Picture right: Senator Kelly Loeffler. (Photo: Loeffler campaign)
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With the January 5th Georgia run-off and its enormous importance looming, it’s important to remember something: Senator Kelly Loeffler’s challenger, Raphael Warnock, is anti-gun. Loeffler has warned of Warnock’s anti-gun stance (via AJC):

“Raphael Warnock is the most radically anti-gun candidate in America who for decades has actively fought to roll back the 2nd Amendment and eliminate Georgians’ right to bear arms,” -Sen. Kelly Loeffler website, Nov. 16.

Loeffler has included support of gun rights in her lengthy campaign while Warnock — who’s been enthusiastically backed by groups like Giffords — supports restricting the right to keep and bear arms. While Warnock conspicuously excludes is from his campaign’s issues page, Loeffler’s been insistent that a vote for Warnock is a vote for losing your guns:

“They want to take away our guns,” [Loeffler] said of Democrats during a Dec. 6 debate with Warnock at the Atlanta Press Club earlier this month.

Warnock has taken to Twitter in the past stating he has “eulogized victims of gun violence” and “never wants to do it again.”

Among Warnock’s anti-gun moves, there’s this:

[Loeffler reminded voters that in] 2014…Warnock campaigned against multiple Georgia bills that would allow weapons to be carried in churches, bars, government buildings and on college campuses.

Having Warnock in the US Senate would mean a reliable vote for literally any and all gun control measures that come up for a vote.

““We reject the notion that more guns held by more people will magically make our communities safer,” Warnock said at the time. That same year, his church held a gun buy-back event to get weapons off the streets, the AJC reported.”

Overall Warnock has stated he will take measures to end “gun violence” without getting too far into details of just what that means. That’s a warning right there. Just a friendly reminder that your vote matters, however you cast it. In Georgia your vote can and will affect the entire nation, because a great deal is riding on the outcome of this runoff.

No pressure or anything.

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    • Nothing says RINO and fake 2A supporter like new camo, an orange vest and an unused bird gun over the shoulder!

      No wonder we never get anything done even when we have majorities….

  1. Just a wild guess, but I’m assuming he’s only interested in keeping guns out of the hands of working class white conservatives!

    This is all mute point. Elections in Georgia are already stolen, just ask Stacy Abrams, her crooked sister and corrupt GOP traitors: Georgia judge, Stacey Abrams’ sister, rules against voter purge before Senate runoffs.
    Albert Einstein: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    • It likely will be a Democrat win with their set in stone way of doing things. I would like to point out that the very high turnout for Trump IS what ended up causing a crash/reset of the vote count system. If Trump hadn’t had such high support, the whole thing would never have been noticed. It’s what the left never factored in. The end result might not change but it becomes an obvious issue that easily could have teeth.

      Getting discouraged and staying home only helps the left.

      • PRNDLL,

        Had not thought of that angle. Thank you!!

        Still, I am hoping there are enough eyes on the Georgia run-off that the GOP could win. I’ve sent , for me, a good amount of money down there to try and keep the commies out of office.

    • The judge cited the law, as already written, in the ruling, concluding that…

      “..denying so many voters access to the ballot so close to an election would likely violate the National Voter Registration Act.”

      “…saying “federal law prohibits systemic removal of voters from the rolls within 90 days of an election.”

      This was undeniably a “systemic” removal, being organized and undertaken by a group dedicated to a partisan cause (True the Vote), not by individual citizens challenging their neighbors.

      This judge affirmed and followed the law in her ruling.

      • minor 49 IQ…You need judges and politicians telling you what to do because you cannot think for yourself. Some blowbag judge says this and some politician says that and you’re all in. You hear it and you run to reguritate it on this forum. That’s how it is for those who stand for nothing and fall for anything.

      • I’m not taking a position on the ruling, but if it’s so cut and dry, then step aside and let another judge handle it when your sister is running the largest get out the vote campaign in the state.

      • Miner49er, take your Democrat propaganda trolling back to your Chinese master. You are trolling lying moron.

        • @Samual ..Also consider that Muscogee County is basically Ft. Benning, my old stomping grounds.

          Soldiers PCSing, TDYs, retirements. It’s demographics constantly changing. Many like me voted in our home elections via absentee. So the rolls should be cleared more periodically. True the Vote was doing the right thing..

        • You know, soldiers and their families do end up TDY, and be stationed somewhere far from ‘home’ for weeks or months but they are still permitted to vote in their home state.

          I’m having difficulty understanding why you would want to disenfranchise American service members and their families.

          As always, if an aggrieved party wishes to contest the decision, they have the right to appeal to a higher court.

          That’s not Tyranny, that’s due process under the United States Constitution, you may want to familiarize yourself with it as it will make your life in America much easier.

        • Miner only comments on the political shit here. He does not even own guns. He NEVER has any useful input on anything gun related… or his political biasness either for that matter…

      • Can you ever be anything other than dishonest Miner?

        How nice that you called “True The Vote” partisan yet your only title for the highly partisan, Obama appointed, sister of Stacy Abrams, as “the judge”.

        You forgot to mention “The judge” also refused to recuse herself despite a deep and obvious conflict of interest. (Yet you cut and paste so often from NYT and WaPo, that it could possibly be their propaganda).

        Then you gave “the judges” verdict (which reversed a previous decision) without mentioning on what she was ruling on.

        So what was the issue she reversed that was “undeniably a “systemic” removal”? That when someone tells the US Postal Service they have moved they still can vote from their old address.

        Yes that was the issue, That voters who live outside of the jurisdictions in which they were registered could still vote. (Which would be illegal votes cast according to Georgia law).

        This could also potentially allow a person to vote twice.

        But how could Dems ever stay in power without illegal votes, right Miner?

        • Samuel , word of advice: Do not argue with trolls, it is waste of time. The best you can do is to expose them and call them out.

        • “That when someone tells the US Postal Service they have moved they still can vote from their old address.“

          So you have never served in the Armed Forces?

          Soldiers and their families are often assigned TDY, and may be away from their ‘home’ for weeks or months at a time but they are still permitted to vote in their home state.

          Why would you want to disenfranchise soldiers and their families, it seems somewhat un-American.

        • @Miner if you are active duty in the military, you request an absentee ballot, and not necessarily from your previous address you my or may not still have. Think man, think.

        • Mr. Devil, If one is sent TDY to another facility and will be absent when the election occurs, they may request a ballot be sent to wherever they are staying during the TDY.

          I know many soldiers who voted in their home state, while deployed in Vietnam. I know many soldiers who voted in their home states, while deployed in another state or territory.

          The military has a federal absentee ballot that you fill out, and then that’s transferred to an absentee ballot when it’s received from overseas. But if you are TDY in the States, the absentee ballot is just mailed directly to wherever they are staying during the TDY.
          That’s why many of the absentee ballots are probably members of the armed services.

          The same applies for college students, they vote in their home state rather than registering wherever they happen to be going to school, they receive their mail at their school dorm.

          If you’re looking for voter fraud, I can suggest someone who committed voter fraud by claiming a hotel without a residency zoning permit as his florida home.

          Donald Trump requested an absentee ballot from Florida, even though he has no legal residence in that state. He then used that ballot to vote from Washington DC in the recent election, committing the crime of voter fraud.

          Lock him up!

    • Miner49er, take our official Democrat (CCP propaganda) talking points elsewhere. Nobody is buying your BS here. You are trolling on the wrong website.

      • have noticed what appears to be a concerted effort by apparent leftist trolls to infiltrate what are generally perceived to be conservative websites….like this one…since I usually return the favor…[in spades!]….I can’t be too quick to condemn it…besides it breaks the monotony of redundant posts….

    • Einstein didn’t actually say that, but that’s also a moot point.

      I foresee a lot of boating accidents occuring this year…

  3. Having a photo shoot of one self walking carrying a shotgun is some blaze orange does not make one Pro-gun.

    • I was fixin to point that out. Brand new clothes..hair and make-up done. Yeah right.

      Saw John Kerry and others do the act many times….including the make-up.

      • My apologizes before hand to his hunting partner:

        The only one we know for sure that hunts is Dick Cheney.

      • It would have been nice to see the following in her record:

        Complete repeal of the Hughes amendment.
        Complete repeal of the NFA
        National constitutional carry

        Just saying …

    • There is no photo that can prove pro-gun. Politicians never learn that. What does indicate pro-gun though is found in that persons record. Even more so than what they say on the campaign trail.

    • They all do their little dance and show off their shotguns when it’s election season. The democrats do it as well when they’re running in red states.

        • Why is it I never see a Libertarian candidate running for any office with guns? No pictures of them with guns???
          They almost never talk about gun civil rights. Unless they are asked about them first.

    • sort of like bill clinton in that duck blind?…if ever a guy looked unhappy and out of place it was ol’ bubba!….now if they could have just found some hot babe to share it with him that expression would have changed immediately….we all know what bill likes to hunt for….

  4. The photo op is a way to say that she has your back. Whether it is true or not is up for you to decide. It is possible to be pro gun and not be at the range, or out hunting, etc. Many people have guns at home for self defense and rarely, if ever, shoot them.
    You can also choose not to have a gun in your home, while being ready to let someone else handle the responsibility of having one in the home. Some people don’t trust themselves with a gun, and I salute them, that could be the recipe for a personal disaster. We have all kinds on our side, showing all people responsible gun ownership is crucial.

  5. Duh…Tell me something new. On the other hand is a crucial election just around the corner in GA and the azzhat turtle mitch is playing games with much needed Stimulas Checks. He won’t separate the bill and Amercans are caught in the middle of a tug if war that has went on months.

    If the turtle had any sense he would seperate the bills and raise the amount to $2500.00 and put the democRat Party directly behind the eight ball. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Unfortunately there are no monetary desperate times for those calling the shots and broke and disenfranchised voters see it.

    Because of this stick in the mud approach to Stimulas Checks pole numbers in GA are dropping for the Republicans. I predicted that would happen last week. I wonder how many on this forum contacted their members of congress and asked them to get the lead out?
    For those that did not you are part of the problem.

    • Mitch is starting to do a pretty good impersonation of the grinch…and hurting republican chances in Georgia in the process…Trump’s comment was right on the money…900 bil or a tril?….in for a penny in for a pound…better that than to be perceived as an uncaring skinflint…

  6. What else would one expect of a un American Marxist who’s goal is the destruction of this nation as a republic.

  7. Warloc er nock is yer typical “prince of the church” sugar toungued black “minister”. Ever wonder(you who’ve been there)why Chiraq has soooo many black churches & sux soooo badly?!? The lamestream isn’t covering his scared to death estranged wife after he ran over her foot. Am I impressed with the repub gal? NO. But there are few politicians of any persuation who garner my respect. If the Dims win I will not comply!

    • initially they don’t care…they just want to get bills into laws…and the leverage that supplies

  8. Looks like everybody can rest easy, Lin Wood has the situation well in hand and is executing his plan to ensure Trump is the next President of the United States.

    It apparently involves arresting vice president Mike Pence and charging him with treason.

    I especially like the part about the firing squad execution, how picturesque!

    “Lin Wood
    If Pence is arrested, @SecPompeo will save the election. Pence will be in jail awaiting trial for treason. He will face execution by firing squad. He is a coward & will sing like a bird & confess ALL.
    1:02 PM · Jan 1, 2021”

  9. And another Trump appointed judge throws out Republicans’ coup attempt.

    “Judge Jeremy Kernodle of the Eastern District of Texas said on Friday that Gohmert and the others lacked standing to sue. In a filing late Friday, Gohmert and other plaintiffs filed a notice of appeal to the Fifth Circuit of the US Court of Appeals.“

    Stay tuned, the hits just keep coming!

  10. The atheists are very quite about a black Christian pastor running of US senate. When other pastors have run they scream in terror that a Christian will be elected. Not so much with Warnock. Perhaps its because both Warnock and the Atheists are the same.

    Socialist Progressive in their political orientation.

    The Reason “rag” has nothing to say about Warnock.

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