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If you can’t keep criminals in jail from getting ahold of guns, what hope do you have preventing criminals from acquiring firearms on the street? And if you can’t stop bad guys from getting guns on the streets, why would you want to disarm the law-abiding people upon whom they prey?

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    • This video is totally bullshit I don’t believe a fucking word of it. This whole clip HAS TO HAVE BEEN STAGED. Most likely for some political reasons. Inmates drinking beer? Oh and that guy with a pistol? NOT! I HOPE NONE OF THE REST OF YOU ARE FALLING FOR THIS BULLSHIT. Seriously probably Sarah Brady or some other modern day kommunist did this as some kind of a political ploy. Whatever or whoever staged this, you’re not fooling me.

  1. There is no image. Luckily, I’ve already seen that to which you’re referring. I THINK. A jail with guns, beer, and (surprise!) drugs. Was that in Texas?

    • Pretty much everywhere save for the SHU (solitary) units in Fed Supermax. And even there they manage to get drugs in, and the leaders of gangs get communications in and out.

      Between inmate creativity, the inherently corrupt world of corrections, multiplied by the huge profit motive of schlubs working for $10/hour in for-profit prisons, it’s a miracle they don’t all look more like Oso Blanco than they already do.

      • But…this wasn’t a for profit prison…it’s a publicly run facility, you know, the kind with the awesome training and the super professional, highly vetted and incorruptible staff.

      • have you heard the one about the politician saying that “if you ban standard cap mags they will quickly disappear”? she was talking about them thinking they are one time use. i know that prisoner had better trigger discipline than she would have. i believe she is in the senate.

  2. What’s that line I’ve seen many times before. “If gun control worked prisons would be the safest places in America.”

    How about we let difi, schumer, slo joe and the rest spend a little time in prison and test the theory.

  3. I ask a simple question of you gun-grabbers out there:

    If our current myriad of gun laws are insufficient, what makes you think a new gun-ban law will suddenly be sufficient?

    • Sorry, won’t work. The answer will be some variation on the emotion driven, “Maybe it won’t, but we have to try! For the children! Remember Sandy Hook! Dead babies! I don’t need rationality, I have outrage!”

      OK, I may have started editorializing toward the end there, but you get the idea.

      • “But if we can just save one inmate, it would be worth making guns illegal in prisons!”

        • Oh I meant the editorializing. I was more implying I couldn’t tell the difference between how you worded your sarcastic polemic and how they word their serious ones, not that yours was serious. I have had it said straight up to me that logic has nothing to do with it. The few times it has happened I gave a good blubbering stutter then walked away to leave them to their stupidity.

  4. Gun Control ONLY works with those who follow the law! As for those who p!ss on the law, let’em get drunk, high, and pack guns in or out-after all what’s the difference?

  5. “And if you can’t stop bad guys from getting guns on the streets, why would you want to disarm the law-abiding people upon whom they prey?”

    To create a fearful populace dependent on militarized police and bloated government. How else would leftists thrive?

  6. I guess all the “you will be my bitch” stories are not true. It is all about Buds and Guns in lockup. Maybe the best way to get a gun is to go to jail.

  7. “… why would you want to disarm the law-abiding people upon whom they [criminals] prey?”

    Because the State is not all powerful when citizens are armed.

    I am serious. People who want gun control — which is really civilian disarmament — want the State to be all powerful. That cannot happen if there are lots of armed citizens.

  8. “Mitchell Joseph “Mitch” Landrieu is the Mayor of New Orleans, former Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana, and a member of the Landrieu family. Landrieu is a member of the Democratic Party. He is the son of former New Orleans mayor and Secretary of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, Moon Landrieu and the brother of the senior U.S. Senator from Louisiana, Mary Landrieu.”

    Louisiana has a Landrieu problem. Moon scammed his way to millions as mayor of NO, and Mary is a complete freaking moron who is doing the same thing as a senator. We would very much like to get rid of Mary, but the “good people” of N’Awlens keep voting her back in.

    Louisiana is a state divided by a common language. Those of us in the northwest corner would very much like to sneak over one night and move the state lines about 15 miles to the east!


  9. Having previously stated that intentionally violating a person’s ‘Rights’ is the primary basis for establishing whether or not an actual crime has been committed, those in the video as filmed ingesting, injecting and inhaling substances while incarcerated may well be in violation of written laws —- but none among them seem to have been specifically violating anyone else’s ‘Rights’.
    On the contrary, it appears they’re making the best of their awkward circumstances and having a fairly good time of it.

    The gentleman’s prodigious display of digital dexterity while entertaining his friends and demonstrating that cartridges can, in fact, be ejected manually without actually shooting anyone was most certainly instructive to some of his fellow partiers, and undoubtedly of at least some minor significance to those in the camera crew.
    Speculative as this may well be, one might hazard to guess that his understanding of firearms exceeds that of the average congressperson currently engaged in enacting GUN CONTROL legislation, in that, he probably also knows the magazine can be reloaded.

  10. OPP has to be one of the worst places in the United States to get locked up. They call New Orleans 3rd World for a reason.

  11. Ooh, that’s an easy one, can I answer it?

    “And if you can’t stop bad guys from getting guns on the streets, why would you want to disarm the law-abiding people upon whom they prey?”

    First of all, “disarm” is a tricky and deceptive term. Secondly, you can stop bad guys from getting guns on the streets, but those are other arguments.

    The reason is because you law abiding gun owners are the source of ALL (almost all) the guns used in crime. Furthermore, since you resist such obvious solutions as safe storage laws and background checks on private sales, you are responsible for the gun violence that results. But, that’s another argument too.

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