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He’s certainly no criminal like Walter White, but Mayor Eric Adams is vowing to take up the “Breaking Bad” character’s mantle as the “one who knocks” — at least when it comes to gun permits in New York City.

“It is really about using the good, old-fashioned methods of doing investigation,” Adams said in an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Thursday morning.

“When I became a police officer, people knocked on my neighbor’s doors and interviewed them and asked what type of person am I.”

Police officers will employ those “good old-fashioned” methods of investigation like knocking on neighbors’ doors as part of the background check requirements on potential gun permit holders included in New York’s new gun safety law.

State officials added extra requirements for individuals seeking concealed carry weapons permits that take effect today, Sept. 1, in the wake of the US Supreme Court’s decision that overturned a 1913 state law mandating individuals to show “proper cause” for packing heat.

“And I think those are the same skills that’s going to be used to look at not only social media but also knocking our neighbors’ doors, speaking to people, finding out who this individual is that we are about to allow to carry a firearm in our city,” said Adams, a former police captain.

Bernadette Hogan in The One Who Knocks: Mayor Adams Vows Door-to-Door Checks on Gun Permits


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      • Did you ever pick up your CA concealed carry permit? Last I read (couple of weeks ago) was that you had to make an appointment to pick it up.

    • Neighbors should have told the truth about adams before letting ny find out the hard way. Any looney ratbassturd who pretends to fight crime by denying citizens a Constitutional Right is not worth spit.
      Dumbbell democRats like adams have armed security while they deny the victim pool their right to self defense…gth adams, Jim Crow Gun Control joe, darcydodo, sir albert of nuttingham et al.

      • Problem is everyone knew Eric was basically garbage, Curtis Sliwa of the Guardian Angels just never had a chance running as a republican against him. Captive democrat audience for NYC.

        • Eric Adams is the political version of a televangelist. He’s a narcissistic, glib, sharp dressing self promoter. Add to that, he’s just another in a long line of corrupt black politicians who use race hucksterism to gain and keep power.

  1. All just a small part of the Left’s previously undeclared war against the “Magas and far Right”… shit like this might now be what starts a response to sleepy joe’s provocation.

    • Joe’s handlers must have given him three puppy uppers and one doggy downer instead of the other way around.. oops!
      The teleprompter must have had MAGA in twenty point script, he had to wipe away drool after reading it a couple of times. It’s been said here before – this idiot, that is less lucid than your elderly father was when you hid his carkeys, is the ” Leader of the Free World” and has the launch codes at his disposal… sleep well, America.

    • Admas is just digging the hole deeper.

      Next up at the SC will be a decision to dictate the terms of application and more concrete elementary school rules where guns will be allowed to put the petulant children in line.

      • This and likely every aspect of firearm ownership, purchase, storage, accessories, transportation, and ammunition will have to be addressed over time until they have defined the 2nd amendment so fully they will have to push for developing lasers and other scifi man portable weapons to replace everything and try to restart the process again.

        • Let’s run some numbers and see what we have –

          Say 10 percent of NY’ers decide to get a carry permit. At a city population of 8 million, that’s 800,000 permits that will need to be processed in a timely manner.

          There’s no way in hell they can handle that crush. With Adams claiming he’s gonna slow-walk the process, we need to bury them in lawsuits, and Thomas will be happy to entertain them.

          I think a fair timeline is 90 days, start to finish. I bet the courts will agree. This bullshit of over a year’s wait is something to attack with great vigor. I think a reasonable compromise is issue the permit in 90 days or the applicant can carry sans permit. Chicago tried to play similar games when the McDonald decision became law of the land.

          There’s no way in hell they can accommodate the crush. Let’s exploit that to maximize effect…

  2. I guess the Mayor thinks NYPD has nothing better to do than this. Perhaps he’s going to designate a new unit to do this thereby reducing the street manpower of a department already
    losing officers to retirement, resignation and transfer to other departments at an alarming rate.

    • Was about to ask where the hell is he going to get the cops to do this (or patrol at this point). Recruitment has been a joke and retention is getting bad enough we have to hear about it at the state level.

      • New York City Police Department obviously does not (and will not) have enough manpower to complete interviews with neighbors in a timely manner. That process could easily take years. And that is intentional, plain and simple.

        This is a real-world illustration of how government can and does fail–via intentionally allocating inadequate resources (as opposed to incompetence) in this particular case.

        • Under normal staffing that would still be the outcome, with current issues I am not sure they will have the resources to do any relevant checks without reenacting 1970’s era dystopia movies from lack of law enforcement presence………….may see that anyway.

        • “That process could easily take years. And that is intentional, plain and simple.”

          We’re talking a civil right here. Sue them until the submit.

          FORCE them to comply. Like Chicago denying construction permits for gun ranges in the city limits.

          I recall a few years back a state or municipality being sued for not issuing permits. The court gave them (X) days to comply, or it would be constitutional carry for all.

          They complied. Can anyone recall where that happened?

        • This is anarcho- tyranny, without shame. The government is unwilling to complete, or incapable of completing its basic duties; but it will swiftly and harshly punish any private individual(s) who attempt to act in its stead.

      • It’s a feature, not a bug. Who cares if it take 2-3 years to process your permit application? You weren’t expecting a timely response were you?

        • “Who cares if it take 2-3 years to process your permit application?”

          We’re talking an enumerated civil right here, not a dog license.

          Number 2 of a literal ‘Top 10’ list of other civil rights.

          Courts can and have forced compliance…

  3. So you’ve decided to think for yourself and go against the grain in this liberal utopia?
    We’re going to alert all your neighbors…

    • They tried that through the newspapers publishing lists complete with maps of the permit holders in the city a while back. Slightly more personal this go around but nothing too out of what was expected here as they rail against pending court issues. Unfortunately it will still get worse before it gets better (figuring 18-36 months).

      • “Unfortunately it will still get worse before it gets better (figuring 18-36 months).”

        We won big-time with ‘Bruen’. This shows the hard work that is still ahead of us.

        Folks, *please* donate to your local gun rights groups. Lawyers are expensive…

  4. NYC is implementing China’s Social Credit System…this is my surprised face! Will prospective NYPD applicants be given the same intensive background investigation? From my limited exposure to NYPD officers in the past…probably not. What a bunch of arrogant, condescending cucksockers…and Eric is the leader of the pack.

  5. How long is the approval process going to be if they have to go interview your neighbors when you apply for a permit to carry. No privacy concerns with them asking your neighbors who may or may not know (or be happy to know) that you have a gun and are seeking a permit to carry it. Or do they just ask generically without telling why they are asking? What about if the neighbor doesn’t like you, you don’t get a permit?

    Are they doing this legwork keeping tabs on the criminals they are releasing with zero bail right after they offend, maybe the neighbors have concerns about them?

    • “How long is the approval process going to be if they have to go interview your neighbors when you apply for a permit to carry.”

      Far too long than it needs to be.

      That works in our favor when suing the crap out of them for deliberately violating a civil right… 🙂

  6. They should visit criminals neighbors and ask the same questions then take away his gun.
    Send one female cop.
    Because now criminals are the good guys.

  7. Blatantly disregarding SCOTUS rulings and the US Constitution. I couldn’t think of a better reason to leave NYC for good… except that I couldn’t think of a single reason to live there in the first place.

  8. “finding out who this individual is that we are about to allow to carry a firearm in our city,” said Adams, a former police captain”.

    WHEN are these elected nitwits going to understand that THEY do not get to **allow** us to have and carry firearms? 2A does.

    • “about to allow to carry a firearm” FOAD you sawed of little runt. The opinions of NY or NYC have no relevace. Don’t get to “allow” diddly squat. See the US Constitution

      • Unfortunately they do unlawfully or not get to have a lot of say in whether you can even buy/possess a handgun (shotgun or rifle in NYC as well) let alone take it out of your home or anywhere resembling public. Your sentiment is correct but are you willing to pay the legal fees to back it up becomes the question over here.

        • “Your sentiment is correct but are you willing to pay the legal fees to back it up becomes the question over here.”

          It doesn’t need to be a simple individual action.

          Crowd-fund the crap out of it. That spreads the cost around with lots of small donations.

          Seriously, consider setting one up for New York state ‘people of the gun’…

  9. What is wrong with these Democrats and politicians? They grow up in a closet or what? I just can’t understand how they think. The stuff they come up with is so stupid and ridiculous. And why does the people of New York elect these fools into office?

    • New York City and area has a long tradition of politicians telling the people what to do and what to think. In many ways it’s just like Putin’s Russia: the people wouldn’t know what to do if they had a leader who allowed them to think for themselves!

      • Yes, I have to agree that people get brainwashed to a point. Every generation that is born into it thinks that is the norm. We moved from PA. to Tennessee 2years ago and you don’t realize what freedoms you do not have until you live in a more free state without red tape and high costs.

  10. Who knows their neighbors? Especially in the city? My neighbors have no idea who the hell I am, why on earth would you consult total strangers? So stupid, but Hey! Look at all this overtime.

    • Nah he’s WORSE than Walter White. That boy is fictional. THIS boy is all too real…meanwhile slow Joe declares war on republicans and/or righteous gun owners.

  11. No TTAG post on that new double stack 1911? Love it or hate it, it sits alone in the market at that price. I’d like a comparison with the DWX, if it ever comes out.

    • The springfield armory 9mm one with $60 mags that may require adjustment to work? Love the idea of a double stack 1911 (even if I can’t take advantage of the capacity) but until they get the magazines at least normally reliable for $50+ I don’t see a good reason yet.

      • I wouldn’t bother with a first year model. The P365 had launch issues, but is known to be reliable now. I’m interested in the implications for the market. I wonder if other companies would decide to play like they did with the P365? Or is this too much of a specialty product to bother with?

        The DWX would have better ergonomics and magazines, but by the time it comes out, it might be quite a bit more expensive. The bigger question is, why didn’t TTAG post this? It seems like pretty big news.

        • Well our commieranter in cheif may be taking up a bit of the attention from last nights antics. I wouldn’t think a 1911 redesign is too niche so probably in the inbox of things to get around to especially when it is at a less than absurd price of prior versions. I just remember magazines being a weak point for reliability that I still hear occasional complaints about from the two people I know who have/had them.

      • Want three more reasons?
        Not Stainless
        Only in 9mm
        Forgings probably coming in from Turkey or Central Am.
        Oh, number four… Springfield.
        Bonus – number five… semi-proprietary optics cut

      • “Love the idea of a double stack 1911 (even if I can’t take advantage of the capacity)…”

        You will not have mag limits in the not-distant future.

        Para-Ordnance makes a decent double-stack 1911…

        • Damnit man I am trying to pay off other things in the budget 😉 but yes SAFE act has at least one challenge going last I heard. Also keeping contributions open for NYSRPA.

  12. So now NYCPD has a new task. Instead of critical crime being addressed, NYCPD will be going to 50 % of law abiding citizens in NYC on basically a “witch hunt”.
    Come on. Lets get back to basics so the good guy can feel safe.
    Only cops enforcing the law can fix this. Not a witch hunt.

  13. I wonder, are they going to knock on the doors of the neighbors they are going ask about you, and ask them what they think about their neighbors? The neighbors they are asking good be all screwed up too! Wouldn’t surprise me if there are some shootings that take place when they knock on some doors . . .and it will be the neighbors they were going to ask about you the carry applicant that does it !?!? Sure hope this is shut down before it gets toooooo out of hand!

  14. Guess he is hoping they will catch some right wing, MAGA Republican Terrorist trying to get a gun/CC permit. There must be at least 1 in NYC.

  15. I bet he would get a much greater return on investment if the cops knocked on the doors of the people who got low or no cash bail, while awaiting trial. He might even see a reduction in actual crime, but that makes too much sense to be implemented by a moron like him.

  16. This country is getting sicker by the day. I have a cousin who is a police Lieutenant in NYC and he claims that it is very difficult these days to keep the morale of his police officers up to do their jobs with all this nonsense going on in the NYC police department. Its rather poor when elected officials ignore the laws of the land because they don’t agree with a Supreme Court Decision. Then expect you to obey their illegal orders. This country is definitely headed for a civil war because the behavior of these leftists is simply intolerable and unjustified. Its called anarchy when public officials do not obey the law themselves.

  17. “Justice delayed is justice denied.” — William E Gladstone, Former British Statesman and Prime Minister

    “A constitutional right delayed is no big deal. We’ll get to it.” — NYC Mayor Eric Adams

  18. I’ve got a Brooklyn Bridge to sell you if you think this is sincere. NYPD doesn’t have the manpower for this. Secondly, you knock on the door of a neighbor in the average nyc apartment and they’re not going to know the first thing about them.

  19. “Hello, I’m a uniformed cop no doubt causing your heart to race and intimidating you. Did you know you’re neighbor wants a gun? We’re just checking to see if you think he should have a gun?”

    Yeah, nothing brown-shirty or gestapo-ey about this. Nothing at all.

    If you’re even remotely to the right of a tranypedogroomer on six different psych meds leave blue areas NOW. A purge is coming. After Bidens speech yesterday it’s probably going to come a lot sooner than anyone thinks.

    • It’s amazing how quickly and easily we’ve gotten to this point. It’s no longer a theory that the FBI interfered in the past two presidential elections. That’s being met with a yawn. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in the twilight zone. The gaslighting coming from the regime is beyond belief.

  20. This could be a good thing. If cops are out knocking on doors, maybe they’ll see stuff that they wouldn’t otherwise see. Maybe they will kick over a house of ill repute, victimizing children. Human trafikking is a thing in NYC, after all. Maybe they’ll find a chop shop, they would never have found otherwise. Could even find that an applicant is lying in a back room, dead for months, with son/daughter/significant other cashing social security checks all the while. Cops knocking on doors, getting to know people, really ought to be a good thing.

    Who am I kidding? Adams isn’t interested in any of that. He just wants his gestapo to harass people for exercising their rights.

  21. What if the single mom is wanting a carry permit, at least in part, because of her shady creepy neighbor? The problems with this approach are so obvious that it is clear that this announcement is really just supposed to work as a deterrent to people applying.

  22. “When I became a police officer, people knocked on my neighbor’s doors and interviewed them and asked what type of person am I.”

    No they didn’t you stupid f*ing liar.

  23. On the face of it, this would seem to run counter to the Bruen decision, as neighbors’ opinion of an applicant are by definition subjective criteria.

    Not to mention the forced disclosure of highly personal information (the desire to obtain a concealed weapons permit) that one might reasonably wish to remain private.

    • “On the face of it, this would seem to run counter to the Bruen decision, as neighbors’ opinion of an applicant are by definition subjective criteria.”

      It clearly violates ‘Bruen’, and that makes it vulnerable to being struck down…

  24. Far better that police resources be utilized to investigate applicants for gun permits than to investigate the ever increasing number and proportion of murders, rapes, robberies and assaults that remain unsolved in NYC. Mayor Adams is why my support for law enforcement is far from absolute.

  25. “Proper cause for packing heat.”
    Wouldn’t ,there’s criminals out there that have gunms and they might try and rob me, be proper cause?
    I myself do not know any criminals , or heard of any ,who apply for, nor fill out, any forms to buy or carry a firearmnm.
    New York may be different.
    Disarm the Law Abiding that’ll fix it.
    Let’s Go Brandon

  26. Where is the due process in “knocking on doors and asking neighbors”? This kind of government overreach needs to stop being the norm in many states, not just NY/CA.


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