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Geraldo Rivera (born Gerald Rivers) likes to position himself in the “middle” of debates about issues that pit conservatives against progressives. In other words, he’s a carefully calculated populist whose only core value is self-aggrandizement. You would have thought that Geraldo would play the Zimmerman verdict straight down the middle: the jury knows best, but what a tragedy and I understand the African American community’s anger, but we all need to remain calm and focused on the great strides blah, blah, blah. Instead this: “If [the ladies of the jury were armed] they would have shot and killed Trayvon Martin a lot sooner than George Zimmerman did.” Provided, I suppose, Martin had sucker-punched them and bashed their head against concrete. I mean, that’s what he meant, right?

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  1. You’re correct that Geraldo skillfully walked the center line on the Zimmerman case, as he is wont to do everywhere else. But that doesn’t mean that his opinion, especially wrt what’s going on in the minds of the individual jurors, is worth any more than the bloviating idiots on either fringe.

  2. Gerald Rivers? You mean Geraldo is a fake… whatever nationality he was pretending to be? I had no freakin clue.

    • That’s funny, Wikipedia says he was born Gerald Michael Riviera.

      Oh, and according to Snopes (cue the tinfoil hat brigade), his family name is Rivera, but his mother filled in the birth certificate with an extra ‘i’ for him, his sister Irene, then went back to the original Rivera for his sister Sharon, then put the ‘i’ back in for his baby brother Craig.

    • Rivera is of Ladino (Spanish Jewish) origins. Ladino is spoken by a dwindling number of people. It is 15th Century Spanish. He is “Hispanic” in origin but under our South African style racial classification system he is white by virtue of being Jewish. Oddly enough a Spaniard is not considered Hispanic under the law.

  3. Gerald/Geraldo who? Shouldn’t somebody with a split personality be on meds instead of TV?

  4. “The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vault” is nothing compared to “The Mystery of Geraldo Rivera’s Career.”

  5. Cause its all about group identity. Race, ethnicity, etc. etc. As pointed out here, who initiated violence is what matters and the jury put enough stock (not even necessarily “believed”) into GZ’s side of things that they could not convict.

    Apparently if you are not of the same group as the person who sucker punches you and tries to take your gun you cannot shoot. The case should never have gone to trial as many have said . . . and make no mistake about it . . . George Zimmerman was punished for what he did (right or wrong). And he ain’t out of the woods yet . . .

  6. The logo on the front of their desk is “TYT”… so…. the TYTs are three boobs and a…..

  7. George probably didn’t even remember he had a gun until Martin went after it. The last thing George is is a hunter or gunfighter, he seems to be sort of a
    Teddy bear type and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. I keep hearing that because George wasn’t able to win a fist fight he somehow deserved a beating and that theory is pure ghetto BS.

      • I’m 71, the fist fighting skills I had are long gone, but if anyone thinks I’m going to let some punk pound on me they’d better think again. If you want to live by ghetto rules stay in the ghetto.

  8. Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman are going to be my new soldier names for Battlefield!

    ‘Cause they anecdotally started a “Battlefield” in racialy segragated politics.

    • I’m may adopt 2 male kittens… “Travon” and “George” would make excellent conversation pieces, especially as they romp MMA-cat style.

      Then again, maybe not. Things may get heated, depending on company.

  9. Really and I am suppose to listen to a news channel that derived its name from a party who committed genocide. . . Real smooth!

  10. What is GR trying to say? That women are smarter than men? Or dumber? Or more violent?

    Actually, I don’t think he is trying to say anything. He just wants in on the action and have yet more opportunities to run his mouth. GR hasn’t really gotten the chance to cash in on the Zimmerman case yet, and he’s going for the gold now.

  11. GR is sometimes white sometimes hispanic, whichever is most convenient to his ends at any given moment. All in all though he is a buffoon who feels that his opinion is of greater importance than any given issue or its particulars. Journalist he is not, as facts mean little if anything to his yadda yadda before the cameras.

  12. Geraldo-anything to get yrself a headline! Just shut the hell-up u idiot! Shame on u & hope u get sacked after yr biased comments! Wanker!

    • I still don’t understand why your ‘o’ and ‘u’ keys don’t work for ‘yourself’ and ‘your’ but then your ‘u’ key magically starts working on its own, while your ‘y’ key joins your ‘o’ key in failure. But the ‘o’ does seem to work for you when it follows any letter other than ‘y.’ I’m sure there’s some kind of math problem that can figure out this pattern.

  13. Robert… DAMN, man! You NAILED Geraldo better than anyone in human HISTORY, MAN!!!

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