in NY State.
    Simply put, Bloomberg-land residents who can game the NYC Permit process do NOT deserve our respect. You don’t want them carrying in your normal state.

  14. So you guys who are going on about “the time for negotiation has ended”, tell me — what would you do, figuring this guy is about to shoot you either way and you don’t have a weapon in your hand? Sit quietly and wait for it? That’s the only conclusion I can draw from your comments.

    Sure, the dude might very well have the balls to shoot you, or that might be the first time he’s pointed a gun at anything alive or dead and you can spook him by appearing unafraid. A lot of things must go through someone’s mind when they think they’ve got complete power over you, yet you’re not reacting like you should if that’s the case.

    • In this specific incident, goading could have been worse than staying quiet. The victim was very lucky.

      I don’t think I’d recommend either in general, if a robber has the drop on you.

  15. This is why you keep your car clean, fellas. An iPad, a high end cell phone and 600 bucks in cash in your car? Are you ASKING to be robbed? Don’t leave your crap unattended–and someone standing on the porch 30 feet away does not count as “attended”. If they hadn’t been stupid enough to leave all their lovely high-end merchandise in their car, these two morons would’ve moved on to harass someone else.

  16. I would wager ALL of her “moxie” comes from ignorance of the reality of the situation she was in. It probably felt unreal, and cinematic and so she responded in kind. Had she or one of her friends eaten a bullet, that fantasy would have been shattered. Alas, she will now get to maintain the illusion – so the next time she finds herself in that situation she will likely get herself killed.

  17. If she gets killed next time, I hope her friends have the brains enough to tell the news they needed a gun. That not likely with the stupid Dems from New England.

  18. Wow! 47 responses, and not one mention of her name… Join the fun!

    A Hangar Man (Actually this is the only anagram I could find)


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