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NY SWAT (courtesy

Click here for the New York State Firearms License Request for Public Records Exemption form as drawn-up by Monroe County. Empire State residents who’ve registered—or will register—-their firearms with the state (as required by law) must return this form by April 15. They must provide a reason why they want the information to remain private and a judge has to determine if the reason is valid. Monroe County offers owners a few options for sheltering their deets from public view, from “I am an active or retired police officer” (‘natch) to “I have reason to believe that I may be subject to unwarranted harassment upon disclosure.” As opposed to “warranted harassment?” Bottom line: gun registration information is prone to abuse. There is no good reason for it to exist and plenty of reasons why it shouldn’t. Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. I think i’ll fill this out with bogus information and send to them to harass them. After all, they are harassing gun owners.

    • Lol, that’s an awesome idea. Fill out a few for Cuomo while you’re at it! 😀

  2. Think of all the reasons/professions that would not welcome the “unwarranted harassment”. Teachers, lawyers, child care workers, social workers, probation officers, small business owners, taxi/limo/bus drivers, ad naseum…

  3. When I left NYC, I figured someday I would return. There was a time not too long ago that I figured I could get past the consistent harassment of minorities in the boroughs. I even figured I could live with the penalizing fees for owning and keeping firearms. Hell, I might even be able to live with a Mayor dictating what was good or bad for everyone. You can get guns, but the state leaves that info out in the open subjecting you to harassment or theft, unless you beg the powers that be to keep it quiet, and if they choose to honor your request. I miss Brooklyn, but going back would just be walking into a prison without bars. F*ck That. I like freedom, and I like the fact that the state where I now reside keeps info on gun owners secret.

    • Incidentally my state does not have mandatory gun registration, one registers with their local PD IF they choose to, which I do not. The state keeps the personal info on permit holders secret from the general public. Each year they release a count of permit holders for general info.

  4. “Because it’s none of your fvcking business” should be sufficient in this country.

    Though the truth for anyone should be “Because I do not trust my ‘countrymen.”

    Think I’ll fill a few dozen over the weekend and send them in to harass the process.

  5. yeah, that is smart. Back log them even more than they already are, so gun owning citizens that are unfortunate enough to reside in NY, and are awaiting their forms to be processed, are left out in the cold come april 15th. Despite what you may believe, or want to believe, not all of us living in NY are the enemy, or the sheeple letting them pull the wool over our eyes. Maybe, if you actually did some research on the demographics of New York State, you would find that pretty much anything East of the Hudson should be considered its own socialist nation, while pretty much west of the hudson are a bunch of gun loving hill billies. I am the latter, and there are a lot of us who do not like being forced into the same category as those downstate. I live right on Lake Ontario, Just East of rochester. About as far from what you think is New York as possible.

  6. I dropped off my Public Records Exemption today when I went to the county Pistol License Bureau to add a Sig p226 to my pistol license. The people there are always friendly and certainly pro-gun. There’s a clerical person and at least two very competent and fit police officers. But it occurred to me that wasting the talents of two or more great cops, plus the money used to fund the office, merely to register my pistol is not just an unwarranted and ultimately silly intrusion on my rights and privacy but also a total waste of cash and talent. Diverting crime-fighting resources to bureaucratic exercises in futility, like gun registration, can’t help but increase the crime rate.

    • dunno cant make out any insignia… and the one on the far right looks a bit fat to be mil. edit the link is to forbes NY-SWAT-courtesy-forbes.com_.jpg so yeah swat. welcome to ny.

  7. One would think, after all that happened in the 20th century and continues to happen now, that Jews would learn something about the consequences of defenselessness.

    If I were a Jew, especially with a family to protect, I would gun the f–k up and make sure my wife and all of my kids were as proficient as possible in the use of arms, as appropriate to their age and physical condition.

    Seems to me that socialist thinking that was at the core of the founding of Israel is their own birth defect, as slavery was the defect of the US.

  8. Why would “I am an active/retired police officer” be a valid reason on its own if “I am a pastry chef” is not?

    • Because the last time I checked, pastry chefs don’t regularly arrest criminals and never kill anyone without facing jail time. Unfortunately police have a much more stressful career than any chef even after they have retired.

  9. The people who want to post CCW records are the same folks who flip their s*** when Operation Rescue posts the names and addresses of abortion clinic workers.

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