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We got so many Q-related memes that the first time we posted one, we posted 11 all at once. This one’s a little…uh…risque. Apologies if I’ve offended your delicate sensibilities. Happy September! (the rent is due)


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  1. Uh, yeah…have to scrub that meme out of my head now that I’ve seen it.

    Thx, Jeremy…

    On the other hand, it begs the question (cuz I Haz one now) of where Jeremy spends his time within the dark crevices of the Interwebs to find stuff like this.

  2. I don’t have any idea what this refers to. What is “Q”? Do I care? (You can see I must not be lurking in the dark corners of the interverse. Or I just don’t get out much.)

      • I have one finger on each hand that I call ” fa – Q ” … you probably do also.
        I use one or both whenever I see King Dribblecup on TV

        • I’ll bet that both are sore as hell this morning.

          Speaking of “sore as hell” … is anyone else here in as foul a mood as I am, after being called “literally Hitler” numerous times by the supposed pResident of the US?

        • Alien not to be an asshole but how have you existed for the last decade without being called Hitler by whatever Obama/Hillary/Biden voters you know?

        • Safe, last night’s speech was a huge step beyond. Against the background of what has been going on with the illegal actions taken against President Trump, this is the farthest that I’ve seen the ratchet twisted all at once.

          They want to provoke a reaction, and I’m becoming more convinced that they’re going to get one. And we’re all going to suffer because of it.

        • They may need to invent a reaction with how blatant they are especially after they staged that Jan 6th nonsense. This is desperation prior to people having a vote. With that said yes far higher level reductum ad hitler than has been tried before.

    • Up vote. I can’t imagine a situation in which this meme is more funny than stupid. Let’s have a meme about how elite federal agents contract glock leg and possibly monkey pox.

    • Isn’t Q the guy that gave 007 his spy gear? Though, I have to say, this meme was a bit on the tasteless side. Other than a tenuous connection to Bond; what’s the connection to firearms?

    • I’m on board with Gadsden, I interpreted the comment as a reference to 007’s armorer, Commander Boothroyd (they named him a time or two in the early Bond films). If Jeremy had a different intention, it went past me.

  3. Their cherry bomb and bottle rocket combo is my favorite non nfa setup. Their actual silencers don’t quite stack up when compared, but if one day they get their heads out of their collective posteriors, they have the potential to take my money.

  4. I think it’s lame whatever it is trying to say but then again I’m a Boomer so I probably am missing some nuances or something.

  5. Q LLC is the firearms company that was founded by Kevin ‘I’m a Blowhard’ Brittingham. The meme is making fun of fans of the company because of Kevin’s obnoxious statements talking about how his products are revolutionary (they’re not).

  6. I sometimes think I’m a wackadoodle… then I remember there’s the -Q- bigger wackadoodles, and don’t even get me started on the flat earther wackadoodles…

    fwiw – -Q- is the Q-Anon (I think, if I’m current on my internet lingo, my certificate expired last month)


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